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Zoro walked slowly and sat next to her – Robin wasn't so shocked of what he just said, because she knew he was doing this to calm her down since the heated argument a while ago.

"Oi Robin, there's something I wanted to tell for a long time…" Said Zoro calmly.

"What is it?" Said Robin coldly.

"It's that… I-"


A vein popped in Zoro's head – they both knew who's the one who interrupted them – it's an annoying young historian.

Dan was running toward them with a look of a shock; he looked weird, even for him.

"WHAT?!" Yelled Zoro angrily.

Dan picked up his breath fast.

"Ahhm, am I interrupting something?" He said with a terrified look, seeing how angry Zoro was.

"Not really…" Answered Robin.

"What happened?" Said Zoro.

"Mar-Marine agents are all over the place!" Said Dan.


"T-the exam council… it appeared that they were doing a secret research about the Poneglyth. The marines found out and send thousands of men. And it happens that they spotted Rubber-san and he's currently in a sticky situation!" He explained with a scared attitude.

"Well, this is not good." Said Robin calmly.

"Yeah, you are right…" agreed Zoro with the same manner.

"Hey you two! Why are you so calm!" Yelled Dan.

"We need to do something." Said Robin as she got up.

Zoro groaned "Why do we have to do something? It's all Luffy's fault he was caught, I'm not going anywhere." He stated.

Robin started thinking of a resolve "How dangerous is the situation?" She asked Dan.

"Nami-San, cook-San, and Franky are not spotted yet. But Rubber-San and the others are in trouble, I was barely able to run away. I thought the best thing I can do is to inform you guys since I can be of any help in the fight." He explained.

"What should we do,Zoro?" Said Robin – everyone knew it was Zoro's specialty to come up with plans when Luffy's in trouble, and everyone depended on him.

"Don't look at me!" Said Zoro.

But Dan and Robin kept looking at him with a poker face, waiting for orders.

"I would say… let's go and wipe them all out." Stated Zoro.

"NO, that's NOT IT!" Yelled Dan.

Zoro got up and started acting seriously again.

"Dan, go to Nami and Ero-cook and tell them about everything. Robin, find Franky and let him go back to the Sunny-Go. I will go aid the other idiots and catch up with you guys, and we'll see what will Luffy do later." Said Zoro.

"Sounds like a good plan," said Robin with a grin.

"Oh green hair-san, you're the best…" Said Dan with a look of admiration.

"STOP calling me THAT!" Demanded Zoro.

"Hai! I will go now." Said Dan while he kept running apposite the shore and inside the city.

Robin started moving too.

"Oi Robin, don't get yourself caught. I still have to tell you something important!" Said Zoro as he started running too.

Robin stopped moving and absorbing the green haired figure "What is wrong with him anyway?" She wondered.

Robin was able to meet Franky and tell him about what happened, and Franky rushed back to the ship to prepare it for sail.

Robin; who had nothing to do, decided to leave and help the others in the other side of the island in a hurry, because they were late.

She was heading to the city, but she was shocked to see the sight in front of her eyes while looking at the shore.

Almost five battleships were surrounding the island from the front. And marines were all over the place, just like Dan said. The only time she saw this many marines was when the crew was in the judiciary island.

"What is wrong here? The navy won't send that much for a mere island, since the Ohara incident, the marines are not going after any other scholars but me. What the hell did the exam council do to attract much attention from the World Government?"

Robin's eyes widened "But don't tell me-"

Robin quickly started hiding when she saw a troupe of Marines walking beside her. Using her Hana-Hana ability, she was able to eavesdrop on them.

"All men, our objective is to capture everyone involved in the Poneglyth research in this island!"

"But Major, isn't this too much for a mere village?"

"Absolutely not, we were just informed that the Strawhat pirates were spotted on this island, it means that among all those dangerous criminals there is also the demon archaeologist Nico Robin, if she got her hands on that ancient stone the world would be in danger. This is much dangerous than the first objective."


Robin got up and headed toward the town square as fast as she can; what she heard wasn't something pleasant at all. The marines just discovered the crew's location and they're sending marines from all over the Grand Line to capture them.

"Oi… is it just me, or their numbers are increasing?" Said Zoro.

"Huh, really?" Said Luffy carelessly.

Zoro, Luffy, Ussop, and Brooke were surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of marines in the town square. The crew members were armed and ready to fight; well, except of Ussop…

"Oi you two! Stop being so careless! This is very similar to what happened in Enies Lobby… Do you KNOW how much time it'll take to defeat all those people?!" Yelled Ussop while crying cowardly.

"Hah… Did you say something?" Said Zoro rudely.

"Ussop, quit whining…" added Luffy.

"Listen to people say when they talk to you!" Yelled Ussop.

"Luffy-san, he's right; it'll take a long time to fight these guys, we should run away and head back to the Sunny-Go." Said Brooke.

"That's what I want to do! After we kick these guys' asses." Stated Luffy.

"It's hopeless… he just won't listen." Said Ussop, who was crying comically.

"Quit whining. We will clear the path and you run away." Said Zoro while while taking out his swords.

"Sounds good." Said Luffy with a grin.

"I shall fight too!" Said Brooke.

"All these people from the World Government… I wonder how we got spotted so fast." Said Nami with a serious face.

She, Sanji, and Chopper were or another side of the town. And they were almost in the same situation as the other crew members.

"Oi Nami, let's hurry back!" Said Chopper with a worried look.

"It won't be that easy." Said Nami.

"Don't worry Nami-swan~ I will take them all out for you~" Cheered Sanji.

"I don't know… they're a lot even for you. But they are just some weak marines, I guess I could use a very large lightning Kempo attack to save us some time."

"Oooooh Nami-san is so lovely when she comes up with smart plans~"

Nami started doing her attack while creating a large cloud in the sky, and it soon reached the whole area.

Nami rushed and stroke everyone while running away from the lighting strikes too…

A few minutes later…

They managed to get out of the area and they are now running toward the shore.

"That was awesome Nami, it almost took them all out…" said Chopper

"Yes Nami-san, although it hit me too!" Added Sanji sarcastically.

"Quit talking and let's go!" Demanded Nami.


Zoro and everyone else defeated the marines too and started running toward the shore.

"It sure took a long time…" Said Luffy.

"I hope everyone else made it to the ship safely." Said Brooke.

"Does anyone remember were we anchored the ship?" Said Ussop.

"I do," said Zoro.

"Like I will ever listen to your directions!" Yelled Ussop angrily.

"Hahaha Zoro you always get lost, you're such an idiot!" Said Luffy sarcastically.

"You sure not the one to tell me that!" Said Zoro angrily.

"Minna-san, stop arguing about this kind of things in this kind of situation… but seriously Zoro-san, you're like a blind guy who always gets lost… but WAIT, I'm suppose to be blind too! Since I don't have eyes! Yohohoho~" Said Brooke.

"SHUT UP!" Yelled Zoro.

Robin finally reached the Town Square, only to see that her friends already left.

"They escaped already. Then I should hurry too before I get spotted…" She said as she turned around to get surprised.

She was now the one who was surrounded by marines.

"This is bad, there are too many of them…"

Some time later

Nami, Sanji and Chopper already made it to the ship and starting preparing for sail with Franky.

Zoro, Luffy, Brooke and Ussop were already on their way and were very close to the ship. Luckily, no marines were chasing after them.

"Board the ship, now! We can't lose time anymore!" Demanded Nami while crying out for them.

"We made it…" Said Ussop with tears of joy filling his eyes.

"Nami-san, the masts are ready, we're sailing off." Said Sanji.

"Franky! Start the cola engine." Said Nami.

"I'm hungry…" Said Luffy while running toward the ship.

"You're saying that NOW?" Said Brooke.

Suddenly, Zoro stopped running. And looked behind.

"Oi, isn't there someone missing?" He said curiously.

"Really?" Said Luffy, with dump look on his face.

Sanji looked around.

"Marimo is right, I've been having a strange feeling for the last half hour…"

"Strawhat, reindeer, long nose, girlie..." Counted Franky.

"Hmmm…. MissingKYAAAAAAA! Where is Robin?!" Yelled Chopper, his eyes almost out of his head.

"Robin-san? I thought Loke-san said she's on the Sunny-go?" Said Brooke.

"I thought she was with you guys…" Said Franky.

Nami's eyes widened.

"It can't be… she's trapped in there." Said Nami while looking at the town square that was filled with marines.

"Oh god! She might be in danger!" Yelled Ussop.

"Robin-chwan is in danger, we should all go and bring her back!" Said Sanji with flames in his eyes.

"Sanji-kun wait! That's too reckless, it was very troublesome to get out of there from the first place, plus there's no much time until the log changes its position…" Said Nami.

"But Nami! We can't leave her there!" Yelled Luffy.

"We just have to think this through." She said.

"Hmph? By the way… where's Zoro?" Wondered Ussop.

Everyone looked around, but there wasn't any sight of the green haired swordsman.

"He's gone already… that idiot." Said Nami, with a palm to her face.

Robin was still trapped in the middle of furious and countless numbers of marines – she has been fighting them for a long time now, but it doesn't look like it would be less crowded anytime soon.

"This sure is a sticky situation…" She said.

She was getting tired, and unfocused. This number of marines was too much, even for her - Her vision was getting blurry, and she found it very hard to breathe and keep her eyes open.

More men kept attacking, and she tried to kill most of them by her Hana-Hana hands but—

"I can't… keep this up… anymore." She said with a trembled voice.

Soon she felt her body going numb, as she lost her vision completely and fell on the ground, helpless.

"She's out! Take her in, right now!"

"What am I doing… I have to get up" She told herself, but her body wasn't responding.

"Robin… don't get yourself caught ... I still have to tell you something important." The voice of Zoro kept echoing in her head.

All she could do was to lift her head up, seeing those men coming at her right now.

"Is this the end? I will sure miss him…" She thought.

Suddenly, all the men were sent flying in the air. They fell on the ground. This attack was familiar to her, but she didn't have the time to realize anything, as she finally went unconscious.

"Oi Robin! Get yourself together!" Yelled Zoro who was standing in front of her.

He was the one who used his special pound attack who prevented the marines to reach her, he was luckily on time.

Robin wasn't responding, she's was totally unconscious and drained.

Zoro was feeling tired as well, he has been fighting marines for hours and he had to come back for Robin, he was terribly sick just a day ago, and his injuries weren't healed yet, it was just a bad timing - But Zoro kept standing still and fighting back, all for the sake of Robin

Some navy majors arrived at the scene, they were ready to attack to attack the swordsman.

"This is bad…" Said Zoro

He suddenly remembered something;

"Oi Robin, don't get yourself caught. I still have to tell you something important!"

Zoro then tied his black bandana on his head, and gave a look of a fearless demon to all those men…

"Come at me, sheeps." He said with a smirk.

A few days later

Robin woke up suddenly, to realize she's at the Sunny-Go in the women's quarters – everything seemed calm, and she didn't see anyone in the room.

"Is it over? Who saved me?" she wondered.

She tried to stand up, but she was injured badly and found it very hard to move.

Someone opened the door slowly.

"Huh? Robin you're awake!" Said Nami with a smile.

"She is?" Said Zoro with a lazy attitude.

Robin looked down to the left to see him lying down next to the bed, probably taking a nap.

"How long have you been here?" Said Robin to Zoro curiously.

"Nami forced me to stay here for two days." Said Zoro while getting up, yawning like a sleepy cat.

"How are you feeling Robin?" Said Nami, totally ignoring Zoro.

"I'm fine I guess." She said with a smile.

Robin looked at Zoro, noticing his body wrapped in bandages, everywhere.

"W-what happened?" She said.

"This idiot went recklessly to save you… he luckily defeated everyone and brought you back to the ship on time. Although it was hard getting away from the navy. They were chasing us for a whole day." Explained Nami.

"You were lucky I saved you, what the hell were you doing there all alone?" Said Zoro.

"I just got surrounded by them…" Said Robin carelessly.

"Yosh, I will go call Chopper now to check on you." Said Nami while going out of the room.

Robin started giggling

"What?" Said Zoro.

"Nothing…" She said.

"No seriously, what?!"

"You went to save me all by yourself, at your current condition?" She said.

"Well, when I noticed you were trapped in town, I couldn't do anything but follow you there." He said.

"Thanks for saving me by the way, I thought I would die…" She said.

Zoro turned around and looked at her gloomy face.

"Don't worry, I will never let you die. As long as I'm with you." He stated.

Robin looked at him with a surprised look, she never thought Zoro would say something like that.

But then she smiled.

"I'm lucky, I guess…" She said.

Zoro turned around fast, to not let Robin see him blushing.

"Here it goes again, dammit. She has to do this to me every time we have a decent conversation." He thought to himself.

"Something wrong, Zoro?"

"No, not at all."

"Mind games…"

"Are you sure?" She said curiously.

"I said no. I should probably leave you now to rest." He said walking to the door.

"You said you had something important to tell me?" She said.

"Oh shit."

"Oh really? I don't remember…" Lied Zoro.

"Is that so?"

"I thought it was important" She said with a gloomy face.

Zoro tried to open the door, but he stopped and turned around.

"Do not do that, ever again." He said with a serious face.

"Hmph? What do you mean?" Said Robin with confusion.

"Never get yourself in a dangerous situation like what happened earlier, do you know how worried I was?!"


"What the hell am I going to do without you?! Just… never leave my side..." He added.

"I didn't know you worried like that..." She said.

"Of course I was! I'm crazy about you… I will never let anyone hurt you." He said calmly.

Zoro felt Robin's body, as she hugged him very tightly – He thought she couldn't move because of her injuries.

But she couldn't just lay down.

"I'm sorry… I will not leave your side ever again." She said with warm words as she reached her head to his, and gave him a passionate kiss… and Zorocouldn't help but to kiss her back.

The two realized something very important, that people may be called heartless – but it's impossible to resist love, it's something hard and may result to bad things. But it's beautiful.

The swordsman and Archeologist realized that resisting each other is impossible, not when it comes to their feeling toward one another…


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