Chapter 23:

Kate's POV

Oh god! My head! I think my head is going to explode…and my stomach! Why is my stomach rolling? Oh, yeah…I tied one on last night. All I wanted was to drink myself into oblivion after my meeting with Ana Steele Grey. She handed my ass to me, didn't she? Who knew that my little mousy college roommate had bigger balls than I do? I have to admire her. Not many people stand up to me, not even my parents. I slowly open my eyes and find myself in a room I do not recognize. I sit up and look around. Okay, I think I am in a hotel room, and by the looks of it, a very expensive hotel room. I notice that I am naked under the soft white sheet and my clothes are scattered all over the room. I can't remember much of last night except the alcohol that I slammed down my throat. Fuck. What did I do? Where am I? I struggle to get out of the bed with the sheet draped over me to investigate my surroundings. According to the pad of paper next to the room telephone, I am at the Fairmont Olympic. I shrug. Nice hotel, expensive, very classy. Maybe I just checked in because there was no way I could drive last night. I try to remember last night but the alcohol fog blinded my memories. I think I was dancing with someone. Yes, I was…I remember that. I danced last night. I take in my surroundings once again and spy the discarded pair of jeans that does not belong to me. They are too large and I am pretty certain that they belong to a man. Fuck! Did I pick up a stranger last night? Well, duh…that was your plan after you left Ana…remember dumb ass? That's when I hear the shower. Someone is in the shower! Holy shit! I find myself picking up the jeans and searching for a wallet or anything to give me a clue of who was in the shower. I find car keys, a couple of Trojan condoms, and loose bills of different denominations. I finally find a wallet in the other pocket and am just about to open it up to learn the identity of whoever was in the shower when I hear a man clearing his voice.

"Those are my pants." His voice is deep. I slowly turn to find a very tall and well-muscled man standing in only a towel wrapped low about his hips. I gulped. Good lord, he is magnificent! All hard, wet, and blonde.

"Who are you?" I finally asked.

He laughed. I step back when he started toward me. He shot me a panty-dropping smile. "I am the man who fucked you every way imaginable to mankind."

I am speechless. Yeah, I know that makes this a red-letter day…me Katherine Kavanaugh without a word to say. For some reason I feel frighten because I am out of control here. This man shared a bed with me and has intimate and carnal knowledge of me and I don't even know his name. "We slept together?" I ask sounding like an idiot of the first class.

"Well, baby…we didn't sleep." He steps closer to me and takes his jeans. Without any shame, he dropped his towel and slid on the jeans. Well, at least I know my bed partner goes commando! He sits on the bed to pull on his socks then a pair of boots. I am silent as I watch him find a dark blue shirt, pull it on, and then button it. He is so tall that I have to bend my head back to look up at him. He shakes his blonde mane of thick wild hair. "The room is paid for, but you have to be out by noon. It's been fun, babe…thanks for the fuck." He leans down kisses my open mouth and then heads for the door.

"Wait! Who in the hell are you?" I asked. I know my face is flaming red.

"Grey, baby…Elliot Grey." He gives me a crooked smile. "Later's baby."

Christian's POV:

Walking into Escala I feel her. I know my wife is home. I can smell her delicate fragrance of heather and fresh air. I smile as I go in search of my beauty and find her in our giant closet wearing only a towel. Now that is a sight to come home to! I am damn glad that she stayed married to me. It's been two months of marriage and I think I have made her happy. Those long legs seem to go on forever and my god…her shoulders are even sexy. I hear myself groan when she bends over to search for a shoe. Holy shit! My dick just grew seven times harder!

"I know you are watching me." She says turning to smile at me. My heart thunders against my chest. "You like?" She asks then drops that towel. Her body is magnificent with high creamy breasts with raspberry colored nipples that called out to me to suck them. I slowly start toward her with a piece of painful man meat in my boxer-briefs.

"Damn, Ana…I could…you are…" I pull her against me and my mouth captures her. She tastes sweet as she melts into me with her arms wrapped around my waist. We kiss each other with a hunger that is so hot that it burns deep inside us. Before I know it, I am thrusting hard inside her on the closet floor. Her moans and groan spur my need. "I love you, Ana." I hear myself say as her legs wrap around me and I thrust even harder.

"Christian…yes…ohhhh god…yes…I love it! Love it….oh so good…so good…yes…ahhhhhhh" She comes so hard that it nearly pinches my fucking prick off. God damn, she feels good sheathing me! I press on wanting to feel every wave of her orgasm. "Christian!" She cries out. "I love you…love you so much!"

I lost it. I couldn't stop the orgasm that she pressed upon me. Hearing her say those words sent me over the edge. She loves me! I quiver and shake as she takes every drop of my man juice. I roll off her and then pull her close to me not wanting to be denied the warmth and softness of her skin. I crave this woman. I will admit it. I am addicted to my wife.

After my heart quits trying to escape through my chest and I catch my breath, I ask her, "Did you mean it? Do you really love me?"

Her silence frightened me. I counted to seven before she answered softly. "Yes, Christian…I do love you. I love my husband."

Have you ever had that feeling of complete perfection settle upon you? At that moment, I felt the world was perfect…at least my world. My wife loved her husband! Me! I was stunned then I felt something strange and wet seeping from my eyes. Damn it, I was crying. I don't cry! Her softly spoken words touched me and all my emotions came rolling out. "Anastasia." Her name sounded wonderful to my ears. "My Ana." She rolled over top of me. We were skin to skin. Her big blue eyes sparkled with her own tears but the most beautiful smile graced her face.

"I. LOVE. YOU." She said stressing each word. She kissed me softly. "I'm not going to fight it anymore. You have me, Christian."

"Baby, you have made my life! You are the most precious person in my life. The most wonderful gift I have ever been given." My hands gently stroke up and down her spine and then slowly travel over her fantastic ass. "Can you say it one more time?"

She giggled sweetly, kissed me with that luscious mouth and then whispered. "I love Christian. I love you."

I laugh. I laugh so hard that I am nearly sobbing. This woman has fallen in love with me. Now…for the next step for our lives…a baby!

Elena's POV

Two fucking months! They have been married two fucking months and so sickly happy. I see their photos in the papers and on-line. Christian is always holding her close and smiling down at her. He looks like a love-sick puppy and it makes me want to puke! Tonight, Grace and Carrick Grey are hosting a dinner party and once again, I am not invited. It's a family affair. How do I know? Well, I got that simple little fool Gretchen to feed me information. That stupid little bitch has had the hots for Christian ever since she started to work for the Grey family five years ago. I've watched her "moon" over him during dinner parties and the Coping Together Balls. She was easy to persuade to give me information thinking I am her friend and she has been keeping informed on what is going on in the Grey family. Gretchen is so jealous of that mousy little book-reader that I think if I pushed her with some gentle prodding, she would poison the Mrs. Christian Grey!

My business has gone down the sink- hole since Christian pulled out his investment and Grace has been very cold toward me. We do not have our weekly lunches and I learned she has been going to another salon. And, of course, wherever Dr. Trevelyan-Grey goes, her little society buddies follow. I don't know if Christian said something to her about our relationship…no he wouldn't do that! I am being paranoid. He doesn't was his precious sainted mother to know what a sick fucker he is. I mean, come on, he fucks little brown-haired women than reminds him of his dead drug-whore of a mother. The man has some serious "mommy" issues! I should have used that information more to my advantage and I could have been the Mrs. Christian Grey with all his money. That is what I am missing the most…the money. The fucking was always good with Christian, he can fuck like a wild stallion, but it's the money that I want. I want financial security and power! I had it when Christian was under my control. I had this town under my thumb. If I had a zoning problem, just say the Grey name and bam….it was solved! Can't get a reservation to the hottest restaurant or club…say the Grey name…and I am in! Now that I have been blackballed by the Grey fractions, I can't even get a free bus pass. That little bitch fucked up my life and it's only fair that I give her back some of her own medicine. She had no business messing with my life and steeling my Christian and his money! If I have to, I will kill that bitch!