It was late in the evening. The Dursley's went to get Dudley to the hospital after the dementors incident. Harry was in his bedroom with the door locked. He rolled from side to side in his sleep. He has been having a strange dream that has been repeating itself for the past few weeks. The black headed teen still couldn't believe what happened in his fourth year. How Voldermort came back to life and the Minister is calling him a liar and attention seeking brat. He rolled onto his left side, and slowly started to fall asleep after a long day. Once again, the same dream from before appeared.

Harry looked at his surroundings. He has been walking in the big forest for a while now. The emerald eyed boy didn't know where he was. The trees that are surrounding him were blocking his view of everything that might be outside the area. The full moon that was high in the sky looked down at him, as if watching the young wizard's every move. Harry has jumped over a few tree roots that were sticking out of the ground a few times here and there.

It's very strange, in his opinion.

The entire forest was completely quiet. The only thing that he could hear was his own footsteps, which sounded like bullets every step that he took. Every time Harry exhales, he could see his own breath as if he was smoking. It was cool. But for some odd reason the young wizard didn't seem to mind the cool air. This was even stranger, because all he was wearing was baggy pants and shirt that were too big on him. The garments used to be Dudley's clothes but he outgrew them, so now they were his. Even if he did want warmth, his legs had a mind of their own. They wouldn't listen to him. When he commanded them to stop, they just kept on moving as if he didn't say anything.

The more Harry walked, the colder it has gotten. Now, instead of seeing a warm welcoming forest that was covered with leaves and full of life turned into white trees that he would usually sees during winter. Now that Harry thinks about it, he started to notice snow falling from the sky. There were no clouds in sight, but it seems as if there were but invisible instead because the snowflakes seems to appear out of thin air.

All of a sudden Harry stopped where he was standing. In front of him was the most beautiful thing that he has ever seen. The lake looked so calm with the moon light hitting the calm surface giving it light. The surface of the water wasn't frozen unlike everything else surrounding it. With the snow falling around the lake, it made the mood seem nice and comfortable. Harry could stay here forever if he wanted to. It usually stopped here, but surprisingly the dream was continuing.

The next thing that the young wizard knew, something shrieked so loud that it echoed throughout the forest. Harry ducked out of instincts, expecting something to hit him. Instead, what he saw surprised him. A bat was flying around the area he was in. He couldn't help but think that it's such a beautiful creature. The small black bat, as dark as the night, flew towards him. Its face stopped a few centimeters away from Harry's. What surprised the black headed teen was not how close the bat was to his face, but the eyes that the bat has. Emerald eyes that is identical to his own pair.

Harry was completely confused. The bat opened its mouth. Harry expected to hear the shriek from before, but the action that the bat has done surprised him even more. The bat talked!

"You have finally awakened young Harry, welcome to my world."

Harry's eyes flew open. He gasped loudly as if he was trying to breathe but something was blocking his air supply. He sat up slowly, not realizing that he was sweating dramatically. He heard movement beside him. Due to the dream, Harry jumped a few inches into the air with fright. But when he looked with his emerald frightened eyes at what was moving, the young 15 years old boy realized that it was nothing but his owl friend Hedwig. She was woken up in shock by her young master. Harry pushed the blanket off of himself. He swung his legs to the side of the bed and put on his house shoes. He got off of the bed, pushed his finger inside the cage to stroke the young owl. Hedwig's action surprised him, she bite his finger hard enough to draw blood. Harry quickly pulled his finger back, he asked her with shock:

"What's wrong with you Hedwig? You never acted this way before."

The bird was too busy trying to stay away from her master. The wizard stared at her with shock at her bizarre behaviour. Harry stopped staring at her and looked down at his finger. Once more, he was surprised that he could smell his blood. His emerald eyes turned bloody red without him realizing it. He brought the finger close to his face, and licked the blood away slowly. His blood had a strange taste that he couldn't explain in his own words. For some odd reason, after licking the blood, he felt like he wanted even more blood. Harry shook his head sharply, not understanding the strange behaviour that's occurring to him. He couldn't fathom as to what was going on. It was all a mystery to him.

Harry decided to wash his face to calm himself down, so he quietly went to the washroom and turned the water on. When he looked at the mirror, his face went pale. He completely forgot about the water at that point. He touched the mirror, as if hopping for it to show his emerald eyes instead of bloody red pair. He whispered to himself:

"What's happening to me?"

All of a sudden Harry remembered that just turning on the water could wake his family up. Quickly, he turned the water off. After that, he remembered once again that they have left after the incident that happened earlier. I'm going insane! Harry thought to himself and ran his hands through his black uncombed hair furiously. He didn't understand what was happening.

First the strange feelings that he had a few weeks ago, which he brushed away as just being his imagination. After that, the strange dream that was repeating itself over the past few weeks and finally continues only to have a bat talking to him. How he couldn't even go near certain parts of the house for some odd reasons. Now, his eyes are bloody red! This was all too strange.

Ok, calm down Harry, there's got to be an explanation. First let's look at the facts of what has happened, Harry thought to himself finally calming down. He started to think about the signs that were showing themselves to him. Wait… bloody red eyes? A bat flew out of nowhere, had my eye colour and started talking to me? Tasting my blood and wanting even more of it... oh no… this can't be happening… I can't be a vampire! Harry shouted mentally to himself.

Harry grabbed big pieces of his hair with his fists. He couldn't believe this, he just couldn't. How can he be a vampire? He doesn't remember being bitten by one or having a relative that was one. Wait... his only relative is his aunt! Harry opened his mouth and he gently put his fingers inside of it hoping to feel his human teeth. What he found didn't surprise him, not anymore, after the past few weeks and what has happened just now. Pointy teeth, which belong to only one race in the entire world of both magical and non-magical races… vampires.

Harry walked back to his bedroom, and looked at his owl who seemed scared of him still. He kneeled down in front of Hedwig then said to her softly:

"I'm not going to hurt you Hedwig, I promise you. Please don't be scared of me."

Harry had his finger inside the cage again, but this time not reaching out to Hedwig, but just keeping it still in the spot which was far away enough from Hedwig. He tried to show her that he wasn't going to harm her but instead he was the same person she knew for the past few years. The white owl heisted for a few minutes. Slowly, she got closer to him and finally rubbed her wing against his finger, as if apologizing for the action from earlier. Harry's now normal emerald eyes soften at the action from his dear friend. He smiled softly at the owl and whispered to her:

"Thank you."

Hedwig hooted softly in response.

The next thing the two of them knew, they heard walking footsteps coming from outside Harry's bedroom. Harry looked straight at the closed door, wondering if his relatives came back early. He was surprised, because he thought that they wanted to stay away from him longer after what happened. Burglars! It was the next thing that came into his mind. Harry quickly got his wand and pointed it at the door. But when the door opened, the boy who just found out he's a vampire, couldn't help but sigh in relief. It was just the Order of the Phoenix. Mad-eye said:

"Put your wand down boy!"

Without a second thought Harry did so. The ex-aurora told the black headed boy to gather his stuff quickly. While Harry did as he was told, the man with one fake eye couldn't help but feel something different about the boy-who-lived, it was as if something inside of him changed dramatically while he was staying here over the summer. But it seems that none of the others could see what he saw, the ex-aurora wasn't sure what it was, but the aura that the boy was giving off was the reason he was being suspicious. Harry asked snapping the man out of his thoughts:

"Are we going to the Burrow?"

"No, we have headquarters somewhere undetected. It took us awhile to find it, but we did in the end."

Remus Lupin said to the young boy, smiling down at him, in response Harry smiled back but not tooth-like smile so that he won't be questioned about why he has pointy teeth. After the introduction of who the rest of the wizards were, the black headed boy started asking questions about what's going on, but was shut up by Mad-eye because he said that it was too risky for some odd reasons. After everything was giving an OK to leave the place finally, everybody went outside. They got onto their brooms and flew off. After nasty turns that was directed by Mad-eye and a few shouts here and there from the other few wizards, they all landed in front of two buildings, numbers eleven and thirteen, Grimmauld Place. Harry could feel something in between the two buildings, it was strange. There was white light in the middle of the two of them. It was as if he was seeing an aura. The next thing that Harry knew, the two buildings split apart leaving behind a dark looking building but unlike the other two it had the number twelve on the front. The aura that he saw from before was surrounding that building now.

All of them walked inside. The next thing Harry knew, Mrs. Weasley was running to them and welcomed them back. He noticed that the mother figure that he has known for the past few years now, was thinner as well as paler than the last time he has seen her. She said happily with a big relief smile on her face:

"Oh, Harry, it's lovely to see you!"

She hugged him tightly, then looked him over and told him that dinner was going to be later and when it will come she's going to feed him properly. When Harry was about to walk into the room where all the adults were, he was stopped by the woman with her saying to him that he's going upstairs where Hermione and Ron were. Usually, Harry would be excited, leaving without a question to see them, but at the moment he felt like wanting to be left alone. He wasn't ready to tell his best friends anything about him being a vampire. But knowing Hermione, she's going to figure it out soon enough. So, for now, he wanted some peace and quiet without people trying to kill him for yet another reason.

Harry walked up the steps quietly. It was very unusual because he should be doing noises by now like any human being. But then he remembered that he was a vampire not human, so it wasn't a surprise that he's walking quietly. When he got to the top, he hoped to go into a room and rest while he can. Unfortunately, it seems that Fate has decided to have some fun by making him miserable.

"Harry! Ron he's here, Harry's here!"

Hermione said when she spotted her best friend, who she dragged into one of the rooms and hugged Harry tightly. Ron, who was in the room with them, stared at his best guy friend happily. The witch pulled away just slightly then she started to ask so many questions, so quickly, that the boy-who-lived had no time whatsoever to answer them. Finally, Ron felt bad for him and got him out of her grip. Once more, before the black headed boy could say anything, the both of them started talking, not giving him any time to respond.

Harry was being calm about the situation, not showing any emotion except a raise of an eyebrow from time to time. But when they told him they didn't respond to his letters, because it was for his own protection. His anger started to build a little, but he still could keep it under control. The thing that made him angrier though, was that they knew that the dementors were after him, but didn't tell him anything. Harry felt like punching the wall hard, but didn't do it. He was too busy trying not to blow up on his friends. Out of the blue Ron asked:

"Hey is it just me or did it get very hot in here?"

The red headed boy was sweating a little, he pulled his collar a little forward as if to try and give air to the skin. Hermione was sweating as well, she didn't seem very happy about it. She waved her hand up and down in front of her face, trying to make it a little colder. She said in a confused manner:

"Yeah, but this is strange. Why did it get so hot all of a sudden?"

Harry, a minute later, realized that it was properly him. So, he decided that if it's his anger that made the room hotter, could it be that if he calms down it does the opposite? He decided to give it a try and slowly calmed down and the room went back to the right temperature. Before either of them could say anything about what has just happened, Mrs. Weasley called everybody downstairs to eat. Harry was the first one out of the door, not because he was hungry, but because he didn't want to stay a second longer with his supposedly best friends. He was afraid that they're going to think that it was because of him and he was still angry at their actions.

Silently, Harry walked into the kitchen and sat down in one of the chairs, waiting to eat. But the funny thing is, even though the amount of food that the Dursley's has given him to eat haven't been enough, he wasn't hungry. The only thing he wanted to do was drink something, but what? A second later the black headed boy realized what it was, and he was horrified and understood why he thought of it. He wanted to drink blood. Somehow he's a vampire, so it makes sense that he wants to drink blood. Harry noticed a plate full of food put in front of him. He said to Mrs. Weasley:

"Thank you, but I'm not hungry."

The witch looked at him surprised, she said to him:

"But you're as skinny as a skeleton! You look like you haven't eaten in weeks! How aren't you hungry?"

Harry smiled at her. He assured her that he was just fine. Harry hoped that she fathomed his decision, but instead she didn't understand anything. The black headed vampire sighed deeply, he decided to force himself to eat even though his body didn't want it and it tasted like dust. But if it makes the questions go away and make it seems that he's alright, he's going to have to do just that.

Dinner was like any other family dinner, everybody were talking or joking around. Meanwhile, Harry sat there in silence, eating slowly but fast enough so that it won't look suspicious. He tried his best not to pay attention to anything, but he couldn't help but listen to everybody due to him hearing them all better than usual. Even his eye sight seems to have gotten better, because everything seems to be a little blurry with the glasses on now. One time, during dinner, he needed to clean the glasses, and when he took them off everything seems to look brighter than before. It was as if he was wearing different pair of glasses but invisible ones instead.

All of a sudden there was green fire in the fire place, the headmaster walked through the flames towards the room. Everybody has fallen into complete silence. They noticed that he had some sort of a letter in his hand. Dumbledore seemed to have lost that spark in his blue eyes that always were there, he looked straight at Harry and walked over to him. The old man handed the letter over and said:

"Harry, this is for you. The Gringotts Wizarding Bankstold me to give it to you. They said that it's from your mother."

Everybody was in complete in shock at what they heard. But the one that was the most shocked was Harry. He stared at the letter for a few minutes, and then took it slowly and gently, as if it was very easy to break. He could smell a familiar scent coming from the letter. Harry realized right away that the words in the front were made out of blood. It was as if his mother has written the letter with her own blood instead of ink.

The black headed boy stood up quietly, he left the quiet dining room and walked over to his bedroom that he shares with Ron. He sat down on top of his bed, rip the letter open, took out the folded piece of old paper, unfolded it and started reading it.

Dear Harry,

If you get this letter, it means that I have been killed by Voldermort. I have requested the Gringotts Wizarding Banks to give this to you when you turn 15, when the spell is going to be broken.

You must be wondering what is happening to you, also what I'm talking about a spell. I haven't been fully honest with your father. I'm not a muggle born, but I'm a vampire, a pureblood at that. My powers were locked away by my mother alongside my sister for various reasons, and the main one is to protect us from a man that's worse than Voldermort. Yes… there's somebody worse out there. That man makes Voldermort look like an ant compare to his powers. While I write you this letter, I could only hope that the man, Rido, is dead. He's one of the reasons why I locked your powers away.

After my powers were locked away, I was adopted by my adopted parents and became Petunia's older adopted sister. She doesn't know anything about me being adopted, so don't be surprised if she doesn't understand what you're talking about if you ask her about it. You must be wondering to yourself, if I'm a vampire how could I have been accepted to a magical school and is looked upon as a witch? When my powers were locked away, it seems that some of my hidden powers awakened. That's how I was confused as a witch in the first place. I'm a vampire in the flesh, but it seems that the wizards are too stupid to realize it. Yes, even your father hasn't figured it out, and he's very good in Defence Against the Dark Arts. I don't know how he missed the obvious signs, and everybody else, but I'm happy that I wasn't found out.

Anyways, I'm getting off tracks. My powers were unlocked in the end, and that was right before I found out that I was pregnant with you. My powers passed down to you Harry, you were supposed to be a half blood because of your father, but something unknown happened and you became a pureblood like me. When your father has left the hospital during the first week after your birth, I was alone in a room with you. I decided to keep you safe from Rido if he ever comes after you, and so locked your powers away until you turn 15. I could have done it for all your life, but I wanted to spend my time with you my dear son, so I decided until you would know about this at an appropriate age.

I have a will that I have written, that said if anything has happened to James and me that you're going to live with my best friend, who's like a brother to me. His name is Zero Kiryu. I'm not going to send you to Kaname and Yuki, who are my real siblings. Yes they are your uncle and aunt. They know of your existence, but because I chose my best friend over them, you're going to live with him instead. Zero is a vampire hunter, but he won't hurt you but instead keep you under control. Also he isn't a normal vampire hunter, but a vampire himself after he has been bitten by a pureblood. I'm not going to tell you the rest of his story. You're going to have to ask him to tell you himself. But don't be surprised if he won't answer, it wasn't the... best time period in his life to be honest.

Harry, nobody knows this but Zero and my siblings themselves, but he's your other godfather. I have asked him over the phone right before you were born when your father was away, and he said yes. So, if something has happened to us and you weren't send to him, then go to the Gringotts Wizarding Banks, tell them that I have left a will and you're be sent to my best friend right away.

Also, you don't remember anything, but one day when I went to visit my family, I met up with Zero. When he saw you for the first time in his life, you were only a few months old. While we were staying there for a week, you loved to play with him and you even called him 'papa' the entire time. You have no idea how much my friend cares about you sweetheart. I could see the way that he stares at you Harry, you're like the son that he never had. Heck, I didn't even care about the fact that you called Zero your father, but when it came to James you didn't even call him that once. So, you don't have to worry about him finding out about you, both being a vampire and a wizard, he accepted you the moment that you two have met.

If you by any chance get stuck in Hogwarts, I told Dumbledore who to send while you're studding there during the age 15 before I died. Also, the headmaster and everybody else, knows nothing about us being vampires. So, you don't have to worry about it but you do have to keep low profile. If they do find out about you leave! Run out of there as fast as you can! I don't want you to stay there any longer than necessary.

Please Harry, don't ever tell anybody in the Wizarding World about you being a vampire. I have seen so many things that they do to our race that I wish I could unseen. I can still remember it as if it has happen yesterday. How when they got their hands on some of our people, they torture them and called them filthy and killed the vampires off slowly. Please Harry! I'm begging you be careful! I don't want you to die by their hands even with the idiotic prophecy of theirs! I'm pretty sure you're wondering to yourself, what prophecy I'm talking about. Knowing Dumbledore, he's keeping the prophecy away from you. I hope that you know of it before reading this letter, but if you didn't I'm going to include it to this letter.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

I wish you well Harry. I wish that I could be there with you, raise you to be a fine young gentleman and watch you grow up. I only hope that life gives you a break and you can somehow find peace with this prophecy taking place.

I love you my son,

Lily Potter - Evans - Kuran.

Harry emerald eyes widened in shock after reading the letter, he just sat there on his bed quietly, trying to let his brain wrap around what was written in the letter. There were a few things that he was so happy about. One, he finally got proof that he's a vampire. Two, he can leave the Dursley's finally. Three, he has more family members out there. And did he mention that he's leaving the Dursley's?

But a few thoughts went through his mind that made him either sigh in relief or become very angry. The things that made him sigh in relief, was that he hasn't told anybody about him changing yet. Then there was something else that went through his mind, how stupid was his father? Harry is 15 years old boy aka a wizard aka a vampire, has recognized the signs the same hour that they started showing themselves. But his father hasn't realized it for the past two whole years before they got killed? And what was worst was that he didn't recognize the signs on his own wife? Harry had to shake his head when he realized that.

The thing that made him furious was that Dumbledore kept away from him a prophecy that has to do with him and Voldermort. No wonder the dark wizard attacked him while he was a toddler! No wonder he tries to kill him over and over again during his first year! The only thing that Harry wonders about is how the man knew about the prophecy, and if he didn't know of it then he's oblivious to the situation as he himself. Also, if Voldermort doesn't know about the prophecy, Harry hopes that he is kept in the dark.

Harry lay down on his bed, with the note against his chest. The smell of the dry blood of his mother's on the letter, made him forget about his anger and concentrate on it. The blood smell was very nice, comforting and sweet. It was the only thing he has from his mother that's left, alongside her love that she gave him while protecting the teen from Voldermort as a toddler. Now Harry could keep the letter with him forever, as another reminder of her.

"Harry come downstairs please, there's somebody here to meet you."

Mr. Weasley called from downstairs. Harry could hear that his voice was a bit off for some odd reason.

Was he scared from the sound of his tone?


Was he nervous from the sound of his tone?


The young teen sighed deeply. He folded the letter gently back together, put it inside the envelope then put it into his pocket. He walked down the steps quietly, when he reached the bottom everybody except one person jumped a few inches into the air in shock. The twins asked at the same time:

"Do you know how to teleport?"

"No, it's something called walking."

Harry replied while rolling his eyes at the two of them. When he looked up, his emerald eyes met with lavender familiar eyes. He was taken back a little at the look of the adult. He looked a little older than him. Maybe 23 years old at the most, Harry wasn't sure. The only thing that made the man look like an adult was the wisdom in his eyes. They looked as if they have seen so many things that the people in the room haven't seen and ever will see. The mysterious man was tall, lean-build person with silver hair. The guy had three earrings, two on his right bottom ear, while the third one was on his left top ear. He wore casual clothes. His button up black and white shirt had a convertible style collar. His black pants were classic length, with a silver belt to hold the pants in place. On top of his shirt was a black Norfolk jacket style. The man had his hands inside his pockets, he said with a deep voice:

"You must be Harry, I don't think you remember me but we met when you were just a few months old."

His eyes that seemed to be so hard soften at a flashback that he seems to be having. His hand reached out for the young vampire to shake, and shaking his hand the black headed boy did. Harry smiled apologetically then said to him:

"I'm sorry about forgetting you. My mother wrote in the letter that we got along really well."

"Don't worry about it. You were too young to remember."

Zero replied while ruffling the teen's already messy black hair. This action made Harry smile. Meanwhile, everybody in the room was confused about what was going on. Dumbledore cleared his voice, he had a scroll in his hand and he said:

"I was told this was Lily's will, but I seem to be unable to open it. She put some kind of a charm on it."

The silver headed vampire took the scroll away from the headmaster and looked at the seal. After studding it only for a moment he rolled his eyes, broke the seal off then simply opened the scroll. Zero explained to a confused headmaster:

"Only certain people can open it, that's why you weren't able to get the seal off. Got it?"

Dumbledore for a moment stood there stunned, but he nodded nonetheless. After a few minutes of talking about what's on the will and what action will be taken, in the end the headmaster had no choice but to give Harry over to the mysterious man. Sirius said completely in an outrage:

"Wait a minute! Why is Harry going with this man? We don't even know anything about him!"

"I'm his godfather you wizard, use your brain for once, we were just talking about it and you were standing there a few feet away from the both of us. So, you shouldn't even be asking such a question if you simply listened."

Zero said simply with a sigh in the end. He was starting to get a headache from all of these wizards, and he was there for not even an hour. The last of the Black heir eyes widen in shock, he shouted:

"This is an outrage! I'm his godfather!"

"It says very clearly in this will I'm his godfather too, and I was made one by Lily."

The silver headed man replied with no emotion shown in neither his face nor his body language, but Harry wasn't a fool unlike everybody else in the room. He could see the amusement look behind the guy's lavender eyes, meaning that he was enjoying humiliating the man in front of him. The young vampire could hear Remus asking Dumbledore calmly:

"Is there another reason why a muggle is here Albus?"

"Ah yes! I almost forgot, thank you for reminding me Remus. Mr. Kiryu is going to be one of the two teachers, that is going to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts."

So that's the person my mother was talking about, whose going to go to the school when my vampire side is going to be awaken. Harry thought to himself while nodding a little in fathom. It wasn't that hard to understand what's going on now after figuring a few things out. Zero explained to the wizards, that even though he's not a wizard it didn't mean that he didn't have any powers. But when they asked what type of powers he was talking about, the man completely ignored everybody from that point. Zero was standing beside his godson and put his hand on the young vampire's left shoulder. Harry looked up at the man, who said to him:

"We need to talk in privet."

The black headed teen nodded in understanding. While everybody was distracted, the two of them quietly walked up the staircase and to an unused room. Harry put on a few spells to make sure that nobody could hear them, interrupt them or open the door, and thanks to his vampire side the spells were stronger now. Zero was sitting on a chair next to a wooden table. Harry sat down right across from him. The silver headed man said:

"First let's get rid of these glasses of yours, I know that you don't need them. It's pointless of using them when we're alone and you don't have to put on an act."

He took the glasses off of the teen then put it on the table. He knew that the black headed boy is going to need it soon after they're going to leave the room, so to not raise any suspicion. His lavender eyes looked at the teen's emerald eyes. He asked him:

"Harry, are you doing alright with your powers? Do you need to crave for blood yet?"

For a few moments the young man was thinking about how to answer the question. Finally, Harry answered while rubbing his hand where Hedwig made a scratch earlier:

"When my owl Hedwig wound my finger, there was little blood coming out. That's when my vampire side started to show itself. I licked the blood away, and all of a sudden I wanted more of it. I got control of myself of course, but I'm really thirsty and water hasn't helped me at all. I know that I need blood, but I hoped that the water would at least help on some kind of level."

Zero snorted a little, his elbow was resting against the table while his cheek was resting lightly against his fist. He stated to the boy:

"We can fix that, so there's nothing to worry about. What about your powers?"

Harry shrugged slightly. He leaned forward a little resting his elbows on his legs then said while looking down at his hands:

"I started to get furious at my so called best friends." A deep frown appeared on his lips, "All summer long I asked questions about Voldermort, wanting to know what was going on. Or at least to know what's going on with them. But they kept it to themselves saying it was because the headmaster told them to do so. What pissed me off is that they knew the dementors were chasing after me, but didn't give me any warnings. Now I have to go to the Minister to have a hearing and have all the charges fall, all because I was protecting myself and my useless cousin. Now, I'm angrier because Dumbledore kept a prophecy from me that have to do with me and Voldemort."

By now Harry was shouting, he ran his hands through his black messy hair like before but more violently. He was starting to get sick of all of this, it was impossible to get anything done when nobody was giving him any information. How was he supposed to fight the Dark Lord, if he doesn't know anything? The war is centered on him and Voldermort, and yet the older man knows about the whole thing more than he does and that's because nobody was keeping information away from him! A minute later Harry felt a hand on his shoulder, then the voice of the man whispering to him in a calming manner:

"Calm down Harry, or you're going to overheat the room."

Harry didn't feel the heat, but he did so anyways without a question. He thought of good and fun times that he had, at least during the time that he didn't have to worry about the damn wizard going after him. He slowly started to calm down by inhaling and exhaling slowly. He repeated the whole progress until Zero told him:

"You can stop now."

The black headed boy looked up. He noticed that the room seemed a little darker than before. Once more the older vampire said:

"I can see what she meant. When Lily said that she was hoping that you wouldn't get her short temper, she really meant it. You have to be more careful from now on, and remember this until the day that you die. Control that temper of yours, because one day it will get you in trouble if you don't."

Harry sighed deeply, he nodded in understanding. A second later he saw his godfather putting his hand inside of his pocket, then taking out a small box that had some kind of a flower on it with a moon in the middle and handed it to him. Zero explained to the confused teen very seriously:

"This is a box of tablets that you put in water. It's going to turn into something that is going to fool your body into thinking that it is real blood. It has been improved dramatically over the past years, and now it actually tastes like blood, when in reality it isn't. I don't know if your body will accept or reject it, but if it does either then come to me and let me know alright? I need to know about what to do about the situation."

Harry thought over about what his godfather has told him. He grinned slightly towards his godfather but in a thankful way and took the tablets with pleasure. He felt the man ruffling his hair softly, he said at the same time:

"Now that you're a vampire, you're going to need to go to bed like any other ones. It's only morning and I can see you're tired."

"Alright, I'll go to bed. Thank you for everything... dad."

Harry said with a bright smile on his face at the last word. It felt right to call the man in front of him his father, when he grew up with no father figure in his short life. He remembers the letter and what his mother has told him, of how he always called the man in front of him papa, so why not now? The man in front of him smiled at him, as a father would smile at his own son. They could have a relationship like that right? There was nothing wrong about it in their minds. It was very strange. Harry met the man only for an hour and already is closer to him than he is with Sirius. He wasn't sure if it's the attitude or his situation that makes the connection there. Either way, he didn't really mind it and accepted their connection. Harry said goodnight, grabbed his glasses and left to go to the bedroom. He lay down onto his bed and the second his head hit the pillow he fell into a deep slumber. For once, he didn't have the dream that he has been having for awhile. Instead, he had a peaceful dream.

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