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~The Cherry Blossoms After the Sun~


He was used to all this to the fact that he was starting to not care about it—not care at all. His dead-like eyes lingered for a while over the red sea of fire, silently admiring how everything turned into ashes. That something that sometime was called as city was slowly turning into nothing; the grayish remains leaving the place along the wind. The sun was starting to leave, sinking beyond the mountains in order for the moon to conquer the night sky, shining a crimson blood-like color.

He felt as if Mother Nature knew about what he did—about the many lives he took that night. A small sigh escaped his lips, slightly turning into a frown. He didn't understand the concept of 'good' or 'bad', 'criminal' or 'savior'; he had lost it, completely. That stupid and energetic innocence he was used to have—the one that used to bother a long gone friend of his—was nowhere to be found; not in his eyes, not in his smile.

It was kind of…ironic, if that was the correct word to start with to describe everything. After what could be two years, he finally came to realize about all those mistakes he have done. And, even though he now wanted to do something about it—ask forgiveness, just do…whatever—it was already too late. "What is gone, can never be found…", he thought, remembering someone else's words.

Stretching his back, he raised both his arms all over to the sky, his hands blindly trying to reach for it. Aside the burning fire, the sound it made everything something turned into nothing, he could hear his own bones cracking, a low moan sounding through his throat. He felt better; that was something good.

"When are you going to stop mopping around, Kiyoshi?"

The man—who was just called Kiyoshi—turned slightly his body to the right, encountering a tan-skinned boy sitting over a big amount of trash. If Kiyoshi could admit, the only thing he hated about him was his cocky smirk.

"I'm not doing such a thing, Archer", he said, passing a hand over his brown locks in a lazy manner. "Even if that was the case…", he start saying, shifting his gaze back to the bloody battlefield. "I hold no right to grief over their deaths".

Being this honest with his own servant was something he rarely did, knowing that he would make fun out of him because of his act of weakness. In return, Archer just scoffed, following his Masters' eyes.

He couldn't say the same; actually, he'd lie if he were to say he understood everything that was crossing through his Masters mind. Being the Servant he was, things like this didn't meant anything: every day of your life was a battle and only those who struggle to survive are the ones with the right to keep on living. Pity wasn't something he could feel and didn't dare to understand. If pity was what made his Master into that emotional mess then, in what way would it help him win the battle?

Humans…why were they such problematic beings?

"Don't give me that crap." Archer said, standing from his place. "There's still one more Servant left; just one more pathetic life to destroy and get rid of." Just as his strode, his words were full of power. Showing confidence, he stood tall beside his Master. "One more life; nothing more, nothing else", he repeat, those words turning into some kind of lullaby inside his head.

Kiyoshi nodded, feeling the burning heat against his naked skin, the cold of the night meaning nothing against the power of the flames. "You're right." The brunette said, followed by a big yawn. "Damn" making a slight pause, he clicked his tongue with disappointment "what's got into me?" The tone of his voice seemed as if he was joking with himself, repressing himself about it.

The dead-like look he used to have been long gone, his grayish eyes shining even without the help of the fire. A wide grin reflected on his face, he decided it was already time to leave the place.

Just as he was about to take a step down the mountain full of junk and ashes, the sound of rocks falling with some force down and into the ground echoed in the silence of the place; not even the wind could be heard.

"Archer!" he yelled out of instinct, his nerves exploding into a stressful mess. Didn't he kill the enemy? Didn't he and Archer make sure that no one was left alive?

Just as his Master called, he jumped into the place where he thought the sound came from. Before his eyes, only more ashes and more broken buildings could be found, for a moment making him wonder whenever the sound was something made out of his own imagination; but he knew Kiyoshi heard it too, glancing into the serious looking face his Master was making, his eyes moving from place to place.

"Might be the wind…" he wondered out loud, Kiyoshi already by his side by the time he said that.

"No." The brunette said, looking with half-closed eyes the same place Archer was.

Not even knowing what he was doing, Kiyoshi bend down into his knees, his hands frantically moving over the mountain of junk. He could feel his hands aching, the wounds from his last battle yet to heal re-opening all over again because of his reckless way of acting and lack of self control. Ashes, trash and more junk. Didn't matter how much he tried to dig, there was no end. And, during all the time the brunette was saying a lot of incoherent things low his breath, Archer just stood beside him, looking down at him from his place. Silently, he watched his Master with mock interest.


The both of them could hear it—that pained moan that only a living human being could make. Half second after the sound was made, and Kiyoshi already was pushing all those rock out of the way, not minding that the grayish material was starting to be tainted with his own blood. A low grunt escaped his throat, numb fingers trying their best to take out of the way the way a big rock that didn't budge. Seconds later and, with a completely exhausted Kiyoshi, the rock was already placed besides him, creating a perfect view of the person he was trying s hard to find and save.

With that moan alone, some kind of sick hope reached his heart, allowing him to feel some kind of peace because he knew that there was someone alive—even though all the mess he created with his own hands, there was still another creature breathing the same rotten air he and his Servant was. He believed in that, yet once again, the illusion he worked so hard to create within his heart and mind was destroyed into tiny pieces before his eyes.

There was a little boy, around eight or nine years old, covered with his own blood to the point in which he couldn't even distinct what were injuries and what was flesh. Ragged breath, half-open eyes; everything showed that the kid had a little amount of time to live, his life lingering between the road of life and dead.

"Damn, damn, damn…!" he cursed, slightly punching the ground.

The bloody kid looked at the stranger with almost dead eyes, his lips slightly apart letting even more blood escape his system, blood going all the way down his chin and into his pale neck. His skin was so white—even though he knew this was a crucial moment, he couldn't help but wonder how cold his skin could be, if he were to touch it. Sometimes, he really could be a real idiot.

"He is bound to die." Archer said, catching his Masters' attention.

"I can save him…Aomine, we need to save him!"

Placing both his hands over the boys' bloody chest suddenly, a blue-ish like light appeared, surrounding his hands. Glancing to his right, where the boys' face could be seen, Kiyoshi realized that he no longer had his eyes open, his pale face showing such a peaceful expression that for a moment, made him doubt whenever if what he was doing was for the kids' good or his own.

"For what reason, huh?" Archer—or Aomine, as he was just called—asked, not caring whenever his tone of voice was suited for the situation they were both facing. Hell. He could care less if he was yelling his lungs out just because of his Master stupid behavior. "You already killed his family and maybe, every single person he hold dear. Why keep him alive, when he was no one left to go back to?"

Wow, Kiyoshi thought with amusement. It's been a while since he last heard Aomine say thing like that—things that involved another person's well being aside from his own; and to the record, they were talking about the well being of a complete stranger.

And he laughed. He couldn't help it, not at all. A small yet heart-wrenching laugh escaped his lips, the smile that was showed to the world not reaching in the sightless his eyes. "I'll just give him back what used to be his…Whenever he decides to take his own life after this, it's his own choice. Stomping at your own feet and ending everything with just one blow or keep on moving forward just to look for some new future…that choice will be his to make." While talking, he knew there was no reason to look over his shoulder to see what kind of expression his Servant was making. He just…knew. Aomine was smiling, he bet.

"What kind of sick game are you planning, Kiyoshi?" he wondered, taking his place beside his Master and placing, also, a hand over his bloody ones. What once was a small blue light turned into a big mass of green energy power. Archer was lending him enough magic power in order for him to cure all of the boys' injuries.

"I've no idea what you are talking about, Archer." Whenever his words were sincere or not, the smile on his face could pretty much say otherwise.

Unknown to the two adults, blue-like sky colored eyes were looking directly at them, his gaze changing between the brown haired guy and the dark-blue haired boy. And, little did the three of them know, that this encounter alone was enough to change everything and everyone they once used to know.

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