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It's strange. Harry thought with amusements, it felt just like yesterday when I first came here after I learned that I was a wizard. Now, I'm leaving it behind. The young vampire sat down outside near the lake once more, which probably would be for the last time. He didn't pay attention to his surroundings, but mostly thought. The last few weeks felt like heaven and hell at the same time. It was hell for the same reasons as always, but he had to add the fact that his ex-best friends tried their best to throw themselves at him in the most inappropriate times. One example would be, when he spoke with his father about the new essay that they had to do, the two literally surrounded him to get his attention and tried to drag him out of class. To say that his father was annoyed and pissed was an underestimate, he was downright angry. His ex-friends ended up leaving his classroom with 2 months of detention with Snape.

Harry thought about their actions of the latest few weeks. It seemed that they can't get over the fact that they're not as close as they used to be. Although, Harry wouldn't be much surprised if they were friends with him only for fame and money. Well, he didn't care anymore. He had people that truly cared for him back home unlike the ones in England.

On the bright side, people started to get the fact that they weren't affecting him as before. So, they stopped taunting him. Hell, even Malfoy got that through his thick head. The teachers left him alone since last week, probably because they had the holiday in mind instead of getting new ideas of how to torment him. Well, if he had anything to say about it today was the last day he would have with them and he would never be in their presence again. Now that he thought about it, dreams really do come true!

All right... maybe he was going a little overboard, but who could blame him?

The young vampire grabbed a handful of snow in his left hand. He clenched his hand into a tight fist, forcing the snow to merge into a messed up ball with finger marks left in it. He stared at it for a moment before a soft, but yet, sad smile appeared. He got up then let the snowball slide out of his hand and hit the ground with an unnoticeable thud. He was going to miss the magical Hogwarts dearly. Even though he had bad memories inside of it, he had enjoyed his time solving little mysteries about the building itself during his free time.

"I'll come visit you one day."

Harry breathed out the promise towards the ancient building. Maybe he would return in a century or two, when all the people that gave him painful memories of the place were all gone. He could bring Scarlet along to show her the school that he thought of as a home before he found his new family. Harry turned around then headed inside to get his things. As, he walked down the hallways towards the Gryffindor tower, he took one last look at the inside of the school. All the paintings moved around with happiness, all of them chatted happily about the holidays just like everyone else. The ghosts were seen everywhere, as they gave their best wishes to the students and professors that left for the holidays before they went on their ways.

Harry quickly snapped out of it and got into the Gryffindor tower, quickly gathered his things then left towards the train station like everyone else. There, he met up with his father. The student body paid no mind to him as they boarded the train. The duo got onto the train quietly and quickly found an empty compartment. After they settled down, and made sure that no one could interrupt them, the father and son quietly talked with each other about what they would do after they would get off of the train. Zero told his godson:

"First thing we have to do is transfer your money into the Japanese Branch. For all we know, after you leave the Minister will try to get their hands on the money."

"Yeah, it does make sense." Harry replied as he looked thoughtfully into the thin air. "Do you think that the goblins will help us after finding out that we're... you know..."

Zero nodded lightly.

"We're not wizards, so they have nothing against us."

"But we are vampires."

His godson pointed out almost uncomfortably. Don't get him wrong. He was fine with being a vampire, but it meant nothing when it came to the point of views of other people and beings. A great example was werewolves. He was pretty damn sure that if Remus had found out about what he was, the man would had either tried to harmed, killed or ignored him or probably all the above. The young vampire was pretty sure that Sirius would have been the same. After all, who would want a vampire for a godson when they themselves weren't one to begin with? That thought brought no sadness to the teenager. The bond that they had shared at some point was long destroyed, or whatever there was to begin with -which probably wasn't that much-.

"Harry," Harry was snapped out of his thoughts as his father called out to him. He looked away from the window and stared at the silver headed man. Zero continued to speak after he got the other's attention, "we need to figure out what to do about the wizards. There's a high chance that they'll come after you, when they realize that you never showed up for school."

"What do you suggest?"

"Faking your death"

Those three words felt like they held a lot of weight, and they did. The only problem was that even though wizards were dumb, they knew the different between a real corpse and a fake one.

"I have a better idea," Harry started, "how about just telling them that I'm a squib?" At that Zero raised an eyebrow. The young vampire explained quickly but uncomfortably, "To tell you the truth, I barely have any magic left. I can't even do a locking charm, which is a first year material. The Wizarding Community doesn't like squibs. They shun them. Heck, even Voldermort won't look at me twice when he realizes that I'm of no threat to him."

Zero stared at his son for quite a while. He knew that the boy would have started to lose his magic at some point, since vampires didn't have one to begin with but other powers. Although, he was surprised that it was almost gone. It had only a few months too, when he thought about it. He finally responded, breaking the silence:

"You do realize how the wizards will react, don't you?"

Harry inhaled deeply then exhaled slowly. He gave a small nod. Oh, he knew all right how the wizards would react. After all, he was their 'Savior' a.k.a 'The One to Get Rid of All Their Problems'. So, after they realized that their sacrifice sheep was gone, they would pretty much run around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

"But they'll have to accept it, no matter if they like it or not."

It was the last comment given before the whole cart when into silence for the rest of the ride.


Harry sat down in the plane with both relief and disbelief. A few hours ago he had talked with the manager of his family vaults, Griphook, who told him that he was considered an adult in the eyes of the Wizarding World since fourth year. In other words, it meant that he had full access to the main vaults and had the right to wear the family ring. The said ring rested comfortably on his right index finger. He played with it for a bit, as he continued to be lost in his thoughts.

He had nothing to worry about, when he thought about it. The goblins cared little of him being a vampire, and even were delighted to help. Especially, after they realized that they were about to make a fool out of every wizard and witch in Britain. They also made sure to transfer all the money and objects in the many vaults straight away to Japan before they announced that he was a squib. He was really thankful for that, because usually they weren't that generous.

Harry thought carefully about how long it takes them to do such a thing. From what they told him, by the time that he reached Japan the vaults would be empty and the wizards would be informed of his condition. So, that meant in 9 hours he would touch the soil of Japan and be free of his past and responsibilities that was forced upon him. Yes, he really liked the thought of that.

Harry closed his eyes and for the rest of the ride simply relaxed, for the first time since he was left on the Dursley's doorstep.


230 years had gone by. Harry had a pretty eventful life since the day that he left the Wizarding World. Just as it was predicted, the Wizarding World was in uproar when they discovered of his condition, being a squib, and pretty much ran around like chickens with their heads chopped off, which amused the vampire to no end. Voldermort had left him alone, since, just as Harry pointed out, he saw no threat in him and went on with his plans to take over the Ministry. In the end, the Light side had won, but it took them 5 years to accomplish such a task.

Well, it didn't matter. It was none of his business.

After Harry arrived home, he was tackled in a hug by his fiancée -whom was his wife nowadays- and was given a serious talk by his uncle. Turned out that what Harry and Scarlet had done was far more serious than what his father had made it out to be. When two vampires had marked each other, they had to stay at each other's sides for a long time, which turned out to be a century, before they could be apart for more than a week without once contacting each other. They also had to drink each other's blood for awhile, which was 6 months, so that they had marked their mate completely. There were more things, but it didn't matter. All that mattered to him was that Scarlet and him were together then and were together now, happier than ever.

Harry had taken his wife to Hogwarts a few years ago. She had absolutely loved it. Fortunately, nobody was there to bother them. So, they had a good time.

The two had a child together 10 years ago, whom they named Takeshi. Takeshi, ironically, looked just like his father but had his mother's eyes. Harry then really questioned if the Potter genes were simply dominant or something else took place, but it didn't matter to him.

All in all, Harry had a good life then and was going to have a better life in the future. He just knew it.