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Chapter One: The New Assistant

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

Santana's high heel shoes could be heard as she walked down the quiet hallways in her work building. All her employees scrambled to get the right shoes on and the company's magazine on their desks as they heard her footsteps approaching the conference room. Some of the women employees were seen racing out of their offices to be in the conference room before Santana walked in. The latina was five feet away from the conference room door as her employees were hurrying to sit around the large table in the room. Santana rolled her eyes and opened the door, throwing her coat onto the chair she usually sat on and dropping a pile of papers on the table.

"This is crap." she announced, pointing at the papers she'd just dropped and putting her hands on her hips, "It really is. It's all crap." she said, glaring around the table at her employees, her eyes practically piercing through their heads as they straightened their backs and stared at her like deers in head lights, "How the fuck do you expect me to explain to the board why my employees are so useless? Hmm? How do you expect me to explain to them why Mr Chang decided to design a zebra dress?! They hated that, by the way, Mike." Mike Chang nodded his head and blinked a few times, folding his hands in front of him and chewing on the inside of his cheek, "When I ask you idiots to design clothes for spring, I'm not asking you to design fucking leaf capes! And shorts with branches sprouting out of the pockets!" Santana roared, picking up one of the designs and throwing it across the room. She sat down in her chair and snapped her fingers, causing a tiny brunette to place a cup of coffee in front of her, "Okay, seeing as though the board shat all over me for my employees twat-like designs, I'm going to explain to you what I would like you to do. But I'm going to explain it to you like you're a bunch of first graders, because first grade designs is what was handed in to me and I am not happy about it." as Santana was about to explain, a nervous hand went up in the air and Santana's jaw clenched before nodding, "Yes?"

"Ms Lopez, um, are we going to have to come up with all new designs?" the young, dark haired male asked, his voice shaking.

"Yes, Jacob!" Santana snapped, "For fucks sakes, I can't put this crap in the magazine! If these designs appeared in Snix magazine, people would think it was a joke!" Jacob's hand lowered slowly and he looked down at the table, "Does anybody else have any questions? No? Good. On with what I was about to say..."


As soon as the conference was over, all the employees of Snix Magazine scurried out of the conference room and ran into their offices. Santana walked out after them and ordered the tiny brunette to carry her coat and bag to her office. She walked the opposite direction of the tiny brunette and turned left, walking into the shoe department.

"Kurt, have you heard anything from Vogue yet?" Santana asked, approaching a very gay man who's fingers were placed like a fairy's as he threw out old shoes.

"Aah, Santana, always worrying." Kurt said, not even turning around to look at his boss. Santana sighed and straightened out her black pencil skirt before looking at a few of the shoes on the shelf next to her, "But, no, I haven't. Turns out they'll only call when the spring designs have been sent in to the board for observation. Also, I heard that once the next issue of Snix is published, someone is going to take indefinite leave... You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

"Kurt, no one is taking indefinite leave. I'm firing someone." Santana said, taking a green shoe off the shelf and holding it in her hand as Kurt looked at her, "This shoe is nasty."

"It just came in." Kurt said, "But I knew you'd hate it."

"Mmkay, well, you keep on doing what you're doing and I'm gonna go yell at Rachel for getting me the wrong coffee again." Santana said, grabbing a pair of red shoes off the shelf, "I'm taking these, by the way."

"Okay, sweetie, enjoy them." Kurt said as Santana walked out. She made her way to her office, casually looking into her employees offices as she walked past. Once she got to her office, she plonked down in her chair and placed the heels she'd just taken in her drawer.

"Rachel! Get in here!" Santana yelled, turning on her computer and bringing her one leg over the other. Rachel came running in and stopped in front of Santana's desk, hands behind her back and legs together, "First of all, you got me the wrong coffee. I didn't ask for decaf. I never ask for decaf. If I ever do ask for decaf, then you should be very worried and if you ever give me decaf again, I will rip your vocal cords out of your throat and shove them up your ass. Are we understood?"

"Yes, Ms Lopez." Rachel said, vigorously nodding her head. Santana nodded and glanced at her computer screen, noticing that she had 95 new emails.

"Now, have any of the interviewees arrived yet? If so, I wanna get started, so I can crush their dreams and insult them just to get it out of the way." Santana said, throwing the coffee cup in the trash, "And get me a new coffee. Caffeinated."

"Yes, Ms Lopez. A few of the interviewees have arrived. Should I send the first one in?" Rachel asked. Santana's eyebrow raised and her lips pursed, "Yes. Okay. Right away, Ms Lopez." Rachel then handed over a file and scurried out of the office. Santana rolled her eyes and opened the file, looking through all the resumés. She sighed and pressed a button on her phone.

"Rachel, send in Sam Evans. I wanna get him out of the way, he looks like an idiot." Santana said before lifting her finger off of the button and taking out Sam Evans resumé. A few minutes later, a young blonde guy with big lips and short, recently cleaned up hair walked into Santana's office.

"Ms Lopez?" he asked. Santana gave him one single nod and he smiled goofily.

"Sit down, Mr Evans. Let's get started." Santana said, scanning her eyes over his resumé, "What experience do you have in being somebody's assistant?"

"Well, none really. But I've worked at Burger King and also, I made coffee at Starbucks." Sam said with a proud smile. Santana had a blank look on her face and her eyes were bored. She lifted her finger and clicked the button on her phone.

"Rachel, send in Ms Pierce, would you? I was right, Sam is an idiot." Santana said before taking her finger off the button and smiling sarcastically at Sam, balling up his resumé and throwing it in the trash, "Thank you Mr Evans, we'll let you know." Sam nodded and walked out of Santana's office, completely oblivious to the fact that he didn't get the job. Santana's eyes widened in frustration and Rachel ran in with her new coffee.

"Here we are, Ms Lopez. Caffeinated. Just like you asked. Ms Pierce will be right in. She's just gathering her things." Rachel said. Santana nodded and waved her hand, dismissing Rachel. The brunette ran out of Santana's office and Santana took a sip from her coffee, leaning back in her chair and taking out the resumé of Brittany Pierce. She looked over it and was slightly impressed with all the things Brittany had done. But when the blonde walked in, her hands scrambling to pick up her bag as it fell and her hair tied to the side at the top of her head, leg warmers on her arms and wearing long white pants with suspenders, a green top with a unicorn on it and one green heel, one black heel, all of Santana's impression floated away and the only word that came to her head was clumsy.

"Um, you're Santana Lopez. I know that because you're my idol." Brittany stuttered as she put her bag down and brushed her fringe out of her eyes, "I have every issue of Snix Magazine and I have a picture of you on my door and you're wearing that really pretty purple dress and you're hair is straight and you have on those matching purple shoes and you're posing with some of your employees. And I saw some of them on my way in. I saw Kurt. I think he's cool too. And-"

"Okay!" Santana interrupted, her hands spread out in jazz hands next to her face. Brittany immediately stopped talking and nodded, "Thank you for telling me your life story, Ms Pierce, but I really don't care if you like me, if you hate me, if you're in love with me and want to marry me. All I care about is if you are a good assistant and if I am going to like you. So, why don't you sit down and we'll get started, yes?"

"Yes. Sorry." Brittany mumbled as she sat down. She crossed her legs on the chair and put her hands in her lap. Santana eyed Brittany's now crossed legs and then glanced back at the blondes resumé.

"So, I see here that you were an intern with Elle magazine. That's not too impressive but for someone who hasn't been in this business before it's really impressive." Santana said, "Why were you only an intern? Why weren't you paid?"

"Um, well, I love clothes and, I also love that magazine so, I don't think I need to be paid if I'm doing something I love." Brittany answered, adding a nod at the end of her answer, almost as if she was confirming what she said. Santana's eyebrow raised and she looked over Brittany's outfit.

"You love clothes?" Santana asked. Brittany nodded, "Well, that's an interesting ensemble you've got going there." Brittany looked down at her clothes and gulped, immediately shying, "Okay, so, why do you want to work here?"

"U-Um... 'cause I think I'd be a really good assistant a-and, I read th-this magazine all the t-time." Brittany stuttered out, her voice smaller than it was a few minutes earlier. Santana noticed the change in her behavior and smiled.

"Mmkay, well, I think that the amount of experience you've had with magazines and what you're wearing... Might make you a good assistant." Santana said, lowering the blondes resumé and folding her hands in front of her. Brittany smiled slightly and swallowed, "Also, the way you're sitting shows me that you're creative. And, what you're wearing isn't all that bad... It's interesting. Again, creative. I'm not saying I'd put it in my magazine but... I like it." Brittany's face lit up and she straightened her back.

"Thank you, Ms Lopez." Brittany said, smiling. Santana gave her a nod and her eyebrow raised.

"I think we're done here." Santana said, "You may go." Brittany nodded frantically and got up, reaching over to shake Santana's hand. She took the tan hand in her own and shook it before accidentally knocking over Santana's pen holder and mumbling a quiet, 'Oh' before picking it up and placing all the pens back inside it.

"Sorry. Thank you for your time." Brittany said, turning around and picking up her bag. Santana watched her clumsily walk out and scoffed.

'Ridiculous.' Santana thought, 'Absolutely ridiculous.'


As Brittany was walking out of the building, her mind flooded with thoughts of how badly her interview went, someone called her.

"Brittany." said a familiar voice. Brittany stopped and turned around, eyes widening when she saw Santana. The latina raised her hand and used her finger to form a 'come hither' motion before she turned around and walked away. Brittany giggled in excitement and followed. She caught up with the latina and almost ran into her, but stopped herself just in time, "You're hired. You start now. I'll have Rachel show you you're desk and explain all the rules, yes?"

"Um, yes. Th-thank you, Ms Lopez." Brittany said. Santana nodded and kept walking to her office.

"Rachel! This is Brittany. She's my new assistant. Tell all the other interviewees to go home, they aren't needed anymore. Also, show Brittany to her desk, explain all the rules to her and don't be annoying." Santana said, walking straight past Rachel's desk as she spoke and into her office.

"Y-Yes, Ms Lopez." Rachel said after Santana's door closed. Rachel sighed and straightened out her sweater before reaching out her hand to Brittany and smiling, "Hi. I'm Rachel Berry. I'm Santana's first assistant. You'll be her second. My job is handling all the designs and making sure they get to her after the board has seen them and also, I get to go to Paris with her in June. Your job is getting her coffee, don't ever get her decaf. I've made that mistake many times and once, she threw the coffee in my face. Your job is also answering phones and running errands for Santana. Understand?" Brittany nodded, "Okay, this is your desk. One more thing, every Monday morning, everybody meets in the conference room and Santana talks to us. Be in the conference room before Santana gets here every Monday. If you're not, she'll fire you. You're lunch break is half an hour and mine is 45 minutes. Any questions?"

"Um... Yes," Brittany said, "Is Santana ever nice?"

"Never." Rachel answered, "Anything else?"

"No. Thank you Rachel." Brittany said, sitting down at her desk. Rachel nodded and walked toward the conference room to dismiss all the other interviewees. Brittany sighed and smiled as she looked around. The speaker on her phone came on a second later, causing her to jump.

"Brittany," Was what Santana's voice said through the speaker, "Go to the shoe department and get me a size 5 in the red shoes. If you're confused, ask Kurt which ones I'm talking about. He'll know. Thank you." Santana's voice was cut off and Brittany frowned before nodding and saying 'okay' before getting up and falling over, straight onto her face. She sighed and stood up, brushing over her clothes and walking toward the shoe department. She'd seen it on her way in, so, she knew where it was. She skipped in and her eyes widened at the amount of shoes she saw.

"Whoa," she said under her breath.

"May I help you?" asked Kurt, causing Brittany to jump and fall onto one of the shelves, making a pair of shoes hit her head.

"Um, sorry." she said, picking up the shoes and putting them back on the shelf, "Sorry, hi, I'm Brittany. Santana's new assistant." she said, "Santana sent me in here to get a size 5 in the red shoes. She said you'd know what she means." Kurt chuckled and walked over to a shelf, pulling off a size 5 in the red shoes Santana wanted and handing them over to Brittany.

"Anything else?" he asked sweetly, making Brittany a little more comfortable.

"No." she replied, "Thank you, Kurt."

"You know my name?" Kurt asked, his hand on his heart and his fingers spread out.

"Well, yeah. You're a legend. I have a picture of you and Santana and some of the other employees here on my door." Brittany said. Kurt smiled and moved some of his hair behind his ear, "Thank you for the shoes. I don't have to pay, do I?"

"No," Kurt said with a chuckle, "Santana owns all the shoes in here. She owns this entire building. You don't have to pay for anything."

"Whoa," Brittany said in a daze as she walked out, "Thanks again, Kurt."

"Anytime, sweetie."


At the end of the day, Santana walked out of her office, stopping when she noticed Brittany was still sitting at her desk, doodling on a piece of paper. Santana's eyebrow immediately raised and she turned her entire body toward Brittany, clearing her throat. The blondes head snapped up and she almost fell out of her seat. She stood up and straightened out her pants before looking at Santana.

"Brittany, what are you still doing here?" Santana asked. Brittany started stuttering out an answer but Santana stopped her, "Just speak slowly and concentrate on what you're saying and you won't stutter." Brittany smiled in thanks and nodded.

"I'm still here because my boyfriend has to pick me up and he's late." Brittany said. Santana nodded.

"Why don't you just call him?" Santana asked, "Ask him where the fuck he is?"

"Um, I already called him an hour ago and he doesn't like it when I bother him. He says it's annoying." Brittany said, her voice small and what Santana thought sounded like scared.

"Well, if he's not gonna come pick you up, I'll take you home. Come on. Let's go." Santana said, beginning to walk again. Brittany's eyes widened and she quickly picked up her bag.

"But, Ms Lopez. If he gets here and I'm not here, he'll be mad." Brittany said, running after Santana to catch up with her quick, elegant steps.

"Brittany, text him and tell him not to worry about picking you up, because you got a ride home." Santana said, clicking the button on the elevator and standing straight. Brittany took time to notice how Santana was standing. Elegant, poised... Ladylike. Back straight, shoulders pulled up but not too far and legs together, "Okay? Can you do that? Or are you just gonna stare at me?"

"Oh!" Brittany quickly said, scrambling to get out her cell phone, "Yes, Ms Lopez."

"Brittany, it's after work hours, you can call me Santana." Santana said with a chuckle as the elevator doors opened.

"Yes, Ms Lopez.. I mean, Santana." Brittany said, her thumbs texting away as she walked into the elevator, her jacket getting caught in the doors as they closed. Santana tried to hold back a laugh as Brittany yanked on her jacket and fell back when it slipped through the doors.

"Careful." Santana said, holding out her hand to help Brittany up. Brittany was shocked when the latina practically offered to help her stand up. She hesitantly took Santana's hand and stood up, picking up her jacket and mumbling a quiet 'thanks' as she slung her bag over her shoulder, "You're welcome."

"So, um, S-Santana, how come you're being so nice to me?" Brittany asked in a stutter as she sent the text to her boyfriend.

"Because it's after hours and I'm not really an evil bitch all the time." Santana said with a smile, "Only during work, seeing as though almost everyone that works for me is pathetic at what they do."

"Well, if they're pathetic, then why did you hire them?" Brittany asked as she clumsily put her phone back in her bag. The elevator doors dinged open and Santana walked out with Brittany following.

"That's a good question." Santana said, pushing open the door to the front of her building, "But I hired them, because I saw potential in them. Just like I saw potential in you, except the difference between them and you is that you are not pathetic, you're clumsy. They're just pathetic."

"I-I'm clumsy? I mean, you think I'm clumsy?" Brittany asked as Santana's limo driver opened the door for them. Santana climbed in and Brittany climbed in after thanking the driver. The door closed and Santana took off her heels.

"Yes, I think you're clumsy. It was actually the first word that came to my head when I laid eyes on you." Santana said, tucking her black heels into her bag and putting on her red heels.

"Oh," Brittany said in a somewhat sad voice. Her head ducked down and she began fiddling with her jacket sleeve. Santana looked at Brittany and tilted her head to the side.

"That's not a bad thing." Santana said, "It's just who you are. Which is why it's a good thing you're not a ramp model." Brittany chuckled and looked up.


"Yeah. Now, where do you live?" Santana asked. Brittany told her the address and Santana gave it to the driver.

"Um, thank you, Santana. For taking me home." Brittany said, "Knowing my boyfriend, I'd probably have been stuck at the office all night."

"Well then you shouldn't be with him." Santana said blankly, "If he's not prepared to pick up his girlfriend on time, then he's not worthy of you." Brittany blinked a few times at what Santana had just said and then swallowed.

"I-I've been with him since high school." Brittany said.

"So, then you love him?" Santana said as more of a statement than a question.

"Um... Yes." Brittany answered, not very convincingly. Santana did her signature eyebrow raise and brought her one leg over the other.

"Well, if you're not sure, which you're clearly not, then you should take a break and take some time to think about how you feel." Santana said, ignoring Brittany's poor attempt at convincing her that she loves her boyfriend, "And if you do love him, you'll know."

"He won't really take it well if I suggest a break." Brittany said. The limo stopped and Santana turned her head to look at her new blonde assistant.

"Nobody takes a break well in a relationship." Santana said, "But if he ever hits you, tell me." Brittany was shocked at Santana's forwardness but nodded anyways before swallowing and picking up her bag, "I'll see you tomorrow, Brittany. Eight thirty. Don't be late."

"I-I won't." Brittany stuttered, "Thanks for the ride, Santana. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Brittany." Santana said, watching Brittany's amazed expression as her driver opened the door. The blonde got out of the car and waved at Santana as the door closed. Santana smiled and shook her head, watching Brittany walk into her building through the window, before telling her driver to take her home, "Okay, Hudson, take me home."

"Yes, Ms Lopez." her driver, Finn Hudson, said before starting the car and driving off and toward Santana's house.

"I bet you 10 dollars I'll fall over when I get out of the car." Santana said suddenly. Her driver turned his head and looked at her.

"Why, Ms?" he asked.

"Brittany touched these shoes." Santana said with a smile, "I'm pretty sure she's contagious."

Finn smiled and nodded.

"You have a bet then, Ms Lopez." he said.

Santana didn't mean what she said in a bad way. She meant it in a way that says Brittany's special. And she doesn't know why but, she wants to get to know the blonde. She thought she was cute. And she never thought that about anyone. It confused her, but she liked it.


Brittany walked into her apartment and carefully looked around, hoping that her boyfriend wasn't back yet. He usually went to a bar with his friends but, Brittany wasn't sure if that was the case tonight, seeing as though she could smell vodka. Brittany sighed and closed the door, putting her bag down and hanging up her jacket.

"Brittany, baby, is that you?!" called a male voice from the bedroom. Brittany's jaw clenched at the slur in his voice and she made her way to the bedroom.

"Yeah, it's me. Hi." she said, opening the door and finding her boyfriend lying on the bed in his underwear with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a bottle of vodka in his hand. She let her eyes wander toward the night stand where she saw 3 lines of white powder lying next to a blade. She sighed and looked back at her boyfriend, "Sebastian. I thought you'd stopped doing that."

"Baby, relax. Come lie down, get naked, have a brew." he slurred, sucking on the end of his cigarette and blowing the smoke out of his nose. She shook her head.

"Sebastian. You were supposed to pick me up from work two hours ago." Brittany said, closing the bedroom door and looking at the back of it, noticing her poster had been ripped down the middle. Her eyes immediately teared up and her face dropped, "What happened to my poster?"

"I don't know, baby, what happened?" Sebastian asked as he brought the bottle of vodka up to his mouth. Brittany turned toward him and took her poster off the door.

"Nevermind." she said, "I think you should go back to your apartment for a while." his head shot up and his face became angry and cold.

"What did you just say to me?" he asked, sitting up on Brittany's bed and putting his still lit cigarette behind his ear.

"I said... Um, may-maybe you should go back to y-your apartment for a while." Brittany stuttered out, now scared. Sebastian stood up and knelt down next to the night stand, rolling up a one dollar bill and snorting up all three lines of cocaine. He then stood again and wiped his nose, walking up to Brittany and pulling his cigarette out from behind his ear and holding it right above the crook in Brittany's left arm. His eyes were bloodshot and he smelt of alcohol.

"You don't get to tell me what to do." he snarled before lowering his cigarette and putting it out on the blondes arm. He mouth fell open and her eyes pooled, tears immediately escaping them and falling down her face, "I'm gonna go. Don't call me." he said, lifting his left hand and roughly cupping Brittany's face, squeezing down with his fingers before removing his hand and bringing it back down hard, colliding it with Brittany's face.

"Ow." she whimpered as he moved fully away from her. He put his clothes back on and tucked the bag with his cocaine powder into his pocket. He roughly opened her bedroom door and stormed to the front door.

"And Brittany," he said, holding the door open and turning his head back toward her now open bedroom, "If you tell anyone about this... I'll kill you."

And with that, he left, slamming the door shut behind him. Brittany immediately broke down into sobs and held her arm where the cigarette had burned a slight hole. This is what it was like, everyday with Sebastian. The only reason Brittany had stayed with him all these years is because he kept a gun with him at all times and she was afraid that if she left him, he'd do what he'd been threatening to and really kill her. She was scared. Terrified.



Tears fell down a pale face as shaking hands scrubbed the floor where Sebastian had dropped cocaine and flicked cigarette ash. Brittany's left hand raised to wipe her tears but she winced when the hole in her arm brushed against her skin. She finished scrubbing the floor before drying it and then getting up and ripping the sheets off her bed, walking through to the bathroom and throwing them in her hamper. She then leaned against the sink and looked at herself in the mirror, horrified at the purple bruise already forming where Sebastian had gripped and then slapped her cheek. Her face contorted as more tears fell and she began sobbing again. She inhaled and exhaled before beginning to run a bath. Bathing usually calmed her down. She slowly poured some bubbles in and let the tub fill as she quickly put all new bed sheets on her bed. Once she was done, she began removing her clothes after turning off the water. She climbed into the hot bath and sunk in, eyes closing as her entire body relaxed.

She let her thoughts wander to Santana and how she'd told her to let her know if Sebastian ever hit her.

'But if he ever hits you, tell me.' The brunette had said, giving Brittany a look of comfort.

Brittany thought Santana was sweet. What she'd seen of Santana. Sure, Santana was scary sometimes and she could be really tough but, what Brittany had seen that afternoon, she knew that underneath her hard, tough persona was a kind, sweet and loving woman. And Brittany liked that. A lot.


Santana let her feet climb out of the limo as Finn gave her his hand to help her out. She smiled and picked up her bag.

"Thanks Finnocence." she said. He nodded with a smile and she took two steps, before stumbling. She turned toward Finn with a smile and raised her eyebrow, "See, what'd I tell you?" Finn chuckled and took out 10 dollars, "Keep it." Santana said, taking out a hundred dollar bill and tucking it in his pocket, "Goodnight, Finn. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow morning, yes?"

"Yes, Ms Lopez. Thank you. Have a good night." he said, closing the limo door and watching Santana walk into her house before getting into the limo and pulling out of her driveway. As soon as Santana got into her house, she took her shoes off and laid them on the table behind her couch with a smile.

"My clumsy red shoes." she said, thinking of Brittany. And immediately it was official, they were her Clumsy Red Shoes.

And that day, those shoes, is how this story begins...


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