Summary: Shiki has something on his mind, and Akiha deals with it appropriately.

"Is something bothering you, brother?"

Somewhat startled, Shiki glanced at Akiha from across the table.

How did she... Oh. He'd barely even touched the meal before him. Since Shiki had a habit of not eating when something bothered him, it was only natural that Akiha would observe that something was wrong.

After a moment or two, Shiki said, "I'm sorry."

Akiha's expression didn't seem to change, at least as far as Shiki could determine. "I see. And may I ask what you mean to apologize for?"

Shiki remained silent for a moment, trying to put his thoughts into words.

"For causing you trouble all the time. For being a disappointment, because I'm so slow to adapt to your sophisticated lifestyle. ... And... I'm sorry, for abandoning you for so long."

The young lady seated across from him didn't show any reaction, instead taking a bite of her meal. A moment later, she coolly said, "You shouldn't ask for something after it's already been given to you, brother."

Seeing that her brother either didn't understand or was about to get the wrong idea, Akiha chose to be frank with him. Though her words were initially harsh, her tone oddly affectionate in contrast.

"It's meaningless if you ask me for forgiveness, brother, because you have already been forgiven."

I adore Tsukihime now.