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Final Chapter

After six months of Harry basically sleeping at his every night and Harry running to his every so often for things, Draco got annoyed.

So here he was handing Harry a jewellery box, Harry frowned and opened it. It was a standard box, but instead of jewellery in the box, it held a front door key, "Say you'll move in Harry. It will be hell of a lot easier and less hassle" he complained and then smiled as Harry was beaming.

Harry grin grew and he kissed Draco softly, sucking on his bottom lip slightly, before pulling away, "I'll move in. But I have no idea how you're going to find space for my clothes in that small wardrobe of yours" Harry teased.

Draco laughed, "I can always install a wardrobe just for you" and he pulled Harry into a long and loving hug.

They told Scorpius over dinner, he just shrugged, "Harry basically lived her anyway – might as well make it official".

Scorpius had become good friends with Rose and Hugo, as Harry and Draco often visited them and they visited here. Scorpius had turned ten a few months ago and they hosted a birthday party. Blaise had also become a more permanent fixture in their lives, soon becoming Draco's best friend again and actually pretty close friends with Harry too.

Harry sold his house and moved in with Draco. He couldn't believe he could sit and watch the sunset and sunrise with Draco, in their home. It felt like he had finally achieved what he had always hoped he would achieve in his life.

(Time skip – one year)

Scorpius continued to have treatment and was on the right track to full recovery, he received his Hogwarts letter and Draco was undecided on what he wanted to do. Scorpius still had a year left of treatment and it may take longer for his hair to grow back, he didn't want Scorpius to be subjected to bullying.

Harry had asked Scorpius what he wanted, and he told Harry and his dad that he wanted to go to Hogwarts. He wanted to be like any other normal wizarding kid and he didn't want to miss out on that because of his stupid illness. Rose had declared that she would protect him and hex anyone who upset him.

Now Harry and Draco were waving Scorpius off on the Hogwarts Express and smiling as he seemed very happy to be having a normal experience.

They would remove Scorpius for treatment and the headmistress understood all about his condition. Scorpius and Rose were sorted into Ravenclaw together and they were the best of friends.

(Time Skip – One year)

Harry had framed Scorpius' test results and wrapped them up. He gave it to Draco at dinner and Draco wondered what Harry was giving him.

He opened it and stared at the results, not really understanding the medical mumbo jumbo. He arched an eyebrow, it must be important if Harry had it framed in a beautiful wooden frame.

Harry smiled and explained, "That's Scorpius test results – its official he is completely cured. No more cancer and no more treatment" and he smiled as Draco pulled Harry up out of his seat and into a bone crushing hug.

Draco hung the results in the kitchen, as that was where they spent most of their time. He then arranged to speak with Scorpius in the headmistress's office, he told Scorpius the good news and he was ecstatic. Draco even cried as his son was so happy that he could finally stop treatment and move on with his life.

It was a long time before Scorpius hair grew back fully, yes it did grow back, but hair growing is a long and slow process. But eventually he had a full head of beautiful silky blond hair, down to his shoulders. Of course now he was a teenager he used his hair as a way to gain female attention.

The leukaemia never returned and Scorpius had a normal and happy childhood.