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Taming the Wolf
by The Emperor's Sister

The room was elegant and still. The leather interior remained, for the moment, untouched and cold, much like the owner. He was sitting with his back to the empty space, facing the partially shuttered windows. His closed eyes hidden behind the black glass of his shades. He remained still, pensive, and very disturbing.

The musty air of the cigar smoke and leather soaked room was disturbed by the arrival of a smartly dressed man and an equaly stylish woman. behind them, a quivering, pathetic, creature was dragged in on his knees. he stayed, frozen with fear, between the sinister couple, waiting for the turned chair to acknowlege their pressence.

"Well Dilgear, tell him your news." the woman's snide voice broke the silence.

Dilgear winced as he began his report. "We we tried to off that guy like you ordered s.. sir. Really we did! Threw everything we had at 'em. But.. but.. you see we.."

"You Failed."

"Yes, yes Lord Rezo sir." Dilgear stuttered, "But if you give me another chance... just one more chance Please sir!"

Rezo snapped his fingers and the goons dragged the pleading Dilgear from the room.

"Well it seems our little wolf problem is still a problem, doesn't it." Xellos remarked with a smile.

"Obviously." Eris replied. "He's been very bad for business. Blowing up our warehouses and knocking off our managers. This 'Lone Wolf' is a very notty puppy that needs to be... disaplined."

"Ideas." bade the toneless voice behind the chair.

"Well the most logical approach is to get the asassin close enough to him to do the job right." Eris pointed out proudly. "So I say we send a woman to do a hit man's job."

"A woman?" Xellos asked smiling. "Not a man? I heard female asassins have gone after him before and failed. Perhaps he's gay."

Eris glared angrily at her rival. She wanted to be the one to ice Zel and become Rezo's one and only. having to have to share his attention with a slut was bad enough. Especially since she wasn't allowed to do the bitch any harm. Eris had been in love with Rezo for almost forever. The fact that he had a girlfriend rankled her to the core. Xellos, who knew of this, loved to push her buttons nowing he was a lot more powerful and closer to Rezo than she was.

"He's not gay." Their boss explained. "He's a predator. He'll not fall for the buxom and loose sextoy that comes his way. He'd see through their act easily. A wolf craves a special mate. We need a 'special' girl."

Xellos smiled at his boss. 'Figures' he thought, 'he always seems to have all the answers. One day, when he least expects it, fate's gonna turn around and bite him in the ass'.

"Well sir." Xellos pointed out, "Lina would be the best choice then."

The chair slowly turned and Rezo stared staright through his right hand man. eris was shocked at her partner's audacity. Imagine telling Rezo his whore has to go out and do thier dirty work. Especially knowing that rezo treats her like a fucking princess.

"She's cute, innocent, adn absolutely the last person one would suspect." Xellos continued. "Besides sir, she had killed before and," Xellos added with a nervous laugh "if you ask her nicely, how could she refuse!"

Rezo continued to look at Xellos unsmiling. "You've got balls, Xellos." He said to their surprise. "Bring her in."


"Amelia, ring Zel and see if you can track him down, would you." The intercom's voice asked.

"Sure thing Daddy!" Amelia pipped, before pushing the button that would conect her to 'Lone Wolf's ' cell phone.

"Hello?" a tired, masculine voice asked.

"Zel! Daddy wants to speak to you! I'm putting him through now!"

"Zel? You there?"

"Go ahead Big P. I'm all ears." Zel replied.

"*sigh* At least call me Phil, I am your friend, as well as your boss. Anyway... how are things, I haven't recieved your report yet."

"I haven't written it yet." Zel answered.

"What? Zel you do realise we are a legal firm of opperations, who do work for the government, and they just can't settle for the facts and details that the news reporters make up on t.v. *sigh*"

"Yeah I hear you. I'll get it done when I have time. Gotta go Big P. later." Zel hung up.

"Zel! Argh!"


The private booth secured its ocupents from view as well as made sure the couple's conversation remained private.

"So tell me something I don't know Gourry." Zel remarked to his friend.

"Listen Zel, I'm serious. You're dealing with some very big pirranahs here. Those goons before may have been a snap for you but they're just getting warmed up. Word is they iced their own guy when he failed to kill you." Gourry sipped his coffee and swallowed a donut whole before continuing. "All I'm saying is you should watch your back."

"These guys are no different than any of the other fish I've had to fry. Soon they'll try to send some slutty chick to seduce and kill me. "Zel explained to his blond amigo. "It's like they read it in a book or something." The freelance agent drank deeply as his companion and informant seemed to relax slightly. "By the way Gourry," Zel asked, changing the subject, "How's married life?"

Gourry smiled and laughed, the earlier tension left far behind. "Sylf's great! What a cook! I'm bound to get fat just eating there everyday, if I could." Gourry went on and on as Zel tuned him out, slightly depressed.

'I wonder,' he thought, 'wether fate has someone like that for me.'


The young red head sat on the edge of the desk, cognac glass in one hand and bottle in the other. She slowly poured the strong liquor and handed the glass to the man who was adressing her.

"Thank you my pet." Rezo said, toasting the girl before drinking deeply. He drained the glass of its contents before begining. "Lina darling, I've a small favor to ask you. Do you think you're up to it sweetheart?"

Lina raised her eyebrows, her curiousity peaked. "Hmmm?" she purred, intreaged.

"You recall me mentioning a certain pest causing problems don't you? Well I need someone to get close enough to him and wipe him out." Rezo explained, drawing the girl into his lap. "You're perfect darling. I'd never think of asking you except, who could resist your charms?"

She leaned back as he ran his hands over her body. "So how about it sweetling? Do it for me?"

"Sure Rezo." Lina answered, "What ever you want."


Zel swore he must be cursed. There he was sitting at the bar waiting for the obvious pick up that was supposed to spell his doom. He had been in this situation before. Two names and figures jumped into his mind and he almost laughed out loud.

He recalled the very first time this happened to him. Her name was Naga. She had had more chest than brains. He could still remember her lame pick up line. "I, the great serpent Naga, have come to kill you Zelgadis Greywolf."

'Like that was supposed to be a turn on?' he thought mockingly. 'She had a laugh that could kill but all in all she was quite pathetic.'

The last asassin had been a childish and absurd thing that swore she loved him, and couldn't kill him, only to end up falling for the next guy, and the next, and the guy after that too. 'Silly Twit' he mused, 'Martina was a real shame but she was also insane enough to be dangerous, and bloody persistant too. Pity, at least she had been fun, even if she had zero fashion sense.'

Zel could feel the feminen presence behind him before he smelt her sweet perfume and before he felt her tap him roughly on the shoulder.

'Here it comes' he thought.

"You're in my seat."

"Huh?" Zel turned around startled.

"I said, you're in my seat." the red head repeated, irritated.

Zel stared at the cute, petite red head before him. She barely came up to his chin and had vibrant ruby eyes. Ruby red eyes that seemed more bent on yanking him off the chair than screwing him silly.

'Wow!' Zel thought, appreciating the way her short black skirt hugged her slim waist and hips, revealing nice shapely legs that ended in shiny white half boots. Her chest, encased in a white tube top, was not buxom but just the size to fit in the palm of his hand, he wagered. She had one hand on her waist, impatient, and the other holding a short black jacket over her shoulder. 'Nothing flashy, nothing sinister. This is no asassin.' Zel concluded.

Her tapping foot brought him back to the present. "Oh. Sorry." he appologised and allowed the girl to take his place. Zel took the seat next to her, causing the passed-out patren to fall to the floor, un-noticed.

"So." Zel addressed the stranger. "Come here often?"

The girl looked at him and smiled. "Now THAT is a really old pick up line. Can't you think of a better one?"

Zel blushed furiously. "N. no I.. I mean, ah, about the seat.." he stammered like a young boy.

"Yeah I do." she laughed. "It's the only place that knows if they ask for my ID, I'll kill them. I really hate that," she mused "being taken for a kid and all."

"Well would you let a guy buy you a drink so he can try and save face?" Zel asked relaxing towards the vibrant female.

"Absolutely! Bartender! A glass of Moscatel wine, with ice! and the cute guy's payin'!" she giggled as the bartender poured her drink. "Thanks. By the way, what should I call you?"

Zel smiled, charmed, as she sipped her wine. "I'm Zelgadis Greywolf."

"Lina! Lina Inverse! Nice to meet you Zel!" Lina exclaimed, shaking his hand. "Wanna try?"

Zel looked at the glass she offered before shrugging. "Sure. Why not." Taking a sip he was struck by its smooth sweet flavor and fruity aftertaste. "Good stuff." he comented before ordering a glass for himslef.

Time seemed to speed by as the couple talked, laughed, and drank together. Zel didn't want the moment to ever end so he talked her into going out to dinner with him. She agreed, on the terms that he take her to a movie later, and of course, he foot the bill. Zel quickly accepted, and they moved on to a fabulous restaurant that she knew of.


Eris followed the pair, her eyes glowing dangerously. 'It'll be so easy. I'll just kill two pests with one blow. That skany bitch'll be gone and the wolf history. Then Rezo will be mine!'

The asassin recheacked her equipment. A sniper gun and one rocket. 'Not much' she thought, 'but it'll be all I need.'

She sat down to wait.


Lei Magnus' Happy Wok never before made soo much money, on just one table. Especially when said table had only two customers.

Lina sat back and patted her full stomach. "That was good!"

Zel smiled at the amazing girl across from him. She alone consumed over half the restaurants menu, plus desert. He himself ate very little and now was nursing a cup of coffee, but he couldn't help but marvel at the perky enigma he had attached himself to.

"Come on Zel!" Lina bounced to her feet. "Let's go have fun!"

Almost broke Zel began to wonder how he was supposed to pay for tickets and the snacks she was sure to crave. He began to think fast.

"Ah Lina, please don't take this the wrong way but, I just remembered that their having a Sword and Sorcery Moviethon on tonight and.. do you want to come back to my place and watch it?" Zel asked quickly, hoping it wouldn't blow up in his face.

"Hmm." she thought, "sounds good to me! Lead on Zel."

Releaved, Zelgadis took Lina to his car and they drove to his spacious apartment.

"Woa! Nice place you've got here Zel!" Lina said, impressed. She walked through to the balcony and leaned over. "Hey! You've even got a pool! Probably could hit it from here."

"Oh huh. Say, you want something to drink? I've got sherry, or there's coffee."

"What ever's good." she said turning on the big screen t.v. "Oooh it's starting!"

Zel prepared their drinks and watched as his guest got more comfortable on his futon. She had taken off her jacket and her crossed legs were swingin in time to 'Sword of the Valient's theme song. He was having a wonderfull time.

As he sat down beside his guest he couldn't help but think how fortunate he'd been today. Insted of having to fight someone to the death, he found a pretty damn good reason for living. He realised then that he was quickly falling for Lina, and he was estatic. When Lina turned to face him he couldn't hold back any longer. He leaned in, gazing adoringly into her eyes, and kissed her.

Lina kissed him back. Soon the chaste kiss deepened and grew until the lonely couple were making out like a pair of horny teenagers.

Suddenly Lina pulled away from Zel's embrace, got up and walked out onto the balcony. Zel rose and followed her, feeling both confused and a little ashamed.

"Lina I.. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have rushed you like that. I just.. couldn't help myself. I know we just met and everything but I feel i've known you my whole life."

Lina blushed in amazement. Never in her whole entire life had anyone appologised to her before... let alone because he kissed her. "Well... I did kiss you back."

Zel smiled, releaved. "Yeah. And it was fantastic. But I just want you to know that I... OH Hell!!!" Zel spied the missle heading for them and reacted. He picked up the surprised and protesting Lina and jumped off the balcony. The screaming Lina, and Zel, hit the water below seconds before the apartment blew up in flames.

They surfaced gasping for air and as they bagan swimming towards safety, strnge splashed erupted, one after the other, around them.

"Shit a sniper! Quick take cover!" Zel comanded.

Without complaint the drenched Lina scurried to safety, Zel close behind. Zel scanned the area for the shooter and spotted her. 'Damn. Must be that asassin I stood up.' he thought darkly.

The potted plant next to Lina's head exploded, as the bullet ment for her missed by a few inches. Lina squealed in fright as a shower of dirt and porcelin rained on her, and ducked down.

Enraged that someone would dare to harm his Lina, Zel whipped out his Colt Magnum, took aim and fired; he missed his target. Ready to do something drastic he told Lina to get ready to run for the car. Standing he fired off four more shots and they began running. fate was on thier side as one of the bullets ricocheted and cut deeply into Eris' arm, giving the fleeing couple enough time to make it to the car and speed off.

Breathing heavily, Lina cursed Eris for trying to kill them and herself for not being able to think up a good way to off this guy herself. A sudden curious thought popped into her head as she turned to face Zel.

"Ah.. I guess I owe you an explanation. You have the right to know." he started.

"Yeah, yeah. I've got rights up to the Wazzu. But first... where'd the gun come from? I didn't notice it.. earlier."

"Oh.. ah.. see.. we didn't get to that part yet." he explained, blushing.

"Oh... okay."

"Where to start." Zel began, "well.. I'm a sort of freelance agent the governments, and sometimes even the police, hire to take care of special problems. Mostly I whipe out organisations that deal with exporting and importing drugs, weapons, and such. They contact my boss, he contacts me, pretty simple. This case thoug, we've discovered, also deals with terrorists, bombers, and they've also made up plans to dominate capital cities and some countries. That asassin was from them."

"And You know how?" Lina asked.

"Ah see I was kinda going to meet her when we met. Its happened before, but I met you and now, wether you're innocent or not, they're going to try to kill you too." Zel explained. he looked at her appologetically, "Sorry about all this. I never ment for this to happen. There's nothing I can do about it, so we're going to have to lay low for a while."

Lina nodded understanding, as she digested the information. She listened in as he called his boss and explained, briefly, what had occurred. She almost smiled when he blushed at the part concerning her.

Zel hung up his cell phone and turned to Lina, still blushing. "Ah we, my boss that is, has a cover we can use till the heat dies down. Someone else'll probably be taking over my job here but, I've got to make sure you'll be ok. I'll never forgive myself if you're harmed in any way, Lina."

Lina was slightly stunned. Although she expected such an eventual outcome, she never thought it would be so soon. 'I have to be carefull around this guy. Eris just made my job harder', so she thought.

"Well.. please don't get mad," Zel continued, "we're going to this quiet, remote island as a.. a.. as honeymooners." he managed to force out and blushed even further.

"Well," Lina said finally, breaking the silence, "This is certainly going to be... interesting."


"Explain yourself Eris." Rezo's cold voice comanded.

Eris stood before her displeased employer, one hand clutchiing a badly bandaged arm. Rezo had forbade her recieving medical assistance, so she had had to do the job herself.

It seemed like hours passed before Eris raised her tear stained eyes to Rezo's.

"I had to." she said, shaking. "Sir I.. Rezo I love you! I'd do anything for you! For us! Please!" she added, taking a step towrds him, "give me a chance!"

Rezo lowered him hands to his lap. "I never knew you felt that way Eris." He raised the hidden revolver and, before her startled gaze, blew her brains out over the hard wood floor.

The body fell slowly. Her mouth open in shock, as if she were about to call out his name once more.

Rezo pressed the intercom button to summon his secretary. "Clean up this mess," he told her, "and summon Xellos."

"Yes sir." the bland female voice answered.

Xellos arrived just as the claening crew finnished. "You wanted me sir?"

"Yes. I want you to find Lina and bring her back. If anyone gets in your way, eliminate them." Rezo ordered.

"Yes sir!"

"And Xellos," Rezo continued, "I want her unharmed. Is that understood."

"Yes sir. Absolutely sir."


Zel was getting impatient. He was waiting outside the boutique for Lina, who was presently maxing out his boss' daughter's credit cards. They had to buy a complete, new, wardrobe, and luggage, to complete their alias. And in his opinion, Lina was getting far to into her role.

"Ready!" lina called out chearfully as she exited the store, carring several bags. Zel picked up their newlt aquired lugage and, in a discreet corner, filled Lina's with her purchases.

"Okay.. lets go." The two hailed a cab and took off for the airport.


"So any news, Vrumy?" Xellos spoke into his cell phone.

"Yes." Vrumagun informed. "just saw her pass by in a taxi with the wolf. My sources told me she took a plane to the islands. They didn't know which one though."

"Excellent work. I can take over from there." Xellos hung up and smiled.


They were about to check into a cosey, three star, hotel, and Zel was getting nervous. Lina had run off to the bathroom, leaving him in line. he got to the front desk and started registering. the woman at the front desk was looking at him oddly until Lina raced up behind him, enveloping him in a hug, and kissed him just under his ear.

"Did you get the room yet honey?" she said giggling like a notty child and wirling her fingers in his hair. She gave the receptionist a conspiratory wink as Zel manged to groans out "Keys!?"

Smirking, the woman handed the keys to their room over and the bellboy collected their bags. Zel picked Lina up and carried her, squealing and giggling, into the elevator and into their suite.

Kicking the door closed behind them, he set her down on her feet.

"Say lina could you probably explain.." Zel started, feelin puzzled and quite arroused.

"Huh," Lina paused in her study of the overly romantic room. "Oh well, see Zel, think of it this way. I'm here in a fabulously expensive room, on a free vacation, with, I might add, a very sweet and attractive guy. I'm not about to worry about the unpleasantries, I'm going to have fun and live each day to its fullest." She smiled. "Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself, and I know how to act. I took an acting course once, long ago."

Lina tripped over to her roommate and swung an arm round his shoulders. "You, though, need to loosen up a bit."

Zel smiled and relaxed at her teasing. "You're amazing you know that."

Lina smiled and rewarded him with a small kiss.


Lina couldn't sleep. She was lying awake, staring at the ceiling, on her side of the gigantic heart, remembering.

She was running and laughing, carefree. The little girl in her cute school uniform, racing home to show her sister the A+ she got on her very first test.

She rushed inside her house, not paying attention to the big car parked out front, nor the fact that the door was already open.

"LUNA!" her happy little voice called out. "Luna guess what!" she stopped her head-long dash once she had reached her sister's side, and had, literally, ran over one of the unsuspecting villains who had been threatening the violet haried woman.

"Lina." her sister said concerned, and alittle shocked at her youthful strength. Luna pushed her sibling behind her. "Lina, get out of here. Run and don't look back. I'll find you later, I promise."

"B.. but Luna."

"I said GO!"

Lina began to retreat, her sister having managed to instill some fear into her young mind.

"Heh, cute kid ya got there Luna." the arrogant leader chuckled. "Come on over red, I promise not to hurt you."

"Leave her outta this you bastard." Luna growled.

Lina was quite frightened now. She didn't like the strnger's smile, nor the way his eyes seemed so cold. She whimpered her sister's name one more time before bolting to the back door.

"After her!" the red haired man cried. His goons lept forward into the chase as Luna was left behind to do battle with their boss.

Lina ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, out the back door and into the yard. One of her pursuers attempted to tackle her but missed. His older partner rushed around to block the far gate. She was trapped. Lina growled, childishly, at her assailents, when they began to move towrds her.

"Okay Val, I'll kepp her from escaping while you grab the little brat." the older, one eyed, goon said as he blocked her way.

Val picked himself up, glaring at his comrad, before making his move. he rushed Lina and grabbed her by the waist. Lina struggled, kicking and hitting, like an angrey cat.

"Arg, Zolf lend a hand." Val ordered, and the other left his post to pich in. Lina landed a lucky kick to Zolf's head and bit val's hand. With a twin yelp of pain the two dropped their charge and she was free.

Lina wasted no time, and ran down the side of the house. She was almost clear when an arm shot out and grabbed her by the back of her uniform.

Her previous attackers hurried over to where their boss had captured their prey.

"Sorry Garv, she's a regular hellcat, she is." they appologised.

"That's okay." Garv smirked. "She'll be worth a pretty penny, I've no doubt."

Lina struggled to no end as the tossed her into their car and drove off.

"Where's my sister you bully!" Lina cried.

"Forget about it kid. You're an only child now." Garv laughed.

Lina bitterly recalled being sold, like a slave, to a burlesk house. How the woman in charge looked at her with cold, calculating eyes. She reminded lina of a vicious wolf. 'Not like the one I've got now though' she thought, smiling. 'Though Zelas wasn't soo bad.'

Lina looked around her new room, trembling and near to tears. A soft knock came and a petite brunette bounced into the room.

"Oh.. so this is the New Girl." the girl said, brandishing a portugese accent. "You can call me Gina, but only if you tell me your name."

"L.. Lina. Lina Inverse."

"Well Lina I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is Rizo, Lady Zelas' cuz saw you come in and he's going to be your first customer. The good news is this," The portugese woman tossed her a small yellow vile. "It's a special mixture, that I call 'Giga Slave'. One drop and they're out like a light. Trust me, you'll need it. later."

After she had gone lina was left to contemplate the poison. Within moments the door burst open nd a young, dark haried boy entered.

"Hellos sweet thang." he laughed. "Pour me a drink would ya. We've got all night to get... aquainted."

Lina dispised him on sight, and didn't move.

Rizo eyed her wickedly. "You know they don't call me hellmaster for nuthin'." He walked over and made himself comfortable on the divan. "Now Move Your Skinny Little Ass!"

Lina moved. She seemed to be trapped inside of a robot. Like some higher being was now incontrol and she was only along for the ride. The higher being knew he would be trouble for Lina, for the rest of her life. the higher being knew things beyond anyone's imaginings, and how to deal with them. The higher being used Lina's strong little shell to pour the hellmaster's drink and spill half of the 'Giga Slave's contents inside. She gave the glass to the evil boy , who swallowed death greedily. And Lina was safe.

'My first kill.' Lina thought. 'After that I got the recipe and started inventing my own mixtures, 'Dragon Slave', 'Fire Ball', etc. Different poisons for different trials. I felt like a bloody sorcerous. I never used the 'Giga Slave' again. Watching him die was just too horrible.' she mused.

Lina rolled over and watched her bed mate sleep. 'He's so sweet. A real gentleman. I beet he'd never ask me to kill anyone. maybe he'd even ... understand.'


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