Rambles: I'm back with evil ideas. And jealousy towards lucky Kuroko who gets to stalk every pairing he wishes to see. Oh man, his misdirection is so handy.

The days passed just like that. Aomine always meeting Kagami and me watching their dates. Without noticing, it has been 3 months since their first meeting... which is today.

Yes, it's today now. And you don't have to be a genius to know the two have feelings for each other. It's obvious from how Aomine loves dangling his arm over Kagami's shoulders, grabbing his waist, leaning against his shoulder or head, whispering words that makes Kagami blush to no end and a whole lots of other heart-thumping reactions.

As for Kagami, he has finally become self-conscious of Aomine's touching and words. Everytime he is in a dokidoki moment, his face burns and he avoids eye contact with Aomine.

If you tell me they aren't in love... Then tell me what it is.

And the unbelievable thing is... They aren't dating. Yet. Yes, I have to put that word, since I'm sure they will someday. Because if they still aren't together by the next month, I will be the one to make them.

Well, the number one reason why they aren't together yet is probably because of the fact Kagami is born as a dense idiot. I mean, seriously. Ifa guy touches you unnecessarily all over your body and whispers sweet phrases in your ears, you'd get the conclusion he likes you, right?

Not for Kagami.

Hell, I think he hasn't even realized his own feelings for Aomine.

But... If they will be in a relationship... How will it be like? No, that question is a bit vague. Let me rephrase it: Who will be the seme and who will be the uke?

That's kind of obvious, isn't it? Aomine is surely the seme and Kagami is the uke. Or in another meaning, Aomine would be the key and Kagami is the keyhole. Oh wow, an unwilling uke. Fantasies. Fantasies. Fantasies.

"...What are you thinking about?"

Reality pulls me away from my thoughts. I turn to the red-haired teen who ruined my daydream.


"No, it's just that... You had this creepy smile a moment ago."

Oh, did I? I guess I did.

"So, what are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking who's the key and the keyhole."


...Crap, I just said that without thinking. Oh my god, all my effort to create an image of innocent Kuroko will be destroyed!

"No, I meant-"

"You're wrong, Kuroko. It's supposed to be which is the key and the keyhole."


"I mean, they're objects, right? So, it's supposed to be which, not who."

...God, thank you very much for creating a thick-headed, dense and idiotic human named Kagami. Now that I think about it... I don't think he would even understand if I had said seme and uke.

All of a sudden, a brilliant idea pops in my mind.

"Hm... I guess you're right, Kagami-kun. But I was thinking... Why don't you try asking that question to Aomine?"

"You mean which is the key and the keyhole."

"No, who is the key and the keyhole."

"But that doesn't make sense."

"Maybe it does to him."


Because he is a freaking pervert.

"I don't know."

"...Okay, I will ask."

I mentally laugh. How can Aomine not know what it is? I mean, he is born naturally perverted. Oh damn, I have to be there when Kagami asks that question. And when Aomine explains the meaning and probably the process as well... Kagami will surely blush so much he could die.

I'm so evil.

Why of all days, it has to be today?

The moment the school bell rings, screaming that it's time to go home, our homeroom teacher ordered Kagami to tidy up the music room. I bet that he is actually assigned to clean the room by the principal's orders. But because that room is pretty much isolated and will take ages to clean it, he shoves all his work to a random student.

And it just has to be Kagami.

How will he ask Aomine the question? Sure, he can do it tomorrow. But will he remember? Unless it's really important, he won't forget. And it's not like I can remind Kagami, "Hey, don't forget to ask Aomine who's they key and the keyhole." That's just too suspicious.

I sigh to myself. I guess my plan won't work out.

Alone, I exit the school. As usual, I spot a figure with blue hair and dark skin. Who else could he be?

"Aomine-kun, what are you doing here?"

Aomine is momentarily surprised by my sudden appearance. Actually, I don't need to ask this, since he only comes for Kagami. But, I have an image of a guy with proper manners and courtesy. So, I have to ask.

"Ah, where's Kagami?"


"He has to clean up the music room."

Aomine frowns.

"He said that he was free."

"He was given the duty right after the bell rang."

He nods with an understanding face. Right, when I thought he is going to go straight home, he asks,

"Where is the music room?"

I pause for a second, shocked from his question. I smile to myself. He really wants to see Kagami no matter what, doesn't he?

"If you don't mind walking quite a distance, then I can tell you where. After entering the school, go straight, then go to the path on the right. When you meet a dead end, turn to your left. And the door will be right there. No one goes there anymore, so you can just look for a hallway without anyone walking there."

He nods, while processing the directions I just gave in his mind.

"So it's pretty much located in the back-right corner of the school building. Hee... How lonely. Okay thanks."

Taking his time, he walks in. As for me, all my plans to go get vanilla milkshake has been cancelled and replaced with free VIP tickets to watch a drama of Aomine and Kagami. I follow Aomine through the dusty hallways with ceilings filled with cobwebs. And finally, we arrive to our destination. Aomine slides the door open.


He halts abruptly, almost making me crash against his back. I scoot to the right and look at what he's seeing. Kagami is gently cleaning a guitar, shocking himself whenever his fingers accidentaly strums the strings. Aomine stifles his chuckles. His eyes soften, as he watches Kagami in adore.


That's what he's probably thinking now. And I don't have to be a mind-reader to know. Aomine knocks at the door.

"At least call me if something comes up."

His voice grabs Kagami's attention, surprising the red-haired teen.

"Aomine! What are you doing here?!"

"No, you should be the one answering that question. You promised to meet me before you agreed to do this duty."


He finally realizes their appointment and looks down with a face full of regret.

"I'm sorry... I forgot."

He apologizes. Sincerity is written all over his face. And that alone makes Aomine's cheek shades a little pink.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Are probably the words that Aomine can think of now. And he might also be thinking how can he not forgive Kagami with a cute face like that. Damn, I can be a professional mind-reader. Specialized only for Aomine and Kagami.

"It's fine."

Kagami smiles in relief at Aomine's words.

"How long have you been here anyway?"

"Since the moment you shock yourself like a girl, just because of some sounds."


Kagami glares at the smirking Aomine.

"You didn't have to watch! You should have called my name or something!"

"But I like watching you."

Aomine eyes him with a feeling of longing. What he said is an almost-outright confession. Kagami just widens his eyes and is speechless. He avoids Aomine's piercing eyes.


Aomine is silent for a second. Then he sighs with a smiling face, as if he has already expected that reaction from the start. Silence envelops the two. One blowing dust away from a violin and the other watching his object of affection. Rather than an awkward silence, it's more of a comfortable stillness. All of a sudden, the clatter of mahogany violin against oak table is heard.

"Aomine, I just remembered!"

"Hm, what?"

"Who is the key and the keyhole?"

Aomine's eyes widen. His jaws drop. His face is clearly saying: Is this really the dense and innocent Kagami I'm talking to?

"I knew it. It's a stupid question. It's supposed to be which, not who, right? Kuroko asked who, but that doesn't make sense. They are both objects."

Aomine's face relaxes, as if he is saying Oh, it's just something he heard. Now this is the moment I've been waiting for. Aomine shall now explain with that perverted face of his. But the moment I look at Aomine's face, staring at Kagami who's still rambling on how stupid the question is... I feel that something is wrong. No perverted grins. No mischievous glint in the eyes. An undescribable feeling is pasted on Aomine's face.

"He isn't completely wrong, you know?"

Aomine's sudden voice cuts in Kagami's ramblings.

"Eh? Really? What does it mean?"

Kagami's eyes shines in curiousity, eager to know the answer, like a kid wanting to know how babies are created. Aomine looks at the innocence in Kagami's eyes. A dangerous flash passes by the midnight-blue eyes. As if it's going to destroy that pureness of the fiery red.

"If that question is directed to us, then..."

Slowly, he steps forwards, closer and closer to Kagami, to the point of only a distance of 10 centimetres between their faces.

"I'm the key and you're the keyhole."

A shade of red rises in Kagami's cheeks. If I'm just a normal audience, I'd think he finally realizes the meaning of Aomine's words. But being his Shadow for months now, I know he's burning from the sudden closeness between their faces. And I'm sure Aomine knows that too.

"I'm a... keyhole?"

"Yeah... Ah, or would you rather be the key? I can't let you though."

Aomine's right hand lightly caresses Kagami's cheek. The red-haired teen reflexively turns his face away, exposing his left ear. Taking the chance, Aomine leans closer towards his red ear.

"Because I want to hear you scream."

Kagami widens his eyes in surprise. He shoves Aomine's shoulders, creating space between the two. He properly looks at the midnight-sky eyes and finally senses the dangerous glint behind them.

"I still don't get it."

From the way his confused eyes look, trying to rack his mind what the words mean and searching behind Aomine's eyes to understand what he is thinking, you can tell he is being honest. He seriously doesn't understand. Aomine smiles at his dense mind. He gently holds Kagami's hands and pushes them against the wall.

"You don't have to understand."

He leans closer.

"Because I will show you."

Their lips crash. Kagami's eyes widen in shock, not expecting this to happen at all. Using his state of shock as an advantage, Aomine slides wet muscle in between Kagami's lips. And then...

I have to stop.

No matter how much I enjoy watching them and always intruding in their privacy, I know there is a limit to it. And what's more, I don't want to describe these censored images.

"Ah! Ao-!"

...Yes, I have to leave now.

Without being noticed at all, I exit the room. Many thoughts spin in my eyes. Such as what had occured right in front of me a while ago. And I now understand the face Aomine had. He was already at his limit. The guy you love for the first time asks you a question that has something to do with their relationship. Aomine wouldn't be able to control himself. Now I have one concern in my head...

Will Kagami be okay?

"Please tell me that wasn't what you really were thinking."

Kagami pleads with begging eyes.

"Hm? What do you mean, Kagami-kun?"

"You meant which, right?! Not who!"

Oh, he finally understands. Well, of course he does. Seeing how he entered the classroom with a backache, I can tell he went all the way with Aomine. And now the echoes of screams and moans of a ghost in the hallway of the music room has been the hot topic of the school. Some even considered it one of the haunted events in school. And here I am now, talking with the ghost.

"Hm, does it matter? Anyway, what does who is the key and keyhole means?"

Kagami burns. His whole face and his ears.


He yells at me in embarrassment and limps back to his chair. I watch him in amusement and a bit of guilt, since I'm the very reason why he got into this position now. I leave my chair and approach him, who's busy texting with his cellphone. But, I pause in my tracks and slyly reads the messages behind his back. Being unseen really is great.

How are you? –Ahomine

Fine. –Kagami

I meant your ass and back. We didn't have a proper bed after all. –Aomine

SHUT UP! –Kagami

Hey, we're dating now, right? –Aomine

Kagami's eyes enlarge at the message he received from Aomine. His ears redden.

Do you... like me? –Kagami

After everything, don't tell me you still don't know how I feel about you! Why the hell are you so dense?! –Aomine

Finally receiving an outright love confession from Aomine, it takes some time for Kagami to process the words in his mind. When the words are completely processed, his cheeks burn.

Well, sorry that I'm too dense! –Kagami

It's fine. I like that part about you. –Aomine

Red and speechless. If anything can describe the state of Kagami's mind now, it's probably happiness and chaos. He snaps back to reality when 2 rings are heard from his phone. 2 messages:


I love you.

Shock. After overcoming the shock, he smiles with faint pink dying his cheeks.

Me too.

That day, something blossomed in my heart. I'm overjoyed for their happiness and love. But I realized... It isn't because they are my Lights and my friends that makes me support them very much. I'm hit by a sudden realization.

I finally realized I'm a fudanshi.

Rambles: For those who might not know, fudanshi is the boy version of fujoshi. Fujoshi is a rotten girl and yes, that usually means fanatic of yaoi! I might create an extra story of what happened in the music room but I won't update it as the next chapter. I have set the genre as T here. Hope you had fun reading!