While Mayor Manx continued his mini gold game, Dark Kat suddenly crashed through the glass pane, causing Mayor Manx to gasp in shock.

"I'm back! And this time no one will stop me from taking over Megakat City! Especially the SWAT Kats! Because if I lose, everyone loses!" Dark Kat claimed.

Mayor Manx backed away in fear, when Callie ran in, overhearing the loud noises.

"Is there a problem, Mayor?" she asked, before Mayor pointed at Darl Kat, shaking in fear as he did.

Meanwhile, Chance and Jake, wearing their SWAT Kat uniforms as T-Bone and Razor (respectively) were chilling inside their secret lair, when the emergency alarm went off.

"Geez, already the city's in trouble? I barely even had time to clean the litterbox!" T-Bone stated.

"We don't have a litterbox, T-Bone!" Razor pointed out.

"And ironically my SWAT Kat name is more fitting to a dog, but that doesn't matter either! Lets go!" T-Bone responded.

Razor simply shook his head as he and T-Bone hopped into the Turbokat jet, flying it towards Megakat City Hall, seeing Dark Kat, who was about to so bad things to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs.

"Geez, not this freaking feline again!" T-Bone exclaimed.

Dark Kat turned around. "Forget it, SWAT Kats! You will never be able to stop me this time, because-"

Callie farted loudly again, interrupting Dark Kat's sentence as she gasped, placing her hand over her butt, another loud, deep pitched poot coming out.

"On second thought, I'll let you SWAT Kats have this one, because it looks like you have another problem on your filthy feline paws that I don't want to be a part of." Dark Kat stated, somehow disappearing without a trace.

"He's gone. I wonder why he left..." Callie pointed out, before another loud, raunchy fart pooted its way out of her big butt within her pink suit.

"Hey Razor, there's something different about Callie, although I can't put my paw on it..." T-Bone assumed, rubbing his chin as Callie let out four loud farts in a row, each one louder and longer than the last.

Razor nodded. "I agree. She seems even more attractive that usual."

T-Bone looked oddly at Razor. "Attractive? That better not be your boner talking! Because that would be ironic since we're kats."

"Just what is going on here?" Mayor Manx asked, seeing Callie blush in embarassment as she kept releasing more loud, smelly farts, her tail being constantly blown and lifted by her gassy outbursts.

"Mayor, I can explain!" Callie claimed. "It must of been something that I ate."

Razor watched as Callie's farting continued stinking up the room, even though the gas was able to escape through the shattered glass pane. "I'd sure like to get in on this."

"Don't be such a dog, Razor." T-Bone told him.

Razor growled in annoyance. "Hey! I resent that!"

Callie simply sighed, not being able to do much as her farts kept belting out of her like an underground gas leak, with Mayor Manx confused as hell as the SWAT Kats started arguing with each other.