Walking along the waters edge the little boy looked intently at the sand beneath his feet looking for interesting treasures that he could collect and bring to his Mommy as a present. In his little hand he was clutching four little rocks that he had found and was looking for one more to complete his collection. Just as the small swell came over the tops of his feet Carlito saw a bright flash of color as the water slowly ebbed away from him. Bending down he brushed his fingers in the sand and as the fine grains and water filtered through his fingers the bright green object that caught his eye was left behind. Closing his fingers he straightened to examine the polished glass he believed to be a beautiful jewel that she could add to her box of trinkets. Turning to look back up the beach he smiled and waved back at where his Mommy was sitting on her towel watching him. As she waved back at him, Carlito noticed two people walking up to take a seat a few feet from from his Mommy. Carlito immediately tagged them as tourists right away as they had what his Daddy liked to describe the "pasty white limbs of the tourista's". After his Mom's wave back to him, Carlito turned to make one last pass along the waters edge for anything that might meet his standards for collectible treasure.

As Fiona lowered her hand to her side she became aware of the couple taking up a position just off to her right and almost immediately her senses went on alert. Though they had the pasty white limbs of tourists, their limbs were well muscled and there was something in the way that they were carrying themselves as they arranged their blanket and settled in that made her feel wary at their presence.

Fiona's first instinct was to call to Charley and collect their things to go but she fought back the urge and instead she focused her attention on Charley and his quest along the waters edge.

After watching Charley for a few more moments the couple next to her were almost forgotten until Fi was startled to hear the woman ask her a question in English and not American English but the Queens English. Fi froze at this unexpected sound and tried hard to look nonchalant as if she had no idea she was being spoken to. Then the woman switched to Spanish and repeated the same question...Is that your little boy? Fi feigned confusion as she turned to look at the woman knowing she couldn't keep ignoring her obvious inquiry. Fi answered in French feigning no understanding of her question. Hoping the woman would think she was a tourist as well.

The woman immediately switched to French and repeated the question.

"He is a handsome little boy. Is he your son?"

Fi could only smile and nod her head in reply. Suddenly, she felt uneasy at the woman's persistence at getting Fi's attention.

Continuing in French what the woman said next turned Fi's blood cold. "Surprising Ms. Glenanne, our files show you have no children. Unless, of course, You and Mr. Westen were clever enough" nodding to where Charley was now walking back toward their location on the beach. "to keep this a little secret but I don't think so."

Fi looked at the man who was staring straight ahead at the water then back to her new inquisitor and waited for her to continue. "Yes, Ms. Glenanne we know who you are, we know who young Charley is as well. And we also know you are here with former CIA agent who is presumed dead: Michael Westen".

Fi could only stare at the woman as options raced through her mind. After analyzing all of them she knew all were futile and out of the question. In the old days she would have fought them and run but not with Charley, not any more. So Fi decided to face the problem head on.

"What do you want?"

"Oh see there Peter. She didn't do anything stupid. You owe me 10 pounds" The man merely nodded but never took his eyes off the water. She continued "Well, Ms. Glenanne, as much as I would love to discuss business here in this beautiful setting I would much prefer a better location. So Peter and I would love for you to meet us tomorrow at nine a.m. In Portal Nous on the Carrer Benito. There is a quaint little cafe on the corner of Carrer Japo and Carrer Benito and we can all get together and have a proper introduction. All right?"

The man sitting silently raised his hand in a half pointing motion and Fi turned her head to see Charley running towards them.

"Ms Glenanne. We haven't had your answer"

"yes, all right I will be there"

"Good then, smart woman."

Fi turned in time to see Charley leap on to the blanket landing on his knees. He spilled his treasures onto the blanket and with great excitement he began to show Fi the items he had found. Then he held out the most special one of all, the polished green sea glass." Fi made all of the appropriate sounds of approval but inside all she wanted to do was grab Charley and spending a few moments more with Charley in this fashion, she informed Charley it was time for them to go and began to gather their things. As she lifted the beach tote to her shoulder she couldn't help but glance once more at the couple. Both were reclined back on their towels as if they were any other tourist there to simply to soak up the Majorcan sun.