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Chapter 9 - Change

Her blue eyes were sparkling as she stared straight forward at the plain white wall of the hospital room. She hadn't spoken since Santana had found her in that basement. At the moment, her Latina was speaking to her uncle about having shot Sebastian. Apparently the latina had a gun license and had been personally trained by her uncle to be a cop. The only reason she was now speaking to her uncle in a hushed tone outside Brittany's hospital room was that she shouldn't have gone in by herself without a cop. Brittany could hear almost everything Santana and her uncle were saying and tried her best to ignore it. Quinn was sitting next to Brittany, her hands running up and down Brittany's arm to try and pry her eyes away from the wall.

"Britt, look at me." Quinn said gently. Brittany didn't move. Her eyes stayed focused on the wall, letting a small tear slip and roll down her cheek. The blondes lip was split and had been stitched up. Her eye was black and she had a small cut on the bridge of her nose. But all of that was nothing compared to her two broken ribs. The doctor told her to occasionally cough or take a really deep breath as well as lying on her injured side to help it heal. To put it simply. She was in a lot of pain, "Brittany, sweetheart, please look at me."

Brittany's head turned slowly and she made eye contact with Quinn. Quinn sighed at how glistening the blondes blue eyes were and gently squeezed her hand.

"I know you're in a whole lot of pain right now but you need to know that it's all gonna get better. San's never gonna let this happen again." Quinn said softly, "You guys are gonna move in with me until San finds another house. A safer house. No security guards. Only security cameras. Trust me when I say that Santana is never going to let you get hurt again."

"She's right, B." Santana said as she closed the door to the room and made her way over to Brittany, "I thought you were safe but everything went too far and I'm sorry it did. We're gonna take care of you. I promise, baby, what happened tonight will never happen again."

Brittany stared at Santana for a while, watching as the sadness and desperation in her face got more and more with every passing second. The blonde inhaled deeply, flinched at the pain and then nodded before closing her eyes to sleep. Santana swallowed nervously and looked at Quinn. The smaller blonde stood and made her way to the door after squeezing Santana's shoulder. As soon as Quinn left, Santana sat down and held Brittany's hand.

"I know you're tired but... I just wanna let you know that I love you. I really do and I know your ribs hurt but the doctor says we can go tomorrow and let you heal at home. Well, Quinns home." Santana said, "Okay, I'm gonna let you sleep now. I'll be here when you wake up."

"You look exhausted." The blonde finally said in a struggled whisper, "Get in. Cuddle me." Santana smiled and slipped off her

shoes before climbing into the bed and gently cuddling up to Brittany, earning a happy sigh from the blonde.

"Q, I don't think it looks safe enough." Santana said as she looked at pictures of houses. Quinn ran her hand through her hair and sighed.

"San, I get that but these were the only houses I could find in New York. The rest are all apartments." Quinn said.

"Well then I guess I have a few decisions to make." Santana said, looking at the pictures before taking out her cell phone and dialing a number before holding the phone to her ear, "Hey, Basilio. Listen, I know it's late but I'm sure Tio told you about what happened with Brittany... Yeah, she's safe. We're staying at Quinn's place until I can find another house for us. A safer house... Thanks but it's okay, we're good for now. I just called because I wanted to know if I could drop Brittany off at your place tomorrow? You will be there right?... Great, it's just that I have to stop by work for a few hours and so does Quinn so, I need someone to watch Brittany to make sure she's okay... Thanks, I'll drop her off at about 9. She's pretty traumatized about this whole thing so don't freak out. Also, she has two broken ribs on her left side so be gentle with her... Okay, perfect. See you tomorrow."

"You're actually going to work tomorrow?" Quinn asked, "Why?"

"I need to sort a few things out and you need to be there too." Santana said, "I'm going to bed but be up on time tomorrow. We have a lot of things to figure out."

Basilio's House

"I just don't get why we're here." Brittany said as Basilio got a bunch of blankets ready on the couch for her.

"I know, baby but I have to go to work for a little bit to get things sorted but I'll be back to pick you up in a few hours, okay?" Santana said as Brittany took her head off of her shoulder and sighed. Santana had been kneeling next to Brittany's wheel chair and the blonde looked as though she was uncomfortable and in a serious amount of pain.

"Yeah, okay."

"Don't worry about a thing, sweetheart, Silio will take good care of you." Santana said, running her fingers through Brittany's hair.

"I know, I'm just gonna miss you." Brittany said.

"I'm gonna miss you too, nena." Santana said with a smile and pecked Brittany's cheek before standing up fully and letting Quinn wheel the blonde into the living room so she could test on the couch. Basilio came out of the living room, smiling at Brittany before wrapping his big strong arms around Santana, "You take care of her." Santana said, "I don't want a single hair on her head touched in a hurtful way, understand?"

"Si, Tana." Basilio said with a chuckle.

"Okay, now, her ribs. Make sure she lies on the hurt side every two hours for a few minutes. Also, in an hour put a bag of ice on her injured side. And every half hour ask her to cough once loudly and as hard as she can." Santana said, "Can you remember all that?"

"Si. Every two hours she must lie on her injured side for a few minutes. In an hour I must put a bag of ice on her injured side. Every half hour I must ask her to cough loudly and as hard as she can. I got it." Basilio said, "Go to work. Everything is fine. Besides, I love Brittany. We'll play cards and watch movies. Nothing bad is going to happen to her. Promise."

"Okay." Santana said, "Quinn! Let's go."

"Yeah, I'm coming!" Quinn said.

"Bye Sanny!" Brittany called and Santana smiled, "Have fun at work! I love you!"

"Bye, Britt! I love you too!" Santana called back before smiling at Basilio and watching as the Latino walked through to the living room. Quinn came walking out off the living room and Santana handed her her coat, "Okay, lets get going."

"Britt looks so cute all cuddled up on the couch." Quinn said, "I promised her that we'd get her a surprise on our way back here to pick her up."

"I plan to get her a surprise. In fact, you're in for a pretty big surprise yourself."

Conference Room

"Come on, come on! I don't have all day. Let's go. Get in here." Santana said as she gestured everyone into the conference room, "Alright, sit down. Let's get started." Santana said as she got her stuff onto the table and placed her hands on her hips as she snapped her fingers in Rachel's face and then in front of the chair next to her.

"Um... you want me to sit down?" Rachel asked unsure. Santana nodded and watched as Rachel hesitantly sat down.

"Okay, a few days ago, most of you must have heard, my house was broken into and Brittany was taken. We did find her later that night but she's got two broken ribs and she's pretty traumatized. So, I know it's not a Monday and you all seem very confused but this meeting is important." Santana said, moving a few papers out off the way and holding one up in her hand, reading over it, "As of tomorrow night at 8, I will be on a plane to London, England. I'm going to be moving there with Brittany and I'll be running the offices over there." All the heads in the room turned and Santana's employees shared shocked looks with each other. Quinn's mouth dropped and she couldn't believe her ears, "So, as of tomorrow, Your new boss and head of office here will be Quinn Fabray. Her number one assistant will be you, Rachel and we're scrapping the spring issue and you will all start a new issue from scratch with Quinn running it. If anyone here has a problem with that then you're fired."

"Uh..." Quinn said causing Santana's eyes to glare at her, "Thank you?"

"Dismissed." Santana said as everyone got up and left as quick as possible. Rachel gave Santana a few bows before leaving. Quinn stayed, though, and looked at Santana with her hands on her hips, "Yes?"

"What are you thinking?!" Quinn snapped, watching as Santana rolled her eyes and closed the door, "Are you out of your mind? You can't just leave, Santana. You have put so much work into this magazine. The New York issue. Not the London, England issue."

"Actually I put together every single issue in every single country it publishes in. So, the London, England issue is included in that." Santana said, "And right now, I'm not thinking about work or whose ass the next issue is gonna be pulled out of. I'm thinking about Brittany. I'm thinking about her safety first. Because as much as I love this magazine, Brittany means a whole lot more to me than fashion. I've devoted almost 10 years of my life to this magazine and I need to get away from this city. I need to go somewhere I haven't been in a while. Quinn, the last time I was in London was when we were opening offices there."

"I get that but you cannot leave! You are the glue that holds this magazine together and if you leave then how the fuck is the next issue going to be published?" Quinn asked, flailing her hands in the air.

"I'll help you. I'm only a phone call away and I'm on skype. It's not like I'm disappearing off the face of the earth, I'm moving. That's all. I'm going to help you with this next issue and any issue you need help with until you've gotten the hang of it." Santana said, tucking all her paperwork back into her folder before taking out one stack of stapled paper and a pen.

"Santana! I'm A fucking dress designer! I am not CEO of a magazine." Quinn said, "If you don't see that then clearly your eyes are still closed. Wake up! I'm not meant to do this."

"Who's dresses have been on the front cover of this magazine every season for three years?"


"And who has kept each and every one of those ass faces in place when I've been sick or away?"

"Me but I think they were scared of me."

"And that's exactly why you're perfect for this job." Santana said, "I'm still the boss. But, when I'm not here, you need to make sure those idiots do their jobs."

"Santana, you have no idea what you're doing!"

"Exactly!" Santana snapped, "That's why I'm doing it! That's why I'm trusting you with this because it's a risk and I'm not sure if you'll be strict enough but hearing you yell at me right now makes me think that you'll be better at this job than you think you will!"

Silence. Quinn was shocked and swallowed her words. Not knowing what to say next, the blonde made her way closer to Santana and looked down at the contract sitting on the table. With one last glance at the latina, she lifted the pen and signed. Santana smiled and signed after Quinn.

"Did the doctor say it was okay for Brittany to fly with her ribs all broken and whatever?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah. As long as there isn't too much movement. Which is why I'm thanking god I'm rich enough to fly first class." Santana said, "She doesn't know yet so, don't mention it." Quinn nodded.

"So, when you leave do I get your office?" Quinn asked earning a smile from Santana.

"Yep. And you have to wear what I wear to work everyday. Any color blouse as long as it's not yellow or orange and a long black pencil skirt." Santana said, tucking the contract into her folder and packing it away, "And now you can't get out of it."

"I hate you for doing this to me."

"Oh please, doing this job you'll get 10 000 dollars per day." Santana said, "You love me for doing this to you. Now, I have to go pick up Brittany but you need to stay here and clean out my office. Leave the computer and the pen holders. Leave the clothes racks, you'll need those. Leave the chair. Anything else, put in a box and Basilio will come by and pick it up later. Have fun."

"Wha- San!" Quinn exclaimed as Santana hurried out of the conference room, "Santana!"

Santana walked into her brothers house and closed the door quietly before making her way toward the living room where she heard laughter and soft sounds coming from the TV. As soon as the living room came into sight, a smile graced Santana's face. Brittany and Basilio were playing cards while The Fresh Prince of Bell Air played on the TV.

"Okay, Brittany before this next turn you have to cough again." Basilio said after checking his watch. Santana leaned against the wall and watched as Brittany whined before coughing as loudly and as has hard as she could.

"Ow." Brittany said, "Okay, I coughed. Go. It's your turn."

"Okay, I don't need that card so you go."

"You guys better hurry up and finish this game 'cause Brittz and I got some stuff we gotta do." Santana said, walking into the living room and smiling as Brittany gasped excitedly. She pecked Brittany's head and gave her brother a pat on the head, "Hey baby. You two been having fun?"

"Yeah, we watched movies and we played games and we had chip and dip." Brittany said, "How was work? Was it boring?"

"Mm, I had to sort out a few things but everything's done and we have to get going." Santana said. Basilio looked at Santana and smiled.

"Where are we gonna go? We can't go out, sorry, my ribs hurt." Brittany said.

"Well, we gotta go back to Quinn's place to pack and then we'll come back here and have dinner with my brothers." Santana said.

"Why are we packing? Did you find a house?" Brittany asked, putting down all her cards with a proud smile, "Rummy! I win!"

"Well done, Brittany. Santana she's won every time." Basilio said, getting the cards together and standing up to help Brittany back into the wheel chair.

"Good job babe. And yes, I've found a house but not here." Santana said.

"If not here then where?" Brittany asked as she adjusted herself in her wheel chair.

"Uh... it's a surprise." Santana said, "You like snow, right?

"Love snow." Brittany said, "Why?"

"Because we're moving somewhere that has lot's of snow." Santana said, "Are you comfortable?"

"Yeah. Where are we moving?" Brittany asked as Santana hugged her brother and thanked him.

"London, England." Santana answered, pulling Brittany's wheelchair out of the living room and pushing it toward the front door. Brittany was silent and Santana was beginning to get worried that the blonde was angry.

"So, you mean that when my ribs are better then we can make snow angels?" Brittany asked excitedly. Santana smiled and leaned over the back of the chair, pressing a kiss Brittany's neck.

"Absolutely." Santana said with a smile as the door opened and she rolled Brittany out and down the side ramp toward the car.

"San, when are we leaving?" Brittany asked as Santana lifted her gently and helped her into the pillow covered passenger seat of the car.

"Tomorrow night at 8. We're flying first class." Santana said, gently buckling Brittany up and pecking her forehead.

"First class?!" Brittany squealed, "I've never flown first class before!"

"Well, now you will." Santana said, smiling before shutting the door and waving at her brother as she got into the drivers side, "We'll see you later tonight!"

Santana pulled out of the driveway and onto the road, driving as carefully as possible so as not to hurt Brittany.

"We're really moving to London?" Brittany asked.

"We're really moving to London."

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