"I want some fish~!" chanted Happy throughout the streets of Magnolia Town.

The blond who was walking next to the blue-cat, glared at the annoying little rat.

"Go buy it with your own damn money," he remarked to the flying cat.

Happy put his paws in his fur and pulled out a wallet, the inside of it was empty and tears fell from his face.

"Natsa stole my money~!" he whined.

It wasn't the first time she took his money to pay for food.

"Get a job, you bum."

"Cats don't work!"

"And they don't fly! Or talk!"

Happy gasped at his quick-tempered friend.

"Well I do!"

"It would be a miracle if your didn't," he moaned.

A miracle, that's all he was asking for!

One that would make Happy shut the fuck off!

Okay, maybe he was a bit harsh to the blue-furred, but then again, he has been stuck with this annoying cat all day long.

It was starting to drive him crazy.

All because of Natsa; that was the only reason he was stuck babysitting this...blueberry.

"Dad! Daddy! Feed me!" Happy, again, chanting to the blond.

"I'm not your fuckin' daddy!" he screamed.

Everyone around the two stopped and stared at them.

It was very uncomfortable with everyone watching.

"Yes you are," he protested.

"Nope, I'm not."








"No way."

"Bu-but you promised!"

"I didn't fuckin' promise anything!"

Happy turned his back on the blond and hid behind one of the staring bystanders.

He sat on her shoulder and stuck his tongue out at the blond.

His eyelid was pulled down.

Laxus flared; it all became tense.

Happy gulped and hid in the lady's hat; he was afraid of what he just unleashed upon the world.

Everyone was going to die now.

The blond took huge steps to the elder lady; each one thundered against the pavement.

Happy shivered as the steps draw closer and deadlier.

He was going to die now.

It was too late to bed for mercy.

All of his nine lives won't even help.

"What? A fight?" a girlish voice came from somewhere in the crowd.

Happy relieved his body and flew to the location of the voice.

"NATSA~!" he shouted; tears were swelling in his eyes as he took shelter on Natsa's shoulder.

He turned around, looking at the frozen thunder mage.

He giggled and stuck his tongue out; there wasn't no way Laxus could kill him now.

"Natsa~! Daddy was being mean~!" he whined.

"He was?" she questioned and looked over at the blond, "Meanie!"

Yup, this was how Laxus' romance life went.

He had a...child?...cat with Natsa, who loves to get him on the spot.

And a...girlfriend?...friend who always takes the cat's side.

Always leaving him in the spot he was standing at this moment.

Let's just say, he didn't have it easy.

I'm bored...I can't think of anything to write; and I dont really want to write a long story so I'm just wasting my time on...this. It's a One Shot with Fem!NatsuxLaxus pairing, even if your don't see it, and I just made Happy the main character for some odd reason. Oh well...it's done and over with. Also people, freaking make some NatsuxLaxus fics! I really want to have some story to compare my...drabbles?...odd stories too! So please, get something under this pairing, it's one of my favorite and it's always bare!