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The chains clinked, echoed around the large room and then died off to a quieter, continuous rattle, powered by a dull tremor that had started up. One pure white glistening hand, almost gloved in its immaculate appearance reached out and the chains rattled violently as their entrapment struggled away from the appendage.

Eyes jaded, yet sparkling with the slightest glimmer of defiance amidst resounding resignation stared up as the porcelain hand wrenched his head back. The eyes twitched, closed briefly in pain as he tried to struggle further away from the offending head at his neck. It was hopeless, though, and the chains gave one final rattle before consciousness became too hard to maintain.

The vision faded out of focus until no details were distinctly visible anymore. Alice was hyper-aware of the frown lines on her forehead as she pondered what she'd just witnessed. What had she just seen? She had already begun to turn towards Edward before she gave it much thought and when she glanced up at him, he held the same confused expression that she did.

"Alice," he began uncertainly, a flicker of worry on his face (which really should have been Alice's first indication that this vision was serious), "what was that?"

Bella turned from the window, her gaze shifting from Seth and Renesmee to Alice and Edward."What was what?"

Edward, though, hadn't broken eye contact with Alice, and Alice had yet to make any motion to try and explain or give meaning to what she'd just observed.

"I ... I'm not sure-" she broke off as another vision flooded her senses, clouding her mind. It was of the same man. This time, though, he was standing out the front of their house, Renesmee shoved behind his legs as what blurrily appeared to be vampires prowled towards them, eyes a glowing red. She couldn't see further than that, however, because the image began to distort itself. It felt like she'd driven into a tunnel and her reception had been cut off, or like a storm had hit her antenna and left static in its wake.

"I - that's," she began a few moments later, "that's never happened before."

"What happened?"

It was Rosalie, then, making her way over to them all. She quickly registered the tension in the room, and with frighteningly practiced ease, her eyes came to a rest on Alice and realisation dawned.

There wasn't any hesitation nor pause between that one significant look and Carlisle's name leaving her lips.


Their plane landed with a loud rattle; Harry, unused to the feeling of flying, braced his arms tightly on the seats, his eyes clenched shut, his knuckles turning white. Teddy glanced around happily from the seat beside him, his blue eyes wide with innocent, 5-year-old wonder.

"Harry," Teddy called softly, before repeating it, firmer this time, "Harry."

Harry snapped his eyes open, thankful that the plane had come to more-or-less of a complete stop, and turned to face his godson, an unconvincing smile of bravery plastered on his face.

"Can we get ice-cream when we got off the plane? My friends say that America has the best ice-cream."

Smiling indulgently at him, Harry ruffled his hair. "We sure can. No - don't take your seatbelt off yet, Ted."

Teddy nodded, his hands wavering above the unclasp button, as they focused their attention towards the flight attendant directing them towards the exits, instructing them on how to retrieve their baggage once they were off the plane, and thanking them for flying with the airline.

"Now?" Teddy asked.

Harry nodded, "Now. Don't run off, Ted, stay with me. Merlin knows what I'm going to do if you run off in an airport this large."

Grinning, Teddy stepped out of the aisle, trying his best to reach up to the carry-on baggage compartments, pouting when his little arms couldn't quite reach.

"You haven't grown quite that much in the past day," Harry commented with a snort, pulling their bags out and passing the small, blue backpack to the boy. Teddy's pout increased as they stepped smoothly out of the plane exit and straight into the airport.

Harry took a moment to take in the sights and smells of the place. He was on foreign soil, in a land he'd never travelled to before, with only himself as a means of support. He'd have to support Teddy, as well. It was easier when they were in Britain; Hermione and Ron had been at his place constantly, and he hardly ever had to make any sort of decision without their input.

Now, as he glanced around the bustling airport, Teddy's hand grasped in his own, trying to remember where exactly it was that the baggage was to be collected from, he had a sinking feeling of loneliness.

It was stupid, really. Teddy was right beside him, and Ron and Hermione were just a portkey, floo-call or apparation away. Yet he couldn't shake the feeling. Sighing, he knelt down and lifted Teddy up and onto his hip, feeling more secure with him right there. This way there was no chance of anything accidentally happening.

Teddy frowned confusedly at Harry for a moment, before shrugging, wrapping his arms around Harry's neck and squirming slightly so that he could peer directly over Harry's shoulder and around at the people behind them.

After much confusion, Harry managed to find the collection area, and was soon standing with a cart loaded with three suitcases, and an excited godson. It was kind of sad, that their entire lives managed to fit inside just three suitcases.

Shaking his head, he began heading over to the check-out area, praying that a car-hire service was somewhere nearby. He'd had half of his money converted at Gringotts into pounds, and then had half of that (a remarkably large amount) converted into USD. Hermione had helped him acquire an international credit-card (American explora, was it? No, no .. American express?) so he wasn't necessarily worried about paying for anything, as much as he was actually working out how to find the things he needed.

Forks was quite a long way out from Seattle airport, he thought dryly. It had only been recently that he'd learned how to drive a car too, let alone in the American on-the-right-whilst-sitting-on-the-left way. It was going to be quite an adjustment.

Teddy smacked his hands against the suitcases he was perched upon and as Harry pushed the trolley, he thought rather comically that if Teddy was an owl, this would almost definitely remind him of those many times he travelled through platform 9 and 3/4, ready for a new year at Hogwarts.

He swallowed past the lump in his throat, followed the signs that seemed to be more trouble than they were actually worth, and just prayed that they could live a relatively normal life in the quiet town of Forks.