Celestia's knuckle-headed protege

Author's note:So a redone version of my story Narupony, I've got better idea's for this now, such as an actual relationship between Celestia and Naruto things I can allude to thanks to certain characters and finally having Luna be seen a whole hell of a lot more.

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Chapter One:I'm a horse!

Valley of the End

Two bitter rivals stared each other down as they prepared their last attacks against each other. "Naruto, this attack will finish our battle, and after I'm finished with you, I'll go to Orochimaru and get the power I deserve." The Uchiha stood on his patron's head charging his Chidori aiming to settle the rivalry with his best friend.

"Why Sasuke, I don't get it, aren't we friends?" The blonde's eyes pleaded for any sign of remorse in the Uchiha's eyes, for leaving the village, but all he saw were eyes full of hatred. So the young blonde began charging his Rasengan.

"Ready Naruto?" They both charged at each other one intent on severing the bond of their friendship, while the other intent on saving those bonds. The attacks clashed, and the forest became silent as the yells of pain erupted from both combatants.

"Of course, you wouldn't make it easy for me didn't you." The Uchiha expecting some sort of reply from his best friend, but nothing was the only answer he got. "Answer me dobe." The wayward avenger turned towards his longtime rival, his body slumped on Madara's hand lying motionless. Realization dawning on Sasuke as he had just slain his former comrade and best friend Naruto Uzumaki.

"Dammit it wasn't supposed to end like this! You were supposed to continue as I left for greater things." His eyes looked on at the corpse of Naruto Uzumaki, becoming that which he despised the most, Sasuke became the same as his brother Itachi, a murderer that only used others for testing his potential. Sasuke let the rain hit him as his former sensei approached the scene and stared at the scene, Sasuke turned towards his sensei before walking back to Konoha carrying the battered the body of Naruto Uzumaki with him on his shoulder back to Konoha knowing he was most likely going to be punished for the crimes he just recently committed.

The afterlife:Realm Purgatory

A lone figure draped in black sat quietly in the nauseating white area, his chair a multitude of skulls and bones forced into the shape of a chair,. His eyes white and lifeless seemingly blind to the realm he was apart of, his face devoid of any emotion's watching for any events of worth in the world. His icy blue fingers tapped against the skull in agitation as the scene of the elemental nations unfolded before him. This figure was called Death.

Death watched as the battle ended between the two destined rivals finding no humor in the outcome. It couldn't end like this, especially for one without any taint on there soul. Black flames erupted from the vast emptiness of white forming into his trusted scythe, the weapon shook with a haunting lime-green aura, the moans of thousands of souls shaking to be free from confinement, which was never to be those that made contracts with him were sure to spend eternity that way. His fingers slowly wrapped across the weapon and with a sudden twist the soul in question appearing in an instant. "What to do with you my boy, that is the million dollar question."

His lifeless eyes panned off looking at the shimmering worlds before him, each one similar to Naruto's previous life, just with different nuances; battle was all the reaper saw. His eyes pausing on one world, his eyes twitching as he saw the cheer in the worlds dwellers, the laughter and playful nature of this world. The look of joy set the taker of lives on edge, as even such a world filled with elation would have its moments of darkness and this is where death was sure the boy would truly shine. 'Equestria it is then.' His pupil less eye traveling back to the lone soul as it floated precariously off the ground. His hand unlatching from his scythe, the weapon disappearing from existence.

"Uzamaki, hopefully your deeds here, will give you the legacy you were destined to have. There will be no second chances here but I'm sure you are already aware of that." His tone a sharp wisp as the orb of light floated in front of him unknowing of what was happening around it, the soul shifting between red and blue constantly as it seemed unsure of what color it wanted.

'Interesting Kurama's making a desperate attempt at taking over his soul.' The omnipotent being watched on in interest as the red light lasting longer before its shift to blue, the intervals becoming less often. Death couldn't fathom the battle taking place as the fight for the soul grew to a close, the red light all but a distant memory as the soul shined a bright blue. 'He bested the fox in willpower, something I didn't actually foresee.' His pupil-less eyes watched as the soul slowly floated in front of him as if waiting for Death to make the next move.

"Interesting, Naruto Uzumaki, genin of the elemental nations, container of Kurama and purest soul to leave your world, I bequeath to you a second chance at life. This honor is granted only to a few in any world so don't squander it." The speech, a small contract between him and the deities of the other realms of the afterlife, all knowing that none could alter this kids path now that the words had been said. Death's hand slowly lifted, the soul with it his index finger slowly shot forward sending the blonde's soul towards equestria, not caring for what problems the wayward blonde would soon cause.

3 years before the return of Nightmare moon canterlot castle/Princess Celestia's personal room

A white alicorn walked through the empty hallways, her magenta eyes scanning for any sort of pony to hinder her journey to her home away from home. Princess Celestia was her name, ruler of the land of Equestria for almost a thousand years. She brought forth the sun and moon on a daily basis, ruled Canterlot with a stern but kind hoof and still found time to train exceptional ponies as apprentices. The thought of her current apprentices brought a shudder of through her body.

Today had started off as an awful day for her, first her two apprentices had finally met each other and after both introductions things slowly spiraled out of control thanks to neither agreeing to the proper use or study of magic. Which erupted into the two of them bickering half the day, and the rest of the time dealing with a crying Twilight Sparkle being consoled by her assistant, a wonderful thing to end her day off with. Sunset was getting far to aggressive as of late, and Celestia honestly feared what the mare would do without her friend/assistant bringing her away from whatever the topic at hand was. Sunset, wasn't the only one Celestia, was concerned about either; as her; Twilight's short-comings were apparent as well, the lavender mare now a social recluse only having contact with the bare minimum of ponies residing near the castle.

"I'll have to think of something to deal with those two soon or I fear I will have another incident on my hooves, but for now I'll enjoy a up of tea and a slice of cake." The alicorn's horn lit up as the door to her majestic room opened, any thought of having a quiet evening left her mind, as a strangers sat in her room.

A set of gold plated shoes covering her hooves let off a large clack, gaining the attention of her estranged guest. Celestia looked on at her guest, a stallion unicorn she hadn't seen before. His mane was a scraggly, spikey blonde looking thing, a quite contrast to the controlled ponytail look of his tail. The stallion's coat was a rustic orange, her eyes slowly drifting on his flank, his cutie mark a red spiral similar to what amateur hypnotists used on foals to extract little tid-bits of information. Any caution she held from looking at such a defining cutie mark, left Celestia, when she stared into the stranger's eyes, the alicorn saw nothing but warmth, and confusion in the unicorn's eyes.

"Are you alright little pony?" Her voice one of a soothing tone as she steppe back the unicorn shaking its head slowly. "Tell me what's wrong and maybe I can help."

Naruto stared at the talking horse, it was definitely weird, but he had seen weirder. This was only a small matter, as the blonde tried to remember the exact details of his battle with Sasuke, the last memory was of the two attacks used against each other, and then it got fuzzy. He needed answers and this talking horse was probably the only thing Naruto was going to see for a while, before he headed back to Konoha. "Where am I?"

"You're in the land of Equestria, but if you want a more detailed version you're Canterlot. More specifically in Canterlot Castle, and finally in my private chambers, I hope this helps." A smile formed on the ruler's lips, her little joke flying over the unicorn's head.

"Where in the Elemental nations is that?" Naruto blinked, still oblivious the situation he was in.

"I've never heard of the Elemental Nations, Unicorn?"

Naruto voice struggled as the regal looking talking horse seemed like she meant, what she said about not ever hearing of the elemental nations. 'unicorn like those horse with horns on their heads that girls back in Konoha played with?' The blonde raised what he thought was his hand, combing through his mane as he thought long on where he could possibly be. His 'hand' scratching rougher then usual, the scratching slowly came to a halt, his 'hand' slowly moved to the front of his face,. An orange stump in the shape of a hoof now lied in front of the blonde's eyes.

Screaming in terror was the only rational thing that came to Naruto's mind, as his body readily agreed with this action, high pitched squeals of terror erupting from him. He cared little for the other occupant as his voice raised even higher, with the realization that his other hand was now a hoof.

Three minute, that was how long the strange blonde's incandescent screaming lasted before he looked around, most likely preparing himself for another bout of screaming. This wouldn't deter the ruler of Equestria, it was her job to help ponies in need and this stallion needed her assistance. " Are you finished?" The blonde nodded hesitantly, Celestia's attempt to cheer the blonde up ended abruptly as his face furrowed towards her.

"What did you do to me?" His throat a little raspy as the blonde looked at the now accused mare.

"I have no idea what you're talking about stallion, I found you here sitting in my room, that I can assure you that no pony can access with out my expressed permission."

Naruto relented mentally at the tone of the horse's voice, no ounce of deceit or hesitance as she talked to him, only conviction like so many people he'd met before. "Do you know of anything that could of done this then?"

"Done what exactly?" The only thing she had done was point out where he was, and that was a trifling matter.

"This,(Naruto shaking his hooves at her) my hands are gone and they've been replaced by these hoof things." The blonde''s nose scrunched as he'd accepted that he was a horse, for now. He knew, that she knew some horse, pony or whatever that brought him here to this place.

"I don't know what you're referring to stallion, but I can assure you having these(Celestia waves her right front hoof around wildly) is perfectly normal here. As for your hands I don't know what happened to them." The ruler of Equestria contemplated on what this obviously delusional stallion, though she had to get the stallion to believe this truth before she had to raise the sun. "I, also can say that there is nothing in this world that is stronger then me in these past 1,000 years."

Realization dawned on Naruto, He was positive what she said was the truth, the white horse had no reason to lie to him, and that meant something happened to him in Konoha, more specifically during his battle with Sasuke. 'Gahhh, what happened, all I remember is both of us charging at each...and that's it.'Then it clicked, the battle between the two the ending clear in the blonde's mind, Sasuke's chidori plunging through his chest the flicker of life he had and then nothing. 'I-I-I died, Sasuke, he-he killed me.'

Celestia watched as tears traveled down the unicorn's cheeks, knowing that the fact he was always a pony. "Calm down young one, I'm sure everything is going to be fine." Her voice doing its best to calm and soothe the orange stallion. "My Name is Celestia, I am the ruler of Equestria. Can you tell me your name?" The gentle ruler hoped to break ground and perhaps lead this down a proper and respectable path, after explaining how he got in her room of course.

Naruto snapped out of his stupor, his eyes locking eyes with Celestia, seconds passing between the two, Naruto finally finding the right words to say. "Princess Celestia right, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and its not going to get any better with me staying here so I'll be on my way." The blonde shuffled awkwardly towards the door, each step he made almost sending him crashing towards the ground.

Naruto Uzumaki, that was a rather odd name for a pony, real odd, but Celestia wasn't one to judge, she had met much stranger creatures, one petrified in her garden at this very moment. Her train of thought halting as Naruto leaned again her side, stepping forward to leave the room."I actually have a few questions for you Naruto, maybe you could answer them, like my first one. How did you get in my chambers without anyone noticing, including myself?"

"I don't remember, I just woke up here." His tone flat, not a trace of deceit found as he stood still next to the alicorn.

"My next question then, where are you from?"

"Konoha." His voice never changing as, the sound of soft hoof step echoed Celestia now standing in front of him.

"There's no place called Konoha anywhere in Equestria, or its bordering nations." Celestia's face made no acknowledgement of the blonde's hearty stare, everything exuding from the unicorn exuded confidence, even as she towered over them. "I have another question then, maybe one that can help you and I to understand each other a little better Naruto. Can you tell me what you did in this Kohnohan place?"

The blonde paused as the ruler looked at him with a curious expression, Naruto truly wanted to leave, but the thought of a voice to listen to his problems outweighed any true desire to wallow around. "Its called Konoha, and I was a ninja in my village." He wasn't surprised at the skeptical look she gave him. "My career started during my third graduation exam..."

Four hours later

"...and that's how I helped my sensei and my future boss defeat that bastard Orochimaru." Naruto paused the once skeptical Princess Celestia, now seemed to have been completely enthralled with his storytelling. She still had the look of wanting to ask a few a questions still, and this was the best time to do it for Naruto's sake as the only thing left to tell was the mission to retrieve his former comrade. "Any questions right now, or do I continue?"

Celestia couldn't believe the story she had been told so far, it was like this stallion's life surrounded by chaos that seemingly attracted towards him. A masterful story teller indeed, of she believed they were something the blonde crafted over years of practice. That's what she believed at first, during his battle with Haku though was what made her believe this stallion had lived through these ordeals. The sheer mention of the one boys name was enough to cause the blonde's to pace his story. The only inconsistency she found was the fact that this never happened anywhere. "Your life its been an uphill battle, and for that I commend you, but Naruto these things have never happened in this world. I truly do believe you, and I want to ask what was the last thing you remember so I can finally come to my own conclusion."

"My teammate Sasuke and I fought against each other and well the battle was tough and we put everything into our last attack and I lost." His voice a sobering tone, hsi eyes now downwards finding the floor more favorable then staring at such a happy mare.

Celestia heart cried out for the blonde, knowing full well what the implications of he lost meant, and with the final piece of the puzzle laid out before her, Celestia knew the answer. Someone form that world sent the blonde over to Equestria by magical powers or ninja tricks, to save his life. 'I can't possibly begin to imagine the loneliness he feels right now, and I don't think I can send him back home either, so he's stuck here on a gambit form a friend to spare his life.'

The aged alicorn couldn't send him out into the world, knowing that he wasn't even from this plain of existence to begin with, he'd never survive and on the off chance he did she feared that he would become detached and just a wandering soul.

"Naruto, you said you have no idea to get home correct?"

"Yeah, if you want to be blunt about it, I'm stuck here." Naruto acknowledged the fact that he was stuck here for now, but he hadn't given up on the thought of returning home.

"I was wondering if you would stay here in Canterlot for the time being, as my apprentice." Celestia inwardly smirked, Naruto's face changing a varying degrees from confusion, to excitement and some skepticism.

"Why would you do that, I'm not even form this world."

"The reason's simple actually, I believe you'd wander aimlessly around Equestria searching for a way home." She paused as the blonde looked away, that was all the answer she needed. "I'm offering you a place to stay, teach you about this land and the ways of magic."


"Yes, magic, similar to those techniques you used in your world. Everypony here has magic residing in them, and you are no exception, Naruto."

"What about going home, can you help me there?"

"I'll do my best Naruto, if I know of a way to send you back home I'll tell you about it right away." The alicorn gave the blonde stallion a motherly smile, her hoof outstretched hoping he would take it.

Naruto stood wobbly his hoof clasping on to Celestia's slowly shaking it. "Thanks, then I'll do my best, Princess."

"I'm sure you will, now lets get you used to walking and then I'd like to see if your techniques you used in your world can be used here." Celestia prepared herself for a long and sleepless night, but the prospect of teaching this pony to live amongst her people despite being from another world, motivation was now at an all tiem high, and perhaps with his added company he'd be the one to spark some change in her apprentices.

"I hope, I worked hard to learn each technique."'

"I'm curious as well, but first we need you to walk before we try anything related to magic. Now lets begin, you've some ponies to meet tomorrow."

Author's note: And that's the end of this chapter, number two will be a brief meeting of him and the rest of Celestia's apprentices, before we skip ahead to the return of Nightmare moon. Yes his techniques will appear though they'll change slightly to accommodate the new world. I mean making clones like Naruto has to change somewhat or certain ponies would have figured such a thing out by now, two being Celestia and Luna.

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