AN: Little bit of smut in this chapter, my way of apologizing for being absent for so long


Beth knew that this was definitely a bad time to follow Daryl, but she was going to do it anyway. She had been watching him walk away from Logan's unconscious figure on the ground when he looked up and saw Glen looking down from the tower. Good thing there were no walkers out there today, 'cause everyone was watching what was happening inside the walls.

Daryl, realizing that his guard shift wasn't finished, turned from the direction he had been heading and went back up into the tower, relieving Glen from his watch.

Beth had noticed that his hands were split and bleeding from where he had struck Logan over and over, so she had hurried inside, picked up some first aid supplies, and was now headed to the tower.

This is not a good idea. You saw what he just did to that creep. You should give him some time to calm down and get control of himself.

The problem with that was Daryl had too much damn control. If she was ever going to get anything honest out of him, now was the time.

And she had something to say to him, anyway. How dare he reject her because Logan had touched her and then beat the living shit out of him minutes later?! Men acted like that when they cared about someone. So did he want her or not?

She was so confused her head was spinning.

When she walked into the room at the top of the tower, Daryl didn't even turn to look at her.

"Get out, don't want no company" he snapped.

"I don't care." Beth replied, surprised at how calm her voice sounded, even to her.

Daryl spun around, eyes narrowed "What did you say to me?"

"I said I don't care if you want company. You hurt your hands beating the crap out of the guy who hurt me and I aim to bandage them, whether you like it or not."

"My hands are fine, now get outta here, can't deal with you right now"

"Well you are going to deal with me so get over it. If you can't find me acceptable as a woman because of what you think he did then fine, I will learn to deal with that, but you will at least….

Daryl moved so quickly that Beth had no time to see him coming at her or consider what it was that he was doing. He grabbed her, pulling her into him, and kissed her.

He was everywhere. His hands were in her hair and on the small of her back, pressing her body against his. His mouth on hers was not gentle, not tender, but demanding, bruising her lips.

For a second she wondered if maybe she had made a mistake coming up here and pushing him to talk to her. Calm and sarcastic Daryl she knew, but this out of control, rough Daryl was a little frightening.

Then he slid his hand under her ass and lifted her, wrapping her legs around his waist, and she lost whatever thought she was having. She could feel his erection pressed against her, the lean strength of him as held her with one arm into his hard body.

Her arms went up, around his neck, as she kissed him back, not wanting the passion to stop even if it was a little scary.

Beth tightened her thighs, holding onto Daryl even tighter, rubbing against his crotch and pressing her breasts into his chest at the same time. He groaned into her mouth and turned around, slamming her back against the wall as he thrust against her, dropping his hand from her hair to her breast.

The impact with the wall and the roughness with which he gripped her breast brought a small cry of pain from Beth. Daryl dropped her as if she were poison and jumped away, running his hands through his hair.

"Goddamnit Beth, get outta here! I aint gonna hurt you like he did, I aint no rapist!"

The anguish in his eyes and voice did not match the passion she had felt from him only moments before and she was speechless for a second. She thanked God she was, because Daryl took her silence as a cue for him to go on.

"I can see you aint a little girl no more, and I certainly don't find you unacceptable, but I aint the man for you. I know what he done to you and I don't think no less of you for it, but I don't know how to treat a woman who was raped and I don't wanta hurt you more. So get on outta here and stop thinkin about me."

"I wasn't raped" her voice sounded small and she wasn't sure at first that he had heard her.

Then he narrowed his eyes at her. She knew that look, that this-is-bullshit-but-I-gotta-deal-with-it look.

"No need to lie to me, I done told you I know it wasn't your fault"

"I am not lying, Daryl. Rick scared him off before he had time to uh..finish what he started. He had knocked me out and I didn't know for a few days if he had or not."

Daryl was still looking at her a little warily, clearly not sure if he should believe her. But his posture had relaxed some, even if he was still breathing harshly from their moments before.

"Why'd you lie to everyone? Why'd you lie about not knowing who it was?"

"Because I heard you outside the cafeteria that night. I heard you say you would kill him, and I didn't want to be the reason why. I should have let you have him. Then he wouldn't have had the chance to hurt anyone else. Thank God Merle walked in before he could hurt that other girl today, I could never have lived with myself if he had ruined a little girl like that because I let him go free."

"Yeah, well, don't think he's gonna hurt anybody else. If he survives that beatin I just gave him he won't be able to open his mouth or use his arms for a while. Be a damn shame if he starved, don't see anybody else wantin to feed him, after what he done."

The sarcasm dripped from his comment and Beth relaxed a little, seeing the old familiar Daryl before her again. Part of her was a little sad, too…there would be no more crashing, demanding kisses from this Daryl.

But that didn't mean she was going to forget what it felt like to have him holding her, feeling his body against hers.

"I am so grateful to you for making sure he won't hurt anyone else, Daryl, and to answer your question, Yes, I do still think you are a good man."

She had walked toward him as she spoke and now she stretched up just a little so she could reach him and very softly brushed her lips against his, lingering only a second before backing away.

"And now that I know you want me too, there is no way I am going to stop thinking about you."

Daryl started to say something but Beth cut him off

"Now shut up and give me your hands"


That damn girl was going to drive him crazy.

She followed him in here, not listening when he tells her to go away, determined to bandage his hands. Then when she started rambling on about how he didn't want her no more cause of what that asshole did, he couldn't stop himself from kissing her.

He never expected her to respond the way she had, clinging to him like she was drowning. If she hadn't whimpered when her back hit the wall who knows if he would have come to his senses or not. And then to find out that she hadn't been raped…against the wall of a prison tower with a man in the grip of an irrational anger was not the way to lose your virginity.

Now that I know you want me too…..God help him, he did want her. He knew that he shouldn't, and he knew it would probably cause a lot of problems in the group, 'specially with her Daddy, but that didn't change it a bit.

He still wanted her.

Daryl leaned back against the wall, shaking a cigarette out of the pack he kept hidden in his jacket. They weren't easy to come by these days and he was stingy with his, only allowing himself to smoke when he needed it most. Now, still shaking from the adrenaline of the fight and the close encounter with Beth, he had never needed one more.

It was going to be a long day, sitting in this tower, thinking about her.

Tonight after dinner he would try to talk to her. She had to see that he wasn't the man for her. No matter how right it felt, having her in his arms, she deserved better than him.

But damnit it was going to be hard, forgetting the smell and taste of her….