Mates and their dates

The blonde ruffled his own hair until he was satisfied with how he looked. He smiled broadly at his reflection in the mirror. This evening, he was going on a date with the most beautiful boy that was walking around in this town/city/world!

It had been 15 days, 4 hours and 29 minutes since they returned from their camping trip. Nothing had really changed, except for the fact that Haruka and Makoto were not able to keep their hands to themselves. A soft nudge, a poke, a bump, legs rubbing against each other, a soft kiss, a nibble on an earlobe,… it had been making Nagisa crazy and he wondered how long it would be like this. The blonde didn't mind seeing couples that were in love, but honestly, the two Gods were pushing their limits. Nagisa chuckled softly as he could imagine them having it off at every opportunity they got. The blonde glanced at his reflection one last time and then left his bathroom. He went down and deftly put on the prettiest pair of shoes he had. He knew he needed to look beautiful to impress Rei so Nagisa pulled out everything he had. Just you wait Rei!

Haruka moaned loudly as he felt Makoto's hands run over his naked torso. Ever since they got back things were different than before. It was hard to stay away from Makoto and Haruka found himself locked in Makoto's spell every minute of the day. He loved experimenting with Makoto and the olive-haired male could be such a tease. Some days, Haruka didn't want all the touching and kissing but then Makoto would always find a way to set a good mood.

Haruka sighed deeply as he felt Makoto slump back against the edge of the tub. Sometimes, he was glad that Makoto would stop teasing and would enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. Haruka missed Makoto's touch already but now was not the moment to get sensual and erotic. The raven-haired male sat back as well, feeling Makoto's torso against his bare back.

"What do you want to do this evening?" Makoto asked softly while brushing his lips against Haruka's earlobe.

"Don't know… something that doesn't take too much effort." Haruka replied while fidgeting with his fingers. Truth be told, Haruka was desperate for a good night's sleep because lately, Makoto had kept him up with all his shenanigans! It would seem that Makoto was always in the mood for something frisky.

"How about…we go on a date!" Makoto said while smiling broadly. Haruka practically melted as he saw the huge smile that was splayed across Makoto's face.

"A date?" Haruka asked while furrowing his brows at the olive-haired male. Why would they need to go on a date? Weren't they dating already?

"Yeah, we've never been on one before!" Makoto said enthusiastically and it was hard for Haruka to ignore. With a deep sigh Haruka gave in. A date it is then!

Nagisa and Rei were strolling along the boulevard chatting happily to each other. They seemed like the perfect couple and they were both radiating some kind of ecstasy. They were not ready to hold each other's hand just yet, but their arms were brushing against each other and for now, that was enough. Rei respected the fact that they would take it slow and he enjoyed every minute that he could spend with the beautiful blonde next to him.

"Which movie are we going to watch?" Nagisa asked while shooting a broad smile at the boy with the frames. The blonde was determined to let Rei make the crucial choices of their date, figuring that Rei was probably more romantic anyway.

"Let's just see what the movie theatre has to offer, we'll decide later." Rei said happily and they continued their blissful walk. The sun was slowly setting and they knew it was going to be a good night.

"Haru! This isn't what I meant with the fact that you could take the lead!" Makoto shouted as he watched the raven-haired male step out of his shoes. Of course, Haruka had taken him to the beach. The olive-haired male rolled his eyes and sighed in exasperation. He wanted to go to the movies or take a stroll through the small shops on the boulevard but no, they just had to come to the beach they've seen thousands of times before.

"What, isn't this romantic? Just look at the setting." Haruka pointed towards the sun that was slowly setting. The sky looked gorgeous as all kinds of hues of pink and purple could be seen. Makoto had to admit that it was indeed romantic but still. Doing something different couldn't hurt either. The olive-haired male sighed deeply as he saw the longing in Haruka's eyes. The raven-haired male had already taken off his clothes to take a dip in the sea. With a deep sigh, Makoto gave in and they walked towards the sea while holding hands.

The water was still warm and Makoto smiled as he saw Haruka swimming away from him. He knew that he could never change the raven-haired male and he didn't even want to. Haruka was perfect the way he was, sometimes slightly exasperating, but still perfect. Everything that happened the past few days was wonderful and Makoto wondered whether it was all just a dream. The way his heart leapt when Haruka touched him made him realize that everything was very real and Makoto felt blessed that he was in a relationship with Haruka now.

Nagisa munched on some popcorn and intently watched the movie that was displayed in front of him. He had contemplated placing his arm around Rei but he was afraid. He didn't want to disturb the beauty that was sitting next to him. Nagisa sighed as he looked to the left. A very annoying couple was sitting just a few seats away from them. The couple was constantly touching and kissing and it made Nagisa crazy. A movie theatre wasn't the place to have it off according to Nagisa. The blonde felt a little jealous as well because he also wanted to steal a kiss from Rei but a certain hesitation held him back. Were you supposed to kiss your first date? Were you supposed to get lucky?

Nagisa stiffened for a moment as he felt Rei resting his head against his shoulder. The boy was afraid to make a movement because that might scare Rei away. The blonde remained as silent as possible and enjoyed the warm flares that were flowing across his body. Softly he rested his own head against Rei's. Nagisa could feel Rei picking up some pieces of popcorn that the blonde was still holding. Nagisa had just received a new mission from his brain. Feed Rei!

Haruka nestled in between Makoto's legs as he let the warm breeze dry his body. Haruka felt safe in Makoto's arms and he enjoyed their date. At first, Makoto had protested but Haruka knew that the olive-haired male would eventually give in. A soft sigh escaped from his lips as he felt utterly content being surrounded by Makoto's strong arms. With his toes he kicked away some sand and stared off into the distance. Suddenly, Haruka turned around and sat on his knees in front of Makoto. The boy with the emerald eyes gazed at him lovingly and Haruka felt the urge to press his lips against Makoto's. The raven-haired male rubbed his nose against Makoto's and soon their lips found each other.

When Makoto pulled back he was slightly panting. Haruka could make him go crazy with the slightest touch and he hated that he felt the need to be around the raven-haired male every minute of the day.

"You know, you're not supposed to kiss on a first date." Makoto stated matter of factly, sounding offended even though Haruka knew he was joking.

"Well, you're not a normal person so that doesn't count." Haruka retorted wittily.

"What do you mean I'm not normal?" This time, Makoto was really offended and he furrowed his brows at the raven-haired male.

"I mean, why would a perfect person like you fall in love with an imperfect one like me?" Haruka asked with gleaming eyes. He loved the boy sitting in front of him dearly and he wished they would never part ways.

"I'm not perfect, besides, we are perfectly imperfect." Makoto winked at the raven-haired male and the boy with the sparkling sapphire eyes responded by throwing himself at Makoto and kissing him with all the passion and love he had in him.

Nagisa nervously fidgeted with his fingers as they reached Rei's house. Their date was almost over and even though Nagisa enjoyed every minute, he wasn't ready to part ways just yet. Before the date, he had gone over 'the rules' of a first date with Makoto. The olive-haired male said that kissing was a big no-no but Nagisa really felt like pressing his lips against Rei's. However, he could never imagine Makoto being wrong about anything so he resisted the urge to stand on his tippy toes and kiss Rei.

"Something wrong?" Rei asked while fishing out the keys from his pocket.

"No…" the blonde lied quickly even though he was sure his red cheeks would give him away.

"You're a bad liar Nagisa-kun." Rei said softly while smiling at the blonde. Nagisa took a small step in Rei's direction, effectively closing the distance between them. The blonde couldn't help but glance at Rei's perfectly sculptured lips. Just one touch?

"What's going on in your mind Nagisa, just tell me." Rei tried a soft approach to figure out Nagisa's thoughts.

"You see well… the rules say…" Nagisa tried to explain but he stopped in mid-sentence as he felt embarrassed and he could feel the tips of his ear burn.

"What rules? What are you talking about?" Rei inquired while stifling a smile. If there were any rules, Rei would be the first to study them and know them by heart.

"Makoto said that kissing on a first date isn't allowed, it's rule numer 1." Nagisa's whisper was barely audible but it was loud enough to make Rei laugh out loud. Seriously, who would ever come up with such a dumb rule anyway?

"Don't laugh!" Nagisa pouted and looked up at Rei with puppy eyes. The blue haired boy couldn't help but melt as he saw the look on Nagisa's face. He couldn't believe that Nagisa had been wanting to kiss him all night, but he was afraid of some stupid rule that doesn't even exist. Rei decided to take matters in his own hands and he placed his lips against Nagisa's pouting ones. Soon, Rei could feel Nagisa smile against his lips and they were soon lost in their kiss.

Rules shmules, kissing you is all I have ever wanted to do. It's hard to ever let you go, and I think I never will.

"Sand really chafes!" Haruka exclaimed as he put on his swimming pants again. Makoto chuckled as he also put on his own pants. They had just made love on a secluded part of the beach but apparently, Haruka isn't a huge fan of doing it on the beach.

Haruka laid back down and placed his head on Makoto's naked torso. He looked up at Makoto and saw the boy had his eyes closed, clearly enjoying the soft breeze and the peaceful moment.

"You know, if kissing is bad on a first date, I think we broke all the rules tonight." Haruka said while he felt his lips curl into a smile.

"You seduced me that's all." Makoto's reply was soft and it made Haruka smile even wider.

"Screw the rules then?" Haruka asked softly as he brushed his fingers over Makoto's side.

"Screw the rules because I have you." Makoto said while shifting so that they were lying next to each other, faces turned towards each other.

Smoldering gazes were shared between the two of them and soon their lips found each other again, like they always would.

Let me come to you, as close as I want to be. Close enough, to feel your heart beating fast.

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