AN: I have wanted to do this fan fiction ever since I got an account! You have no idea how much this feels to finally get this out to the world! All right Ladies and Gentlemen… let's kill shit! (I got my information from Greatest Tank Battles, good show, on Netflix, CHECK IT OUT!)

Oh, and this battle actually did happen in World War 2…



September 23, 1944

The Battle of Arracourt

"Fire!" the LT said. The Reply to that order was a massive shockwave as the 76mm cannon recoiled back, and the shell flying free from the Hellcats barrel. The shell hit the side of the Panther tank, and it exploded in a plume of smoke and fire…

XXX 10 minutes earlier XXX

It was a rainy day on the Eastern front, and a column of eight M-18 Hellcat tank destroyers sat on the edge of a gravel road, waiting for new orders from the General George Patton.

The M-18 'Hellcat' is a TD or Tank Destroyer armed with a 76mm cannon, the Hellcat is designed to quickly engage and destroy enemy armor. It has a top speed of 60 MPH, but that speed comes at a cost… The Hellcat is protected by only one and a half inches of armor, leaving it venerable to head to head battles with the superior German tanks.

LT sat in his Hellcat, as the leader of four of the eight tanks; it was his job to listen in on the command frequency on the radio for orders, but now the radio grinded his ears with static. He got frustrated and opened the top hatch, and the rain hit his face.

"Can you get anything on the radio?" someone asked. LT turned to see another lieutenant waist out of his tank looking at him. LT shook his head.

"No" he said. Then a distant explosion was heard, and the two turned their heads to the right, to see white flashes and ash float to the sky. The lieutenants turned to each other with serious expressions.

"Screw orders, I'll take my squad to the right, you take yours forward!" LT said. The other nodded.

"Got it" he said, and his tanks took off in a column formation. LT watched them go and got in his tank, and got on the radio.

"All right Hell Angles; let's show those jerries how it's done…" he said.

"Hell ya!" the driver said, and twisted the key. The W9 engine roared to life and took off with the other three in tow. They continued down the pass for five minutes and came up on a hill overlooking a planes area. The TDs got in a line, and what they saw shocked them.

On the hill to their left 300m away were the other 4 TDs firing as fast as they can at a group of 40 panther tanks. The Shells harmlessly bouncing of their hulls as they shot back. The Germans slowly advanced forward, pushing down trees like they were nothing. Then one of the Panthers got a lucky shot and hit one of the TDs, utterly destroying it. The TDs turret went flying off backward, no one survived.

Then another one went up in smoke as the TDs track was hit, and was stuck out in the open. Another Shot finished it off. Another TD stayed out in the open for too long and was hit on the side, as it began to burn, the five man crew bailed out of the doomed Hellcat. LT then got on the command frequency and tuned it to all his tanks.

"Fire!" the LT said. The Reply to that order was a massive shockwave as the 76mm cannon recoiled back, and the shell flying free from the Hellcat's barrel. The shell hit the side of the Panther tank, and it exploded in a plume of smoke and fire. This gave the last tank in the other squad enough time to bug out.

Another TD in his squad fired a shot and it hit a Panther on the side armor, and it just blew apart in an avalanche of metal and fire. The remaining 34 Panthers turned to face the TDs and moved forward.

"Hold fire…" He said, and he waited. And when the Tanks came within 900m he fired a shot and killed a panther and he moved back down the hill to reload, and the leading two tanks stopped dead. The other Panther and their crews, obviously confused, must have thought that they were taking fire to the left, so they turned left, exposing their less armored sides. That was where they made a BIG mistake. And so with TDs better maneuverability and the Germans confused, the TDs had a field day.

From their position, only the turrets showing, they knocked out 11 more. The Germans, seeing that they could not win this fight, and bugged out… out of the 40 German tanks, 19 were killed. LT exhaled sharply.

'Damn, we lost three tanks' he thought 'out of the eight that we have…'. LT got back on the radio.

"Good work people, lets head back to base" he said, then the four tanks turned around and went down the road in a column, heading deep in a forest.

XXX 20 minutes later XXX

LT looked through the commander scope and yawned. After being a tank commander for three years, the soft rumble of the tanks engine just loves to soothe you to sleep. Sometimes he likes to think that the tank is alive, like a big sister, it will keep you calm and protect you. He closed his eyes smiled at that thought, because his crew thought the same thing, like instead of 5 crew members, there would be 6, they would always include the tank, whether command liked it or not. Besides, all good tank crews treated there tank as if it were a living, breathing thing, in his mind at least.

"LT, you need to look at this!" the gunner said. LT opened his eyes and fallowed the gunners gaze, and his own eyes widened.

In front of the tank was a glowing white sphere, big enough to fit his entire TD platoon in (AN: A platoon in tank formation means 4-5 tanks). The rain poured harder, but all the rain that hit the sphere simply evaporated. LT turned to the coe-driver/Radio OP.

"Call this in" he said. The radio op shook his head.

"Sorry sir, only the short range radios work and the other Hellcats report the same…" he said.

"Damn it" LT said. Then, the last tank at the far end of the formation, lurched forward.

"What the…" LT grabbed a radio and got contact with the driver.

"Tank 3… Inferno, what the hell are you doing, get back into formation!" He said… the reply back was the panicked driver.

"I- I can't. I'm going trying to go backwards not forward, I can't control the tank!" He said. Then, tank 2 on his right did the same thing with the same story, then 4, then his lurched forward. Outside, the tanks treads spun madly, trying to stay away from the menacing looking cloud. But to no avail.

"Damn, damn, damn!" the driver said. LT looked at the gunner.

"Fire a phosphorus round into that thing! NOW!" he barked.

"Yes sir!" the gunner said. The loader changed the round in the main gun from H.E (high explosive) to a white phosphorus round. The WP round is a regular tank round with an element in it to make it glow when shot, there also known as tracer rounds, it can also burn stuff easily. So if this sphere is flammable, they will soon find out.

The gunner fired, and the tank's rifled barrel recoiled and spat out the round, the round's glow was a sickly white. It hit the thing, and… nothing happened. The round gust passed through the thing like it wasn't there. The tanks speed increased.

Tank 3, or Inferno, touched the sphere then it dissolved like ash, the crews screams heard over the radio, then nothing.

"SHIT" came from tank 2 as the same thing happened to it, and then 4, then the same thing happened to him and his tank. Once all the tanks were gone, the sphere melted away in the rain as thunder crashed in the background…