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The other side

Most humans believed that when you died, you either ascended to heaven or went to hell. However, for who were supernatural creatures or were associated with supernatural beings knew better. When normal humans died, they went to heaven or hell. However, any supernatural being that died was forced to spend eternity in the purgatory known as 'the other side.'

While on the other side, the spirits of witches and Warlocks spent most of their time in debate. Usually on small things such as whether to continue contact with living witches, whether to continue watching their descendents, stuff like that. However, the three most powerful witches have lately been caught up in one issue that has been debated for almost one thousand years: the existence of Vampires.

Ever since the five original vampires Elijah, Niklaus, Finn, Kol, and Rebekah were turned into Vampires by their mother, Esther, the spirits had been debating the actions to take to end the existence of vampires. For you see, Witches saw Vampires as nothing more than monsters, as abominations. When Esther had created the vampire race, she went against the 'laws of nature.' Individuals were not meant to live forever, which brings us to today.

"I'm telling you, you are all making a mistake." Qetsiyah shouted.

"Silence Qetsiyah," Esther demanded, "For one thousand years I have watched my children shed blood, feeling the pain of each victim as if it were my own. I started this chaos, so I shall help bring an end to it, once and for all."

"You cannot set him free." Qetsiyah insisted.

"Enough of your personal vendetta against him, we need him to carry out the plan." Sheila Bennett scolded.

"How can you approve of this when your own granddaughter is friends with vampires?" Qetsiyah demanded of Sheila.

"While I know this action will cause Bonnie and her friend's pain, Caroline, Damon, and Stefan are simply collateral damage that pale in comparison to the other vampires that will be wiped out." Sheila said.

"But-" Qetsiyah began.

"Enough!" Sheila declared.

"We have not made this decision lightly. If you cannot put aside your petty grudge, then step aside and we will do it ourselves." Esther declared.

Qetsiyah opened her mouth to retaliate, thought better of it, and, looking like she had swallowed a lemon, closed her mouth while glaring murderously at the other two witches.

"I do not approve of this decision, but I will go along with it…for now." She said, muttering the last part darkly.

A Desolate island two-hundred miles off the Nova Scotia Mainland, deep in an underground gave

Time irreverent, September 14, 2010

The trio of ghosts/witches appeared in a cave. Behind them was a tunnel, obviously an entrance. In front of them was a big, wide open space save for a stone stairwell that led to what looked like a coffin.

"So this is his tomb." Esther mused out load.

"Why did you put him down here?" Sheila asked Qetsiyah.

"So that he would have no access to blood, so he would be forced to dessicate for the rest of eternity." Qetsiyah spat bitterly.

"Enough talk, we have work to do." Esther called them to attention.

The trio walked forward and walked up the staircase and in front of the coffin. They then surrounded the coffin; Esther stood in the center the left of the coffin while Sheila and Qetsiyah stood on the left side. Esther and Qetsiyah took each other's left hand while Esther and Shelia took each other's right hands and Qetsiyah and Sheila took each other's spare hands.

The Witches/ghosts began to chant. The chanting continued for several minutes before anything began to happen. The coffin began to shake violently and started to rise, almost appearing to float. The coffin suddenly flung open. Thankfully for them, they were ghosts, so the lid simply went through their arms.

Inside the coffin was a male figure. The male had on an iron mask, and was dressed in an old fashioned black suit. But his skin was very dark, almost coal black. He appeared to be fossilized. But slowly, the near black skin began to turn to a more healthy pale, peachy white. Finally, his skin was a healthy peach complexion. The trio of witches dropped hands and stepped away from the coffin.

"Silas…rise." Esther commanded.

At first, Silas was unresponsive. Then, Silas put his hands on the sides of the coffin and slowly lifted himself up. Silas then jumped of the coffin and looked at his saviors. As his gaze landed on Qetsiyah, his head tilted to one side in confusion.

"You helped revive me?" His voice was colored with disbelief.

"It was not by choice, believe me." She snarled.

"Enough of your petty squabbles." Sheila interrupted before it could erupt into an argument.

"Why have you revived me?" Silas demanded.

"Two thousand years have passed since you were locked in that coffin," Esther informed him, "one thousand years ago, I turned my four sons and my daughter into the world's first vampire's after my youngest son Henrik was mulled my Werewolves. But they have become abominations, monsters. We revived you for the sole purpose of destroying them."

"And if I were to…refuse?" Silas asked coyly.

"We thought of that," Qetsiyah said with a vicious smirk, "since we revived you, we can also make all the years of dessication come back to you all at once at any given moment."

Silas was silent for a moment before he gave a low chuckle.

"You've really thought of everything," Silas complimented, "oh very well, I shall do as you ask."

Silas then reached up and removed the iron mask from his face. As he threw the mask to the ground, Sheila gasped and walked back in shock upon seeing his face. Silas looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Something wrong with my face?" He asked curiously.

"y-you lo-look li-like-" she stuttered.

"There's no need to explain," he said to the shock of the witches, "I can hear your thoughts."

"What?" Sheila gasped as the trio looked at him in shock.

"It's not perfect," Silas admitted, "but I can usually get the basics of what you're thinking. I must admit, it is a rather…interesting development."

"The time for talking is over; we must be on our way." Esther said she, Qetsiyah, Sheila, and Silas were all enveloped in a bright light and when it faded, they were gone.

Mystic Falls

September 14, 2010

9:21 P.M.

A bright light flashed and the trio of witches and the immortal being appeared in Mystic Falls. Silas started looking around, taking in the modern day surroundings of the town.

"Hm, strange place. What odd shaped buildings." Silas mused out loud.

"Much has changed while you've been away, Silas." Qetsiyah told him.

"We warn you, in order to prevent dessication, you must feed soon." Sheila warned.

"We will leave you now, but you will do your duty." Esther told him as she and the other witches disappeared.

Silas looked at the place where the witches/ghosts had vanished for a long moment before turning to look at small group of teenagers. Well, if he was going to do this, he might as feed before he got started.

Gilbert household

10:05 P.M.

Alaric Saltzman sat on the couch, drinking a glass of Bourbon. It had been a crazy few days. First, something had defiantly happened between Damon and Elena. What, he wasn't sure. Then Stefan had tried to drive Elena off Wickery Bridge, the same bridge that her parents drove off and died, to get at Klaus. Now, Elena and Bonnie were on a road trip to find Bonnie's estranged mother who or may not be able to help them open the mystery coffin that Stefan stole from Klaus.

All in all, it had been a typical week in Mystic Falls. Alaric was brought out of his musings by a loud, violent knocking at the front door. Alaric sighed and put his glass on the table.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming. Calm down." Alaric grumbled as walked over to the door.

As he got opened the door, whoever was on the other side sprung at him with their fangs bared.

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