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Xellos reclined in his first class seat, paying only scant attention to the in-flight movie. 'Soon' he mused, 'soon I'll have Lina again. We made such a fun couple.'

He remembered how, one fateful day, he visited his old mentor and saw her standing in the corner, red eyes flashing, scaring some impertinent rich boy out of his mind.

'Imagine thinking she was a flat-chested nobody. She's a demon queen, wild and exciting.' He remembered how on thier first night together she stood up to him. most woman knew of his reputation and cowered with fear. Most, but not Lina. No she beat the crap outta him, and he loved it. 'And I used to think torchuring some poor soul was great! Oh Lina how you knew me better. Our glorious battles together! Damn rezo and his meddling, but no matter... in the end there can be only one who can claim you. And it's going to be me.'


Zel walked down the street daydreaming, for the very first time in his life. he had awaken to the sight of Lina snuggled in his arms. He blushed as he remembered wishing he could wake up that way every morning, for the rest of his life. With a sigh he finaly admitted "Oh God... I'm in Love!"

A slight skip was added to his step and he began to smile. never in his whole life had he ever imagined feeling this way, before. his every waking thought was of the mischevious female. Her smile, her volitiel nature, the way she could put away a seven course meal and not gain an ounce of fat. he paused to survey the wares in a shop's window and grinned.

Zel entered the store and left with his purchase securely hidden in his pant's pocket.


Lina rose from the bed and streched. She moved into the bathroom, undressing on the way, and started the shower. When it was hot enough she entered and began to wash away the sleep that still clung to herself. As her body relaxed, her mind continued to recall episodes from her past.

She was standing, defiant, in the corner, ignoring the room's occupants. She recalled some stuck up brat comenting on her chest size and practically exploding on the insensitive prick, when Gina came up to her looking ill-at-ease.

"Listen Lina... you've gotten yourself in some hot water now. i can't explain but.. you have to be Strong. Do you hear me? Strong!" With the criptic message delivered, she departed leaving the baffled Lina behind.

Lina leaned her head against the wall, letting the soothing water run down her back. 'Zelas sure clued me in after that.' she thought, wishing the hot shower could cleanse her of her memories as well.

The malicious owner saunted over to Lina. "Well Lina dearest you've got a very special customer waiting for you." Her eyes became cold and her voice serious. "I want none of your games girl. trust me, if you try anything, it'll be the last thing you ever do."

Zelas grabbed Lina's arm and dragged her to her room. She tossed Lina inside and locked the door behind her.

The room was furnished in dark purples and velvets. It was a room reserved for 'special' patrens, a room she had never been in before. As she looked about she realised she wasn't alone. Seated comfortably, a smiling purple eyed man sipped his wine and studdied her. He had long dark hair to his shoulders and dressed in a dark purple suit. One that matched the tone of his hair.

"My my, you're even lovelier up close. Why don't you come on over here and we can get better aquianted."

"Drop dead." Lina growled and stood her ground. The young man smiled even more as he rose to meet her.

"Now Lina darling, that not very polite." Lina still didn't move, only eyed him with causion. "Well I guess I do have the advantage here. My name is Xellos. You can call me master, if you like."

"Ha! Fat chance." She struck out at Xellos, catching him by surprise and with a fierce punch, knocked him to the floor. Before he could react she had him in a head lock and began choking the life outta him. "Now's who's the master around here, Xellos."

Xellos flipped the angrey girl onto her back. She was so shocked she didn't even see how he managed suh a feet; and allowed Xellos to steal a kiss.

"I guess we could share the title darling." He smiled, enraging her even more.

"DIE! YOU SLIMEBALL!" Lina screamed landing another punch and began to beat the crap out of him.

She was stopped by Zelas, who yanked her off the still smirking Xellos, by her hair. He dusted himself off and stood. "Now Zelas why'd you interupt. We were enjoying ourselves immensly. Weren't we Lina darling?"

"Well I sure was." she grimanced as Zelas' hand clenched her hair tigher in surprise.

"Excelent. Pack your things love, I'll be around to pick you up later. There's no way I'm leaving my precious Lina in a place like this." he grined, "No offence Zelas."

Lina got out of the shower and dried herslef off. Wrapping herself in a bright pink robe,she walked into the bedroom to get dressed.

"Honey! I'm home!" Zel called laughing. "I've always wanted to say that."

Zel stuck his head into the bed room and spied Lina in her underwear. "Ah sorry." he blushed and quikly turned around.

Lina giggled and bounced over to the embarrased young man. "Say, Zel dahling." she purred. "What do you think of my new langerie?"

She had thought long and hard, and concluded that, live or die, she was going to have the wolf, at least once. Zel turned to face her, still blushing furiously.

"It's very n.. nice." he stuttered.

"Just nice?" she pouted, "Well I have more. How would you feel if I modeled them for you."

"id' feel like I'd died and gone to heaven." he blurted out and blushed another shade of red.

'This is the first time I've ever seen a guy blush like this before.' Lina mused, 'it's... cute.' And she proceeded in her seduction until the two of them could stand the foreplay no longer and went on to make proper use of the suite's facilities.


Lina yielded, pliant against Zel, folding her slender arms around his neck; her small perky breasts pushed hard against his chest. With a groan he captured her mouth and they colapsed, together, on the bed.

Ensorcelled by her taste and feminine scent, he ran his trembling palms over the petite curves and swells of Lina's body, barely hidden behind the seductive underwear. He dragged off her panties and stroked her inner thighs, higher and higher, as she twisted with increasing pleasure.

With quick nimble fingers he releaved her of the rest of her things, and Zel's breath caught in his throat.

He breathed deeply, gazing down at the horny red head. "Lina.. Woa!"

"Is there a problem?" Lina asked, with a worried frown.

"Only that I.. you.. Lina, I want everthing to be perfect for you, with you, but I don't know... you're.. you're so beautiful Lina. How did I ever get someone soo wonderfull as you?" Zel answered staring straight into her eyes.

Lina's frown turned into a smile. She was touched by his sincere speach. Leaning forward, she kissed him, caressing the side of his hard body. "Zel.. everything we are about to do is only going to become more glorious then we can possibly imagine. There's nothing more perfect than this, right here, and now; But... hurry up and get undressed already, I'm not too sure how much longer I can stand not having you inside me, loving me."

Zel smiled and yanked of his shirt, loosing a few buttons as he did so. He rushed to rid himself of his clothes and almost fell off the bed in the process. Naked as she, he glided his hand over and cupped her breast. 'It really does fit in the palm of my hand' he thought before she distracted him by bringing him down for another kiss.

His knee slid up between her thighs, brushing against her dampness, and feeling the beating heat of her arousel. As if by honed reflex she spread wide, allowing him access, and wrapped her supple legs around his waist. As she arched up to recieve him, he let himself enter. He felt himself drawn into her warm, moist depths, opening and enfolding him in her tight loving sheath.

He drew back and plunged deeply into her again and again. He felt her wonderous throbbing passage caress his full length as she moved with him. It was more than he could bear. He drove in and in, deeper and deeper, with unrestrained abandon, crying out her name with each jolt of pleasure that spiraled through to him, imprinting her name onto his soul.

The sexual tension was reaching its peak. They could feel it gathering in their sweaty over-heated bodies, as they laboured. Zel drew himself back once more, knowing release would be here at last. Lina raised up to him, with every muscle and nerve taut. He surged into her, reveling in the sheer sensual pleasure of burrying himself fully and completely in her young eager heat. They came together, whimpering each other's name before collapsing in a satisfied exhausted heap.

For some time they lay tangled in their earthy embrace before sleep claimed them.


Lina brushed her hair, lazily recalling the night before. She stopped and glanced over at the ring sparkling from her finger. She heard the door open and thinking Zel had returned called out. "Hey did you get the food? I'm starving!"

"Sorry Lina darling." s deadly familiar voice answered.

Lina set the brush down, her face showing no emotion as she turned.

"Well you should have known better."

Xellos smiled from the doorway.

"So Xellos how'd you find me?" she asked.

Xellos strided up to where she was sitting and placed his finger lightly on her lips. "Now that, my dear, is a secret."

Lina punched Xellos in the gut and he bowled over, gasping in pain. "I hate it when you say that."

"And I love it when you play rough." he smiled. "So Lina darling, where's the body guard?"

"Hmm? You mean Zel? He's getting food."

"Xellos looked slightly surprised then smiled evilly. "Oh really. So the little puppy is taking care of you.. now isn't that cute. Looks like you were on the road to success after all."

Lina smirked and rasied her left hand. "He proposed. That means where ever you take me, he'll be sure to follow."

"Oh Rezo's gonna love this." Xellos laughed.


Zel was dancing on cloud nine. He was whistling and skipping down the hall to his and Lina's room, a takeout bag swinging from one hand.

A dark tingling trickled down his spine as he got to the door but he pushed the feeling aside. He swung open the door and was about to call out Lina's name when the purple haired villan smirked and fired.

Zel went down like a rock. Stunned and hurt his last thought was of the red haired vixen before, oblivion.

"Night night Zelly-kins." Xellos snickered.


Lina sat on her bed thinking as Rezo walked up behind her and lay a possesive hand on her shoulder.

"It's good to have you back sweet heart." Rezo murmurred as he nuzzled her neck.

"Mmm?" Lina leaned back into his embrace.

"I'm going to take you some place nice tonight but right now, I've got work to do." he said kissing her. "So dress nice."

rezo left the room leaving her alone with her thoughts.

She was lounging on the red velvet sofa. Xellos had brought her here to help him 'House Sit' for his boss. She had never seen him before, but could very well imagine what a cold hearted bastard he most likely was. he employed and befriended, if one could call it that, Xellos after all.

Lina began to tense up remembering how Xellos was getting more fierce and pretty soon he'd want more from her than she was willing to give. She thouhgt of using one of her 'Fire balls' on him but knew it wouldn't last very long and he'd only get pissed off at her. She was trapped, and had no idea what to do.

"Oh God help me!" she prayed.

As if contrary to her wishes, Xellos walked into the room, a twisted smile plasted to his face and an evil sparkle in his eyes.

Lina rose to her feet and prepared to fight a battle she was sure to lose. She took the iniciative and threw a cup at him, hoping to distract him enough so she could run. It failed. As she jumped over the coffe table, Xellos grabbed her arm, twisting it painfully behind her. With a swift punch she was knocked to the floor. Xellos kneeled beside her and when she began to rise, slapped her hard, bringing tears to her eyes.

Lina knew she had lost and felt Xellos breath into her ear, "you're mine now Lina darling." She elboed him sharply, earning another powerfull slap across the face.

"Xellos stop that at once." a cold, unfeeling voice commanded.

Xellos jumped to his feet in surprise. "Rezo! You're back earlier than expected."

Lina strained to see threw her misting eyes, her hair spilled over her face from the recent tussle.

"Quite." Rezo stated. "You can go now Xellos."

Xellos spared Lina aglance before departing, unsmiling, as quickly as he could.

Rezo marched over to the softly weeping girl and rew her hair back. Lina tensed as he lightly touched her face, and whiped away her taers. he helped her to her feet and removed his shades, placing them in the pocket of his suit. "How lovely." he murmurred, smiling softly, and walked to the mini bar to get her some ice.

Lina slumped down on the sofa feeling stunned and confused. 'He's so.. nice.' she thought, as Rezo applied the ice pack with gentle hands. Lina relaxed.

"There really is no reason to be afraid. I wont let anyone hurt you, if you like." his calm voice seemed hypnotic to the lost and hurt Lina. Under normal surcumstances she would have taken those words to mean nothing, but Rezo was different. He was clam, sincere, and powerfull. She felt life she had finaly, after all she'd been through, found her prince.

'I wonder if that's why I slept with him that night.' Lina pondered. 'It had seemed so right at the time.'

'I cried in his arms after he healed me. I felt wamr and cared for. Safe. Almost like a child again.' she sighed.


Zel's head was buzzing. he swore he must have eaten his pilow or something, it was the only way his poor befuddled brain could analyse all the tranquilizer's side effects. Slowly he opened his eyes to see the smae smirking jackass from the hotel room. Zel became aware that his arms were tied behind him, and he was slumped, uncomfortably in a chair.

"wakey wakey! Did my little wolfy have a nice nap?" Xellos giggled, causing the two lackies in the room to parrot him.

"Where's Lina." Zel growled, unamused.

"Oh Lina darling's around somewhere." Xellos smiled.

"What have you done to her!"

Xellos laughed, clearly amused by Zel's questions. "Oh Lina darling and I have done PLEANTY of things together wolf. My my.. does Zelly here have a little crush on her> Oh how cute." Xellos mocked, infuriating Zelgadis further.

Zel glared dangerously at Xellos. "If you've touched her in any way I'll kill you." his voice cold with promise.

Xellos, smiling, walked over to Zel and tapped him on the nose. "I don't normally kiss and tell, but i've done more than TOUCH My Lina, Zelgadis Greywolf. Things you'll never geet to even dream of doing, ever again."

Zel snapped. With in-human strength, he broke free of his bonds and lunged at Xellos. the two goons jumped forth and separated them. Zel struggled like a man posessed and drew the gun that Xellos had been carrying, firing the stealth c-4000. the bullets seemed to tears giant holes in their guts and blood spurted all over. the lackys went down in 2 shots, leaving Xellos in the angrey Zel's grasp.

Zel tightened his grip on Xellos' throat and pointed the firearm at his head. "tell me where she is." he growled savagely.

Xellos snickered. "You're a fool you know that. She played you like a fucking violin, you stupid puppy."

Zel pulled the trigger, killing Xellos and stoppping him from continuing. 'Lina' he thought deperstely, the sound of running footsteps could be heard rushing towards the room.


She was resting, quietly in his arms. His gentle, expierenced hands moved up and down her back in a soothing rythem. The constant friction seemed to fuel her blood stream, filling her with a strength and energy.

Without word or reason she kissed him. He smiled as he kissed her back. His suple fingers worked magic and her clothes pooled at her feet. He broke away to gaze at her naked body. With a soft, carressing laugh he took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

She dropped to the bed, feeling secure in his presence and watched as he undressed and put his clothes away.

'He's so neat.. and so different.' Lina thought. "Rezo." she called silently and he joined her beneath the red satin sheets.

They were kissing again. Rezo slipped his toung into her mouth exploring. His hands seemed to boldly brand her supple flesh as they charted a course to her private. A finger slipped inside causing her to squeal in surprise. Rezo pulled away smiling.

"A virgin." Lina felt the tenseness of nervousness building. "Don't worry," Rezo reasurred, stroking her slowly, causing her to moan. "I'll be very gentle my princess." And kissed her once more.

With his free hand, he brought her to his shoulders, granting her permission to explore his body, as he did hers.

Lina's inexperienced palms ran down Rezo's chest and sides. She glided them around his waist and up his back, to rustle through his hair. On an impish impulse she grabbed his rear, squeasing his cheaks like a pillow, envoking a slight snicker to emerge from his lips.

Feeling bolder, Lina turned her hands lower cupping his shaft, pausing slightly when he gasped. Encircling him, she massaged him gently, reveling in his groans of delight.

Rezo bent down, as she continued, and spread her damp thighs. Leaning, he kissed her nether lips. Opening them, he continued to seduce her with gentle nips and soothing them with quick lashes from his toung.

Soon Lina was moaning and thrashing, unable to concentrate on anything except the incredible pleasure building inside her.

'She was ready.' Rezo concluded placing himself at her opening. He moved one of her legs over his shoulder, as her other one clamped about his waist. With one quick thrust he entered, tearing apart her hymen. Lina, too far gone, dismissed the spurt of pain and concentrated on his movements inide her body.

Upon reaching her peak, she shouted out his name. Rezo came moments after, shooting his load deep inside her womb.

Rezo rolled off her and stared at the ceiling above. Lina shifted over to him and, using his chest like a pillow, slept.

'My first time was with Rezo. he had beenconsiderate and kind.' Lina thought, dispairingly.

"Ms. Inverse." a voice intruded.

"Mmm? Yes?" Lina turned to the dark haired woman.

"You are summoned, Ms Inverse."

"Ah. Thank you." As the woman turned to go, Lina called back. "Thankyou.. for everything Gina."

The portugese woman smiled. "Anytime Lina." and left.

Lina looked herself over in the mirror and, making a decision, left to meet Rezo.


Zel was pushed to his knees by two grim giants. He was in pain, but his only care was for the red head who's location still remained a mystery.

'That must be their boss.' zel thought as he glared at the man seated before him.

"So this is Zelgadis greywolf." rezo spoke. "You've been quite the thorn in my side. Disrupting my business. Murdering my right hand man."

"Where's Lina."

Rezo smiled, slightly. "She's coming, don't you fret; And I do believe she has a special surprise for you."

The door opened and the soft click of heels could be heard entering the room.

"Ah there you are my sweet. Come here, I have someone I'd like to introduce to you." Rezo bade.

"Of course Rezo." Lina shashade over to Rezo and kissed him. She sat on the edge of the desk, the black silk of her dress riding up to show her shapely calves.

"Lina my sweet. This is Zelgadis Greywolf."

zel felt his world fall apart. he stared in shock at the women he'd fallen in love with, sworn he'd protect, and risked everything for. 'All this time...' his brain repaeted uselessly. A single tear rolled down his face as his poor heart shattered into pieces.

"Lina" he whispered and looked away.

Rezo laughed at the pitious Zel. "Don't feel so bad Zelgadis. She was the perfect weapon against you." he mocked running a hand down her arm. "For no man could resist her charms."

Lina smiled at Rezo, amused by his joke. "Lina, sweet heart, pour me somthing would you?"

"Sure Rezo. What ever you like." she purred and scooted off the desk towards the small table holding the brandy. Zel's eyes followed her, as if against his will. She poured a healthy glass and carried it over to Rezo.

"Cheers." he toasted Zel, before downing the liquid. "Now Zelgadis, you're in for a real treat. For you exicutioner will be non other than the lovely Lina herself."

Rezo opened the desk drawer and removed the small hand gun, handing it over to the waiting female. She chaecked the Couger D Mini, handling it to her satisfaction, and began her slow march over to Zel.

Zel closed his eyes and bowed his head in defeat.

"Lina." Rezo's soft voice called out. Lina turned to see him standing on his feet, clutching his chest in pain. he called her once more before he collapsed.

"Rezo!" Lina cried, and turning to the guards shouted, "Don't just stand there your Fools! HELP HIM!!"

The guards jummped at her angrey comand and rushed past, forgetting their charge. Zel opened his eyes in shock and saw Lina turn, aim the gun, and firing two shots, kill the henchmen dead.

"Zel" she cried, snapping him out of his daze.

"Lina? Wha?"

"Come on Zel, let's go!" she ordered, dragging him to his feet and out of the rrom.

"But.. but.. but Lina how? Why?" Zel continued, desperate for her answer.

"Zel really. Do you think I'd agree to marry just anyone?" she smiled.

Zel smiledback, and the couple hurried to make thier escape, leaving behind a cold, elegant room. It's stillness complete, and leather interior decorated with three corpses and a small empty yellow vile.


"Amelia, ring Zel and see if you can track him down would you." the intercom's voice asked.

"Sure thing Daddy!" Amelia piped before pushing the button that would conect her to Zel's cell phone.

"Hello?" a satisfied, masculine voice asked.

"Zel! Daddy wants to speak to you! I'm putting him through now!"

"Zel? You there?"

"*sigh* Yeah, I'm here." Zel replied.

"Good, now listen Zel, I know you did a great job on that last assignment but..."

"Excuse me." a femine voice intruded on the other line.

"Wha? Who is this?"

"Lina Greywolf. Zel's wife." Lina answered.

"Lina? Zel's What?"

"His WIFE! Now if you don't mind," Lina added with an evil giggle, "we're trying to enjoy our honeymoon."

Male and female laughter could be heard before the cell was hung up and turned off.

"Well." Phil said, stunned. "That was certainly... interesting."

The End.


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