Naruto the secret soul reaper

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chapter 8 the name

Naruto Uzumaki, genin of the village hidden in the leaves; human that has obtained and lost kido, and now one man rebellion against the soul society awoke from his peacful slumber, during his slumber, he had no dreams to speak of, however he was with a being with whom he truely loved, the darkness, it was the pinnecal of evil in the eyes of humans, ignorance is bliss they say, no the darkness was a thing of beauty, it was the darkness that shielded him from the madness that was the light, the light blinds and the darkness soothes, if it wasn't for the darkness consolig him when he was young, he too would've fallen victim to the madness.

''I still remember the day i first met the darkness''. said naruto as his eyes opened.


Naruto at the age of five has been battered and tendorized by an angry mob of villagers, he often wondered why he was always treated this way, it was something his young mind wasn't able to comprehend, after the mob had finished their attack, one random villager came from the mob,and up to him. In his hand was a kitchen knife, he looked into the young one's eyes and slashed his face vertically, creating a line of symmetry on his face with a length of one foot from his forehead to his chin. Naruto did what he knew he had to, he played dead, he put his bificated face on the ground and held his breath eventually he lost conciousness from lack of air. By the time naruto woke up it was night time, he lifted his face of the ground a puddle of blood errupted from his wond, as he saw his reflection in his blood, he asked himself a question.

''Is it really something i've done?, have i truely done something so horroble?, i can't help but wonder, or perhaps i am the good one and they are evil, and they see me as an impediment.

Just then the cold night air began to affect him, he shivered, even his reflection puddle of blood was growing cold, he then once again lost conciousness, but this time even though he was not awake he knew he was aware of what was around him, he looked into the infinite darkness, and he found that he was no longer cold, he was still lying down so to feel warm again was inviting him to sleep, he also noticed the scar on his face disappearing, as the boy slipped into his first peacful slumber since his birth, he knew he had found the love of his life.

end of flashback

''One day my beloved, i'll be with you'' said naruto quietly to himself as he stood up from his bed, one thing he had to look forward to was he would have the darkness all to himself, people feared the darkness, because they didn't understand it, but naruto couldn't care less about that, what he hated was that foolish humans only went to the darkness for power, like sasuke. Naruto was not happy when he last fought him, he was using chakra that made a mochery of the darkness, all people care about is power but why did they have to get it from the darkness, why can't they get their power from somewhere else and just leave the darkness alone?. The darkness was not a means for power, rather it was a being of beauty, but naruto knew that there was once a time where even he feared the darkness, mainly when he was four, but now he saw the darkness for what it really was, a beautiful comforting entity.

''I shall indeed be with you my love, but i know i must first earn you, by surviving my life, and once i meet my end we will be together, in order to prove i have earned you, i shall endure my wreched existance, and protect those who do not deserve to be protected, only by that deed will i earn the right to be with you...but until that day, i will continue my existance and become a soul reaper.

After naruto showered, brushed his teeth, and got dressed, he left his apartment and locked the door. Knowing he would need a quiet place to do his secret training, walked to the gate of the village and sneaked out with his stealth, after that he made his way to his mountain training spot, where he would routinely train with kido.

''Good, this mountain is several miles away from the village, as well as very high and well covered in dense forests, this is the perfect place to train. First of all i need to see if my soul plate has been restored''. said naruto as he closed his eyes and went to see kurama inside his mindscape.

''Kurama, have you done it?, were you able to restore my soul plate?'' asked naruto calmly.

''Indeed master, your soul plate is now good as new, you have you spirit energy back, as well as your spiritual pressure and in turn your kido, as well as hakuda'' replied kurama.

''Excellent, very nice work kurama, i am truely in your debt, thank you honostly''.

''It is i who am honored master, for serving you well, as well as accomplishing my mission''.

With that naruto opened his eyes, he began steadily, first activating his spiritual pressure which was a complete success, his spiritual pressure was as powerful and high as when he fought marechiyo, he then tried using hakuda, which he found he was as good as ever at, and finally went through his regular bakudo and kido training exercises, when that was done he decided to try his flying win wind and walking on air, both of which worked.

''Good all my power has been restored, now i can begin the real training, to become a soul reaper and save tenten''.

''The first thing to do is find out the name of my zanpakuto, which i'm sure i have one of, but how, let's see...ok i've got it i'll meditate while using my soul reaper powers, if i meditate while doing that i should be able to get to the main weapon of soul reapers''.

With that idea in mind naruto created a single shadowclone and had it use a kido spell to assure the success of his plan.

''Bakudo #73 tozansho'' said the shadow clone as the light blue, upsidedown pyramid surrounded the real naruto.

''Good now i can begin'' said the real naruto inside the uncoventional barrier, he walked to the middle, and got into lotus position as he closed his eyes, finding his center.

After opening his eyes naruto found he was floating through a coral blue void with occasional emerald green currents, after he swam through the void for what seemed like thirty minutes he had no idea what to do next, just then a mysterious voice called out to him as he swam through the void.

''You must catch on to a green current and let it take you to your inner world'' said the voice, it was mature and deep, but the kind of deep voice that sounds tired and calm.

''Who said that?, where are you?'' asked naruto

''Quickly, you must do as i say, before you are plunged from here'' said the voice calmly, but it was clear to naruto that the voice meant it.

Naruto, following the voice's advice summoned his wind chakra and covered his body in a viel of air which gave him the friction he needed to push himself forward, as he swam further and further forward he noticed the path starting to go upward and soon one of the sporadic; emerald green currents appeared in the ocean like void. Seizing the opprotunity, naruto swam right into the current, when he did he was moving even faster upward. Soon he surfaced from what appeared to be a lake, as he landed on the ground naruto immediately looked to see where he was.

''Where am i?'' naruto asked himself. As he saw where he was he could see he was in what appeared to be a swamp, he looked up to see the sky was grass green, he continued his look of the terrain it was shrouded in vegitation such as light green marshes and dark green forests, naruto turned and faced the large lage he came here through and saw it was a emerald green lake, it was sparkling and had many waves, and it was also at least one hundred miles in diameter, and finally something caught his attention over the horizon of the lake, it was a one hundred foot tall orange mountain.

''This place is beautiful, but where is this?''.

''This is your inner world, naruto''. the mysterious voice suddenly echoed.

''My inner world?''. asked naruto.

''Yes, this dimension is where i reside, all soul reapers have their own inner worlds as well, though it is different for every soul reaper, your inner world is where the zanpakuto resides'' the voice explained.

''So that means, you are my zanpakuto''.

''Indeed i am, though i am afraid that we shall have to meet the next time you venture here''.

With that the voice faded away, and there was a moment of darkness that came over naruto, as he opened his eyes to find himself back inside tozansho, as he stood up he felt an odd sensation all over his body he saw the orange on his jacket fade and become completely black. The tozansho then started to crack and before long it shattered to pieces with a slight explosion, the shadow clone was dispersed as it was hit, as the smoke cleared naruto took a good look at himself. He was now wearing a black kimono instead of a jacked with thin white stripes where the orange would be, he also noticed his headband was gone, he looked down at his feet, instead of his normal black sandals he now wore sun bleached sandals with white socks. Naruto then realized he was wearing the same thing as that marechiyo guy, our hero now knew what he had become.

''I did it, i've become an official soul reaper, i wonder where my headband went, and how do i get back to normal...well i guess it's worth a shot'' said naruto as he closed his eyes and tried to return to normal form, he imagined his normal self and then felt an odd feeling, like he was going inside something, when he opened his eyes he felt his forehead to find his headband had returned, as did the rest of his regular attire.

''Cool, i can switch back and forth, huh i wonder if i could use my ninja techniques when i'm a soul reaper'', wondered naruto. He closed his eyes and imagined his soul reaper form, once again he felt an odd feeling, only this time it felt as if he was coming out of something, after seeing himself back in his soul reaper form he made a hand sign.

''Let's see if i can use my shadow clones'' right then four puffs of smoke appeared next to naruto, they all agreed this was awsome and dispersed.

''That was incredible, i'll bet all my techniques work in this form''.

Naruto then got down to trying all his other jutsu which were his rasengan, giant rasengan, wind rasengan, and even rasenshuriken, all of which were successful, although oddly the only technique he couldn't use in the form was sage mode.

''It must be because i'm in spirit form, speaking of forms, i should find a better form to merge with kurama into, i'm not sure a simple nine tailed cloak is going to do it, wait...i've got it rather than using kurama's chakra, we need to merge our chakra's into one''.

With that being said naruto changed into his regular form and closed his eyes, as he entered his mindscape, our hero went up to the fox's cage.

''Kurama, we should merge our chakra's together, how do you feel about that?''.

''If that is what you wish master, i will happily merge my chakra with yours'' obliged kurama.

''Thank you once again kurama''.

With that naruto exited his mindscape and called upon kurama's chakra, as soon as the nine tailed cloak appeared naruto made the hitsugi hand sign and mixed their chakra. As the red and blue chakras mixed a purple sphere surrounded naruto, a six tomoed necklace appeared on his neck, his body glowed gold,his whisker marks became much thicker, and finally his jacket became gold and black.

''I shall call this form, tailed beast form''. That being said naruto seperated their chakras and turned back into his normal form.

''Okay, getting back to training, i need to learn the flash step, hmm let's see'' said naruto as he remembered his fight with marechiyo, now that he was a soul reaper he could see what marechiyo did with his feet, he was able to replay that memory because of kurama's storage of his memory bank.

''That must be it, he channeled his spirit energy into his feet, then turned it into spiritual pressure, creating kinetic energy, and the flash step isn't a transporting move, you actually run fast so it looks like teleportation, but it's equivalent to the speed of llight, that's why it's called flash step''.

Once he figured that out our hero immediatley tried it, but with only minimal success. After two hours he finally did it he mastered flash step.

''Alright, i did it, i obtained flash step, next, i need to call upon my zanpakuto, i hope i can get to him this time'' hoped naruto as he got into lotus position and closed his eyes.

Only for a brief moment naruto was in darkness, then he opened his eyes to find himself in his inner world. Shortly after admiring the beauty of it, naruto suddenly sensed a presence.

''Is that you?'' asked naruto.

''Yes, it is me, welcome back, now that you have become a soul reaper i can at last show you what i look like'' said the voice in it's usual calm tone.

Naruto kept looking on to see where his zanpakuto would appear, just them out of the dense forest walked a being, a most unordinary being, realizing it was his zanpakuto, naruto examined him closely to see what he looked like. He was a fairly tall man; he was seven feet tall with fairly muscular arms, his chest was also very muscular as his muscles were visable through his shirt, his skin was dark peach making him appear to be slightly tanned, his hair was a very dark forest green hair reaching all the way to his midlle back, he was wearing a grass green karate gi that was sleeveless with a brown belt, his eyes were navy blue, and the most noticable trait about him was that he had a tail behind him right above his posterior, it was quite long, three feet in length, scaley, and dark green. It was obvious to naruto that his tail was that of a crocodile.

''Your my zanpakuto, awsome'' said naruto in astonishment, he never thought his zanpakuto would be so freaking cool looking.

''At last we meet, now naruto, listen very carefully, i am going to tell you my name''.

''Yes, i'm ready tell me''.

''Very well then my name is...''.

''What, i couldn't hear you'' said naruto.

''How unfortunite, hopefully next time you'll be able to hear my name''.

''No, wait''.

Naruto suddenly opened his eyes and saw the terrain of the mountain, but he also suddenly felt something in his hands, it was the hilt of a sword, it was dark green, with ten white, horizontal lozenges running down to the butt, the tsuba was a simple bronze lozenge, but what was odd was that it had no blade.

''T-This is my zanpakuto, but it has no blade, it's incomplete, because i don't know its name''.

Realizing what he had to do, naruto gripped the sword with both hands and channeled his spirit energy into it as he closed his eyes once more. Naruto saw nothing but an empty black void, he adjusted his ears and used his chakra to enhance his ears, while using his already highly trained ninja hearing to listen, he waited for one minute before hearing his zanpakuto's voice.

''My name is..., tozumasen''.

For the third time today, naruto's eyes shot open, he lowered the hilt and thought.

''I did it, i herd the name of my zanpakuto, now all i half to do is call it out''.

The lone soul reaper brought up the hilt, and bought it back as he prepared to swing it, as the hilt approached uppward naruto called out to it.

''TOZUMASEN'' called naruto as the hilt was thrusted upward, as soon as it reached over naruto's head, the blade finally shot out of the tsuba, there was a flash of light, when it died down naruto looked to see a complete sword in his hands.

''Yeah, that's how it's done, so this is my zanpakuto, man it's as cool on the outside as it is on the inside'', said naruto as he inspected the sword, it was a simple katana, with the same bronze and hilt as before.

''Good thing i'm a ninja, i've already been trained to use a lot of weapons, especially swords''.

''Okay, now i can spend the rest of the time i have left, moving up the ranks of soul reapers, based on what that hollow shrieker told me there are many seats of soul reapers, and considering that i'm a new soul reaper, i am probably at the lowest seat, i wonder what number seat that is, i'll just assume i'm something like a ninth seat, yeah, well better get started''.

So it was our hero began his training regimine, and so before naruto knew it ten days passed by in what seemed like only mere moments, during his training he has learned how to use his spirit energy in conjunction with tozumasen's, also gained new skills in swordsmenship, combining his alrady taught kenjutsu with that of soul reaper sword art, which tozumasen taught him, he aslo gain a few unique powers with his zanpakuto.

''Here we go, i'll run through my exercises one more time, then i'll get some sleep so i can depart tomorrow'', said naruto as he activated his shikai.

''Attack tozumasen'' naruto's zapakuto completely changed when he released it, the sword took on the appearance of a sabre, the blade stayed the same length, but it was now somewhat more curved, the tsuba grew to cover the beginning of the hilt, the hilt grew a small handhold to the left, the lozenges were gone, but the dark green stayed the same.

''Perfect, my shikai is looking as good as ever, now i'll try my shikai's abilities''.

So far naruto's shikai had four abilities: the blade could become charged with a light green enegy he called this ability power charge, the next ability was something he called time strike, he jumped in the air and brought his hands together while wielding his sword simulating a clocks hands then a yellow translucent clock appears behind naruto and it blasts and slashes his target. The next technique was called time delay where naruto rotates his right palm and creates a small yellow clock which then expands as it leaves his hand and covers the surrounding area it then slows down time sporadically for three minutes. The final technique of his shikai was called time pulse where naruto draws a circle with his zanpakuto and delivers a forty five degree slash and a blast of time hits the target.

After running throught those exercises, haruto sheathed his zanpakuto, and returned to his normal form, he then decided to lie down and get to sleep.

''Well, tomorrows the big day'' thought naruto tiredly.

''Tomorrow i invade the soul society and save tenten, i think i'm strong enough now, if i'm correct i should be what is considered a third seat in the soul society, it's kind of exciting going on this quest, it's a real adventure to another world, ah this hard ground is going to be horrible for my back, i think i'll just go sleep at my house'' said naruto.

After an uneventful walk home naruto immediatley went to bed.

Green notes from the author

sorry it took so long but here it is, about naruto's zanpakuto as it is mentioned his sword is a sabre, which if you don't know too much about swords is a sword you often see used by pirates, his ability to use time attacks is something i got from power rangers time force an old season of power rangers i watched when i was four. So how do you like the way his zanpakuto looks the spirit not the actual sword, i got the idea from a show about animals, that reminds me did you guys know the horse and crocodile are related weird huh, at any rate i still can't believe that disney xd dropped naruto they didn't even run 100 episodes, but to tell you the truth i'm actually happy that it got dropped because it's way better online than it ever was on disney xd, well i'm out.