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Just To Hold You

Chapter Seven

Teris Xenite

Max heard small rustling sounds, and then the soft groan of his mattress as he lowered himself onto it. "Are you all settled in Logan?" She heard his voice hitch as she adopted what she thought of as the sex kitten voice. She wouldn't have been able to do this a year ago, she wouldn't have known how, or cared enough about anyone to go this far to secure their pleasure without her own. But that had changed since she had met Logan, and it was time that she let him know it. "Are you ready Logan? Do you want me to love you?"

"God yes."

"Lay back and close your eyes Logan." She paused a minute, and waited for him to comply. "You know one of the best things about having genetically engineered senses Logan? I can smell you, from miles away. Not just the aftershave, or the soap, but you. I love the way you smell Logan, it makes me crazy, makes me want to touch you. It feels like I'm in heat, but better because I know that it's really me that wants-" She paused for a moment. She was comfortable with Logan, she trusted Logan, but it was still hard to go from 'we're not like that' to screaming 'I want to fuck you blind' in six seconds or less.

Logan either sensing that she was floundering or desperate to find out what she wanted whispered to her in a voice made husky by both need and emotion. "What do you want Max?"

"I want you Logan, all of you. Always. I want to rip your clothes off and fall into bed with you. I want to show how much fun sex can be when one of you can hold their breath for twenty minutes. I want to scratch my nails down your back and hear you groan. I want to see if that little spot where your neck meets your shoulder tastes as good as I think it does or if it's better. I want to make love with you until we're both so tired that we can't anymore. I want to fall asleep in your arms, and start all over again when we wake up. I want to hear you whisper my name when you come."

"Oh Max…" Logan's voice hitched on her name turning her on even more than her imaginings of him crying it out in passion had.

"Oh god Logan just like that, I want to hear you moan for me while I swallow you whole. They enhanced all of my senses Logan I can taste you too. Every time you fed me, and I made that face you loved it wasn't the food I tasted Logan, it was you. Just what was left of you on the spoon made me hot, when we kissed I thought I was going to combust. I never wanted to let you go."

"God me neither Max.

"I think of you touching me all the time, I have ever since I met you. I'd go riding my baby and feel it shake and tremble beneath me and I'd wish that I were riding you instead. I'd wish that it was you trembling beneath me." More arrested gasps and whimpers. Well she thought I'm on the right track then. Then she proceeded to scour the recesses of her mind for every single dirty thought that she'd ever had about Logan. This could very well be a very long conversation.

"When I'd zip up my catsuit I'd imagine that you were watching me and waiting for me at home when I got back from those missions of yours to help me get back out of it." This time her breath hitched and she caught her lip between her teeth. "Every time I zipped that suit up I'd imagine how your hands would feel skimming over me close as skin, helping me take it off. Every time I thought of that I ached for you Logan." Max suppressed a shudder as she imagined Logan's hands on her again before continuing.

"And that time that I cooked you dinner, you'll never know how hard it was for me not to storm out of that shower and drag you in their with me. Your scent was all around me, and I could hear your breathing and your heart beat from the other room. I wanted to see if they'd hitch if I straddled you and had my wicked, wicked way with you."

"Oh god Max I wish you had. I tried to skip dinner because I didn't think I could keep my hands off of you." Max's breathing quickened.

"I love the way that you watch me when we play chess, you're always so focused and your stare is so intense. Your eyes are so beautiful Logan, I could fall into them. I want to drown in them, watch them get darker in passion, watch them burn as you come inside me. I ache to feel you in me Logan, I swell to think of you inside me, to have you touch me." "I want to wrap my hand around you, feel you quiver and watch you gasp for me. I want to grab hold of you and play with you till you think you can't take it anymore. Then I want to lick you, give into to my feline instincts and suck you dry just so that I can walk around with the taste of your come and smell of you on me all day long."

"Oh god Max…Max. Love you…" Several more exclamations filled the air between them, and then all that could be heard was heavy breathing.

No one could have ever told Max that she'd be more proud of talking a man to an orgasm than she was of being able to kick ass and take names. Maybe this was what Kendra had always meant when'd she'd mentioned how awesome it was to be a woman, maybe it was because it was her man. But for whatever the reason she felt pretty damn awesome at the moment. "So intellectual orgasms aren't possible huh?" She had to tease him just a little bit.

"I stand corrected. You can prove it to me anytime you feel like it." Logan panted trying to regain control of his breathing. "And Max…when we find that damn cure, you're not leaving my bed for at least a month, because I didn't realize it was possible, but you just made me want you even more."

"A whole month huh?"

"At least, as soon as I get my hands on you I'm going to worship every single inch of you starting at the top of your head and work my way all the way down to your toes. Then I'm going to start over again…maybe twice."

"Manticore had this really great concept called incentive Logan…as soon as we find that cure I'm going to do every single last thing that I just talked about…saving the world be damned."

Max grinned as she heard Logan's breath hitch over the phone. Kendra and Original Cindy were right, it was awesome to be female, and men were easy. And with that thought she started whispering in Logan's ear all over again.

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