Nate Ford watched the scene play out in front of him.

"I got the red haired Captain Cybertor and the Honas Waggner card. One point Swindell zero Bing" a man with no pants and a really, I mean really bad hair cut says to a group of teens. Suddenly a very large Russian with a scar on the side of his face opens the door the Swindell guy goes flying and drops the action figure.

"Where is Swindell" the Russians two body guards pick the little man and the Russian get right in his face "I pay 80,000 dollars for a red haired Captain Cybertor then you give me red haired Captain Cybertor!"

"We've got a red haired Captain Cybertor. We'd be willing to sell it to you Mr. Swindell original offer still stands." The teen that was very clearly the leader said

"Fine" the big Russians let Swindell go and he turns taking a baseball card out of his jacket pocket. They make a quick exchange and Swindell was facing the Russian again. "Here you go Mr. Volkov, so are we al good."

The big Russian starts laughing and then stops "No run and don't stop" Swindell takes off.

"Daddy that was amazing" one of the teens a girl goes running up and hugs the big Russian

"Anything for my little girl," He said without a Russian accent handing her the toy and peeling off what is now know to be a fake scar.

"I can't believe that actually worked" a black kid said to the leader as the rest of the kids started celebrating. The leader just smiles knowing its okay that his friend doubted him cause they still managed to pull it off.

"Excuse me but I have one question" a pompous French man suddenly appeared "But who are you and what do you think you are doing disturbing my auction."

"That's two questions," a little girl probably the youngest of the group said.

"We" the leader said "are the true owners of a genuine Honas Waggner card and we are selling."

Nate sat pondering what he just saw, this group of kids was good he had to admit and in the end the 1.2 million dollar card ended up selling for almost 2.5 million dollars. Making his way up to his groups own home base he decided how to tell his group about these up and coming Grifters.


"You're telling me that there is a group of mini us out there!" Hardison practically screamed.

"Yes and they're good," Nate said with a slight hint of awe "Parker, Elliot I want you guys to keep an eye on them."

"Why" said Elliot in his usual gruff voice

"because they might be useful"