Laxus glared at the blue devil of a cat across the table.

Happy made silly faces back every time he caught Laxus glaring.

"How the fuck do cats even play poker?!" Laxus complained loudly.

"Pick a random number, that what's Natsa taught me!" Happy smiled with a tilt of his head.

Laxus muttered a curse under his breath.

He didn't even know how he ended up with this flying asshole once again.

It wasn't like the first time was bad enough.

The cat picked up his hand of cards and built a tower with them.


The tower tilted and then fell.

Happy's eyes started to water at his fallen creation.

"Wh-?!" Laxus started but mumbles around the room went over him.

A chair slide closer to the table and petted Happy's head.

"Poor thing, don't worry, you can start over again," Lisanna smiled.

Happy wiped his tears away and smiled up.

"Lisanna~! Auntie~!" the cat cheered in his seat.

"Good, now you can watch him," Laxus stood up from his seat.

"I only came because Mira asked me too. She said something along the lines of, if you kill this cat, you will forever burn in hell."

"SO why would I care?"

"Because Natsa wouldn't be there."

The huge man chuckled, "After all the stunts she pulled?"

"But she never killed a cat."

"She can ruin a whole village in seconds, and you don't call that bad."

"Hey! I'm right here!" Happy waved his hands.

He wasn't in for the conversation of killing cats.

Especially if it was about a blue furred cat called Happy.

"Oh, sorry Happy," Lisanna tilted her head and lifted the cat in her arms.

"I would never forget about you~!"

"I wish I could…" Laxus muttered.

"Don't listen to that Meanie, he's just mad that Natsa hasn't ask him to stay over."

"That's none of your business, woman!"

The silver haired giggled and stood up; facing the huge man.

"She still hasn't even said she loved you."

"What?! How do you know?!" the blonde flamed up.

"Maybe she will if you start taking care of Happy right."

"He's not even mine! I didn't even want him!"

Happy looked into Laxus' eyes, "So I was…by accident…?"

The blond twitched at the question and raised his hand up to smack the poor cat, but Lisanna zoomed out of the room before he could do so.

"Laxus, you should know, Natsa was there the whole time."

"She was in the casino?"

"She and Gray had a bet over who could win the most. I can't believe you didn't see them there~!" she giggled.

"She saw everything?"

"Yep, even when you knocked his tower down."

"Bad Laxus," Happy crossed his tiny arms and closed his eyes; looking away from Laxus.

Laxus grabbed Happy over of Lisanna's hands.

He held the cat tightly so he couldn't escape.

"Help!" the cat cried, "He's going to kill me!"

"Nope, we are going to have some good old bonding time," Laxus rashly rubbed Happy's head.

"He's already hurting me!" the cat moaned in displeasure.

Laxus ignore the cat's complaints and acted as if nothing was wrong.

"Aren't we having a good time?" he rubbed Happy's head harshly.

"Don't you just love spending time with me?" Laxus smiled.

"Are you planning on killing me?" Happy asked from his tough treatment.

"Even if that what we both wish," he paused, "Natsa wouldn't like that, would she?"

Here's some payback from the other chapter. This was just a random drabble since I'm bored. Thanks for reading.