Hello everybody! This is my new short story that will have around 2-3 chapters. It's similar to Tied Together. If you have read some of my stories you'll know that I like to write about things that aren't that common. I try to make it funny yet I will add romance when it's the right time. I cannot live without romance! :D

There will be two pairs and of course I just have to pair Haruka & Makoto and then Nagisa & Rei. I've never written about Nagisa and Rei in a romantic way so I will do my best to make it cute and fluffy :)

Hope you'll find this story as entertaining as Tied Together :)

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Slumber party

It had been Nagisa's dream for a few months and finally he was going to have a slumber party. Not just a boy's sleepover, no he had forced the other boys to take part in a slumber party for girls. He had watched Gou and her friends from afar like a real stalker. He had never seen something this intriguing and fun. Nagisa felt like it was something he could do with the boys. Why would they always do the same boring guy stuff? It seemed exhilarating to hold a slumber party and do all kinds of girls stuff.

The other boys had protested for weeks claiming that they didn't want to know what it felt like being a girl. One day Nagisa finally had the chance to push his idea through. Makoto had woken up with a huge pimple on his beautiful face and he didn't even want to go out that day. God forbid that someone saw him when he had a pimple on his face. Nagisa came to the rescue with a concealer stick and he convinced Makoto that having girls' products wasn't such a shame, it actually was quite handy. With Makoto also promoting the slumber party Haruka was easily convinced as well. They had promised Haruka that he could take a soothing bath for at least two hours. Rei was tough to convince but Nagisa still had a few tricks up his sleeve. A little bit of whining and telling how beautiful Rei was did the trick and finally the evening of the slumber party had arrived. The four boys were sitting around Haruka's table and they stared at an entire table filled with products.

'Where did you guys get all these?' Haruka asked while raising his eyebrows at all the colourful things displayed on his table.

'I borrowed some stuff from my mother.' Makoto said softly as he eyed the nail polish suspiciously. Would they actually use all these things tonight? He couldn't believe that girls used beauty products all night long, surely they did other stuff too.

Nagisa and Rei nodded in agreement as they remembered sneaking out the house with bags full of beauty products. Their mothers would probably scream in the morning when they found out. Makoto was the only one that dared to ask his mother if he could borrow a few things.

'I've made a list of all the things that we can use tonight. I watched Gou and these are the things they did during their slumber party.'

'I think you were very lucky that Rin didn't catch you while looking at girls like a pervert!' Makoto said with a huge grin on his face. A confrontation with Rin would've probably killed Nagisa.

Nagisa pushed the list forward and the other boys stared at it for a little while.

Makeover time! (Make-up, nail polish, hair treatment,…)

Truth or dare

Summoning of a ghost/spirit

Movie time with loads of icecream

Pillow fight

Story telling

Spin the bottle


'What the? Spin the bottle? Really?' Makoto said while blushing furiously.

'Yup! I saw them kissing each other! It was so hot! I think they do it to gain experience or something. We all know that girls love to experiment on each other!' Nagisa screamed while waving his hands in excitement.

'But we are not girls.' Haruka said while blinking his eyes at Nagisa. He knew that this was not a good idea and he could see embarrassing moments all over the place.

'Perhaps we should just have a nice and manly sleepover.' Rei said while adjusting his glasses.

'No you guys! Come on! You all promised!' Nagisa crossed his arms and starting pouting like a small child that didn't receive a popsicle in the supermarket.

'Fine. But we never ever talk about this night again.' Haruka said while picking up a bottle of blue nail polish. He looked at it and he thought it was a nice colour. He idly wondered what it would look like on Makoto's nails.

'How do we know what each product does? It's not like we've used any of these before.' Makoto said while smiling warmly at Haruka. The latter was still staring at the blue nail polish. Perhaps Haruka wanted to be a test dummy?

'We'll just try out different things! If girls can do this why can't we? I mean, how hard can it be!' Nagisa said cheerfully.

Half an hour later they had divided themselves into two pairs. Haruka and Makoto would take a nice and soothing bath with some sort of mud that is supposed to be good for the skin. Rei and Nagisa would try out some make-up and nail polish downstairs.

Haruka stood up and took a few steps towards the stairs until he was stopped by Nagisa.

'Don't you need some shampoo?' Nagisa said while smiling at Haruka.

'I have that upstairs.' The raven-haired male looked at Nagisa with a face filled with wonder. Did Nagisa think that Haruka never washed his hair?

'I mean girls shampoo silly!' Nagisa held up a bottle and smiled broadly at Haruka.

'Why would I use that shampoo?'

Nagisa looked at the bottle and said with a cute smile: 'Because you are worth it?' Nagisa even added a wink and Haruka grabbed the bottle with a deep sigh. This was going to be a long night.