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Daryl jerked his boots on, tying them tighter than was probably necessary, disgusted with himself. He had woken up in a mood and was only focusing on getting outside of the prison walls so he could think.

He had no idea what had come over him last night in the showers but it damn sure wasn't ever going to happen again. No way in hell was he going to incur Hershel's wrath and cause more tension in the already nervous group so some little girl could make him a pet project.

So Rick had been right about Beth wanting him. Well, she could just keep wanting. He wasn't messing with no virgin almost half his age, sure not one who was the preachers daughter.

Rick caught up to him as he was almost out of the yard, wanting to know where he was going.

"Out to hunt. Carol wants meat for a stew, shouldn't be too hard to scare up a couple a squirrels or a rabbit."

"Didn't you just come back from a 4 day hunt?" Ricks eyebrows raised in that infuriating way he had of saying one thing with his mouth and another with his expression.

"Yeah, well, the groups a lot bigger these days, takes more to feed so many people, now don't it?"

"Just don't stay out too long, people get nervous when you aren't around."

Hell, people got nervous when he was around, least some of 'em did.

"Won't be long, be back before sunset. Don't like sleepin' in a tree."

He walked out the gate, waving to Maggie and Carl to close it behind him.


Daryl wasn't the only person mad this morning. Beth was still so angry with him she could hardly concentrate to do anything. Baby Judith had bitten her when she tried to feed her this morning and cried whenever Beth picked her up.

Carol had taken the baby from her and gently suggested that she go work in the garden or somewhere else that would give her time to think and work out whatever was bothering her. That was funny. Whatever was bothering her had just left the yard, crossbow slung over his back.

To hell with Daryl Dixon. If he thought she was just a little girl then…well, just to hell with him! The jackass she had encountered in the hallway last night was far from the tender lover of her dreams and she would do good to remember that that Daryl didn't exist anywhere except in her head.

Except he cared enough about you to get all worked up when he thought you were in danger, didn't he? Would a man with no feelings do that? If he thought you were such a child would it have occurred to him that someone else could be trying something inappropriate with you?


She cursed her own inner voice. Thoughts like that weren't doing her any good. Daryl didn't want her, and she didn't want to think about why that made her sad. She didn't know when she had started wanting him, but she knew she might as well just stop, 'cause he was not returning the feelings.

"You ok over there? Sure are awfully quiet." One of the boys from the new Woodbury group, she thought his name was Logan, broke into her thoughts with his question. He had overheard her talking to Carol about what she needed to do in the garden and had volunteered to come along and help. No one went far alone these days. No one except crossbow toting rednecks with demon wings on their backs and a chip on their shoulder, anyway.

The garden was around behind one of the outbuildings and couldn't be seen from the towers, making it a good place to be alone with your thoughts but a bad place to be caught if any trouble broke out.

"Oh, no, I am fine" she replied, trying to smile for reassurance. "Just tense, is all. Didn't sleep well last night."

They had rounded the corner, out of sight of the tower and guards, and his expression suddenly changed. The sweet look of concern turned to a leer as he stepped way too close to her, pressing her back into the side of the building.

"I didn't sleep much last night either, thinkin' 'bout you twitchin' that little ass all over the place. What do you say we work off some of that tension together? I even came prepared." He had pulled a condom out of his back pocket.

Fear and anger coursed through her and she pushed him away from her but he was fast and had his hands in her hair before she could get away.

"I am not that kind of girl now get your hands off me!"

"Not that kind of girl, huh? So I guess you want me to believe you are a virgin? With the way you swing those hips around here? Ok baby, I will play our game. Come here and let me teach you how to fuck."

Beth knew he was stronger than her and she couldn't get away from him so she tried a different tactic.

"If you hurt me, they will kick you out. Rick wont let you stay if he thinks you're a danger."

"It don't have to hurt, honey. You can just play nice and we'll be special friends who help each other be less "tense"

His breath was hot on her neck as she tried to turn her face away from him but he grabbed her by the throat and pressed on her windpipe as he stuck his hand up her shirt, squeezing her breast so hard it brought tears to her eyes.

"They'll know I didn't bruise myself and they'll throw you out. If they don't feed you to the walkers."

She didn't see the slap coming and her teeth slammed together violently when he backhanded her, knocking her to the ground. Before she could move or scream he was on top of her, one hand squeezing her throat and the other ripping at her clothes.

"You are a stupid bitch, aint'cha? Everyone in the place saw the way that dumb hick came at you last week. No one will doubt that he got tired a 'yer teasin' and took what you been flashing around."

Her last conscious thought before the darkness closed in on her was that Daryl was right after all.