The Skyrim Alliance; Lineage

Chapter 1 – Return to the World

Tai smiled softly as he lay on his back; for once, he enjoyed the cool of the Underforge beneath his bare back. His body was burning alive as he laid back, eyes closed to hide the chaos raging within his veins from the world around him. He couldn't help but smile as he felt the hair tickle his bare stomach, then the soft breath the woman of his dreams let out in her soft sigh. He was paralysed as he lifted himself onto his elbows and gazed down his body. Serana had fallen asleep with her head against his body, knees curled up and hands holding firmly to his leather strap that held his shoulder piece to his torso. For the first time he felt the warmth a vampire could have, instead of just imagining. He knew his lips curled into a foolish smile as he watched Serana huff, blowing a stray lock of hair away from her face before she snugged closer into his body. He was at pains now, he could not move away from the beautiful woman but he couldn't stay lying in the Underforge forever.

Tai smiled at Serana, watching her eyelids flutter. Beneath the skin there lay eyes so beautiful Tai died a little every time he saw them, flaming orange perfection that held the harsh allure of a Vampire, and yet the softness of Serana. Her cheekbones were high, with a beautiful chizzled jaw. Her brow was fine, regal in many aspects. Her nose drew his attention however, it was perfectly sculptured for a princess, which Serana was both literally and in Tai's dreams. His eyes fell to her lips, which were barely parted as she took her shallow, sleeping breaths. By the Divines he just wanted to kiss her.

"Rana" he whispered softly, using the affectionate nickname as he sat up a little more. Serana groaned softly in protest, nuzzling into his body as if he were a pillow. He chuckled softly, unable quite believe he was alive. Every sense burned, every emotion mixed together and caused him confusion. Eventually he found one line of emotions he could follow. Lust, possessiveness, hesitation. He was able to sort through these. He wanted Serana; he wanted to do more than curl up with her in a dark stone room. He also did not want to share her. He wanted her to himself for eternity, a length of time he now had as a Vampire. Hesitation. He did not want to lose her, nor did he want to walk out to the world after being declared dead. He instantly flinched away from Serana, feeling disgusted with his primal thoughts. She was not his, he was hers. He would never claim Serana; he would only take what she gave him.

"Mine" Serana growled softly as Tai shifted away. She purred playfully as she planted a soft kiss to his abs, eyes fluttering open to meet Tai's in a heated gaze. Tai felt his body tremble as Serana sat up, her hair cascading down her shoulder like a gentle rain would upon Skyrim. He smiled as he saw the life return to her features; she truly was the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He could hardly believe she gave her heart to him.

"Don't feel disgusted by that thought, Tai. I am yours and you are mine" Serana smiled softly, pushing herself to her knees before she crawled towards his upper body. Tai smiled as he sat up, although his expression held a certain nervousness that Serana noticed. Her hand was gentle against his cheek, exploring the texture of his soft skin and subtly scratchy facial hair with a single, gentle movement. Her eyes burned through his for a moment before she pressed her lips gently to his.

"All mine" she purred softly, giving the strap across his chest a small tug to emphasise her words. He smiled sadly at her, leaning forwards to place a kiss to her cheek before leaning back against the wall. Her eyes were suddenly weighed down by something. Tai reached up to his cheek and took one of her hands, with his spare hand he held her hip gently, keeping her close to him.

"We have to tell everyone sooner or later" he whispered. Serana flashed him a sad smile.

"I know but… can I just keep you to myself for a little longer?" she pleaded with large eyes. Tai leaned forwards, placing a tender kiss on her lips before he released her. Serana snuggled up to him again, resting her head under his chin and against his shoulder with a small sigh. He instantly wrapped his arms around her midsection; closing his eyes at the bliss he felt by just simply holding her.

"I'm always yours"

"Are you sure, Serana?" Tai whispered softly. The sound was so soft it took the enhanced hearing of a vampire or a werewolf to hear it. Serana snickered softly, nodding at Tai with glowing eyes. In the darkness her skin seemed to glow, unlike Z however, she did not look ghostly. She looked divine, and Tai was in the unique position to have seen the bodies of the Divines themselves. He couldn't stop the large smirk from spreading across his face as he crept towards the figure of Vale. His memories travelled to when he had done this in an attempt to get her into his bed, and to rile her up. He remembered when he had taken a perverted enjoyment of feeling her flesh beneath his fingers as he pinched her backside roughly, followed by the sting across his face when Vale slapped him. By the time he reached her he was prepared for that sting. With a furious lunge forwards he pinched her rump roughly, earning an offended squeak from the small Wood Elf.

"Holy Dragonbones… Tai?" Vale's voice was squeaky as she leapt back with her fists curled, ready to pound the living daylight out of the hand that had grabbed her behind. She remembered the feeling of his flesh beneath her hands, and she enjoyed the memory. However, when she saw the face of the dead man before her she knew she didn't want to slap him. She almost squealed with joy as she saw Tai's happy smile, with his arm wrapped around Serana's shoulders. The two were perfect together, as the sun and rain; they both clashed and complemented one another. Right now, she could only see the adoring shine in their eyes as they gazed at each other. It was then she froze. Tai's eyes.

"Vale!" Aela roared, running around the corner with a dagger in her hand. The Nord was followed by Farkas and Vilkas, who didn't have their weapons drawn but they were in full armor. They clanked like the kitchen as they skidded to a stop in the halls, Farkas actually clashed with the stone of the wall with a grunt as he gazed at his brother in alarm. Vilkas' mouth fell open, Serana even sore it hit the ground. Aela froze, then the dagger fell from her hand with a loud noise against the ground.

"Holy shit, is more like it" Farkas commented, rubbing his shoulder as his eyes shone with unshed tears. In an instant, he pulled Tai into a rough embrace, somehow yanking Serana into the fray. Vilkas leapt after his brother, squeezing the two vampires between his brother's armored body and his own. Serana almost yelped, struggling like a wild animal to escape the hug in the process. Like the true hero he had become, Tai tried to protect Serana from his brother's unintentional threat, only to be bent at an awkward angle as the reward for his efforts.

"Language, Farkas" Z's voice was cool despite the amused purr underlying the tones. She was impossible to decrypt and yet so incredibly easy at the same time. The complex layers of the beautiful yet deadly Assassin never failed to leave Tai a little uneasy. He was startled when she embraced him, very awkwardly wrapping her arms around him. He felt her slide something into the leather strap, something small and round with a hole in the middle. It took three seconds before he realised it was the one thing he had lost when he died. The ring.

"It's good to see you, all of you" Tai confessed with a shy smile. In his mind he silently pleaded with them to give Serana space, to give them both space. He needed to finally ask the question that had him so nervous. Serana had warned him she would say no, and yet he still believed in the love he held for her. He retrieved the ring then swallowed his fears. His limbs trembled as he knelt down before Serana, taking her delicate hand between his larger ones. He continued shaking as he saw the fear and amazement in Serana's eyes. Everyone around him made small 'aww' sounds, which did not help Tai's courage any.

"Serana… I defeated death for you. I became a part of a family I never knew existed until recently. When we met, I was far from respectful. I believed women would flock to me for my looks, but until you I had never expected my existence would depend on someone else's happiness. You have changed me for the better, and I have learned to accept your strength is greater than mine. I could not love you any less for anything; I can only love you more for your amazing spirit. Marry me, Serana. I beg you to accept the man I have become, and be with me forever" Tai saw something in Serana's eyes change as he waited for her answer. He couldn't slide the ring on until he knew for sure. It was his promise, never to claim her.

"Tai… Yes!" Serana let the tears fall down her cheeks as her own hand trembled. Tai smiled, sliding the ring up her finger before Serana pulled him into a strong embrace. After a moment she pulled back, lacing her fingers through his hair as he pulled her into a passionate kiss. His hands closed around the cloth at her hips. He felt her smile into the kiss as he tilted his head, deepening the simple gesture. When Serana pulled away she rested her forehead to his, watching his own eyes water.

"I am always yours, Tai" Serana whispered. She smiled sweetly, pressing another quick peck to his lips before Tai replied in a heartfelt tone.

"I know"

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