Chapter 6

October 6th, 2009

Jack was nervous but excited. Ennis had texted him half an hour ago to say that they had landed back in the port and Jack knew that he would be here soon. He'd cleaned the apartment that morning and made sure that he had everything they would need. There was plenty of food in the kitchen, he'd bought candles and wine, and there was a new tube of lubricant in the bedroom.

Ennis had told him that he would be bringing a change of clothes, since he would be staying the night. Jack felt a shiver run through him at the thought; Ennis would be in his bed tonight and there were bound to be fireworks between them when that moment happened.

He paced nervously, thinking that he was prepared for Ennis's arrival. But he still jumped when the buzzer went off. Walking quickly over to it, he prayed that it wasn't someone who had forgotten their key and needed to get in. "Hello?"

"Jack, it's me," Ennis replied, sounding equally excited. "Can I come in?"

Jack grinned. "Come on up, sailor," he said flirtatiously, and pressed the button. He waited and took deep breaths until there was a familiar knock on the door. Bracing himself, he opened it and could swear that his heart skipped a beat.

Ennis was there, dressed in his white uniform with a hat on his head. He was carrying an overnight bag in one hand and was smiling at him. "Hey, Jack."

He looked so handsome like this and Jack stared for a moment. "Um, hey," he replied, shaking his head slightly to clear it. "Come on in..." Ennis passed him, which on its own was enough to make him shiver with anticipation.

Jack closed the door, knowing that Ennis was watching him. Ennis put his bag down with his hat on top of it, wanting to just grab Jack and kiss him. He'd missed this man so much and knew that the feeling was mutual.

He watched as Jack turned and their eyes met, electricity crackling between them. Like magnets, they were drawn to each other and their mouths crushed together without warning. Ennis wrapped his arms around Jack's waist and Jack's encircled his neck, feeling more complete than he had for six months.

Ennis pushed his tongue into Jack's mouth, drawing a moan out of him and pressing their bodies close together. "Mmm," he moaned, squeezing Jack tightly and feeling Jack growing hard against him. He pulled away, making Jack whimper.

"Hey..." he protested. "What did you do that for?"

Ennis cupped his cheeks, smiling. "You said you wanted to save it until tonight, and you were getting hard just now." Jack blushed.

"Oh, right. Can you blame me? With a kiss like that?"

Ennis kissed him on the lips, looking into Jack's eyes. "I missed you so much, darlin'..."

Jack nodded, breathing deeply as Ennis pressed their foreheads together. "I missed you glad to have you back." They embraced tightly, happy to be back together after so long. "Tell you what...I'll get you a drink and something to eat." He pulled away. "You make yourself at home and we can catch up, okay?"

"Sure." They kissed one more time and Jack headed for the kitchen. "Jack? What should I do with my stuff?"

"You can put the bag in my room if you want, but leave the hat out here," Jack called back, a plan in his head. Ennis was confused but did as he was told, going into Jack's bedroom. It was very nice in here, he thought to himself as he put his bag down, but his eyes were drawn to the double bed. It looked very comfortable and he was looking forward to being with Jack in there.

He came back out and then settled onto the sofa. He liked Jack's apartment and was looking forward to spending some time here. When he was sat down, Jack came over with some sandwiches and coffee; it was lunchtime anyway so they might as well eat now.

As they ate, they talked about where Ennis had been and he showed Jack the photos he'd taken. He was saving the sunset photo for Jack's birthday present; he knew that Jack would like it.

"Sounds like you had a great time," Jack said, smiling up at him. They were snuggled up close together and Jack felt very relaxed and happy. Ennis nodded and put his phone down.

"I did. It was really great, but...every time I saw something interesting I wanted to turn to you and see what you thought of it. I know you'd like it, Jack."

"Well...maybe one day, when you leave the Navy, you could take me to all the places you go on shore leave."


The hours passed with them watching TV and talking, and soon night began to fall. The door had been locked and they were ready to go. Jack turned to Ennis. "Well..." The air was thick with sexual tension, and now it was time. Six months of longing about to be healed at last.

Ennis nodded and stood up, offering his hand. Jack grinned and shook his head. "Not like that. Did you ever see the movie, An Officer and a Gentleman?"

"Oh..." Ennis replied, seeing what Jack was getting at. He should have expected as much from Jack; he did have a playful side after all. He retrieved his hat from the side table and put it on his head, before sliding one arm under Jack's legs. "Hold on, bud..."

Jack grinned and held on tight as Ennis picked him up. "Oh God...careful..."

"I won't drop you," Ennis assured him, smiling. Jack reached up and swiped his hat, putting it on his own head. "You've been wanting to do that all day, haven't you?"

"Yep. Anchors away, sailor," Jack said to him, grinning. His eyes were full of lust and happiness, and Ennis gave him an affectionate look before carrying him into the bedroom.

Ennis had carried Jack into his bedroom and laid him down on the bed, being careful with him and making Jack feel like he was the most precious thing in the world. Now they were lying on the bed together with Ennis leaning over him and kissing him deeply. Both of them were hard and Jack hoped it would be as great as he'd dreamed.

"Ennis," he breathed when his future lover kissed his neck. "Can't wait any longer...come on..." Ennis nodded and they started removing their clothes, watching each other carefully. Jack noticed how Ennis had to be careful with his uniform and he smiled; clearly, Ennis loved his job despite its bad points. He could never ask Ennis to give that up for him.

When they were wearing just their underwear, they moved under the covers and Ennis kissed him deeply again; he wanted Jack so badly and knew that the feeling was mutual. They had been separated for so long and he'd been dreaming of this moment. Now it was here and it felt almost surreal. He still couldn't believe that he was here.

As they kissed, their underwear was swiftly removed and Jack looked down, giving Ennis an appreciative nod. "Not bad at all," he commented. "I knew you had big feet for a reason."

Ennis grinned and nipped his neck. "You'll see for yourself in a moment, bud." He reached over for the lube and noticed Jack biting his lip. "You okay?"

Jack nodded. "Yeah. I really wanna do this, Ennis. it gonna hurt?"

"I don't know myself, but I've heard it can at first. I'll take it really slow, Jack. Don't worry, okay?" Jack's expression cleared and he nodded, widening his legs with a come-hither look in his eyes. Ennis smirked and coated himself with the lube, knowing that this would feel good.

He found where he was supposed to go and started to slowly push himself in, watching his friend's face closely. "Tell me if it hurts too much, and you need a moment," he instructed, and Jack nodded. He was breathing deeply and trying to get used to the pain that was shooting through him. He was gripping the bed sheet underneath him and nodded to Ennis.

"Keep going..." Ennis did so and sure enough, he managed to enter Jack fully and press tightly against him. Jack swallowed and started to relax. "Fuck, that's good," he realised, smiling. Ennis took his hands and squeezed his fingers; Jack wrapped his legs around his waist.

"You ready, darlin'?" he asked softly, and Jack looked up at him with eyes full of love.

"More than ever," he replied, and Ennis started to move. He kept it slow at first so that he wouldn't hurt Jack too much, but his friend seemed okay so he felt more confident. He leaned down and kissed Jack full on the mouth, rocking into him and hearing a lustful whimper escape from Jack.

"You feel good?" he breathed in Jack's ear, nibbling the earlobe. Jack groaned; this felt much more than good.

"More than good..." he gasped out, raising his hips in time to Ennis's thrusts. "Feels...amazing..."

Ennis picked up the pace a little and felt Jack moan, head falling to the side of the pillow. "You look beautiful like this," he whispered to Jack, wanting to consume every part of Jack that he could so that he could keep his lover with him all the time. "Love hearing you moan, Jack..."

"Oh God," Jack groaned, his erection becoming painfully hard. He needed Ennis to touch him. "Ennis...please...jerk me off..."

Ennis didn't need telling twice; he took hold of Jack and moved his hand along, kissing Jack's neck as he moved inside him and finally finding the sweet spot. Jack yelled out and came hard, shooting all over Ennis's stomach and almost crying out with relief.

With a few more thrusts, Ennis felt himself following suit and he came into his lover, nearly growling with the effort it took. White lights burst in front of his eyes and suddenly, he realised what the big deal about sex was; this was how people showed their love and he knew for sure that he loved Jack. There was no other explanation for how he felt right now.

They collapsed together, breathing heavily and unable to speak. Jack knew now what Lureen had meant; it really did feel like everything made sense all of a sudden and he grinned, still seeing stars. "Oh, Ennis...that was wonderful."

Ennis pulled out of him and rose up, smiling down at him. "It really was everything I hoped it would be and more. Well worth the wait, right?"

"Yeah..." Jack pulled Ennis's face down to his to kiss him again and he sighed in contentment. "Ennis...there was something I wanted to tell you. I wanted to wait until this moment to say it."

"Right, you said something like that in your letter," Ennis remembered, stroking his cheek. "So...what was it?"

Jack grinned, feeling as though his heart might burst with the emotion inside him. "I love you. I'm in love with you, Ennis. Felt like that for six months..."

Ennis felt a lump growing in his throat and he swallowed past it. "Jack...I..."

"You don't have to say it back if you can't," Jack murmured, hands in his hair. He felt disappointed but he understood if it was difficult for Ennis to say the words.

"No, it's okay. I can do this...I want to do it. I love you too," he rushed out, feeling lighter once it had been said. "I love you too, Jack. So much..." He smiled. "Now more than ever."

He sank down onto Jack's chest, sighing. Jack embraced him warmly, closing his eyes. "Stay right here, Ennis. You can sleep on me if you want."

"Mmm...night, Jack. Love you..."

Jack grinned. "I love you too, baby." Ennis heard the endearment and smiled before closing his eyes; he could get used to this.

October 8th, 2009

On Thursday, Jack worked the morning shift but it gave Ennis the chance to explore the city a little more until he had finished. He was fully relaxed by now and enjoying his time away from the ship. He didn't like the stress of work interfering with his time off.

Their first night together had been wonderful, and they were even happier than ever. They didn't talk about how much harder it would now be to say goodbye; neither of them wanted to ruin the time they had together. So they just put it out of their minds and enjoyed it while they could.

On their second night together, Ennis had ended up with Jack's head in his lap and trying not to yell out too loudly as Jack worked him with his mouth. He'd soon discovered that Jack had a very talented mouth and had told him so afterwards. Then he'd laid Jack down on the bed and kissed his neck while he jerked him off.

They especially liked to hold each other through the night afterwards and talk until they fell asleep, and this was on Ennis's mind as he sat in the park, waiting for Jack to meet him for lunch. He'd bought some sandwiches and it was a beautiful day despite the month. He loved Jack more and more every day, despite the obstacles they faced.

He heard a whistle and turned to see Jack walking towards him, grinning. "Hey, you."

"Hey." Ennis grinned and they kissed when Jack reached him, looking very happy to be back with him. "How was work?" he asked as they opened the sandwiches. Jack moved up close to him, feeling much happier now that they were in the same space again.

"Quiet. Usually is when Lureen's not there. Don't get me wrong; I love her like a sister but she loves talking."

Ennis smiled. "She sounds great; I'd like to meet her before I leave." Jack's eyes flicked to a figure running in their direction. He grinned when he recognised her.

"Looks like you won't have to wait long," he said, and Ennis turned to see the redheaded woman spot them and run over, grinning.

"Hey, Jack," she said breathlessly, taking a sip of water. "How's it going?"

"Good. Lureen, this is Ennis Del Mar," he replied, nudging Ennis and giving him an affectionate look. Lureen smiled at him.

"Your sailor friend. Hi, I'm Lureen Newsome," she said to him, shaking his hand. Ennis smiled back.

"Good to meet you. Jack's told me a whole lot about you."

"I could say the same to you," she pointed out, stretching her legs. "When did you arrive?"

"Two days ago," he told her, and she nodded.

"That explains why Jack was nowhere to be seen yesterday," she said with a wink, and Jack blushed.

"Shut up, Lu." She laughed and gently kicked his shin.

"I'm just teasing. I'm happy for you guys, really. You should hear the way he talks about you, Ennis."

He smiled and nodded. "Well...I know he makes me happy. Just...sometimes wish it didn't have to be so long between visits."

Lureen sighed. "I know. He's been going crazy, daydreaming and everything. Didn't know what to do for him." Jack gave her a look. "But...what you guys have gotta remember is what it's like when you're together. That'll help you get through it."

"Yeah," Ennis agreed. " wanna join us for lunch?" he offered, holding up the sandwich box. She shook her head.

"Thanks, but I've already had something and I've got stuff to do. But I'll probably see you again before you leave. If not, then I hope you have a good time here and best of luck for when you go back, okay?"

"Yeah. Thanks, Lureen," he said to her. They bid her goodbye and she carried on running, leaving them to it. "She's nice, like you said." Jack nodded, smiling at him.

"She really is. I'm glad I've got her to talk to when you're not around. It really helps."

Ennis put an arm around him, giving him a squeeze. Jack made an appreciative sound. "Sorry I can't be here more often, Jack. You know I would be if I could."

Jack shook his head. "It's okay. I know the job means a lot to you anyway, and I would never ask you to choose between that and me. If you chose me, I'd feel guilty and that would just poison what we've got. I love you, Ennis...but I also want you to be happy."

"You make me happy, Jack," Ennis assured him. "And so does the job. I wish I could have both at once but I can't. But one day...when I decide I've had enough I'll come back and I'll be with you for good. It might be a long while yet because of contracts. I was nearly twenty-three when I started on that ship. Been just over four years now already, so maybe a few more years before I quit. That okay with you?"

Jack smiled. "Ennis, it's fine. What's a few more years compared to an entire lifetime together? We've got at least fifty more years in us yet, so there you go. I'd like to spend all of them with you." Maybe they were moving very quickly, but all of it felt very right and he loved Ennis so much.

"Really?" Ennis asked, wondering what he'd done to deserve someone like this. He'd certainly been very lucky.

"Yeah. Doesn't scare you, does it?" he asked, eyebrows furrowing. Ennis shook his head.

"No, not at all. At least not in a bad way. I'd like that too, Jack." He smiled and leaned down to kiss Jack on the lips, not caring who saw them. He doubted that the other guys would be walking in the park anyway; they were the type to spend all day in a bar. He was much happier here with Jack; he had everything he needed right here.

That evening, they had the romantic dinner that Jack had wanted. Ennis still had a few more days before he had to leave, but they both wanted to have this while they could.

Jack cooked everything for his guest, part of him wanting to prove to Ennis that they could work as a domestic couple if they lived together some day. He didn't want to think about the future too much, seeing as they hadn't spent a lot of time together yet. But he was certain that they were going to have a future.

"How's it coming?" Ennis asked as he walked into the kitchen, sniffing with interest. Jack grinned.

"Nearly done. You wanna set the table?"

"Sure." Ennis kissed him on the back of the neck before moving away, making Jack squirm and blush; Ennis had soon learned his most sensitive spots and had clearly stored that information away for future use. He loved how they were getting to know each other properly now. The sex was amazing, but what he liked most was how they could talk about everything together and find that they shared opinions on most topics. He loved Ennis more and more each day.

Dinner was soon ready and Jack came out with the dishes, pausing when he saw that Ennis had dimmed the lights and lit a candle on the table. "Wow," he breathed, putting the dishes down. Ennis smiled.

"Well, you wanted it to be romantic," he pointed out. "What d'you think?"

"I love it," Jack replied, kissing his cheek. He brought the rest of the dishes out and they settled into their respective chairs, on opposite sides of the table so that they could see each other. "I'm glad we get to do this, Ennis," he said as they started to eat.

"Yeah. I can bet the other guys don't get this...someone to spend more than just half an hour with," he pointed out. Jack looked sadly at him.

"It gets to you, doesn't it?" he asked, even though he knew the answer already. "That you can't talk about what you've been doing on shore leave, unless you make something up. You've had to give me a false name and we might not ever be able to go out together until you leave the Navy. I hate it too..."

Ennis shook his head. "You know what? I'll be fine. And maybe we could go out somewhere, next time I'm here. Maybe we could see a movie; I doubt the others will be doing that and...we could make out at the back." He smiled when Jack grinned.

"That sounds great. Ennis, I've been thinking about the times when you'll be visiting in the future. And...I've got a suggestion, if you'll accept it."

"What is it?"

"I know you move your stuff between here and the barracks when I'm at work and everything, but...I'd like it if you didn't have to. I'd love it if you could be here all the time. I trust you alone in this apartment, so..." He smiled. "Would to stay here with me when you're on shore leave? You said yourself you don't have to stay at the barracks if you've got somewhere else to go..."

Ennis was taken aback by the offer; he hadn't expected that and it was very soon. But in the circumstances, it did make sense for them. Maybe it was a good thing that they moved so quickly when together, to balance out the long time they spent apart. "Wow, um...Jack, I don't know what to say." He rubbed the back of his head. "Well...okay then. That sounds great. I'd love to."

Jack smiled and squeezed his hand before they carried on eating. "You know...the next time you're here it'll be April, about a year since we met. I already know what to get you for a present." He winked at Ennis but said nothing else.

As they ate, they occasionally glanced at each other and thought about what they had together despite how little time they had actually spent in each other's company. It had been six days in total, give or take. By the time he left it would be just ten. But Ennis was aware that if the circumstances were different he would think nothing of it; this would be second nature by now and that was fine. He did love Jack and wanted to have something substantial with him. He didn't envy his colleagues with the numerous girls they brought back to the barracks. He was much happier here, with Jack.

When they had finished, they took the wine over to the sofa and curled up together in front of the TV. Ennis was very flattered by Jack's offer and he felt incredibly lucky to have found this man. He was so scared of failing Jack somehow, now that he had this trust and love; he would never intentionally hurt Jack but what if something happened, something he had no control over that would earn him Jack's disappointment? The only thing he could think of was if he cheated on Jack, and he had more self-control than that. He only wanted Jack from now on.

"I love you," he murmured, nuzzling Jack's dark hair. Jack looked up at him with slight confusion; he hadn't been expecting that out of the blue.

"I love you too, Ennis. Where'd that come from?" Ennis shook his head.

"Just...I feel so lucky to have you and...I'm scared of losing it somehow..." he admitted; he knew it was safe to appear vulnerable to Jack. His lover sighed and clasped his hand tightly.

" won't ever lose me. I promise. You could never disappoint me, baby." He kissed Ennis's cheek and saw him smile. "That's better."

After a while, they switched off the TV and Jack locked up before taking Ennis's hand and leading him to the bedroom for another night of love and passion, where they could explore each other further and cement their connection even more.

October 12th, 2009

All too soon, it was time for Ennis to leave again. This was made much worse for both of them by the fact that it was Jack's birthday, and they had decided that since Jack didn't have to work, they would have breakfast in bed together and say goodbye in their own private way. They had already taken photos of each other on their phones to remember each other through the next six months.

Currently, Jack was on his back as Ennis moved slowly inside him, trying to ignore the lump in his throat and how this was to be their last time together for six months. He had Ennis close to him, arms around his neck as they moved together.

"You alright?" Ennis breathed, trying to make Jack feel better about all of it. Jack sighed.

"Not really, but...this helps a little," he replied, feeling aroused in spite of everything. He was close to his climax and bit his lip as Ennis changed the angle and found the sweet spot. "Oh God..." he groaned, muscles clamping as he shot in between them.

Ennis came soon after and sank down onto Jack's body, pulling out as gently as he could. He looked up to see Jack visibly fighting back tears. "Hey...come on..." he soothed, stroking Jack's cheek. "I'll be back before you know it."

"Yeah...can't help it, though. Ennis, I don't regret sleeping with you in the first place, but...makes it so much harder to say goodbye. I knew this was coming but..."

Ennis sat up and pulled Jack into a sitting position, hugging him tightly. "'s okay. Come on, Jack..."

Jack took deep breaths until he had calmed down, soothed by Ennis rubbing his back and murmuring in his ear. They pulled apart and he smiled when Ennis kissed his cheek. "Sorry...couldn't help it..."

"I understand," Ennis assured him, nodding. "Tell you what...I'll make that breakfast and bring it in. You just relax, okay?" Jack agreed and watched him pull on a pair of jeans before heading out to the kitchen. He lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling, feeling slightly better but not much. Every time he thought about Ennis leaving, it felt like a knife had been plunged into his ribs and was twisting his heart; he didn't want Ennis to leave but knew that there was no choice. He could never ask Ennis to give that up for him; when Ennis did leave and come back to him, it had to be on his terms and nobody else's.

In the kitchen, Ennis thought about the gift he'd left for Jack in his nightstand for his birthday; he'd crept out of bed the night before after Jack had fallen asleep and put it there. He knew that Jack would love it.

They ate breakfast together and Ennis showered, Jack wishing he could join him. But Ennis had to leave soon and Jack didn't want to slow him down; that would just get Ennis in trouble and he didn't want that at all.

He smiled when Ennis re-entered the bedroom, wearing just a towel. "Suits you," he commented, and Ennis smirked. He let the towel drop and Jack wolf-whistled. "Very nice."

"Thought you might like that." Ennis dressed in his uniform and then sat on the edge of the bed, near Jack. He was fully packed and ready to go. "Well..."

"Yeah..." Jack sat up and looked into his eyes. "Ennis, I...I've really enjoyed this visit. The was more amazing than I could have hoped for. I'll never, ever forget that first time as long as I live, I swear. Well worth the wait."

"It sure was. Listen, I left you a birthday present in your nightstand. Something I wanted to save until now. I'm more in love with you now than I was the last time I left and...I'll carry on thinking about you every day. I'll write, and call or text when I can. The time's gonna fly, you'll see." He stroked Jack's face tenderly and looked at him affectionately. "Just six months I'll be back here and we'll have more of these wonderful moments. I'll remember how it feels when we're making love, in this bed, and how you look when I tell you I love you."

Jack nodded. "Me too. I'll remember all of it, Ennis. Here..." He handed Ennis the door keys. "So you can get out. Just leave them on the side table for me."

"Sure." Ennis leaned in close and Jack's heart skipped a beat. "I love you, Jack."

"Love you too," he replied, closing his eyes as Ennis kissed him deeply and wanting it to never end. But all too soon, Ennis broke away and nuzzled his nose.

"See you soon, Jack." He got up and squeezed Jack's hand, finally seeing a smile.

"Yeah," Jack replied, watching Ennis leave with his bag and seeing him shut the door behind him. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and opened up the drawer of his nightstand, wondering what Ennis had put in there.

He found a wrapped, rectangular package with a note on top of it; he took a look at this first.


I'm sorry we can't spend your birthday together, so I'm leaving this present for you. It's a photo I took just before we left Alexandria, and I knew you'd like it as soon as I saw it. Maybe one day, we can see the world together.

I'll think of you every day, and I love you. Happy birthday, Jack.

Love, Ennis xxx

Jack smiled and opened the package; it was a framed photo of a beautiful sunset over the sea. Tears sprang to his eyes but he was grinning, heart full of love for the man who had done this for him. Now that he had this, plus the photo of Ennis on his phone, he had a feeling that the time until the next visit might be a little more bearable.