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Chapter 1

It was a quiet afternoon aboard the Thousand Sunny, the sun was fading, and the moon was rising slowly along the nighttime

Every crew member of the Strawhats was busy doing their own thing. The short tempered navigator was sitting calmly on the small couch across the ship's helm, drinking a fresh juice and enjoying the cold breeze – The flirty cook was busy doing some snacks for the rest of the crew while the inpatient captain, the childish doctor, the proud sniper, and the cheerful musician were sitting down across the kitchen's table whining and demanding the cook for their snacks – The huge shipwright was sitting down in his working place doing some upgrades on the small mini Merry II – The arrogant swordsman was taking a nap lying across a tree in the main deck like he always does, and the macabre archaeologist was sitting on a chair not too far from him, reading one of her many books and drinking her usual coffee.

Everything was normal and boring as ever, the crew departed from the last island yesterday, and according to the navigator's calculation; they won't be seeing any land for the next three days, and these kind of days were always something that the crew hated, sitting down doing nothing

But for the archaeologist; it wasn't a problem at all. Similar to her crewmates; she loved adventures, but she also didn't mind to have some quiet days, were she didn't have to fight anyone, or save her friends from deadly threats. She was a peaceful person after all

She finally reached the last page, and was reading the last words writing by the author when she noticed her leg feeling cold

She looked at it and saw a wet spot; she smiled and looked at the sky to see snowflakes coming down the sky softly

"Oh god… Can't the Grand Line have some nice weather for a change…" said Nami with frustration

She walked down to where Robin was and headed toward the kitchen

"Robin? Are you coming in?" said Nami to the smiling archaeologist

"Hay…" said Robin putting on her warm smile

Nami walked away, and Robin took her book and followed her with calm steps

But something stopped her; the sight of a snoring green haired man. Zoro was half naked and sleeping so deep that a tornado itself won't wake him up.

She looked at him with a smile, and turned around heading to her room – She came back with a small light blue blanket

She leaned down a little, and placed the blanket gently on Zoro's amazing muscular body, and continued her way to the kitchen

"Thanks, Robin" said Zoro lazily, without even opening his eyes

Robin smiled as she opened the door and went in

Everyone excluding Zoro and Franky were there, some yelling for food, some playing around, and some yelling at each other; nothing much, just a typical Strawhat sit down

"Robin-Chwaan! I'm almost finished with the girls' desert! You may sit down and you'll be served right away!" said Sanji with his normal flirty attitude

"Thanks, Sanji-san" said Robin

"Heey! What about OUR food, Sanji!" demanded Luffy with frustration

"Yeah! Where is our snack, Sanji!" followed with Choppers childish voice

"You shitty bastards should wait until I finish!" ordered Sanji

"This not fair, love-cook!" yelled Ussop

"Please Sanji-San! My stomach is growling!" begged Brooke, yet-

"But wait! I don't have a stomach! Cuz' I'm a skeleton, Yohohoho!" said Brooke throwing one of his silly-ridiculous-non funny skull jokes

"Shut up you bastards! You're bothering Nami-san and Robin-chan!" said Sanji angrily

"Food! Food! Food!" yelled Luffy, and then he was followed by the other trouble makers


"Are you all gonna SHUT UP! Or I'll ban food from this ship!" yelled Nami in anger

Everyone became silent immediately, and Robin giggled from the amusement

Nami returned to whatever she was doing and noticed that Robin is more optimistic than the usual

"You seem to be very happy, Robin?" said Nami curiously

"Hum? No it's nothing, I just like snowy days" said Robin smiling again

It was true; Robin was smiling more than the usual… She did like snow, but it wasn't the only reason

The green haired man's response made her very happy – the same thing happened a long time ago, but he responded very differently; when she tried to cover him with her jacket after a short while she has joined the crew, Zoro responded rudely saying that he doesn't need her help in anything… Robin didn't care about it at all – But this time's response made her realized how much progress she made, not only with her relationship with Zoro, but to everyone – It just forced her to smile

"Ussop, after you finish, head outside for your watch out…" said Nami

"Heey! Why me?!" said Ussop rudely

"Zoro is asleep, and Franky and Sanji are busy… and the other idiots are not trustworthy" said Nami

"Please, Nami-San! Let me do something useful! I want to prove that I would do anything for the crew's sake!" said Brooke passionately

"Then you two watch the ship together…" said Nami carelessly

"Why me! outside will be freezing by night fall" said Ussop with a sad look

"Nami-swan! Robin-chwan! Here are your snacks, I hope you like them" said Sanji dancing his way to Nami and Robin, and handing them their deserts

"Mmm, delicious!" said Nami taking the first bite

"Thanks, Sanji-san" said Robin with a smile

"Mellorine! Mellorine!" sang Sanji in his love mode

"Sanji! What about us!" yelled Luffy

"Your shitty plates are on the table" said Sanji lighting out a cigarette

"Yosha!" cheered Luffy and the others

"I'm hearing a lot of noise!" said Franky opening the door

"Franky! Come on and join us!" said Luffy with his big smile

"Mmmm! That's the best" said Chopper while eating

"Really!" said Franky while heading to the table

"Oooh! That's Suuuupeeer delicious!"

"Thanks Sanji-san!" said Brooke

"Everything I do is delicious you shitty bastards…" said Sanji arrogantly

Soon the food was wiped out and everyone was sitting down exhausted from all the eating

"Haaah! I'm full!" said Luffy resting on the floor

"Geez… You ate so much, there's no dinner today then…" said Sanji sitting down as well

"Okay then! Let's add some music to this sit down!" said Brooke standing and holding his violin

"Yeah! That would be perfect!" cried Luffy

"Yohohoho, Yohohoho!" sang Brooke, and then he was followed by the others

"Yohohoho! Yohohoho!"

"Binkusu no sake wo, todoke ni yuku yo - Umikaze kimakase namimakase!..."

Everyone was singing and dancing cheerfully

"Shio no mukou de, yuuhi mo sawagu - Sora nya wa wo kaku, tori no uta…"

"So it turned to a party after all…" said Nami with a smile

She looked at Robin for response, to see her busy looking outside at the main deck that was covered with snow

Robin was looking deeply outside, her calm smile printed on her face, her eyes focusing on one particular spot, a hot swordsman covered with snow – he looked like a weird snowman but with green hair – She just couldn't help but smile – how can someone sleep like that? Is it magical power or something? - she wondered

"Robin-chwan!" said Sanji

"Huh?" Robin turned her head like she just woke up from a beautiful dream

"It's getting a little bit chilly? Are you interested if I offered you some body heat?!" said Sanji, his eyes turned to hearts (literally)

Before Robin could answer, Brooke jumped in front of Sanji

"Robin-san! May I please see your pants?" said Brooke

"Continue with the song! You pervert!" yelled Ussop

"Hmm? Me?" said Franky curiously with a smile

"NOT YOU!" yelled Chopper and Ussop at the same time

"Hahaha! That's so much fun!" said Luffy dancing in excitement

Robin just stood there and laughed


Everyone who was standing, fell down on the floor because of some sort of impact that accrued outside the ship – It was so strong that it felt like an earthquake

"Hah! What was that! An ice berg?!" yelled Ussop, his legs shaking

"No, It's impossible, I just checked the log a few seconds ago" answered Nami

"Then let's go check it out!" said Luffy with excitement, he then picked up his hat and placed on his head while rushing out

Robin almost smiled, but then she remembered something

"Wait! Zoro was outside" said Robin pointing outside

"Aaah! Zoro might gto hurt!" said Chopper freaking out

"Oh god… that idiot…" said Nami putting her hand on her forehead

Everyone rushed toward the exit of the kitchen

"But guys! It might be dangerous…" said Ussop cowardly

"Shut up and go outside!" said Nami with anger

The crew was shocked to see what's outside – The scene of a large ship, almost twice the size of the Thousand Sunny almost destroyed from the strong clash between the two ships

"Aaah! You bastards! What did you do to the Sunny Go!" said Franky with anger

"Are they idiots or something? The crashed right into the ship… were they blind or something?" said Nami sarcastically

"Oi g-guys! Th-they might be enemies!" said Ussop, hiding behind Franky

"Yes! Finally some action!" said Luffy cheerfully

"How freaking positive can you be?" said Ussop sarcastically

"Wait! Guys, where's Zoro!" said Chopper, with a serious look on his face

"Aaaah! He might be kidnapped!" said Ussop panicking

"Oh no! Zoro-san!" yelled Brooke

"I wonder if he's smashed to pieces and bleeding out already…" said Robin calmly

"Robin! Don't say that!" cried Nami and Ussop together

"Gomu-Gomu No! Rocket!" cried Luffy while flying his way to the other ship - he seemed more excited than ever

"Oi! Luffy wait!" said Nami, but she was too late – the captain made his way to the ship already

"I will prove that I'm a member of the Strawhats no matter what!" said Brooke bringing out his sword

"I'm coming Zoro-san! Yohohoho" said Brooke jumping VERY high

"Oi guys! Wait!" said Ussop trembling

"Are you guys coming or what?" said Robin – she spread some of her Hana-Hana hands that were connected to eachother from the ship, and lift herself all the way to the deck

"Not Robin too!" yelled Nami

"Robin-CHWAAAAN! I'm coming too! Wait for me!" said Sanji (Love mode) while jumping off the ship

"Those bastards! They think they can mess with the Sunny Go" said Franky angrily heading toward the ship

But he was stopped by Ussop, Chopper, and Nami clasping him – Chopper from his legs, and Nami and Ussop from his hands

"You cannot go!" said Ussop

"Yeah Franky! Stay with us, all the strong guys are gone!" begged Chopper

"Yeah! I cannot die here!" added Nami

Franky sighted


"Yes!" said Ussop

"Thank you Franky!" said Chopper

"Now get OFF OF ME!" yelled Franky


On the deck was far from the expected – Zoro was standing like a soldier, and pointing his sword at a man who was standing in front of him, with a shock on his face – dozen of people were lying down on the floor looking defeated; probably because of a certain green-haired man – and couple of men were standing behind the guy who Zoro was pointing at him

He was wearing a long black coat, but he had a very weird hairstyle; it was almost like horns were coming out from his hear, it looked very bizarre

"Hey, why don't you calm down…" said the man with a smile

"You shut up!" said Zoro with an intimidating look

"H-hay!" said the man with fear

"Now… why the hell did you crash into our ship?" said Zoro

"It w-was a misunderstanding! We kinda got lost, and accidentally went through your ship!" said the man

"Accident! Do you think I'm an idiot?!" said Zoro angrily

"Ok, ok I will tell you the truth! We were planning to attack you and steal your ship! But we didn't see your pirate flag! We just thought you were some weak sailors" said the man

"Oh yeah? I will show you how weak we are…" said Zoro with an evil smile

"ZOOOOOOOOOOROOOOOOO" yelled Luffy while in the air

He landing directly on Zoro - the poor Zoro fell down the floor from the impact

"Oh.. sorry Zoro" said Luffy with a calm smile

"I'm seriously gonna kill you someday…" said Zoro struggling to make the words come out from his mouth while he was lying underneath Luffy

"Zoro-san! You're alive!" said Brooke landing next to them

Soon Robin joined in too, she climbed the fence and walked slowly toward them

"Thank goodness… he's still in single piece" said Robin

"Wait, is that a good thing?" said Zoro with confusion

"Robin-Chan! I will be your guard!" said Sanji standing next to her

"Oi you shitty marimo, what are you doing" said Sanji carelessly

"Sh-shut up, Luffy get off of me!" demanded Zoro

"Yaaaah! We're dead!" cried the man

"huh?" everyone of Strawhat crew turned around to the man, remembering what they came for in the first place

"Isn't this… Strawhat Luffy!" said another guy in the ship

"And Roronwa Zoro!" yelled another man

"and this woman… she's got to be the demon child! We're dead!" yelled another man

"Oh yeah! You bastards! Why did you attack our ship?!" yelled Luffy in anger standing up and wiping the dost from his clothe

"How dare you endanger the ladies on our ship!" added Sanji

"We're very sorry! Please let us live!" begged the man

Robin looked around to see their flag, a normal cross bones, but with some weird looking horns on the skull

"I don't recognize their flag… they must be some pirate losers trying to get some attention" said Robin

"Y-yes we are!" said the man nodding

Luffy turned to Robin

"But Roooobiiin! I want to fight some people! I'm so bored!" whined Luffy like a ten year old child

"Well, they are pirates… so they're considered enemies afterall…" added Robin

"N-no! We are not!"

"Yosha! I'm gonna kick your asses then!" said Luffy with a smile

"Hurry and let's get things done with already!" said Zoro angrily

"Yeah, I left Nami-san on the ship!" added Sanji


They hear the sounds of cannons shooting at the ship, they ship was even more damaged than before

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Those damn marines are still after us!" said the man panicking

"MARINES!" yelled everyone in panic excluding Robin

-To be continued

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