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This sucked.

This really sucked.

"I'm never helping you with your strange experiments ever again!" Kagome huffed, crossing her arms tightly over her chest, "Banner is the one who is supposed to help you with this stuff. I'm on the team as your medic, not your science assistant!"

"Big words," Tony teased, grinning like he had just won the lottery, "For such a tiny girl." He snickered, poking her in the cheek a few times much to her irritation.

"And whose fault is that!?" Kagome shrieked, her face growing red with anger and even a slight embarrassment at her current situation, "You better have a way to turn me back to normal or I will make you regret it!" She threatened, though the effect was much less than it usually would be.

"Yes, yes," Tony cooed, resting his head on his hands and simply went to observe Kagome, who appeared quite annoyed (but that only added more to her utter adorableness), "Relax. The effects are only temporary." He waved his hand as if it didn't really matter.

"Why would you ask for my help when you don't even know what could happen?!" Kagome growled as best as she could and resisted the urge to bite Stark's finger when he curiously poked her in her cheek once more.

The billionaire had been working with Pym particles (whatever those were), a type of particle that had been recently discovered by a scientist that worked with S.H.I.E.L.D named Henry Pym. She had no idea how or why Tony had been given access to such a thing, but, as usual, she had been the one who suffered the consequences.

She had been shrunk into pocket-size because Stark had enlisted her help with whatever he had been attempting to do with those Pym particles.

Pocket-sized, dammit!

"You're so cute!" Tony smirked and Kagome blanched, not exactly liking those words coming out of his mouth. She let out a squeak when Stark picked her up within his palm from the table, taking care to be extra careful with her tiny and delicate form, "I wonder what kinky things we can do with this?" He asked with a suggestive waggle of his brows.

"Can't you ever think of anything else?" Kagome flushed red again, her own brows twitching when Stark nuzzled her entire body against his cheek. The sensation of his stubble wasn't exactly the softest feeling ever and she frowned when he began to rub her tiny cheek with his finger once more, "I can still call Sesshoumaru, you know." She said bluntly.

"You're no fun!" Tony pouted and Kagome let out a noise of protest when he suddenly dropped her into the pocket on his chest of his shirt, "The others have got to see this before the particles wear off!" He quickly left his lab and Kagome poked her head above the pocket with a scream of objection.

"I can't let Master Barton see me like this!"