Callie Briggs' Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: I suddenly had this craving for SWAT Kats. Probably because I felt that Callie Briggs could use this treatment after I saw her while browsing, and then by watching SWAT Kats on Boomerang from Cartoon Network, or as I like to call it, the now only good part of Cartoon Network.

Chance and Jake were hanging out in their secret lair, talking with each other.

"Boy, we really showed Dr. Viper a thing or nine, didn't we?" Chance stated.

Jake nodded. "Yeah. One thing for every one of my nine lives!"

Chance nodded, chuckling a bit. "Yeah. We showed him nine things!"

Jake laughed in response to Chance's witty comment. "So now he can slither back to the swampy litter box that he came from!"

Chance chuckled. "Yeah. Megakat City is safe once again. It's not like there's anything we need to worry about right now."

Meanwhile at Megakat City Hall, Mayor Manx was busy playing mini golf as Callie Briggs watched, feeling a bit of pity for him.

"All that man ever seems to do on his own time is play mini golf, and I end up doing all the paperwork." Callie sighed, her arms crossed. "He's a lot like that other mayor who loves pickles too much."

Suddenly, Callie's stomach growled at her, then before she could say anything, Callie farted loudly, her tail being lifted by her accidental back blast.

"And now I'm gassy? Well that's just peachy." she remarked in a sarcastic tone, a louder, more deep pitched poot coming out.

"Gosh, I need to get all this gas out before the mayor notices..." Callie thought, making a run for the ladies room as Mayor Manx turned around, then shrugging as he resumed his mini golf session.

Meanwhile, Callie quickly walked into the ladies room, going into one of the stalls as she continued letting loose, her loud, obnoxious gas echoing through the bathroom.

Back with Mayor Manx, he had successfully shot a golf ball into the hole. "Yes! Hole in one! Finally! Did you see that Miss Briggs?" Manx looked around, seeing that Callie was gone. "Miss Briggs?"

But Miss Briggs was still inside the ladies room, groaning in pain as she grabbed her stomach, her loud, brassy farts coming out like an all-out orchestra. "I don't know what stinks more, this or the fact that Megakat City could once again be in trouble at any time." Callie thought, her next deep pitched poot moistening the back of her pink suit. "At least the SWAT Kats will be there to save the day. I just wish they could save me from this gassy predicament..."

Callie groaned once more as she kept ripping out more loud, raunchy farts, much to her displeasure as she felt her butt getting more moist with each blast of gas that came from her beautiful rear, burying her face in her hands in dismay.