A Twist of Fate

What if Holly's father had never died? As a sinister plan unfolds, Holly finds herself tangled in a web of jealousy and betrayal. Then when she finally thinks she's made the right choice, she finds herself back to square one. Can Holly still believe in the power of friendship, and the power of...love? (Holly/Trouble/Artemis)

Author's Note: Nope, not some sappy love story. At least I'll try not to make it be one. I have nothing against sappy love stories, but sometimes too much mush makes me all nauseous anyway. (Hey! Alliteration of 'm'! Hahaha..) I'm a Holly/Artemis fan (check out the chemistry in the book! Yea!) so this story will tend to incline towards that idea. I'm sorry if you don't like the idea of Holly and Artemis together, but since you're *actually* reading this, try to enjoy it anyway. It's not just a love story anyway. You could say it's an story about finding yourself, and all you ever wanted, set in the backdrop of adventure and suspense. By the way, if you're a Harry Potter fan, check out my other stories. This is my first Artemis Fowl fic by the way, so pardon me if I'm unfamiliar with this territory and end up sounding silly...-_-'

Oops, I'm rambling again. Let's get on with the story! And don't forget to review! *shuts up*

Chapter One: Too Many Emotions

Suburban area in Haven, Kelp residence

Christmas Eve, approximately 8 p.m. Mud Man time

Year 2013

Holly picked up the wineglass and looked at its contents with distaste. She had never been a wine-drinker, but this was hers, Trouble's, and Ophelia's first Christmas party as a family, and she wanted to make it memorable for Ophelia by pleasing the guests as they drank wine and made merry.

Closing her eyes and wrinkling her nose, she downed the white wine in one gulp. Her eyes immediately flew wide open; she choked and sputtered as the strong, overly sweet smell of grapes overtook her senses and numbed her consciousness. Much to her embarrassment, the guests began to laugh at her, adding insult to injury.

Even Trouble chuckled. Gently taking her by the shoulders, he steered her away from the guests as she struggled to regain her composure. Holly stiffened as Trouble snuggled against her back, his hands rubbing her arms up and down, as if to soothe away her discomfort.

"You didn't have to drink the wine, you know. No one was forcing you," Trouble told her.

"Don't touch me," she replied icily.

Trouble dropped his arms, clearly piqued by her reaction. He whirled her around fiercely, so that she faced him.

"What's wrong with you? I'm just trying to make you feel better," he said, looking slightly annoyed.

Holly looked away, so she wouldn't lose herself in those melting eyes of his. She would not give in to his charm. She had to deny herself that pleasure. She had promised herself that; once she had found out the ugly truth about Trouble. She appreciated Trouble's concern for her, but she hated having to look into those beautiful eyes and remind herself of the stupid mistake she had made. She still regretted it to this very day.

Thinking about the past only upset her more. Holly's hazel eyes glittered with anger now, as her heart berated itself for leading her to the misery she was now in. She wished she hadn't listened to Trouble, she wished she hadn't given in to her insecurities and let her choice ruin her life. She wished she hadn't been blinded by her lack of trust and became a victim of her own choices.

"Thanks for your concern, but I don't need it. You know that I only put up with you because of Ophelia," Holly continued coldly.

She turned to leave Trouble, but he yanked her arm and pulled her back, so that her back smashed against his torso. Trouble spun her around so that he looked directly in her eyes. Holly tried to look away, but Trouble caught her firmly by the waist. He moved one hand to her head and pushed it so that her head lay on his shoulder. Music began to play, and awkwardly, Trouble tried to dance with her, but Holly barely moved, a sign that she didn't even want to be near him.

"Damn you, Holly! You're my wife. Why can't you love me like I love you?" Trouble blurted out.

The words brought a sudden rush of feelings that tugged at her heartstrings, but Holly ignored it. Instead, she said furiously, "Let me go."

"The music's playing. We're supposed to dance. I can't just 'let you go', the guests are watching. They'd think something was wrong."

"Shut up, Trouble," was all Holly said. She knew he was right, and that angered her. He wasn't supposed to be right. Ever since he had betrayed her.

"Ooh, touchy. We're married, Holly. We're husband and wife."

"As if I needed reminding," Holly said scathingly.

"So get over that idiot Artemis. I know you've been thinking of him, and ever since you started thinking of him, you've suddenly become estranged from me. Holly, he's been nothing but a piece of trash to you. He doesn't deserve you. Get over whatever you had with him in the past. You have me now. End of story."

Holly wanted to slap Trouble there and then. The hypocrite! She detested people like that. She wrenched herself out of his grip and pushed him away, backing away from him. Trouble stood there with a bemused expression on his face.

Holly narrowed her eyes as she spat at him, "No! I won't get over it! I never will. You know I'd never give you half as much as the love I had, and still have, for Artemis. For that, you're just bloody jealous! You know what you did, Trouble! You ruined everything - and for that I'd hate you forever."

The words were like vicious weapons, intended to hurt the one who destroyed her happiness, as well as every fibre of her soul and the love she once felt for people. She didn't know if she could love anyone else anymore.

Well, except for Artemis. Only he could rekindle the passion within her.

Leaving a furious Trouble behind, Holly flounced out of the huge party room and into the spacious gardens outside, where she met Ophelia and her fairy playmate.

"Where are you going, Mummy?" Ophelia asked, flashing a child-like smile at her.

Holly ruffled her daughter's hair and replied, "Just needed some fresh air. Why don't you and your little friend go back into the house? It's getting late for little children to be playing in the garden."

Ophelia and her friend obeyed, pattering towards the house while Holly shivered in the cold night air. Yes, it was getting late, she thought as she looked up into the night sky. But she had used that excuse mainly for some privacy as she sorted out her thoughts.

Suburban Haven was a beautiful place to be at night. As a sense of magic hovered in the air, interspersed with the beauty of the stars, it truly was a breathtaking scenario, even for a fairy like Holly, who had been living there since she married Trouble. Holly wandered among the flowers, and she almost smiled as she touched the roses she and Trouble had lovingly cultivated before she changed her attitude towards him. But she stopped short. She had almost admitted that she loved Trouble - and she did, she used to - but not anymore. It would be wrong to continue loving him after what he had done to her. His betrayal. In addition, the one person she ever really gave her heart to was Artemis. Bizarre as it may sound, she felt that the person who had truly ever understood her as a friend, and later on a lover, was Artemis.

The rustling noise of someone moving startled Holly and she turned, half-curious and half-frightened. She edged closer to the garden wall where the noise had come from. A tree grew near to the wall; its dense leaves the perfect obstruction for hiding anything remotely dangerous. She moved nearer to it, getting closer and closer and closer when suddenly...

"Fancy meeting you again, beautiful," someone spoke. It was a male voice. A stranger, Holly thought. Holly's head jerked up towards the voice, but she saw nothing. Chills began to run down her spine.

"Who are you?" She called out into the night.

"Tsk, tsk, Captain Short. How could you forget?"

That voice! No wonder it was so familiar! Only one person called her by that name, in such an affectionate tone. Only he had the sarcasm to call her Captain Short, but he said the name with such love and affection that it nearly broke her heart every time she heard it.

"Artemis?" She whispered, almost afraid to speak the name; afraid she was only hallucinating.

Almost immediately, a shadow passed over her as someone jumped down from the wall near her, landing on the grass, which cushioned the impact. As the figure stood up, the moonlight illuminated the dark hair of the person's head, emphasizing the fact that he was, in fact, Artemis Fowl. And aged 24 at that, if Holly's calculations weren't wrong.

"I knew your memory couldn't be all that bad, for weren't you the smartest Recon officer, Captain Short?" Artemis stepped out of the shadows and in front of her. "It's been years, Captain...but you still look as attractive as ever." He reached out to touch her face, but suddenly decided against it. "Oh yeah - I forgot - I should call you Mrs Kelp now, shouldn't I?" He almost sounded bitter.

Holly cringed at the name.

"Things have changed, Artemis," Holly said simply, settling for just being content with his presence and deciding against telling him just how much she missed him. It was far too much for words to say.

"Yeah," was all Artemis said. That was all right. Artemis never said much - he usually saved his words for sarcastic remarks. Mainly because he was a genius, and had thought himself superior to others. Furthermore, he had had a childhood that was hardly of the norm. Yet Holly knew, inside, he did have a heart of gold. She was sorry she had ever misjudged him in the first place. Artemis leaned against the brick wall of the garden and merely stared at her.

"Why are you here?" Holly asked.

"I'm not supposed to be here?" Artemis countered.

"Technically, no. There's still that tension between you and the People and also because of..." Holly trailed off. Somehow she just couldn't bring herself to talk about the past. There was just too much unresolved tension.

"...Why are you here?" She repeated.

Artemis shrugged, looked at his shoes, and looked at her again. "I don't know. I presume...I kind of...missed you."

Holly's heart twisted at the words, and on impulse, reached forward to hug him, but restrained herself. Like Artemis had tried to touch her face before, but couldn't, there was just this barrier between them now. It seemed as if neither one of them knew how to overcome it, and weren't doing anything about it. If only she wasn't Mrs Kelp!

It was too late now...how foolish she had been....!