Naruto the secret soul reaper

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chapter 4 soul mistress of weapons

Naruto Uzumaki the jinchuriki of kurama, the nine tailed demon fox was currently fighting a weasle hollow in a village in the land of vegtables. He was on a solo mission so he didn't need to hide anything, he was having a hard time though because as a wealse the hollow was quite evasive.

"You'll never catch me" said the wealsle hollow

"We'll see about that" retorted naruto, as he threw a handful of kunai which landed in front of the hollow, effectivly stoppng him.

"Bakudo #61 rikujokoro" naruto pointed his finger at the hollow as he said this and a flower with six petals of light appeared around the hollow rendering it completely helpless.

"So long hado #54 haien" from naruto's hands purple will o wisps were congured up and they all converged on the hollow and it was thus burned to death.

"Well that's one less hollow to eat souls" said naruto

Naruto had been fighting hollows for two months now and it had been a month and a half since he had learned of the existance of soul reapers and soul society he had yet to see a single soul reaper but he had asked many hollows what they looked like. The hollows descirbed soul reapers as swordsmen who wear sandals with socks and black kimonos called shohakusho.

"I still don't know why the soul reapers are just letting these hollows run around free it's a good thing i was able to obtain kido".

With that being said he returned to the mission he was on he was hoping to finish it soon enough. Naruto began to wonder if he had done a good job in keeping this whole thing a secret, he of course had to distance himself from the others to an extent so they would be safe but other than that he thought he was doing good. His mission was simple to deliver some documents to lady haruna. Needless to say she was thrilled to see naruto again, and even told him that he had grown to be quite handsome embarressing him to no end, after delivering the documents he made his way to the village but not before haruna gave him a kiss on the cheeck further emberrassing him.

Once he headed back to the village he gave his report to tsunade, and decided to just lie down on the base of a tree. Out of nowhere naruto sensed two vicious spiritual pressures

"What" thought naruto.

Quickly locating the spiritual pressures he was lead to an abbandoned factory in the abbandoned part of the village there he spotted two hollows about to start their rampage. The first hollow was a pterodactyl with red wings, and a beak that was part of it's mask. The second hollow was a brown, muscular monkey.

"There's nothing here i thought you said you saw many people here" said the monkey hollow in annoyance.

"Don't start your whinning, i thought this area was heavily populated, i made a mistake we'll just move to a different spot" said the pterodactyl hollow.

"Yeah, i suppose you're right" the monkey hollow relented.

"Sorry but you two aren't going anywhere" said naruto who poofed in front of them with in a cloud of smoke.

"Who the hell are you?". demanded the monkey hollow.

"Who cares who he is he has immense spiritual pressure let's just eat him" said the pterodactyl.

"Yeah let's get him" agreed the monkey hollow.

"Let's do this" said naruto as he got into a fighting position right when the two hollows charged at him.

Not too far away Tenten was jumping from from building to building doing flips and such acrobatics to keep herself fast, as well as gain better control of her chakra. She landed on the roof of a building to catch her breath when all of a sudden she herd the sounds of a fight, curious she quickly landed on the ground and went towards the source of the sounds, what she saw astonished her beyond belief, and that was naruto dodging and kicking to air and he was running all over like a maniac.

"Naruto!, what is he doing here and why is he acting like that" thought tenten with horrified shock.

Just then as naruto ducked a building behind him was suddenly smashed to pieces, and naruto was being lifted into the air by something invisable.

"What the heck is going on here, and what is naruto being attacked by" tenten thought with fascination. ''Well no time to figure it out now'' thought tenten as she leaped in to assist naruto.

Naruto was having difficulty getting into a good position for a counter attack due to the monkey hollow being very agile and soon he was shifted off balance and fell to the ground. That was when the ptarodactyl hollow went into a nose dive with it's beak and was about to strike naruto.

Just then naruto was pushed aside by none other than tenten herself.

"TENTEN!, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" exclaimed naruto

"What do you think, i'm here to help you obviously" said tenten.

"Tenten listen to me you need to get out of here" pleaded naruto

"Not a chance i'm going to find out what the heck's been going on" declared tenten.

"Tenten you need to get out of here you have no idea what's going on".

"I'm not going anywhere, naruto i'm gonna help you fight whatever's here" said tenten determined.

"You can't help me you're not strong enough, and you can't even see them clearly".

"Maybe but i can see their outlines and that's all i need".

"She can see their outlines'' thought naruto. ''It must be because she's so close to me my awarness must be rubbing off on her, which means she'll be able to see them clearly soon, but that dosen't mean her attacks will hurt hollows".

Tenten was actually having some success hitting the hollows with her weapons. Since she had been training with her chakra control she was even more agile than the monkey hollow, and since she was a master at aim, even though all she could see was the hollow's outlines, that was all she needed to land several kunai on the ptarodactyl hollow.

"Astounding it looks like tenten is strong enough" said naruto

At this point the battle's tables started to turn in favor of the hollows, for even though tenten's attacks were hitting the hollows, after five attacks the hollows didn't even seem phazed.

"No, I knew it tenten dosen't have any spirit energy and thus no spiritual pressure if only i could give her some of mine somehow".

That was when the monkey hollow whipped his tail while doing a three hundred sixty degree spin, whipping tenten while she was holding a kunai. She flew backwards and landed beside naruto, as she landed the kunai she was holding accidently impaled naruto in the middle of his chest, then out of nowhere the kunai began glowing a pale yellow, the light trailed down tenten's arm and into her chest, she quickly removed the weapon from naruto's chest she was about to apologize when she started to glow the same color as the kunai had before. It was at that moment that naruto sensed an additional spirit pressure next to his own, realizing it was tenten's spiritual pressure naruto could only think of one thing.

"Looks as though I have a partner now".

"This power, it feels awsome like i'm strong enought to take on anybody" exclaimed tenten.

"What is this anyway naruto?".

"I'll explain everything right after we take care of them" said naruto.

"Alright then, wait... i can see them, clear as crystal, those are some weird animals".

Naruto and tenten sprang into action, tenten once again overwhelmed the monkey hollow with her ninja agility then started to throw more kunai at the monkey hollow, she instantly saw that the kunai were that same pale yellow and their cutting power was enhanced exponentially as one of them cut through solid concrete due to the hollow having actually dodged one, the hollow wasn't as fortunite the next time as a myriad of kunai then impaled him, the hollow screeched like a monkey then disappeared in black ash-like energy.

As for naruto he created a blast of wind chakra and to his surprise, was able to take flight and chase the ptarodactyl hollow and to his even greater surprise, using his spiritual pressure he could walk on air as if he was walking on the ground.

"This is great now i can fight in the sky, alright time to make this hollow double extinct hado #58 tenran" the small tornado shot out of naruto's right hand and stirred up the flying hollow's wings and cauaed it to lose level then naruto summoned seven shadow clones and they positioned themselves under the hollow and all of them punched and kicked at the same time sending the hollow upwards.

"Uzumaki barrage" said the real naruto as he bended his right leg forward and drop kicked the hollow in the beak making it crash onto the ground unable to move, that's when naruto descended to the ground via the wind and stood in front of the hollow ready to finish it off.

"Hado #33 sokatsui".

The blast of lightning shot out of naruto's left hand and directly into the ptarodactyl hollow's face, it screeched as it was destroyed by naruto's attack and faded away in black ash energy.

"We did it" tenten cheered

"Yeah we sure did".

"Now then i think it's time you told me what's going on naruto" said tenten.

Naruto and tenten made there way back to the main part of the village, once they got there they decided to rest at a teahouse. There naruto explained everything about hollows, wholes; soul reapers, soul society; and the mechanics of spirit energy. He also told her why he kept this a secret from everybody.

"So that's why you've been so distant lately, you were trying to protect everyone because there was no way we could've fought the hollows".

"Exactly i couldn't risk anyone getting involved since you no doubt know the power of hollows and you need certain powers to fight them".

"Don't worry i completely understand and i won't tell anyone".

"Thank you tenten".

"Although you realize now that i have spirit powers i'm going to help you with the hollows".

"I know i'm actually kid of relieved it was getting hard to keep the secret on my own".

"I'll bet it was, and by the way what kind of powers where those i used back there based on what you told me that didn't seem like kido so what was it?".

"I don't know i must have passed some of my powers to you when your kunai impaled me i think your power is derived from kido rather than actually being kido".

"Yeah it's definitly some kind of variation, so now what we keep fighting hollows for the rest of our lives?". asked tenten.

"Maybe or at least until we find a way to get rid of the hollows for good".

"Yeah guess so, well at any rate goodnight i'll see you tomorrow naruto" said tenten as she waved him goodbye.

"See you later tenten"

Unknown to them sakura had saw them talking, but she was too far away to hear anything.

"Since when are naruto, and tenten so close, i wonder what they were saying oh well at least naruto isn't so distant anymore'' said sakura with relief she then thought perhaps they were setting up a date" a small smile crept onto her face at the hought as she continued on her way home.

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