This is my side project, along with Dream into Turnabout, Hope you enjoy! -Darkblah

Not Dead Yet

Chapter 1: Chances

Sometimes people do crazy things, like bungee jumping, or being idiots, but, sometimes people do crazy things by accident. Sorta like how Apollo... Er... it'll take some background info, so be patient with me... (Feels like I'm writing a fanfiction or something... wait...)

So, this begins Apollo's story, y'know... LET'S GET STARTED!

So, it all started when Apollo was at the agency with Trucy and the hobo- I MEAN Phoenix.

"Hey! Polly! Wanna see a magic trick!" Spoke Trucy, interrupting Apollo with case work,

"Leave me alone Trucy... I'm trying to get some research done, then I gotta head to Ema's office, then..." Apollo talked on and on, about his day plans,



"Could I go now?" Trucy asked, solemnly,

"Um... sure..."

"Okay, Bye!" Trucy said, as she was running out the door,

"Heh, always gets her outta here, heh" Apollo congratulated himself.

Apollo always did do that when Trucy was bugging him, he somehow made up day plans as he went along with it, Winging it was the correct term, sorta like what I do with Dream into Turnabout! Er... I shouldn't have done that...

Anyway, Apollo actually had to go to Ema's office, to get a gun thoroughly checked upon, but the only thing he saw was a heist.

"What the?! (Klavier and Ema! Wait, Klavier had a concert, but Ema!)" Thought as he saw an ordeal, the police were outside, and the criminals were inside holding hostages, and guess what? Ema was one of them, and Apollo seen her, worried, he had to save them, he had to save Ema, he had a few questions, Why did he want to save Ema so much? Why did this sudden rush of anger and adrenalin? He didn't know, all he had to do is save them, save her, save Ema.

"I've gotta do this!" He said to himself, as encouragement.

Luckily, he knew a secret passage, that Ema showed him earlier, what? They've been spending a lot of time together. Anyway, as he went through the passage way, he started to try and answer the questions that he had, but, to no avail, he started to wrack his brain about a gameplan, how to save Ema... Er... the hostages.

"Alright, so there must be a few in the front, protecting the doors, one in the back, and one or two in the safe" Apollo thought out loud,

He was really good at making gameplans, so he made it to the hostages.


"Ema! And other hostages... here, let me untie you guys" Apollo had been embarrassed that he said Ema's name first.

So, do you know why Apollo's acting this way? Not yet? Then you guys must be stupid, Just Kidding! You guys are awesome! Anyway, Ema decided that she should take the lead, even Apollo was confused, she was the one that got captured!

"You sure?" Apollo asked Ema,

"Yes Apollo, I'm sure"

Ema took the lead, knocking out everyone they came across, any hostages? They freed them, now it was time to get out of there, at least, that's what they wanted to do.

"We're almost there!" Right when Ema said that, a criminal got in front of them, holding a gun out, Ema froze from fear,

He shot the gun

He shot the freaking gun

It was pictured in Apollo's mind, he seen her dying, he finally found the answers to his questions, but he had to save her, there was only one way, replacing the person who it hit.

"Ema! No!"

Apollo saved her, and gave her enough time to strike the criminal, but one thing that Apollo knew they couldn't get him out, he was gone.

"Apollo! Apollo please! *sob* please..."