Rambles: Oh finally! I had this urge to write in the middle of the exams and I was dying to write it! Another AoKaga, yes, I love them very much. I don't know if it's kind of weird, but.. I wanted to try to write it in another point of view. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Kuroko Tetsuya, also known as the Shadow of the Seirin team. I'm famous for being invisible in people's eyes. Well, I'm not that annoyed about having to repeat myself everytime people finally realize I'm just right beside them... Rather than annoyed, I'm kind of glad for this nature of mine.

Besides from the advantage of being unseen in basketball games, it has some other great uses. First, you could enter a girl's toilet, stay there for 15 minutes and come out with many juicy gossips without any slap marks on your face. Not that I have ever done that.

Second, you can carry a dog and sneakily place it on one of your teammate's lap without him knowing. Go back shooting some balls and wait until you hear someone scream, "WHO THE HELL PUT THAT CREATURE ON MY CROTCH?!" Not that I have ever done that too.

And also... You can watch a certain red-haired guy and a dark blue-haired guy being such idiots together and wonder when they will ever realize they have feelings for each other. Not friendly feelings, but romantic feelings. Yes, who would ever thought the perverted teen who loves big breasts has fallen in love with a male?

It all started on that fateful day when Kagami was practicing alone in the basketball court near the neighbourhood. Coach Aida told me to keep an eye on Kagami, since his legs wasn't in the condition to play yet, all thanks to over-jumping in the match against Midorima's team. Being the kind and caring person my image is, I followed Kagami. Unsurprisingly, he wasn't aware of my presence.

"Kagami Taiga... Right?"

Dark arm dangled over sun-kissed shoulder. The two met. Aomine and Kagami. They greet each other with a match and of course, Aomine easily swished the basketball in the hoop after dodging Kagami's reckless charges. As time passed by, I could see Kagami panting hard and his legs shaking from the loss of strength. My logical mind was saying:

This could be very very bad.

I approached the two to stop their game, but froze in my tracks when I saw the way Aomine looked at Kagami. It wasn't just a normal glance... It was as if he was studying every inch of Kagami's body and face. And out of the blue, he purposely made an accidental brush on Kagami's chest. My illogical mind was saying:

This could be very very interesting.

I waited for Kagami to shout a reaction like those in yaoi manga. Not that I have read it before... Alright, maybe one or two manga...per day. But I almost forgot... This is the dense idiot we are talking about. How would he notice that light touch? Wait, maybe he might notice it... Not happening.

The battle ended. Aomine smirked at Kagami in victory.

"The only one who can beat me is me,"

His smirk widened. The usual Kagami would counter words that look down on him, but that moment, Kagami's eyes were out of focus and he had lost too much energy. His legs shook so hard, ready to fall any second. I ran towards Kagami, regretting not interfering in the match when his legs already showed signs of shakiness. Before I could even reach him or call out his name, his legs finally gave up on supporting himself.


My panic settled down, when a pair of strong arms embraced Kagami before his body collapse. Slowly, Aomine rested Kagami on the ground. He kneeled beside Kagami, positioning the red-haired teen to lean on Aomine's broad chest and his shaking legs stretched out.

"What the-! You idiot! Why did you play in this condition?!"

As if you would even care if you had known about it.

I wanted to voice that out loud, but how could I when Aomine's face was like that? He looked sincerely concerned about Kagami's body. Kagami's hazed eyes started getting into focus. Pulling himself together, he forced himself to stand up.

"I'm fine!"

His body said otherwise. His legs vibrated, as he tried to stand up. Aomine clicked his tongue. In mere seconds, he roughly pulled Kagami down to sit beside him again.

"What do you think are you-"

"Just shut the hell up!"

Kagami was about to yell back at him, but halted when warm hands gently rubbed his legs, soothing the tense muscles. The red-haired teen stared at the other with a dumbfounded face, probably asking, "What the heck is he doing?" Well, that was me who was asking. I mean, why would you do this to a total stranger? And what's more, aren't you going to go against each other in a few days?

However, watching Aomine carefully massaging Kagami's legs made me feel as if I just saw a different side of my ex-teammate I had never seen all these years. Maybe... Just maybe...

...Nah, impossible. Kagami doesn't have big breasts. And plus, he's a dude. Yes, a human with the Y chromosome.

I snapped out of my thoughts, when I saw Aomine standing up. Kagami's legs weren't vibrating as much as before.


He ruffled the red hair affectionately.

"We're going to fight against each other in a few days, right?"

He grinned playfully. Kagami's eyes widened at his carefree face. As if he had forgotten the previous insult Aomine gave him a few minutes ago, the red head nodded, grinning back. Aomine's eyes softened.

"Rest well, so I can beat your ass again, okay?"

A vein popped and his grin dropped. He abruptly stood up and glared at Aomine with fiery eyes.

"I will be the one who will beat your ass!"

Aomine gave a mocking smile, as if saying, "Come and try me." Kagami's cheeks heated up in anger and he bared his fangs. The blue-haired teen was really getting a kick out of Kagami's reactions. Realizing that whatever he did just amused Aomine even more, Kagami gave his opponent a last glare before leaving the court. He passed by in front of me. In that split second, I caught Kagami's red face.

Red in anger. Red in embarrassment. Red in shame of losing. Red in blush.

Not wanting to add more red to his face and damage to his pride, I sealed my lips tight about that meeting and acted as if I didn't know that fact at all.

The day came.

During the real battle between Seirin and Touou, both of them didn't give mercy to each other. Aomine's lonely way of playing basketball versus Kagami's and my cooperative teamwork. Not only that, we also had our teammates. But, why? Why did we still lose?

Because Aomine was just too strong.

I was pissed. I know I didn't really show it on my face, but I really was. However, just the thought of Aomine changing a bit of his views on the way of playing basketball made me smile. He watched our team seriously. No... I think the main reason was because he watched Kagami properly. He watched how Kagami and I interacted, how Kagami never gave up, how Kagami with fiery eyes tried to score and score. Even for just a tiny bit, his actions probably moved Aomine.

I smiled to myself at the thought.

I was about to reunite with the team, thinking that my time as an audience of the two's soap opera was over. But I was wrong. The drama still continued. Aomine pulled my arm and asked for a talk. After a few greetings and talk about the past, Aomine finally got straight to the main point of the conversation.

"Do you have Kagami's phone number?"

Something in me bloomed. Without any hesitation, I sent him the number.

Rambles: And the start of their relationship. I'm still sticking on this point of view until I'm done with the fic. Oh, now I really envy Kuroko. How many pairings can I stalk in a day if I were Kuroko? Hm...Well, I would surely follow AoKaga anywhere and maybe catch them do-*coughs* Not for the young minds.