Title: One Does Not Escape Your Mind Easily

By: MattieMicBrownWilliams

Summary: Aomine can't get Kagami out of his mind. Even in his sleep. Request by Guest, slightly sequel for 'Don't Underestimate The Quiet One' but still can stand alone. Onesided AoKaga, mention of KuroKaga.

Pairing: Onesided Aokaga, mention of Kurokaga. Uke!Kagami

Rating: M

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Romance

Warnings: Bad grammars, BoyxBoy, Masturbation.

A/N: This is a sequel for Don't Estimate The Quiet One. But you can still read this alone. Psst, please read my 'DETO' story and drop some reviews.(shamelessly promoting her story)


He move his hip, thrusting deeper into the dark red head, the man beneath him already had become a moaning mess. The tightness around his cock really making him hard to control himself from coming. After a few deep and hard fuck , his partner explode before he follow behind, coming deep inside and make the dark red head full of his seeds. He pant as he rest his body on his lover sweating chest. He shiver when his lover slip his hands around his neck and kiss his fore head and whisper lovingly into his ears.

"I love you, Aomine."


Aomine eyes flutter hie eyes open . He than shut them forcefully and let out a long irritated sigh. He's hard again, wonderful. He sit up and reach for the digital clock on the nightstand. And it's only two in the morning.

Aomine trow the blanket away and stare at a rather large bulge in his sweat-pant. He really hate it when this happen without his willingness.

He bring his twitching cock out. The tip already leaking with white cum. He stroke them gently. His pace become faster and his breath stuck in his troth. But he still not cumming. It had never too hard before. And the image of Mai-chan's big boobs doesn't helping either.

Ahh Aomine, more!

Suddenly, blood rushing into his dick and white seme spurting out rapidly. Aomine groan as he cum. With a had breathing, Aomine bring his slimy hands over his eyes and let out a frustratrating scream. Why him of all people! He quickly clean him self and throw the tissues away carelessly. He fully cover his body with the blanket.

Aomine close his eyes, forcing himself to sleep. But it's useless, the image of the dark red head still invading his mind. Always haunting him.

After the scene in Tetsu's house two weeks ago, his head was filled with Kagami. Not that it had never been like that from the beginning. He had always set his eyes towards the man. And the story about Tetsu and Kagami being together had crushed all his hopes and dreams.

Salty teas start falling from his dark blue orbs. He cup his face and cry. Is this the end of his first love? Aomine brush his tears away and laugh. When did he become this emotional? At least he's still the dark red head number one rival. At least he was still the dark red head priority. Even it was just rivalry between them. He can cope that. Aomine smile tiredly once more before deep slumber taking him. He fall asleep while dreaming about him self and a certain dark red head holding hands.


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