Rose stood, holding the hand of her Doctor as she watched the hologram of the real Doctor disappear.

"You've still got me." Her Doctor said cheerfully, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

Rose looked at him. "I guess you'll have to do, won't you?"

Still hand in hand, the two turned and made their way back to Jackie and Pete Tyler and Mickey Smith waiting for them a few feet down the beach. Rose and Jackie let go of the Doctor and Pete's hands and Jackie held her arms open to Rose.

"You alright love?"

"I suppose. He's gone, but he left me with a part of him, somehow." Rose admitted tearfully falling into her mother's arms and glancing at the Doctor, still standing calmly a few metres away, smiling wide.

Jackie bent down to kiss her daughter's head, looked up and smiled.

"You'd better take care of her mate." She said seriously, shooting a warning glance at the Doctor, who smiled cheerily.

"Of course Jackie."

"She means it. Hurt my little girl and…" Pete spoke up, just as serious. The Doctor stepped forward and placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright Pete. I won't hurt her. You've got my word."

Rose turned to the Doctor as he approached her from the hallway. "What's this?"

The Doctor examined the wrapped object she held in her hand. 'To Rose, From The Doctor'. It read.

"That's not from me." The Doctor said slowly, coming closer and resting his hand on Rose's shoulder.

Curiously, Rose looked back at the present and began to unwrap it as The Doctor looked on.

"I remember that!" The Doctor smiled when she'd opened the package to reveal a sort of circular electronic device.

"What is it then?" She asked, turning the object curiously round in her hands.

"It's a tracker thing. Sort of like a GPS, only it tells us when there's alien activity. We can have our own adventures."

Rose broke out in a grin.

"What's that?" Asked Mickey, striding across the room to meet them.

"The Doctor left me a present." Rose smiled.

"The Doctor? But he's right here. He…" Mickey trailed off as it clicked in his mind. "Oh, you mean the other Doctor."

Rose nodded and explained what the device was.

"Oh cool! We can be our own little gang sort of."

"Sure Mickey." The Doctor smiled, turning to Rose. "Do you think your Dad will be interested in this?"

"Dad will be interested in what now?" Asked Pete Tyler, entering the room.

Rose, the Doctor and Mickey spun around to face him.

"This." Rose answered, handing the device to her father.

Pete turned the device round in his hands, studying it closely. "What is it?" He asked finally, looking up at his daughter and her companions.

"It's a tracking device The Doctor left me. It detects alien activity." She smiled excitedly and Pete smiled back.

"Hmm." Pete murmured, handing the device back to Rose. He went back to the lounge and picked up the paper, sitting down to read it and leaving Rose, The Doctor and Mickey to look more at the device.

"What's it called?" Mickey asked.

"I don't know." Rose admitted, looking from the device in her hand to The Doctor and back again. "What do you think Doctor?"

The Doctor scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Hmm. What about ATS?"

"ATS?" Rose repeated.

"Alien Tracking Sphere." The Doctor explained.

"Alien Tracking Sphere." Rose repeated, smiling. "I like it. ATS."

When Jackie came in not long later, the device began to beep and vibrate uncontrollably.

"Hey!" Jackie called across the room, looking up. "What's that? And what's it beeping at me for? Doesn't it like me?"