Kitsune's Seduction Chapter 6

The group entered the chamber to see what looked like a large couch created from a Sea anemone. The anemone seemed to be covered in long slimy tentacles that were currently brushing over a semi-conscious figure. Dedira smiled as she watched lighting shoot from the tentacles as they slowly curled and uncurled around the semi-conscious form. The woman on the couch let out a quiet moan and arched her body in reflex as the electricity zapped one of her nipples.

Dedira laughed as she watched the woman moan, her eyes rolling back in her head as her tongue came to hang out. The tentacles continued to move over her body, shocking and sucking at the sensitive flesh. "Hahah, I'm not even sure she is conscious anymore master. She has been in a sex induced haze ever since we put her in this machine." She said.

"Who is that?" Sakura asked, the sound of the woman's lustful moans waking the hunger in Sakura's belly.

"That is, or was Yugito Nii. She is the soon to be former holder of the Twin Tailed cat known as the Niibi." Itachi said.

"Why is she in that thing?" Asked Sakura staring at the moaning woman as one of the tentacles entered her pussy as another shocked her clit.

"That creature is a Dogayoshi. A plant that feeds off of sexual energy. Normally the extraction process is extremely painful, not to mention deadly for the jinchuriki. But because this plant has been absorbing her life force for the past week and storing it we will be able to send it back into Yugito after the Niibi is extracted and keep her alive." Itachi explained.

Ino looked enthralled as she watched the older blonde haired woman lying on the plant. She didn't notice Naruto come up behind her and hug her, but she started to purr out of reflex as his hand rubbed her belly. "Do you remember what I told you Kitten? You need to go up there and extract the Niibi from Yugito." Naruto said.

Ino smiled in excitement and walked over to the large creature. As she got close to it a number of tentacles started to slowly move towards her, investigating the new presence. What brain the creature had was confused for a moment as the new figure moved towards the tentacles instead of away

Ino stepped into the middle of the tentacles and reached out taking one in her hand. Ino pulled it close to her face and licked around the head of the tentacle like she would a cock.

"Mhmm you want to take me don't you. You want to do to me what you are doing to her." Ino said letting the tentacle go and unbuttoning her shirt. Ino undid it enough to show the tops of her perky breasts. Two of the tentacles started to rub against the top of her breasts as a third latched onto her stomach. Ino laughed as the tentacles small suckers kissed her skin, the larger third one working its way up her stomach into the valley between her breasts.

Reaching out she grabbed two tentacles that were hanging in the air and started to stroke them causing them to pulse and grow. Looking down she felt two other tentacles latch onto her legs and quickly start to work their way up them. She watched as they snaked their way under her skirt, their wide heads poking against her wet core.

"Ohh yes take me. Fuck me with your massive cocks." Ino said as the large engorged heads of the tentacles started to press in past her outer lips. "Ohh yes, ohh it feels so good. Fuck my naughty pussy." Naruto watched with a grin on his lips as Ino continued to tease the creature, her hands stroking two of its appendages off as its large pulsing tentacles fucked her ass and pussy. Ino arched her back as the two tentacles that had been on her breasts wrapped around them and started to squeeze.

"Mhmm when do I get my turn master?" Sakura asked licking its lips. "I can feel the energy that thing is building up. It's just a reservoir of natural energy and lust." Sakura said wishing she was in her friends place.

"That's why I'm using it. Usually removing the Bijuu results in the death of the Jinchuriki. When Ino removes the two-tails form Yugito the creature will release the energy it stored up into Yugito keeping her alive." Ino moaned as two of the large heads pulsed inside of her as they moved in and out of her slick core. Soon the room was filled with her constant moans as she bounced up and down on the large tentacles, a dozen more rubbing over her body.

Ino felt like her body was on fire as the creature continued to fuck her. Her eyes were half way back in her head and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth even as one of the appendages fucked her throat. Eventually, when she felt her body was going to burn up the tentacles retreated leaving her laying in a puddle of her own juices. Still smiling Ino started to crawl on her hands and knees up to where Yugito was laying.

Ino took her time crawling up over Yugito, her hands running up the older girls body. "I can see why master wants to keep you around." Ino laughed as she ran her hands over Yugito's breasts. The half-conscious woman moaned in pleasure as Ino's hands rubbed over her. "Ohh you liked that did you? Well let's see how you like this." Ino said placing a hand on Yugito's cheek. Ino leaned down and started to kiss Yugito, her tongue delving deep into the other woman's mouth. Yugito kissed back, her tongue sliding against Ino's as the two engaged in a long sloppy kiss.

The two women moaned as they shared a kiss. Ino's hand dropping down to play with Yugito's much larger breast. "I'm sure master is enjoying watching this." She said to Yugito, "But I'm sure he will like it much better when both of his kittens are awake to play with him." Giving Yugito one last chaste kiss Ino positioned herself above Yugito and placed her hands above the seal on Yugito's stomach.

Ino quickly moved though the hand signs, her seal expanding and spreading out over her body as she connected to Yugito's chakra network and started to remove the Niibi. Ino felt the chakra start to move into her body, burning a path though her chakra network. Thankfully Naruto's seal worked so her chakra network didn't get burnt out or poisoned by the new chakra source. Instead she felt it was a little anticlimactic as the last of the chakra made its way into her system. Wanting to go ahead and surprise Naruto she opened the first gate on her new seal letting the blue energy flow though her body.

Naruto watched as Ino opened the seal and started to smile even wider at his kittens attempt to impress him. Naruto watched as Ino's body started to morph into its more feline form. Her body sprouting a soft coat of blond hair as a long tail and two cute cat ears sprouted. Before she could say anything though she passed out causing Naruto to rush over to her and catch her before she fell.

-Two hours later in Naruto's room-

"Mmm master mate with Ino?" Ino asked placing her ass in the air, her tail swishing around invitingly.

"Yes master is going to mate with his sexy little kitten." Naruto said coming up behind her and wrapping his hands around her. Naruto turned her over and pulled her to him, her body sitting between his legs as she held her, his hands running up and down her back. Ino edged closer to him and put her muzzle next to his ear, sending out a sub-audible purr that stirred the hair on his neck. She touched his waist and he placed a strong hand on her hip. Her purring increased and he slid his hand down to her rump. Again her purring increased. Naruto felt his cock harden as Ino continued to rub up against him. Her soft fur teasing him as her chest continued to rumble from the constant purring.

Naruto growled in pleasure as one of her furry hands reached out for his cock. he turned his face to her neck and kissed her there. She stiffened briefly, but her purring never faltered. Naruto kissed her again and this time she turned her mouth to his neck and pressed her lips softly to his flesh. Naruto slid his left hand up her side to her small breast. Under the silky fur there he found her nipple and gently squeezed. She drew back startled and wide-eyed, but her purr was suddenly very loud in the quiet of the hollow tree. She smiled and surged into his arms, opening her mouth and taking hold of the side of his neck with her sharp teeth. He was afraid for several seconds that she would bite him in earnest, but she only pinched the skin. Her short legs scooted her forward into his lap so that she straddled his hips, his member pressing into her belly.

Naruto pulled her head back and very softly he placed his lips on hers. She didn't know what to do at first, but as he continued the contact she gradually returned the pressure until they both kissed. She seemed very pleased with that and when he broke away to take a breath she followed almost instantly and they kissed again.

Ino pressed her body forward until her nipples touched the bare flesh of Naruto's chest, soft points under softer fur. She felt him slide his hands down to her rump, cupping both firm cheeks. She rose a little, letting him get a feel of her and enjoying the exploring he was doing

Naruto felt her shift her hips so that her sex rubbed the base of his shaft. Her movements seemd seductive and wanton as her large green eyes begged him to fuck her. He pulled her in tighter against his hips and let her grind herself on him. It felt wonderful and she seemed to like it very much. She nipped his neck again and then came up for another kiss which she held longer than he expected. All the while her hips slowly gyrated against him and he felt her wetness spread.

"Master mate? Master mate with Ino now?" Ino purred as she ground her ass against naruto's lap.

Ino thought she must be in paradise. This was wonderful! And it was decadent! Wickedly decadent. She could feel the Niibi spurring her on. The catlike bijuu feeding off of her pleasure and encouraging her to continue. She wanted to grind harder against his stiffness, but suddenly he was lifting her from his lap and laying her on her back. Ino smiled and stretched out her arms and tried to pull him down, but he resisted. She mewled her protest and then she felt him at her opening and she went deathly silent. The primal cat like part of the Bijuu yelled that he would enter her while she was on her back and she would not be able to escape! But he didn't. He held himself there, smiling down at her and waiting until she was ready. And then she felt herself lift her legs, wrap them around his thighs and pull him forward.

Naruto gave in to Ino's pressure, allowing her to draw him forward into her. He growled in pleasure as his cock pressed into her, she was intensely tight. He had to pause for a long moment to allow her to adjust and only when she began to pull him in again did he move forward. She opened to him gradually, little by little, until his manhood was as deep as he could go. The little cat panted with need and desire and he felt her claws pricking his shoulders as she hunched her pelvis against his. It felt absolutely amazing.

Ino broke from her reverie as he drew back, sending icy shivers through her whole body. She squirmed under him, purring out of control and his thickness stretched her open and she felt every throb and pulse of his heart. He was strong and he had taken her. She looked up at him through narrowed slits and was pleased to see passion on his face.

Naruto began moving in her as she purred louder and louder. Heat rolled off her fur in waves and he smelled a pleasant musk on the air. It mixed with the scent of the leaves and the earthy smell of the old dead tree and something inside him said this was right. It was something dark and primal and savage that roared defiance into the void and urged him on. Suddenly he found himself moving in her faster and she was grunting with every thrust, her breasts heaving and her talons piercing his skin. She pulled her legs against his thighs with more urgency and suddenly she began to yowl her pleasure in high, yipping breaths.

"More!" Ino cried desperately. "More!" She wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted him to hurt her if that was what pleased him. But most of all she wanted the release he promised with every thrust of his hips and she began to meet him. The impact of his thrusts shook her curvy frame and she dragged at his shoulders and pulled at his hips, wanting more. And finally, when she thought he was nearly spent, she exploded! Waves of pleasure cascaded through her. Thunderous excitement shook her curvy frame and every muscle in her body clinched tight and suddenly she felt him shiver and slam one last time into her sex.

Naruto's back arched in ecstatic rigidity as he climaxed. Ino had driven his desire over the edge and far beyond. When he felt her tighten around his shaft it was too much to hold back any longer. He wanted to, but simply no longer had control. His orgasm shook him so hard his teeth rattled and he nearly collapsed when the final waves subsided. He slumped tiredly down over her and placed a soft kiss on her mouth. She returned it and nipped his chin playfully, a broad smile spreading across her feline face. There was a very satisfied twinkle in her eyes and she ground her hips into him, her tightness encouraging him to try again.
She rotated her hips, hoping he would not pull away, and he didn't. He leaned down for another nip on the lips and she thought it was a fine thing and then she thought it was even finer because he moved inside of her again and the pleasure rose once more.

'He was going to do it again! Again? Without rest? Without food or water?' The Niibi thought as she felt him slide into Ino again and she knew he would do it. They made love in the darkened room for more than an hour. After their second time Naruto had to stop for water and Ino was glad to fetch it for him. And Naruto was happy to watch her go get it, her tight as bouncing as her tail swayed back and forth. And as she came back he was treated to the sight of her medium sized perky breasts standing out from her chest as she sat in his lap rubbing her muzzle into his neck and purring.

Just as they were about to continue where they left off they heard a small groan come from the bed of pillows they had laid Yugito on.

"Why don't you go wake Yugito up kitten?" Naruto said and watched Ino walk over to Yugito and attempt to wake Yugito up with another long kiss. This time the woman was able to return the favor and once coming out of sleep had quickly turned the tables and flipped Ino over onto her back.

The older woman moaned in pleasure as she ground her wet lips against Ino's pussy. Her breathing coming heavy as she laced her fingers between Ino's and speed up her thrusts. Ino let out a moan and dropped her control of the seal, allowing her body to quickly turn back to its normal human form. Naruto watched the two women roll around on the floor, their hands and mouths teasing each other as they played.

"Looks like you were quick to recover." Naruto said to Yugito as the two girls took a break from playing, their bodies glistening from a light sheen of sweat and their faces gleaming from two large smiles.

"Master you're back." Yugito cried happily before leaving Ino and moving over to Naruto. Naruto smiled at the former Lighting ninja. The combination of the PET tag over the Slave tag along with her time on the Dogayoshi had apparently changed her personality. Instead of being standoffish she was now very friendly. "I missed you so much master." She said in a low silken voice as Naruto got up and scooped her into his arms.

She let out a surprised yell as Naruto flung her around onto the bed. She flailed her arms and instinctively trying to right herself and then she fell back onto the bed. Before she could reorient herself Naruto came down almost on top of her. Naruto quickly grabbed her around the waist, looking her in the eyes. She stared back at him, not knowing what to do next.

"Such a beautiful little toy," he panted in a husky voice. "I've been waiting for you to wake up so I could play with you some more."

"I am yours master," she said simply in a low sultry voice.

"You sure are," he agreed and kissed her on the lips. For only a second she hesitated and then kissed him back. Yugito felt joy. That was all she knew to call it. She had no idea being held and kissed by her master would feel this good. But she had won her mate! And that mate held her in his arms, pressing his lips to hers as his hands traveled her body. Her purr was loud and she did not try to hide it from him this time.

Naruto felt Yugito's tail lash gently against his calves and then her leg was wrapped around his thigh and she was pulling him to her, gently but firmly. He ran his hands down her ribs, feeling her shudder as he brushed at a sensitive spot on her side. She didn't pull away, though. Instead, she kissed him harder. Her fingers tangled in his hair, her purr dropped to a low thrumming, deep in her chest.

The hands on her waist gathered her undershirt and lifted it. Yugito did not want to break the kiss, but her mate wanted the shirt off. As soon as it cleared her upraised arms she latched onto him again and buried her face against his neck, rubbing her scent into him, licking and nipping, reveling in his scent as she did. His hands found her breasts and his fingers her nipples. Gentle at first, slowly his movements became more insistent. His hands massaged her breasts, his fingers kneading the soft flesh, driving her passion higher.

Naruto bent his head down to Yugito's neck and bit her softly, tasting the wild scent of her sweat and desire. Even after his session with Ino he was hard and he wanted her to feel him. Yugito sighed, throwing back her head as his manhood touched her for the first time.

There it was! Yes! Right there. She loved the feel of him. His thickness. His heat. She half opened her eyes and looked upon his many scars and ground her pelvis against him, feeling the length of his manhood against her sex. Yugito dropped her hands from his shoulders and sought for his cock, wanting to guide it into her as quickly as she could. She wanted more than just the feel of him through cloth. She needed more than just the feel of him. She needed him. Needed him now!

Warm hands wrapped around his shaft as Yugito kissed him again, her tongue darting out for a brief second to play over his lips. Naruto felt her pull on his shaft firmly, encouraging him to do more than kiss. He pushed her back and smiled down at her. He smiled and leaned into her, his hand questing for the warmth of her sex.

It was all Yugito could do to not take a bite out of Naruto's shoulder when his fingers touched her diamond. Her clit was swollen and firm and so sensitive she could hardly breathe. His fingers caressed her and spread her open and she began pulling him closer. She had to have him inside her. She had to!
But he was too thick!

"Yes!" she cried in pleasure. "Its so big. Fuck me master. Fuck your slaves pussy with that huge cock. Claim me master"

Naruto stopped, though everything in him roared that he must go on. She was warm! She was ready! Slowly, hesitantly she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. All the while she continued to look him in the eyes as if she were reading his very soul. He felt her leg around his thighs again, pulling him into her. Her hand found his member and guided it to her sex. And suddenly, Naruto was entering her. He did not rush it. He allowed Yugito to dictate the pace and it was good. She was so tight and so warm. She drove a chill down his spine as he pushed deeper and she kissed him harder, her desire seeming to increase with every heartbeat. And then he was all the way in. Their bodies pressed against each other as if they were two halves of one being. And it all felt right.

Her breath came in gasps as Naruto moved inside of her. Yugito had never felt anything like this. It was better than victory in battle or the taste of hot blood from a fresh kill. Better than anything the Niibi had ever described in the darkness of their room. Yugito threw her other leg around her mate, forcing him to plunge deeper into her. She arched her back, crying out with the wonderful mixture of pain and lust and passion and... LOVE! That was what she suddenly felt and she knew it for what it was.

Naruto lunged deeper into Yugito, driving his shaft as far as it would go before drawing out again. The heat of her body seeped into him, making all his limbs light and filling him with new energy. He fed off her passion and his own built until he was driving into her at a frantic pace, his caution forgotten. This was as right as anything he had ever done and he would drink his fill of her.

Yugito hunched her hips, opening herself up to receive her lover and growling deep in her throat. He was the warrior she was meant to be with. She claimed him now as her mate even as he claimed her. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, feeling the sudden onrush of her climax building too quickly to be stopped or diverted. Her fierce, joyous cry rang off the ancient stones of the cliff and winged creatures fled into the sky at sound of it.

Naruto was forced back half a step as Yugito bucked into him. Her climax thundered through her limbs and her sex clinched tighter around him. He had been in the throes of his passion, driving faster and faster into her and now he could hardly move for the convulsion she induced. He exploded with a fierce need and waves of ecstasy nearly hammered him flat as he climaxed.

The lovers clutched each other, holding on tenderly after their primal needs had been appeased. Yugito nuzzled into Naruto's neck and he kissed her upon the ear.