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Chapter One

Harry was exhausted he was working odd shifts – doing twelve hour days. He loved what he did and had spent many years studying and gaining experience to be in the position he was in today. He was in his office, getting ready for another gruelling shift, when a knock at the door sounded.

"Yes – enter" he ordered.

"Dr Evans your first patient is waiting for you" his elderly secretary informed him.

He nodded and told her to send them in. Most of the day passed with seeing patients, doing rounds and consulting other Doctors and Surgeons.

He left the wizarding world to study to become a muggle doctor. He still practiced magic, and would visit his friends and family, that remained part of the wizarding world. However he lived in muggle London and had a muggle job as a doctor.

It was getting late, and he had one more consultation, and then a few more hours of his shift, before he could return home and relax. As he worked at a private children's hospital, he would consult with parents and explain what he could do for their children – who suffered from varies illnesses and diseases. He didn't deal with accidents and emergencies – that was for the local NHS hospital to deal with – he worked for a private hospital that dealt in care of terminally ill children.

It was very hard on some days, knowing that all they could do was ease the pain – until the child passed away. But other day sit was rewarding – seeing a child respond to medication or recover after an operation and be cured.

He hadn't had the chance to read over the next patient's case notes and wished he was more prepared. His secretary announced through the intercom that, the next patient had arrived and that she was sending them in.

Harry smoothed his tie and adjusted his glasses, stood waiting to greet the parents and the patient. In walked a boy about nine years of age, he had pale blond hair and grey eyes – set in a pointy pale face. Harry blinked a few times. Malfoy? – Maybe he imagined it.

The young boy walked up to Harry and held out his hand, "Hello Doctor, I'm Scorpius".

Harry smiled down at him and shook his hand, "Hello Scorpius, I am Doctor Evans" and he indicated for Scorpius to take a seat.

The all too familiar aristocratic tone of Draco Malfoy's voice, floated in from the hall, "Scorpius Malfoy, what have I told you about running ahead?" Scorpius looked abashed and fidgeted in his seat – just as Draco himself appeared in the office doorway.

Draco stood frozen to the spot, "You?" he managed after a few moments of silence.

Harry indicated for Draco to sit, he was also in shock – but he was a professional and had a job to do. He noted that Draco hadn't changed appearance wise at all – if anything he looked better, healthier and less troubled.

"Mr Malfoy, please take a seat so we can discuss your sons case" Harry poured some water and handed a glass to Draco as he sat.

Harry hadn't read Scorpius case file and was starting to regret this. He didn't want Draco think he wasn't professional. Harry and his private firm dealt with many child related diseases and illnesses – He didn't know what Scorpius had. He also wondered why Draco was at a muggle specialist and not at St Mungos.

Harry picked up the file and frowned, "So I am the first specialist you have sought consultation from?" he asked warily.

Draco sat up slightly straighter, "I asked around and this practice was the best and was recommended to me. I have tried St Mungos but they said they cannot help – that is was likely a muggle illness and that I should seek specialist muggle care." he sounded tired and worried. To be expected considering his son was possibly seriously ill.

Scorpius looked from his dad to the doctor, "You're a wizard Dr Evans?" his dad had mention St Mungos and he never mentioned anything from the wizarding world, unless the person was a witch or wizard.

Harry smiled at Scorpius astonished expression, "Please call me Harry. Yes I am a wizard – but I practice as a muggle doctor."

Harry felt awkward, he really wanted to help Draco and Scorpius – but it was a lot of pressure, what if Scorpius had an illness that was incurable. Would Draco blame him if he couldn't help him?

"Right well, I will arrange for some tests to be carried out and we can see what we are dealing with. I will go over the file with you, to check Scorpius medical and family history are correct. Then I will show you to a private hospital room, Scorpius will need to change into a hospital gown and we will start various scans and tests" Draco seemed to be a bit dazed.

"I know that you are not very familiar with muggle hospitals and such, I will do everything I can to ensure that every test is explained to you fully. That way you can make an informed decision and give your consent" he smiled weakly and then turned to Scorpius. "Scorpius, over there are some toys. Why don't you go play whilst your dad and I run through the boring stuff?"

Scorpius looked at this dad, who nodded his permission and he scrambled off the chair, and over to the corner dedicated to children.

Harry spent the next thirty minutes running through Scorpius' family history and medical history.

He looked into Draco's concerned face, "Tell me what symptoms Scorpius has been displaying?" he soberly asked.

Draco closed his eyes briefly and sighed, "Take your pick, he's had many symptoms. He's been feeling fatigued more than usual, he has repetitive viral or bacterial infections, he complains of bone and joint pain, and he has mentioned abdominal pain. Which has caused him to lose his appetite and caused his subsequent weight loss." Glancing up meeting Harry's eyes, Harry had a sudden feeling of sympathy for Draco.

"The healers ran standard test, no diagnosis?" Harry asked confused, surly they could at least have a rough idea what they were dealing with.

Draco started rubbing his temple with his fingers, "I don't think they really tried hard enough to find the cause. They cast a few basic spells and didn't find anything, they sent me away. I pleaded for more in depth test and diagnostic spells, but they brushed me off and said it's probably nothing." Taking a calming breath he added, "They said that as I was a Malfoy I could afford to seek private care and that maybe I would be better off seeking muggle care. They were reluctant to help- because….well…because it's me" he finished shame faced.

Harry felt rage bubble below the surface, "What! They dismissed your concerns and turned you away because you're a Malfoy. That is unethical and they cannot do that!" his voice raising slightly.

"I had the same reaction, went mental at them – but that only made things worse, they refused to help me based on my temper! Not forgetting that I am an ex-death eater and Malfoy." he pinched the bridge of his nose, closing he eyes briefly again.

Harry was definitely angry now, "That's awful, the war was won to stop prejudices and to help bring the wizarding world together. Not cast people aside based on old grudges." He was outraged.

Draco sighed, "Well what can I do, they think Scorpius is exaggerating his symptoms and they refuse to run any further tests. Please can you help us?" Harry noted that Draco voice sound frightened and unsure.

"Of course I'll help you Draco" Harry pondered a moment, Draco….hmmm….Draco, yes he could be professional enough to use his first name.

Relief washed of Draco's face and he softly whispered, "Thank you Harry" and Harry barley heard his thanks.

Harry made some notes of Scorpius symptoms, "Any more symptoms?" he glanced over at the young boy. He looked happy enough, a little pale and tired.

Draco thought for a moment. "He bleeds and bruises easily and he has had some vomiting, and once he had a rash. Um I think that's all, I'm not sure." He sipped his water and looked passed Harry, over his shoulder, as if deep in thought.

Harry shifted uncomfortably, "What about his mother, wouldn't she want to be present at the tests?" he chanced a glance at Draco. He stiffened slightly and looked over at Scorpius.

"She's not around – Scorpius doesn't know her and he never will." His voice was firm and Harry knew the topic of Scorpius' mother was closed.

Harry stood, "Right well, if you'll follow me I will show you to Scorpius hospital room and where you can get snacks and drinks" he opened the door for them and followed behind.

He showed them the small family room, which held a vending machine with snacks and a vending machine with cold drinks. The family room had a few chairs and a TV, table with various leaflets and magazine and a small kitchenette with hot drink facilities.

Then he showed them a small playroom, that the children on the ward could use and then finally he showed them a small room. It had two large windows, a hospital bed, and a couple of chairs by the bed and it had a small en-suite toilet.

Once they were finished with the tour, Harry informed Draco that a nurse would be in to give Scorpius his gown and that he was just popping out to order the relevant tests.

About an hour later, Harry knocked lightly on the door to Scorpius' room and entered.

What greeted Harry was a sight he would never associate with Draco Malfoy – One word came to mind and that was 'Love'. Draco was sat on the hospital bed and in his arms he held Scorpius, he was reading him a story. His face showed nothing but love and affection. His actions were open and he didn't hold back, he made sure his son felt comfortable and knew he was loved.

Draco looked up when Harry entered, but he continued to read until he reached the end of the paragraph. "Scorpius you'll have to continue on your own for a moment" he hugged him gently and then climbed off the bed.

He walked over to Harry and looked at him, waiting for Harry to speak.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I would like to order some blood tests and do a complete blood count" he watched Draco, remembering he didn't really deal with muggle terminology often, he explained further, "The blood count will give us information about the cells in Scorpius ' blood. The in house hospitals lab technician performs the requested testing on the blood and will provide me with the results. The nurse will use a needle to extract the required amount of blood – it won't hurt, just stings slightly".

Draco nodded, "How long until the result are back?" he seemed pleased that something was being done about his concerns over Scorpius' health.

Harry shrugged, "Depends how busy the lab is, however this is a private hospital and we only deal with a select amount of patients. I can mark it as urgent, hopefully have the results within an hour or so." He hoped that would be sufficient enough, in the NHS you could wait a long time for test results.

"Will the blood test help diagnose Scorpius?" Draco hated not knowing everything about the subject they were discussing.

Harry nodded, "The cells that circulate in the bloodstream are generally divided into three types: white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Abnormally high or low counts may indicate the presence of many forms of disease, and hence blood counts are amongst the most commonly performed blood tests in medicine, as they can provide an overview of a patient's general health status." Draco still looked uncertain.

"Do you want me to stay, whilst the nurse takes Scorpius blood?" he asked, hoping a familiar face would help Draco.

Draco smiled weakly and touched Harry's arm, "I'd like that, thank you" and then he returned to Scorpius bedside.

The nurse entered and smiled at Harry. "Hello I am Nurse Coleman, but please call me Sarah. I will be taking some blood from you today. I promise it won't hurt, just feels like a slight scratch, ok poppet" she came to a stop beside Scorpius.

She took hold of Scorpius arm and wiped an area of his skin clean with an alcohol pad. She looked for a vein that could be visualized through the skin, and then she inserted a needle through the area of cleansed skin into to Scorpius' vein. He turned his head suddenly and buried it against Draco's chest. Draco rubbed his back in a calming and soothingly manner.

The nurse collected the blood from the needle by a syringe, pulling the needle out and placing a small ball of cotton wall and hospital tape over it to keep it in place.

"Their sweetheart, all done. You can take the cotton wall of soon, it just stops the small pin prick of blood. I will take your blood to the laboratory for analysis." She smiled at Scorpius and Draco and left the room.

"Dad can I go home now?" he whined.

Draco stroked his hair, "Sorry son, not yet. Hopefully soon. I'm going to get a coffee, do you want anything?" he looked down at his son.

"Sure, um maybe a drink of orange or something. Oh and a chocolate bar." One look from Draco he hastily added, "Please dad."

Satisfied he left the room with Harry to go to the vending machine, however he stopped in his tracks and Harry bumped into him. "Shit. I haven't any muggle money on me. I didn't think we'd be here this long."

Harry could see that Draco was in need of a coffee, "Come to my office, I can give you some muggle change for the vending machine and the coffee facilities are in the kitchen, it's free."

Draco followed Harry and took some coins from him, thanking him and smiling as Harry said he wanted it back with interest.

Harry should have finished his shift forty five minutes ago, but he was waiting for Scorpius blood test results. Finally he received the analysis and he frowned. He could feel a headache coming on and he knew it would be a long time before he returned home.

When Harry entered Scorpius' room, he found a sleeping Scorpius and Draco sat by his bed reading a book.

"Hey Harry, do you need me to wake him?" Harry shook his head.

"I have the blood test results" Harry prided himself on his ability to remain calm, no matter the news he had to give. But something about seeing Malfoy again had unnerved him and he wasn't sure how to proceed.

He shifted slightly under Draco's worried gaze, "The blood samples taken were analysed and the blood cell counts show an abnormal level of blood cells." He paused a moment before continuing, "Tomorrow I would like to carry out a thorough physical exam of Scorpius and carry out a further test."

Draco started pacing, "Abnormal? What further test? What's wrong?" Harry gripped his upper arms and stopped his pacing.

"I suggest you try and get some sleep, the nurse can show you a room that parents use to sleepover at the hospital. I will explain further tomorrow." He squeezed Draco's arm gently and removed his hands.

Draco sensed the seriousness in Harry's tone and grimly nodded, before returning to Scorpius' side and taking hold of his hand.

"Night Draco, I start at 8am tomorrow – see you then" and he left without getting a response from Draco.