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The Taste of Your Life

By Evil Karyta

Prologue: Craving For the Very Source of Life

It's dark, as it always is at this time of the day… or should I say night. Time flows so slowly when you have eternity ahead of you. I'm so tired of all this, the same moon each night, the same stars, the same sky, never really changing. It's always the same old earth I've always seen throughout my long lasting life. Every thing will always be the same old way it was way back in my beginning times as it is tonight. Maybe a little altered by the human technology. The means of transportation, and the buildings change but the sky and the way I live my life do not. It's been the same for so long now… that I wish there was a way to stop things, change them, and make my long life a better time. I feel so lonely, so lost, all by my-self through all the years of wandering about the world. I wish I could find just one person, or creature, I don't care which, who could understand my feeling, my way to see this dark tunnel of existence that we all call life.

The sweet smell of life it-self comes to my nose, toying with my tortured mind. Inviting me to follow it and taint me even further, to commit yet another murder in my damned life. I try to resist it, I really do. This innocent person deserves to live.
Yes, they deserve to live just as much as my other victims who died crying for mercy all through this long time span I cal my live. Who knows what would have happened to them if they had not crossed my path that night.

But I will never know, will I, because its in the past and I can not give back a life I took away, no matter how much I may want to, I can not. I feel it again, The craving for life, for an innocent life who did not ask to be taken away. The need for the warm red liquid of existence and the desire to taste the salty flavour of warm skin in my mouth, I crave to satisfy my murderous needs. I long for the red flow that gives me energy and is the secret of my ever-lasting life. Now the feeling is so powerful, I can not fight it anymore. I need to appease my thirst, I need to drink, I need to drink of the life sustaining liquid, until every last drop has been drained, leaving no more life, until it is only me, and the dry husk of yet another of my victims.

I can see the source of the ever so delicious smell of life. A young girl… well I think they're young. I truthfully don't know as I lost the ability to estimate someone's age some time ago. You see for someone as old as me, everyone is young without exemption, everyone is younger than I am. The girl does not seem to notice me, no one ever does. She is
quite beautiful, long black hair, soft cream-coloured skin, long slim neck. I feel the craving getting stronger flaming through my whole being. If I did not move soon I would be crawling to her to ease my noxious thirst.

I leap quietly in the shadow and follow the girl who is walking slowly completely oblivious of the danger lurking towards her. I almost pity her like I do all my victims, as they are not strong enough to defend themselves against an unmerited death. They will never have my chance, they never will. In the silence of the night I see her well formed body travelling slowly toward the dusky street ahead of us. Her round taunting rear, her smooth bare arms, her silky black tresses, and her long rosy neck, my desire reaches its peak as she passes through the soft yellow lights of a streetlight to the darkness of a small alley beyond. 'It is now or never' I think as I vault before her in a movement faster than the eye can see.

" Aaaaahhhhh!" She screams. The girls voice is like the highest note of the little piccolo.

"Where are you coming from? I didn't see you." She adds once she regains her senses.

I don't answer. It does not matter if I do or not, her end will be the same. As I take a step into the light I watch her eyes scanning me from head to toes and then her expression changes from startled fright to near adoration towards my appearance. Her eyes stop they're wandering to stare directly into my eyes, fully making her mine, as no words will issue forth from her mouth ever again. As if in trance, she let me approach her until I am as close as I can manage without breaking my spell.

I raise my hand to caress her soft warm cheek. The contrast between her skin and mine is frightening. Mine is of a death white and hers a delicious smooth mahogany, glowing with life. I see her blink when my hand touches her skin. To me, her skin is almost burning hot, as her life's essence roars through her veins, I can almost imagine that what my death pale hand must feel like to her, cold, but a cold that can never warm, the frigid lifeless cold of death. Slowly, I bent my head down toward her the skin of her long soft tan neck and kiss lightly at her pulse. I can hear her sigh in delight, if only she knew what was awaiting her, she would have run away long before I had the chance to touch her silky cheek, or kiss her tantalising neck.

Now I tenderly lick the delicate skin, I can taste the salty flavour that characterises the feel of skin melting on my tongue. She moans in pure bliss and wraps her arms around my neck pressing me closer to her beating heart. Ever so slowly, I close my mouth on her tender neck, my sharp teeth piercing her salty skin and making her scream in a mix of pain and pleasure. Blood flows out of the wound at a fast pace. I drink it down every drop of her life giving fluid, sucking it all out of her weakening body, as I feel the hot blood running through my whole being as it gives me some of the girl's colour, the appearance of true life while turning my white skin to a more rosy shade. I can hear her heart beating at an ever slowing pace showing that she is gradually dying in my mortal embrace. Ever so slowly, her arms begin to loose their grip around my shoulders to drop lifelessly to her side. As her pulse starts to stop, I pull her down toward to hard ground of the street right under the streetlight. Her head touches the pavement and my mouth lingers on her neck, still full of her blood. She let out her last sigh and dies.

" Sleep now… sleep and die…" I whisper as I leave the dead girl for the whole world to see.

I am now completely satisfied and feel a little drowsy because of the sudden heat in my body. Slowly I lift my eyes back up to the moon and I feel less weary of my unending life but…


The soft breeze of the spring night plays with the silky locks of auburn hairs. Big green eyes reflect the full moon where it sits up in the starry sky its light reflecting playfully off the delicate frame of a woman around twenty-five years old as she
leans against an opened window. Her jade colored pools star dreamily at the nothingness of space before her. In the background, a television is on, the news channel flickering away on the screen. The sound was on low yet still loud enough for us to perfectly hear the male reporter as he related the nights-top story,

" Yet an other murder had been perpetuated tonight. This time it was a young teen girl named Shijani Jade. No doubts that this is the act of the same assassin who is already call 'The Vampire Killer'. After 5 murders all made the same way we can understand the name…"

" Will they ever stop this freak? Soon we won't even be allowed to walk outside at night." Sighed the woman as she moved from her place by the window to stand by the table in front of it.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan, everything will be alright. They will get the monster and put him in jail, and then kill him for all I know." Another woman's voice drifted out from another room.

"I'm not worried Tomoyo-chan…" Sakura commented before turning her head back toward the window once again to star deeply in thought at the glowing moon for a moment longer. Then she decisively shut the window before closing the curtains.

To be continued… … …

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