You were my lunacy, the madness in my brain, the laughter so insane.

That shrill scratching sound I recall as love, and yet evoke as pain.

I watched you walk away, out the door,

from my mind, and my world.

I picked my marbles up off the floor.

You were that thick crimson fluid that fell like droplets from my finger tips,

The syrupy sin I happily licked from my lips.

You were the implosion in my scull,

The Mental patients screaming in the hall.

They tell me you're the reason the doctor gave me green pills,

You're the kind of delicious evil that kills.

I didn't mean to maim you, I just missed the spot. I would have missed you if you forgot to live, if you forgot to try. I will miss you if you happened to die.

I thought I found reason when you ran away.

I thought I found peace in my mind,

All I did was loose another piece of my mind.

Make me your whore, I'm still waiting by your door.

Kiss me or kick me, I'll try not to shoot you.

You make me high,

and make me low.

You're my god,

My man,

My Puddin',

The only thing I know.