Fiona looked between the two men, biting her lip as she watched Michael quickly fill Armand in on their plan. Armand was to take the helicopter back to the airport. Where he would switch to a vehicle, assemble some reinforcements and then make his way back to the warehouse and wait for the right time to join the meeting. They should already be with the agents by then and hopefully they would be able delay any action by the agents long enough for Armand to show to up.

Sam and Jesse were to be dropped off after they entered the district through the gate closest to the warehouse. They would keep the bag of explosives that Fi had put together with them and use it to assist in whatever way it warranted. Armand was kind enough to leave the the FNP's as well. So their plan just increased its odds in succeeding with the addition to their arsenal. The real concern was the agents bringing reinforcements to help transport the gold. They knew the agents would figure they could not use use the same truck that had used to transport the gold all this way. It was Michael's guess they had some men for enforcement and to help with the transfer to a new vehicle of some sort. Where, if it were he, it would then brought to a private plane where it would be loaded and taken away. There was a slight chance those men would survive but Michael doubted that. As much as the agents threatened Fi and Michael with exposure they could not risk anyone knowing of their current windfall as well. Michael did not believe anyone but the two agents were expected to exit out of that building.

After Armand and Michael had finished, Armand turned to Fiona with a final word before returning to his transportation. "Fiona, please do take care of yourself" glancing quickly over at Michael he added "I would hate to see anything happen to you in this little endeavor of yours" with a nod in Michael's direction Armand turned and strolled over to his helicopter bending slightly as the blades above his head began to pick up speed.

Sam had walked up to stand beside Michael and as they watched the helicopter lift off. Sam could only offer "Well Mike, it's official he still has a thing for Fi and he is one pompous ass!"

Michael turned to look at Sam and nodded his agreement "let's go and get this over with."

"Amen Brother!"

Piling back into the truck, Sam and Jesse returned to their positions in the back and Mike and Fi hopped into the front with Michael taking the wheel this time. After a few attempts he was able to coax the engine to turn over, after a few groans of protest the clutch gave in and went into gear. Michael turned the wheel and merged back onto the roadway and they continued on down the road towards their fate.

After talking with Armand, Michael no longer had concerns about its success but he now began to wonder about his wisdom in asking for Armand's help. Armand was going to see this as a debt that he will be able to hold on to indefinitely. But Michael couldn't see any other way out of this. They probably could have taken the agents out themselves but he wasn't sure how much the agents put away for just such an occasion. What if they had a fail safe. If something should happen to them it would kick in telling someone what had happened, who they were working with. It is what he would have done to protect against any double cross. They were able to wrangle a deal from Armand that should the agents not do anything stupid. They could leave with Armand, alive. Any thing they have on Fi and Michael's whereabouts would be asked for and it would be in their best interest if they wanted to keep breathing to turn over that evidence without protest. Armand was already familiar with the type of agents in question. Being in the business that he has been in for so long he knew he was under almost constant surveillance and that every country he had ever had dealings in had a dossier on him. These two were according to Armand, were the easiest for him to deal with as they were low level paper pushers who collected data that other agents brought in and put it together for others to review. And as they have already proven their predilection towards dishonesty he would have no problem reversing the field and making them work for him, even making it worth their while to do. But first, the agents had to be made to listen and understand the only other option they had was to allow Armand to exact his revenge for their audacity in thinking they could take anything that belonged to him.

Pulling up to the entry gate Michael spoke in English but added an unmistakable Russian accent and gave the guard sitting at the guard house the building number and the fictitious company name the agents had provided. The man checked his clip board and pointed to the left and Michael could only presume he responded with "that way" in Greek.

After making the turn and clearing the first block of warehouses Michael slowed the truck enough for Sam and Jesse to leap out not daring to allow the truck to come to a complete stop. Timing their leap so that if any one monitoring the truck as it made its approach would have had their view blocked briefly. Sam and Jesse ran to an alleyway and disappeared. Michael looked over at Fiona and smiled, Fiona for her part tried to smile back.

"Ok, their off." Looking at Fi again he could only add "everything is going to be fine"

"Michael, back there, with Armand, the things he was saying..."

"I know Fi. Don't worry about it I know it hasn't been easy. Especially for you" giving a small shrug he continued "There were times when even I had doubts. You know about everything." He looked over at her as he made the last turn towards the open doors of the warehouse they were to enter. "Fi, I do want you to know one thing, and it is something I don't want you to ever have a doubt about and that is this life that we are living right now, it won't be forever. I promise you."

Fiona's eyes welled up at Michael's heartfelt words and she looked quickly away towards the warehouse opening as it began to fill the windshield.

Michael reached over and grabbed Fiona's hand into his and held it tight as they entered the warehouse and whatever awaited them.

As the duo entered the warehouse together they immediately began to access their surroundings for tactical advantages and weaknesses. The warehouse itself though much older than its pre-fabricated neighbors was still in very good shape on the inside. It was very roomy with high ceilings. Skylights unnoticed from their vantage point up on the hill, ran the length of the ceiling on either side of the centerline focusing rectangular beams of light across the floor below. The rest of the area was lit by either large fluorescent lights overhead or by a bank of windows running down the south wall to their right. The outer edges of the space were not as well lit as the center and Michael could not discern anyone hiding in the shadows immediately in front or to the sides. Michael did notice another large door on the opposite side of their entry point with another cargo truck much better suited for moving heavy cargo such as twenty-seven million dollars in gold bars, parked just off to the side of the closed door.
Suspended from the ceiling there was a catwalk that wrapped three quarters of the way around the building and down the centerline of the ceiling. There was an industrial electronic pulley system that hung down and using the tracks that hung suspended like a large H a person up on the catwalk holding the controller could move freight about the room quite easily. Michael smiled as he realized the catwalk had a section that led to a smaller exit door that hopefully led to a stairway or something similar that Jesse and Sam could use to gain entrance. As Michael examined the second level he felt Fiona squeeze his hand and as he looked at her she whispered "there" and nodded in the direction of some large crates stacked to their right. There was a man who most definitely was not Peter standing with Ak-47 pointed in their direction and watching them as their truck came to a stop.

They sat in the truck as two unmistakeable figures came around the crates and walked towards them as they came to a stop a few yards in front of the vehicle, Peter in a loud voice called for them to get out of the vehicle.

Michael swung his door open and with Fiona's hand still in his he pulled her with him out of his side of the truck.

"Well, here it is...your gold" Michael made a quick sweep of the area and picked up on two more men with automatic weapons stepping out of the shadows behind them. He looked to Fiona and could tell she had seen them as well.

"Yes we can see that" Anne turned to wave at the two men that Michael had spotted earlier and commanded "search them for weapons" the one man came over and searched Michael and Fi and took the guns they had tucked belt holsters and in their ankle holsters. Once satisfied that they were no longer a threat. Ann ordered one of the men into the back of the truck to check the cargo. They listened as the back door was thrown upwards and then heard one of the men clambering up into the cargo area a few moments later he hopped back down and came over to where they were standing and confirmed all was as it should be.

"Well then, since everything is ok, Fi and I will just go ahead and take off" Michael made a sweeping motion towards the garage opening they had just passed through.

"Not so fast Mr. Westen. We haven't quite finished with you two yet." It was Peter who had spoken this time. He was beginning to become irritated by Michael Westen's flippant attitude, so it was with great pleasure that he added. "You didn't think we were just going to let you walk out of here just like that did you?"

"Well, yeah. I mean we did what you asked." Michael spoke with what he hoped was wide eyed innocence "We risked our lives stealing a truck from Armand, had his soldiers chasing and shooting at us. Then it turns you lied to us about what it was we were stealing. You told us it was some scopes and missiles parts but it turns out to be Armand's gold. But I want you to know, I forgive you for that."
Fiona decided to chime in with her own complaint "Not to mention the poor truck itself barely made it. Do you know how hard it is to drive a truck that loses first gear. Which we lost by the way about 30 miles outside of town." Michael was nodding his agreement as Fi spoke.

"Mr Westen I am sure all of that would make an interesting story to someone who cared but really, Anne and I have a schedule to keep to." with a look at the man who had jumped in the truck earlier to check its cargo he now nodded in the direction of its cab. "Go move the truck over closer to the other truck so we can start transferring the cargo" Then he continued as the man climbed into the cab, and with a grinding sounds echoing the the cavernous building he tried to start the engine. "But we will not be able to let you and Ms. Glennanne leave this building."

Nodding his head in a knowing fashion in the direction of the truck and the man in it Michael answered "see what I mean." Turning back to Pete and Anne he went on "I don't think he is going to get it to start. That truck has pretty much had it." With that the man leaned out and confirmed what Michael had already stated.
"Sir, this truck is done in, it isn't going anywhere"

It was Anne's turn to speak up "Oh you imbeciles" with that outburst she walked past Fiona and Michael and spoke to the driver. "Get out of there and go get that forklift and we will take the gold out from here"

As everyone was focused on the driver and the non-starting truck Fiona noticed the sliver of bright sunlight as the door on the second level cracked open ever so slightly. She knew it could only be Jesse and Sam testing the opening before coming in but the sunlight coming through was so bright that she knew it would not go unnoticed unless they kept everyone occupied. Especially the guard standing on top of the crates directly below.

Shifting her weight slightly she leaned into Michael and as he looked down at her she shifted her own eyes towards the second level, glancing up he immediately understood the problem and began to do what he could to keep the attention focused where he wanted it, on the truck or himself.

"Look, let me help. You!" pointing at the guy still hanging back next to Peter "come give me a hand and what about him" he nodded up towards the man on the crates. He called up towards crate man "We are going to need your help too. Those crates aren't going to walk onto the fork lift themselves."

"Wait a minute who's in charge here?" Looking over her shoulder to where the man who had once been standing on the crates but was now on the ground having listened to Michael Ann was unable to keep her own growing irritation out of her voice "Look, stay where you are. Mr Westen I don't think you quite understand what is going to happen here."
Michael changed his position to make sure he was the one facing the door up above as he interrupted her "I understand everything clearly here. The truck won't start, you have gold sitting in crates too far from the edge for the forklift to reach. You are not going to be able to bring that truck over here to transfer the gold without exposing what you are doing. So you're going to need those twelve crates to be moved towards the back where they can be lifted by the forklift over there. You got three men plus Pete here to move those crates" Peter stiffened at the dig just thrown his way Michael ignored him and continued "and if you put one of your guys on the forklift that would leave you only three guys and those three will have to to try and lift those crates one by one to the edge just to be picked up by the forklift and taken to the truck over there and stacked. Now the way I see it you can kill Fi and I and have fun for the next couple of hours moving these things or you can let Fi drive the lift and allow me help the carry that gold and cut your time loading it."

He could see that Anne and Peter were considering his suggestion but more importantly his rant had kept all eyes on him and by his moving towards the rear of the truck to add emphasis no one not even the guard who had moved in closer from the crates noticed the door on the second level open wide enough to let in the two men. Who quickly took cover behind one of the large pulleys hanging along side the catwalk.

"Why, are you so eager to help us?" Peter asked with suspicion in his voice. "You know what we have planned for you two"

Michael with his eyes wide and without guile answered "that's exactly why I am trying to offer our help. I don't want to die right now"

Peter studied the man standing in front of him. He knew of his reputation as a liar and as a skillful manipulator. But he was confident in his and Ann's planning and of the precautions they had taken to make sure Michael Westen could not out fox them. He and Ann had made plans to kill not only Fiona and Michael but the men helping them as well. Their plan was for all their bullet ridden bodies to be found and it would be assumed the two outlaws thought dead, had been in fact alive and killed here as they tried to rob this warehouse of its contents. The crates over in the corner had some weapons and explosives which everyone would assume was their target. Easy enough to believe given Ms. Glenanne reputation as a bomb maker and gun dealer.

As Sam and Jesse watched the events unfold below as they tried to figure out their next move. From where they were currently positioned their options were extremely limited. Any movement from them risked exposure to everyone beneath them. The catwalk was made from metal and their footsteps no matter how softly they tread would echo across the cement valley below. Finally, an answer presented itself when Jesse with a nod of his head signaled to Sam that one of the men had walked over to the forklift and was about to start it up. Smiling back at Jesse they now had away to move into position to cover Mike and Fi. As the roar of the engine echoed off of the cement walls Sam stayed crouched and moved carefully across the catwalk to a location on the farthest side. Hiding behind the thick wire ropes hanging down waiting to be attached to some cargo container. Using these as a barrier between himself and those on the floor below he had perfect line of sight if he needed to open fire on the bad guys. Jesse for his part just shifted his position to the opposite side where a large support pillar advancing from the floor below and up into a support beam that ran the length of the building. From Jesse's vantage he had a clear shot covering the opposite side of the warehouse if needed. Now they just had to settle in and wait for the signal. Sam pulled the detonator from the black bag and checked it to make sure the red light was still glowing. It was ready too.

Down below from the corner of his eye Michael caught Sam, moving into his new position and setting up. None of the others had heard or seen a thing, it seems Michael's attempt at keeping everyone distracted had been successful. Ann, after several seconds had grown tired of the stare down between Michael and Peter and had given the order for her man to go get into the forklift and bring it over as for the others she nodded for them to get up into the truck and start moving the crates to the rear. But not before telling the men to give Pete and herself their weapons.

Ann could not believe how everything was working out in their favor. The only concern they had was the men they had hired and how to kill them before they could get a round off and here they were just handing the guns over, it was all she could do not to laugh out loud. She almost felt vindicated only had the wish that those buggers at the Home Office could see them now. When the intel came across her desk and as she scanned it she realized what she was reading a plan began to form. The report had described how the agent had been following a lead on another unrelated job on the island of Majorca and he was sure he had seen Fiona Glenanne sitting at a coffee shop. The agent had attempted to make a second contact to confirm but was unable to find her but he rate his confidence as very high that it was Glennann. Ann had considered what to do with the report and when she met up later with Peter for their afternoon romp at the hotel, she in a playful sort of way told Peter her plan. Peter for his part began to add his own thoughts to it and over time a silly plan evolved into a formal plan that began to take shape and over the next couple of days during their romps, it became something they believed they could actually pull off without a hitch. The couple had such confidence in their idea that they made the decision to misfile the report. They knew it could not be destroyed because it had already been logged in digitally but misfiling that was entirely possible. It was the human element that made it easy because after being logged in the digital copy would be archived and the hard copy would be passed along to hire ups who still wanted to hold paper in their hands when they read the field notes from operatives. This meant this report about Fiona could take months even years before anyone realized it was not in its proper place. Even when they found it, it was changed enough by Ann to read like a slight chance rather than a fully confident sighting. Combined with what they already knew about Armand's transportation system and where he stored his contraband their plan went into fruition. They both requested time off from work for holiday and spent it on the island of Majorca and to their delightful shock they not only confirmed the sighting of Fiona Glenanne for themselves, but her handsome partner Michael Westen and the rest they say is history. They now stood at the threshold of realizing their dreams. Getting out of the dullness of the spy business and living the good life. New identities and lives awaited them on the sandy beaches of Brazil.

"All right then, get up there and help them move the crates. One move with the forklift or by you that I consider a threat and I will shoot you. Do you understand"

Michael met her gaze and turned serious "Perfectly"

With that he swung himself up into the truck and Fiona walked over to switch places with the man at the wheel of the forklift. Now it was just a matter of waiting for Armand to arrive.

After moving the first four boxes to the edge of the truck bed, which was no easy feat even for five men. Mike felt the signal that Armand had arrived. The phone Fiona had used to call Armand was now vibrating in Michael's front pocket, it was the signal that Armand had arrived and was in position waiting for their next move.

Before going back to grab the fifth box of gold, Michael stood at the opening of the cargo area and arched his back putting his hands high over his head as he did so. It was his signal to Fiona that everyone was ready and in place. Fiona for her part stopped the forklift with the protruding metal bars aimed directly towards Ann. Ann had let her attention waver as she became entranced by the crates of gold sitting at the back of the truck and had no idea of the threat pointed at her. Fiona took a small cloth from her back pocket and wiped her brow. Both men perched high above the floor saw the signal and prepared themselves. Sam reached down and picked up the detonator and turned the first dial to the number one to set off the first of three explosive devices that they had planted and with the flick of the switch he set off the small explosive.

The explosion went off towards the front of building. The percussion could be felt as it travelled through the open door, startling all of those inside even Mike and Fiona. Turning in surprise Anne looked in the direction of the explosion and as she did this Fiona gunned the forklift forward. Ann had no time to react as the charging vehicle with its metal prongs came at her. Back pedaling as fast as she could go she fired her gun at the forklift but with all the metal of the trucks lift mechanism between herself and Fiona and the fact that she was moving backwards there wasn't anyway to get clear shot at the driver. Finally, her backside came up against the wall that had been a few meters behind her and the prongs went to either side of her trapping her up against the wall. She could still move her arms but she knew if she were to raise her hand to fire her weapon Fiona only had to move the forklift in a quick left or right direction to do her serious bodily harm and as if to emphasize her predicament a bullet ricocheted just a few feet to her left. When she looked up to see who had fired it, it was then that she realized there was someone on the catwalk above them. Ann slumped her shoulders as she realized she was defeated.

Michael was able to take care of the men inside of the truck quite easily. They may have been hired henchmen but they didn't have Michael's hand to hand combat training. So after taking two of the three dazed men out with a few blows and a final choke hold to one. He turned to see where the third man had gone. The third one who had been further back in the cargo space of the truck and therefore more protected from the explosion saw rather quickly that he was out matched and made a run for it. Because he didn't know what awaited him in through the front door where the explosion came from he decided it was best to try and make it to the rear door. As he ran towards the back of the warehouse a second explosion rocked the building as the cargo door hinges were blown off causing the door itself to fall inward and landing hard on the cement floor in a plume of dust and smoke. The third man hadn't made it even half way before the second explosion went off and out of instinct he instantly hit the ground and covered his head to protect it from any falling debris.

Peter was slightly disoriented as he was standing closer to the opening of the building and therefore in a more direct path of the first explosion. His ears ringing, he tried to shake his head to clear it and as he did so he looked over in time to see his partner Ann, as she was trying to avoid being speared by a forklift. Though his head was fuzzy he knew their situation had turned dramatically from a position of power to one of weakness. And in an effort to regain control he immediately raised his weapon to take a shot at the man standing at the back edge of the truck but just as he was about to pull the trigger of the AK he was holding, he felt the stinging pain of something heavy ripping into his shoulder and as he reached up instinctively to feel what had hit him a second explosions rocked his world and the last thing he saw before passing out was Michael Westen at the edge of the truck looking down at him smiling.

It was a shooting pain across his right side began to bring Peter back to the conscious world and it was was the hard surface under his head that helped him remember everything that had just transpired. Laying where he was with his eyes still closed he began to access his current situation. Listening to the voices around him he could tell that their little plan had gone horribly wrong and that it was now himself and Ann who were at the mercy of the captors. A constant tugging on his right shoulder finally caused him to open his eyes as the pain caused by the sensation was beginning to wear on him. Turning his head slightly he looked up into the face of a pleasant looking man with graying hair.

The man looked down into his eyes as he became aware of being watched and smiled as he spoke "Hey, look who is awake!" with a final tug Peter realized the man was dressing his wound and applying a final bandage. Looking over at his shoulder and then back up into the man's face the man continued "you got shot. You see Jesse there couldn't allow you to shoot our friend Mike here. So he winged you a little and you're lucky because he's pretty good at that kind of thing."

Peter looked over at the man standing over his caregivers shoulder and guessed he must be this Jesse fellow that "winged" him. Peter looked back the man again and with a final slap to his shoulder which caused Peter to groan out loud the man added "there ya go buddy all patched up. It's just a pretty good flesh wound and after it heals you can use it to get drinks from the ladies. They love to hear war stories and see bullet wound scars it worked for me every time" with a wink his medic stood up and walked over to where the other man Jesse was waiting and Peter watched as he was handed back his weapon.

Looking back over to his left he saw Ann calmly sitting on a small crate, her hands bound in front she was staring at him. At her feet their hired men were also bound but they were tied in a more fetal position with blindfolds on. Forcing himself into a sitting position and becoming dizzy from the effort Peter closed his eyes until the spinning stopped and when he opened them again he quickly wanted to shut them and never open them. Taking a deep breath and reopening his eyes, Peter looked into the face of Armand Arnot standing not more than twenty-feet from where he was sitting.

Armand who had watched Sam's interaction with the MI-6 agent with some amusement broke the silence "Hello Peter, I trust you are feeling much better now that Sam here has patched you up"

"Yes, thank you" Peter had turned to say the last part towards the man, Sam who had helped him.

Armand continued "Peter, you were asleep, when I reviewed the situation to your partner here. The both of you made a most egregious error in thinking you could get away with your clever little plan. I will give you credit, though it was clever it was not terribly well thought out. Now, let me review what we have discussed with your partner here and if you were as wise as she was you will take the deal I am about to offer you."
With a glance over at Ann who could only nod he listened to Armand's plan to turn them into his new sources at the Home Office.

After he was finished and had gained their assurances under the penalty of instant assassination for both agents. That they would not only keep the knowledge of Fiona and Michael's current healthy state a secret but they would also return to their jobs at the Home Office and resume their normal duties with the additional duty of providing Armand with information gathered by the Company on his operations. Armand turned his attention back to Fiona and Michael Westen.

"Fiona. Michael. I trust you are satisfied with the arrangements we have made?"

"Well, I don't see how we have much say in the matter but yes it works out all right" Michael responded

"You're right. You don't have much say in the matter, I was really only trying to be polite by asking, for Fiona's sake."

Fiona watched Armand as he came over to stand before Michael and Fiona. "Well, I guess this will be goodbye again Fiona. As always, it was an exciting pleasure to see and work with you again."

As much as it pained her to say it Fiona responded "thank you Armand. For everything and for listening to us."

"Well Fiona, I don't want your Mr. Westen here to leave thinking everything you said about me was the truth. I am not quite the beast you think I am."

Fiona was about to give a less than forgiving retort but when Michael grabbed her arm to keep her from responding and answered instead.

"Armand, I do appreciate what you have done and I know this now puts you at the advantage knowing what you know about our know alive"

Armand cut him off before he could continue and said "Michael, I never thought you two had perished in that fire to begin with. Fiona here is like a cat with nine lives and from what I understood about you, you are as well"

"Sir" a voice from the other cargo truck called out to Armand "it's loaded and we are ready to go" Armand nodded at the man and smiled as he waved at another group of his men and motioned for them to round up their new partners in crime and take them to a waiting vehicle. The henchmen working for Peter and Ann had their bindings at their feet cut and were being led to a van.
Fiona could not help but ask "and them" she nodded with her chin in their direction.
Armand smiled at her again amused at this new caring person standing before him. Who knows maybe she had changed "Not to worry. They informed me of the contents in those crates over there and I will be walking away with a little bit more in profit than what I came with. Some small arms, explosives. They will be paid off with promises of future employment as well" Fiona looked up at satisfied with his answer.

Armand returned his attention to the others. There is a car waiting for you outside and it will take you to the airport where my G6 is waiting for you, the pilot has been instructed to take you to whatever destination you want." Michael looked at him suspiciously.

"Please Michael. It is my gift to you free of favors. I think that we shall call it even. I helped you and I get two informants in the MI-6. I think it works out all the way around"

Without warning Armand suddenly leaned down brushed a kiss to Fiona's cheek catching both her and Michael off guard with the move. Sam and Jesse both looked at each other a little uncomfortably knowing their friend probably was not thrilled with that last part.

"Now, I really must be going. Fiona, again I want you to remember that should you ever need me I am always just a phone call away." With that he turned and walked towards the truck holding his gold and climbed into the passenger side and in a cloud of diesel smoke drove out of the warehouse.

Later, on the G6 they had all settled in for the 8 hour flight back to France landing at one of the smaller airports where questions about passports and such would be a little easier to avoid. Then travel on to meet Charley at one of Elsa's hotels. Sam was settling in with his second beer since taking off and was having fun flirting with the beautiful hostess. Michael knew that Sam was totally committed to Elsa but the flirt had never really left the man. Jesse had taken up the position in one of the lounge chairs towards the back of the plane. Where he stretched out his long frame and had fallen asleep.
He and Fiona were in the forward most section of the plane sitting next to each other on the large comfortable sofa. Fiona was resting with her back up against his chest her hands playing with the fingers of his hands as they sat in silence together. Each going through their own thoughts and reflecting on the events of the last 48 hours.

Finally, their silence was interrupted by Fiona who could not leave one part of the plan alone.
"Hmmmm" he said while kissing her head.

"What are we going to do about those two agents? We can't just leave them working in the at MI-6 feeding information to Armand. It will put to many innocent people at risk..." Before she could continue Michael brought her fingers gently to his lips and answered her softly "Sam, Jesse and I have already thought about that." None of them could live with themselves knowing those two were still helping Armand and possible putting other agents at risk."

"So?" She asked

"So, Sam and Jesse are going to see to it that after some time has passed that word gets back to the right people about those two and they will convince their agency friends that it would be better to leave them be and use them to feed misinformation to Armand than it would be to remove them from service. Then after awhile, no matter what happens to them or what they try to tell anyone about you and I, they will have so discredited themselves that no one will believe them."

Fiona turned back and leaned back into Michael's warm chest and thought about what he had just said.

"You know Michael this espionage stuff can be quite exhausting."

Michael let out a small chuckle and squeezed her tighter and then took her hand into his and started to play with her fingers again. After, another brief moment of silence, Michael gently placed his fingers under under her chin and turned her face to look up into his so that he could look into Fiona's eyes. He could see the stresses of the last few days written on her face and the fatigue in her eyes and something else.

"Fiona, I'm..."

Fiona stopped him from going any further. "What is it I usually say about now. We are so not good at this" she squeezed his hand tightly and leaned up pressed her lips against his and kissed him deeply." After they pulled apart slightly she whispered to him "Michael, there is no regrets, nothing that I am sorry for in my choosing to be in love with you. There is no where else I want to be Michael but with you and Charley. I love you and you know I never really kept that a secret"
Michael let out a small laugh and replied "No. No you didn't. Fi, you do know I am not the best at saying this all the time but you know I love you, right? I mean, I love you so very much and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

Looking back up at him she replied "I know Michael. I know" and she gave him another deep kiss and turned to scrunch closer into him as she felt his arms tighten around her and it was in that position wrapped together that they fell asleep for the rest of the journey home and back to Charley.