Celestia's knuckle-headed protege

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Chapter four: It's a great day too...EAT PIE!

A short time later

Outside of ponyville's city limits a golden carriage flew with two unicorns and a baby dragon(a baby by dragon standards). The oldest of three a lavender mare, enthralled in her recent book of study, finding it more entertaining then her 'Supervisor' and Spike wasn't saying a word so she didn't feel inclined to start a conversation with him. Her eyes read over the fabled Star Swirl prophecy. 'I'm not wrong, and when she shows up. The elements will save Equestria.'

Her violet eyes traveled down to her assistant, a purple scaled dragon that had been by her side for ten years. Pistachio eyes stared back briefly with concern, his forked tongue poking through his fanged mouth, startling to some ponies but it was cool in Twilight's honest opinion. Words couldn't begin to describe the appreciation she had for Spike, the only thing she could even fathom was that he was a true, true friend.

Spike stood in-between the two unicorns, in a bit of a predicament, he liked Naruto, but he was Twilight's assistant and one of her closest friends, something that the dragon knew she needed whether she was aware of it or not. Who disliked the blonde with a fiery passion.

The small dragon thankful of Celestia's intervention, his vacation was anything but that, instead his caretaker and adopted sister decided to continue on with her research; Star Swirl's prophecy being the subject at hoof, or claw in his case.

That was a small concern though as he wished his two companions would get along. He knew how this little feud, I think that's what Celestia called it, started. The second meeting between the two was a magical study session, which ended with Naruto being complimented by Celestia, even as far as hugging the alicorn with a small grin on his face.

This small action made Spike know, that made Twilight believe that Celestia was trying to replace her, which Twilight became very vocal about in secret. So, Spike hoped something would change soon, as his scaly body couldn't keep up with the late nights anymore, his sister possibly not far from collapsing either.

Naruto was at an all time low in the enthusiasm department, despite his bold promise to the Princess, he was finding it harder to think of ways to socialize with the mare. Their relationship was complicated to say the least, one finding the other a rival of some sort, and the other trying to reach out and befriend the mare. He didn't know what made the mare dislike him but it didn't help that when she reacted angrily to his carefree nature, his reaction was to retaliate, counter-productive to his goals. 'I'll look over the celebration's stuff and then see if there's anything I can do too help her out.'

Naruto had attempted to have a conversation with her, but she shrugged off his advances towards a normal conversation. It was similar to conversing with Sasuke, but with less grunts and more odd stares. The blonde wondered what he would have to do to get her to converse with him, the only subject having in common with her was being Celestia's student, and that seemed to make her mad for some reason or another. The thought of conversing with Twilight finding its way into the back of his mind, as they began to descend into ponyville, the citizens parting ways as the pegasus escorts came in for a landing.

His hooves quickly dropping to the town's street, the dirt crunched under each step. The guards took no time in leaving them, in the small town called ponyville. The blonde held nothing against the guards, both wanting to return to the castle and call it a day.

Twilight scanned the small town, the ponies carrying on about their day. It was rather unnerving that they didn't pay them any mind especially with her scaly companion.

"Equestria to Twilight, do you copy?" Naruto said to the lavender unicorn, snapping her back into reality as her violet eyes met his. "Thank the sun, I didn't want to drag you across town until you stopped staring off into the unknown." He grinned at the scowl forming on the bookworm's face, something that did little intimidate him.

"So what did want, because I'm sure it had to be important." Her voice snapped out eyeing her assistant as; Spike glanced between the two.

"Well the first thing we do, is head to Sweet Apple Acres, and check on how things are going for the Summer Sun Celebration."

She was honestly surprised at the unicorn's foresight, honestly expecting her fellow student to slack off as he normally did. "And after that?"

"I think I'll remember after I get some food in me."

She shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, dealing with him for the past three years had prepared her for his antics, but it was nice while it lasted. Now if she could only get him to stop looking at her weirdly they both could get on with their day.


"Naruto, maybe you should try asking a pony where Sweet Apple Acres is instead of gawking at me like a fish out of water."

"But..."Spike tried to spurt out the reason, only to find his Twilight's hoof placed firmly in his mouth.

"Don't make excuses for Naruto, Spike. He should ask somepony...NOW"

He blinked staring at the lavender mare, his eyes traveling upwards to a set of pink hooves. "Pink pony, why are you standing on Twilight's head?" He could see the odd stare, Twilight was giving him, but she was there standing , smiling and staring right back at him with bright blue eyes.

Her smile never wavered as his fellow student looked up, her pink mane and tail shaped like cotton candy, bobbled over her eyes with each breath she took. Three balloons rested on her flank two light blue and a yellow one resting slightly above the other two in the middle, not much to go for the orange unicorn, but cutie marks rarely were. in Strands of hair scattered as she tilted her head opening her mouth to say something.

"How did you get on top of me?" Twilight shouted as the pink pony hopped off her head and zipped through confusing the trio as what her actions meant, all three deciding best to not dwell on it for too long or waste the day away, instead coming up with their own theories.

"Weirdness aside, ask some pony where Sweet Apple Acres is, please, Naruto?" It was really uncommon for Twilight to even say please, to Naruto Spike knew and Naruto definitely knew it, but she hoped this was an obvious sign to hurry it up.

Her eyes peeled away from Naruto, looking towards Spike hoping he would have more of a chance of conveying her urgency then she did. Only to find her scaly companion walking alongside Naruto. "Wait, where are you going?" Her voice cried out hoping he wasn't 'winging it' as he liked to put it.

"Sweet Apple Acres, is about a mile or three this way." Naruto grinned as she looked at him, obviously now curious on how he was privy to such information.

"How, how do you know that?" Her eyes trying to find some sign to tip her off on how he knew how far it was.

"While you were reading, I took in the scenery and well I'm not big on well measurements, but I'm pretty sure its three miles this way." He smiled under the judging look she gave him, obviously unfazed.

"Lead he way." She said nothing as the blonde turned

Two sets of hooves stopped on the beaten dirt path, silently they took in the fields of apple trees. Naruto couldn't stop grinning as he imagined the dishes the farms residents could possibly make with this many apple trees at their disposal. Twilight's train of thought went to the sheer size of the farm, the minimum amount of ponies to be able to run the farm properly had to have been about ten ponies at the very least. Spike's thoughts fell alongside Naruto's, this place looked great, and the dragon was sure that their food would be even better.

"Well we're here now what do you propose we do?" Twilight quietly said as she looked at the red barn in the distance.


"Well, first we find Applejack, and then hope she gives us something to eat." His stomach letting out a small rumble, readily agreeing with him on the topic of food.


"Har, Har and after that we meet Applejack, what will we do then? We spend an hour staring at you while you try to figure out where we head next?" She glanced at the blonde, his mouth closed in thought. Spike leaned forward on her head obviously interested in what the unicorn was going to say.

*Thwack* *Thwack*

"Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity." He smiled as the words rolled out off his tongue, the look of disbelief on the two's faces was worth the build up. "What we walked for about thirty minutes, of course I'm going to remember something."


"So you remembered their names, do you know who were supposed to meet next?" She looked at him now curious of who his choice would be.


"Will the pony who's doing that stop already, its bad enough...I want to hear him talk." Her eyes shifted to Naruto's, the cerulean orbs gleaming with mischief as he stared past at hopefully something that wasn't going to get her in too much trouble.

"I'm mighty sorry 'bout that, but I'm a wee bit behind on harvestin', so I'd be mighty grateful if you'd come back tomorrow." A voice called out gaining the attention of all three of them.


Naruto watched as dozens of apples fell into a well placed wicker basket. The voices hind hooves dropped to the ground three red apples on her flank, her cutie mark no doubt.

Twilight stared at the mare in question, she gave off a country like vibe, a Stetson hat was actually the first thing she noticed about. the country mare. Then the blonde mane covered by said Stetson set in a ponytail, then bright green eyes, white freckles right under her eyes, and the overall feel Twilight felt when she stared at her was that this mare was meant to be here on this farm.

"Applejack, right?" Naruto's voice said, Twilight nodded finding the name oddly appropriate for the country mare.

"Yep, and its nice you know me and all as I reckon I don't know you, but if you could be a getting, me and my kin can finish the preparations for-"

"The Summer Sun celebration its why were here actually. Princess Celestia sent Twilight here and her assistant Spike here to take one last look at everything before she arrives, while I supervise." He smiled ignoring Twilight's glare as Applejack nodded accepting the stallion's answer.

"I getcha, so I'm guessing ya want to taste what we got, just to make sure its up to the princess' standards." The country mare said as two of the three nodded their heads in approval of this course of action.

'Of course the lummox said yes, you offered him free food. It'd be like offering Sunset a chance to boast she'd take the offer in a heart beat.' Twilight's eyes fell on Spike the dragon's eyes sparkling with excitement. She hadn't seen that twinkle in his eye for a while and despite the world being at stake, she felt it hard to crush the dragon's hope. "We'll have a plate." Twilight stared on a lapse of concentration now finding her seated at a picnic table.

"Soups on, everypony." Applejack's voice barely carried over the triangle she rang. It was only a matter of moments before a stampede of ponies came rushing towards them trays a top each ones head.

" Let me introduce you to my family. This here's Apple Fritter. Apple Cobbler. Apple Bumpkin. Red Gala. Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apples, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp... Big McIntosh, Apple Bloom and Granny Smith. Up'n'attem, Granny Smith, we got guests." The granny's eyes cracked open, she murmured something before going back to sleep. A little anti-climatic to Twilight's taste, but it was better then staring at Naruto gorging on the plates they'd laid down to her right.

"Aren't you going to eat anything miss? Apple Bloom's (that's what Twilight believed she was called) voice choked out as she stared at her with big doe-like eyes, it wasn't soon after the rest of the apple family met her gaze. Twilight quickly resigned to defeat, biting into the pie that was quite delicious, but had the bitterness of being bested by a filly not even half the age of herself.

Naruto chewed his sixth apple fritter, his eyes on Twilight biting into the pie albeit remorsefully. Perhaps the filly tugging at her heartstrings and her family playing along was a bit underhanded, and despite this underhanded tactic she loosened up a bit after a few bites. He wondered why Twilight was a last minute addition to the task at hand, but Naruto figured that she was doing something that wasn't to supposed to be doing or Celestia honestly thought she needed to make some friends, possibly both. Whatever the reason was Naruto was sure the Princess would tell him in time, it was a system that had worked tried and true so far.

So with that little notion Naruto smiled digging into another plate, finding the cobbler as delicious as just about anything he'd ever tasted, wishing that somepony of the apple family was in Canterlot, so he could spread the joy of their cuisine.

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