9 Years Later

Lieutenant Bei Fong watched the dark city below from the airship, thinking about the mission briefing her mother gave her squad before takeoff: "We've tracked the fugitive to a warehouse on the waterfront; he's probably waiting to hop an outbound freighter to take him out of the city. You're using airships and zip lines for maximum stealth and surprise. We want him alive, but he's a firebender so don't take unnecessary risks. This is your first command, make me proud, Lin."

The pilot broke her reverie, "We're over the drop zone, Ma'am."

"Showtime," Lin smiled.

Four zip lines fired out from the airship, quickly followed by 12 of Republic City's finest. Lin was first on the ground. They surrounded the building. Lin approached a large door. With a flick of her wrists, the metal hinges on the door crumpled and the door collapsed with a loud thud. The squad rushed in, and came face to face with their fugitive, gagged and bound to an upright metal beam.

"What in Koh's Lair?" Lin cursed.

"Lieutenant, up there!" shouted one of her officers as a shadow disappeared out of the skylight.

"Secure the prisoner, that one's mine!" Lin shouted as she shot a cable through the skylight and gave chase.

On the roof, she saw the shadow leap a low wall and disappear into the dark alley below. She followed.

Back on the ground, she retracted her boot and concentrated. "I know you're here. I don't know whether to thank you or arrest you for interfering in police business."

"A man's gotta have his hobbies," the Wolf grinned.

"Don't you think you're a little too clumsy, broken down, and crippled for this particular hobby, Old Man?" Lin rubbed her temple, exasperated. Then she sighed, "Just get back home before Mom catches you, Dad."

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