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The Taste of Your Life

By Evil Karyta

Epilogue: Requiem for the Cherry Blossom

Such a beauty should be forbidden to this world. One would be damned, condemned to death to only lay an eye on her. A flower, forever kept in life, frozen in time, exquisite and exotic, always to live and show her deadly beauty to mortal eyes. That is how I see her as I wake this night. My eyes could net see enough, could not get enough of her naked splendour. A goddess was born out of my passion, a fallen angel, the most beautiful thing that had graced the world. And I thought she was beautiful while she lived. What I foul I have been. Nothing can surpass the power of the immortal blood flowing through her veins.

I pass a finger over her white skin, so pale, so soft, just like the petal of the flower that lend it's name to her. Will I ever get enough of her sight? I do not think so. She is like a painting, made by the one who laid eyes on the forbidden Eden, forever lock in peace and harmony, but made to spill the blood of many. A masterpiece that is what she is. And mine, alone, now and forever. My hand is now lost in the silky waves of her hairs. Long, shiny, as if they captured the essence of light, locks of sun, concealed in the darkness of night. By the god, how can something such as this can exist without shattering the world and breaking hells apart. Surly, the Devil would want her by his side… but I will keep her with me.

I never thought I would feel this possessive over someone, but she brings out everything that is dark or light inside of me. But will she be the same as she was. The sweet, caring and innocent Sakura that I love so deeply? This has plagued me all day through my sleep, rending me restless. Beloved, please, don't let your spirit die, keep it burning as it did before, for I can not bear to have you become as I once were. You are my binding, the only thing keeping me from becoming insane, the chain that keeps me from ravaging the world, from tormenting those who do not deserves.

I sit in the bed, my eyes glued to her sleeping form. I can not resist the urge to take her in my arms, protect her from what would soon become of her. It is unavoidable, she is bound to change, to become something far more closer to a monster than a human being. Even her beauty is now unreal. Her whole body glowing in a light that she must have stolen from the moon. Is it only a trick of the mind or is she aspiring all light to make it her own? I let my finger touch your face, scared that they might burn with our supernatural splendour. Do I deserve you? Will you leave my like I did to my creator? Will you hate me. Oh Sakura, your leaving is the foretelling of my death, please stay by my side.

What is this…? Tears? My fear of loosing you is so great that only the thought of it is tearing me apart. I need you by my side for more than one reason. Don't abandon me, I need you… I need you so much. My angel, my goddess, my lover, my beloved, my child… stay with me forever, love me forever as I will. I feel my whole being shaking in fright. Must you live, I will be no more. I never thought it would be so great to create, to see one glow with your blood flowing through her body, changing her forever into something much greater than life, and deadlier than death.

I'm scared. I do not want you to become the monster that I am. I killed countless time, broken so many lives, torn so many future, destroyed so many families. I am damned, and now I have cursed you with the same faith I vowed to keep you from. You have fallen into darkness, forever a part of it, bound to take lives from those who wish, from those who dream, from those who live. But, between the two of us, I am the one to be blame. Curse me Lord, but forgive her. I am the one who sinned, she would always shine, she would always be within Your light.

"Don't take her innocence away. She shines in purity, she must stay that way…"

I blink. In my delirium, I have said those words out loud and the sound of my voice, warped in fear and regret, bouncing on the walls surrounding our limbs, seems to be from an other man. I kiss your forehead, to ashamed to touch your lips, feeling too filthy, too unworthy to have your taste. But it does not keep me from holding you to me with more force than before. As if your body, cold as death, still as the earth, was the only thing keeping me from falling apart. Maybe it is so. Maybe your are the only thing that keeps me who I am.

I look at you through tearful eyes, not even ashamed of my weakness, if it is even a sigh of abate. Your beauty shines in the dark, a low glow piercing the darkness, piercing my soul, making me your servant. I should be blind by now, but I still can see. You are a bearer of miracle, sweet Sakura, my beloved. You are my goddess, the only thing I can believe on, relay into. By my light and I shall be your priest. How strange, you are becoming my religion and pushing me deeper into my sin as I almost marvel in my own decay.

"Be my guide through eternity…"

Was this said out loud? I can not tell. Beloved, can't you wake up and tell me that it is alright? Can't you wake up and curse me for what I have done? Can't you just wake up? I to see your new eyes. I yearn for you, for your new you, for your old you. Just for you. Sakura, can you hear my thoughts? Can you feel my pain? Can you feel me at all? Do you crave in your sleep? Do you dream. That I can not tell. Awake and tell me. Awake and stop my pain. Awake and forgive me…

You are so beautiful. I can not stop kissing you now. It is as if my lips had a mind of their own. They are devouring your face as if it was the fines of dishes. Your cheeks are sweet, your nose is delicious, and your eyes are tasty. But, I must admit, your blood was the sweetest I ever taste. I feel filthy of thinking such things, but forgive me my love for loving the taste of you. It poured into my mouth like nothing ever did. I tasted so many thing in my life. Had a glimpse of the men, the innocent, the women, the criminals, the children, the old, but you were the most loving, sweet and tasteful thing I ever had the chance to drink upon. Was it love that made you so good to my taste buds or were you really one of the few who had the rare blood of the true innocence. Many would have committed more than crimes to just have a taste of you if they knew. But you were meant for me, weren't you?

I see your eyes flutter. You are finally coming back to me. Here to answer my plea, to forgive me. But as I look into your eyes, slowly showing beneath your lashes, I catch my breath. God… Such magnificence should be deadly to those of our kind to witness. Because you are as me now. Bearing the eternal flame of the undead. Bind into the world as long as you wish to exist. How long would it be? But your eyes are… they are… no words can describe them. I never thought a green like this could exist. A mix between so many shades, swirling inside your orbs, staring at me now, hypnotising me. So many colour. I can see the bright yellow shining in the depth, giving them a sunny morning glow, I can see blue in them, lending you the colour of the purest of sky in the day, and the green spinning inside. A powerful green, vivid, alive, like leaves in the summer breeze, like grass dancing in the wind, like gems in the light.

I want you to speak to me. I ache to hear your lovely voice filling my ears. I should be deaf, I do not deserve to hear such a melody. I should be blind, I have no right to see such beauty bare before me. I should be dead, my sins should be punished. Kill me with your splendour, destroy me with your voice, send me to the Hells with your all, I do not deserve to be. Your eyes shine in questioning. You can hear my thoughts? Can you feel my fright? Maybe you don't because your arms are reaching out to me, guiding my face toward yours, pushing my lips upon yours, giving me a new taste of you. I close my eyes as I feel you, your hands sinking into my hairs, caressing my nape, your lips crashing against mine, your thong battling with mine, tasting me as I taste you.

I set my hands free to caress you smooth cheek. So soft, so lovely, so you. The other is now descending upon your neck, finger tips touching so lightly the perfection of your flesh. Cold and hot, so much more than that of a human. You are immortal in my arms, you feel eternal to my touch, and it is far from elusive, it is your faith intertwined with my own. My soaring soul have find a nest to rest, a place to call home, a shelter for its illness. Be my place of abode for perpetuity, and let me find in you the love and purity that my whole life had missed so dearly throughout all those long years.

"I will…" you whisper as you release my mouth from your souring kiss.

"You heard my thoughts…"

It is closer to a statement of admiration than a simple inquiring. You smile, and I can see those sharp teeth shining in the dark, deadly, a threat to life, but a bless to me somehow. Your hand comes to cup my face, tracing a finger to my lips and stopping at the bottom of my lower one. I smile too. Beloved, you have no idea what you can do to me, I thought as I gaze deeply into your swirling pools of evergreen. And you return my gaze with as much passion as I would ever expect, even more. I love you.

"I love you too, Syaoran."

"… Forgive me…" I murmured against your ear.

"Forgive you for what?"

"I turned you into…" I can't finish my sentence, I'm too scared.

"There is nothing wrong. You did what you thought was right. Somehow you saved my life by giving me a new one. I know I'll never be the same but… darling, I love you enough to accept it. So if you love enough, you'll find it in you to forgive me…"

Sakura, you always find the right words to soothe my soul. You forgive me, than I do too. Let's spend the eternity together because the only thought of your far from me, is a step toward my death.


"We just discovered a new body, possibly a new victim fallen into the hands of the 'Vampire Killer'. The authorities found the body, laying in limbs, face almost unrecognisable, in an ally near the Casino street. The young victim, a waitress working in a bar near the ally, had been found not so long ago. She was identified as Kinomoto Sakura, 23 years old…"

Tomoyo was not listening to the words of the reporter anymore. Her mind had become a swirling ache of memories of her friend from the past. The cat by her side stared at her as she transformed into a statue, her violet eyes glued to the screen, not wanting to believe the cruel reality. The package she had been holding, some sort of gift warped in a pretty paper, most likely a Christmas present, fell to the ground, what laid inside shattering as the words echoed through the girl's head. Sakura… died…

Sorrow engulfed her soul and soon was lost in grief. No more would she hear her laugh, no more would she scare her with her ghost stories, she was gone, forever lost, killed by a ruthless maniac in pure agony. She felt her knees grow weak, her stomach quivering, making her feel ill. Her hand came to her mouth, preventing maybe the bitter juice to spill out of her, and fell to the floor, eyes shining in tears.

The world around her shut, becoming a low sound, like the resonance of the dead line as someone passed away. Her eyes poured their loneliness and sorrow down her cheeks in a never ceasing flow of grieves. Gone, dead, passed away, forever remaining only a memory to those who cherished and loved her. The yellow fur ball mewed, staring at her, not understanding what happened to the young woman as she cried silently on the floor, her vision blurred by the salty liquid produced by her pain and looked at the window.

Two sets of eyes peered inside, both sad and sorrowful, witnessing the demeanour of the poor girl. Green eyes shown with tears, lips whispered forgiveness as a hand came across her shoulder. Unreal green meat fiery amber, a thumb wiped a tear away from the eye as it threaten to fall, and arms encircled the form, the two becoming almost one as they embraced and disappeared in the night. Sakura gave a last look at what once was her home, when her friend laid in mourning, never to reach for her again, never to be the same again. She bid farewell to who she was, and as if leaving a funeral, she marched away, crying silently in the night. Kinomoto Sakura was no more…

The End

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