Author's note: It's been a while since I have written anything. So I simply decided to go with a one shot, which didn't remain a one shot! This incident takes place a month after the final battle. Fred is alive instead of Charlie, Tonks and Remus are dead. Harry is back to Grimmauld palace with little Teddy and is still recovering from all the happenings of the past year and is trying his best to mix up with everyone. Its H/Hr fic

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Chapter 1

It was much better to wake up to a baby yelling than the horrible nightmares which almost killed you or gave you a mini stroke every time you fell off the bed. Harry Potter rushed to the room next to his and tried to pick up little Teddy as carefully as he could. Three weeks back Harry had cleared all the necessary documents to take charge of his only family and priority-his Godson Teddy Remus Lupin.

"Kreacher!" Harry called out and in no time the little but old elf appeared and bowed to his master. "Get some clean sheets for Teddy and nappies too." Once Teddy woke up Harry never realized how his time flew by. Getting Teddy ready for the day, his breakfast, and entertainment just kept him at the edge all the time. Later as Harry was done cleaning the room off, of all the toys Teddy had played with and worn himself to sleep the bell of the house rang which was quite unusual…there was no one who would enter the house through muggle means….probably with one exception. Harry looked back at his godson fast asleep and rushed to the door. Harry was not pleased to see what he saw nor was he disappointed. The moment he threw the door open a tired and puffy eyed Hermione stood before him making an effort to smile. He stepped aside to let her in, shut the door and turned to face the only person he could tolerate right now and maybe forever! No words were spoken he simply took a step towards her and wrapped her in his arms. Hermione stood there in Harry's arms trying to stop the stream of tears and calm herself, he stood patiently for almost fifteen minutes and gave whatever time she needed. Once she pulled away he took her hand and led her to his bedroom. He thought the dining room or the drawing room was too formal for his best friend.

Hermione had left in a week after the war to search for her parents. Rather Harry had forced her to leave and let him come along, it had been a long time since she had seen them and Hermione doubted if she would see them again. So she only agreed to go, alone, and told Harry to take care of other things… Once they settled on the bed Harry asked is in soft voice, "Hermione do you want to talk about it? Or do you wish to rest?"

Hermione just sat there holding Harry's hand. She had no idea what to say or do so she simply pulled him closer and rested her head on his shoulder. "I went to the place I most expected them to be at, the place where I left them but found the house locked and empty when I got in with the help of magic. It seemed like the place was empty for a long time, I found all the pictures and other things I had left with them, and everything in the house was neatly kept… nothing like a house broken into by death eaters or anything. I stayed around for a few more days almost for two weeks when I couldn't take it anymore I asked the neighbours…they said that…around six months back the police came around because they got a phone call from a stranger about a mishap in this house, later they found the dead bodies of a couple. They tried to collect more information about the couple but didn't find anything only that the two people to die were not the ones who were living in the house they were strangers."

Hermione starting sobbing once again and Harry pulled her closer. He couldn't come up with any conclusion. If the memory of Hermione's parents had been erased he could not say what must have happened. Harry then called for Kreacher and told him to make some sandwiches for Hermione. Surprising Harry and Hermione, Kreacher greeted his master's best friend and said that he was pleased to have her here. Hermione giggled when Kreacher left and cleared her throat before speaking, "Harry did you warn him or something to be nice to me?" "Umm…no I didn't actually even I am surprised." Harry replied with a shrug.

A weird feeling passed through Hermione, like being sad or disappointed that Harry had not given any such warning even though he knew that she would be coming soon and the obvious dislike Kreacher had for her. She ignored it when Kreacher informed that lunch was ready. Just when the pair was heading down the stairs Harry heard some noise from Teddy's room. "Hermione go ahead and start with your lunch I'll be there in a while." Hermione nodded and took the stairs.

When Hermione was done with her second piece of sandwich and was wondering what's taking Harry so long she got her answer from Teddy's laughter. She turned to see Harry approaching the table with little Teddy in his arms playing with a magical duck toy which on squeezing blew fake sprinkles of water. Hermione quickly washed her hands and cleared the plate and rushed to take Teddy, who at first was reluctant to go with a stranger…but once Hermione took the other toy from Harry it caught his interest immediately and the duck was forgotten. Harry and Hermione both sat in the drawing room playing with Teddy. Hermione loved to see the bond between Harry and Teddy; it was nothing like a son's relation with his father but not less than in between an elder and younger brother. She was sure it won't take long for them to get even closer. When Kreacher got Teddy's basket of toys the pair was completely ignored.

Harry and Hermione sat beside each other on the carpet resting against the sofa. Once again Hermione rested her head on Harry's shoulder and Harry held Hermione's hand, it became one of their most comfortable positions in times of stress since they visited Harry's parents grave.

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