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Jealous Love

Chapter 1: An Old Friend Returns

Many years ago

"You saved me again," she said.

"Of course mam, I care about you," he said smiling at her.

"I never met anyone like you," she told him.

"Yeah I get that a lot," he said blushing.

"You know this has got to stop. I never should have asked you to go outside your game. You were almost killed," she said frowning.

"Hey you are my friend you didn't have to twist my arm to help you. I did it willingly," he argued.

"You are a good man one of the best. But you have to stay in your game and I will have to stay in mine. People will think you or I are going Turbo and we can't have that, she stated.

"No, we can't but promise me something," he said getting serious.

"Anything," she said softly.

"If you are ever in great trouble you will come to me okay. I know you and I are just friends but I don't want anything bad to happen to you," he said holding her hand.

"Okay Felix, I promise if I am ever in great trouble I will come to you. Or I might just drop by just so you can fix my bike or car," she said smiling.

"I would be happy too Felicia, well good bye," he said fighting a tear.

"Not good bye just till we meet again," she said and they hugged each other and he watched as she rode away.

Present Day

"Wow that was another hard day it seems every day the kids keep getting better," Felix said taking off his hat and wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Yeah I know what you mean brother," a giant man with brown hair said smiling. "But I almost beat you," he said slyly.

"Yes, you did Ralph, yes you did," Felix said smiling. "So, what are your plans tonight?" he asked Ralph. Before Ralph could answer a small raven haired girl with candy wearing a gray hoodie showed up.

"Hey Stink Brain and Hammer Time," the little girl greeted sweetly.

"Hey President Booger Face, I was just about to come pick you up," Ralph said smiling down at the tiny child.

"Hello little Venellope," Felix said gently.

"That is President Venellope," the little girl said smugly.

"Oh right how could we forget," Ralph said and scooped the girl up tickling her belly.

"Hey no fair Stink Brain," she giggled but soon glitched and was on his massive shoulders. "Piggy back ride jeeves," she said grinning happily.

"Okay you little imp, so where do you want to go?" he asked.

"Back to my game there is a water fall made out of root beer and I want to see how fast we can slide down it," the little girl said.

"Okay hey Felix, you want to come?" Ralph asked.

"Maybe another time I have to go pick up Tamora up from her game. Since it is Labor Day and the arcade will be closed I promised we would spend more time together. Usually after the arcade closes she is tired from battling cy-bugs and I am tired from fixing the penthouse. So, we are going to try and take it easy," he said.

"Wow Sergeant Kills A lot take things easy that is a laugh. Good luck," Venellope laughed as Ralph waved good bye to the tiny man. He waved goodbye and began to walk to the trolley just as it came in. Climbing in he dozed for a few seconds for he didn't want to look too tired to Tamora. Her army skills could pick up the slightest thing for instance once he yawned too long and she made him go to bed early. Even though he said he wasn't tired and wanted to stay up with her. But as usual he gave in and went to bed for she used her death glare on him. She only used that glare when she was extremely worried about him and he didn't want to worry her. The trolley stopped and he got out and headed towards Hero's Duty.

The soldiers had all come out of the game and he stood at the side so he would be in there way. "Hey Fix-It Man," one soldier said saluting him. Some other soldiers just nodded in his direction.

"Hey Joe, and everyone," Felix said saluting. He honestly didn't know all their names but they didn't mind for most didn't know his name. They either called him Fix-It Man or Sergeant's Mechanic. Either way it was a system that worked for them. Rubbing his eyes again he waited for his wife to come out.

"At ease soldier," came a familiar voice. Standing before Felix was a six foot platinum blonde woman with deep blue eyes and short hair with bangs that almost covered her eyes.

"Hi, honey," he said hopping up and pecking her cheek. He was almost too tired to do that but he loved giving her a quick peck.

"You're tired," she stated.

"I'm fine mam," he said smiling at her as the honey glows spread to his cheeks.

"You are a bad lair Fix-It," she said sternly as a frown spread to her lips. "Come here I will carry you," she said and knelt down to his level.

"No, you are tired too, I can walk really don't worry," he said putting his hands up defensively. He knew she had a long day and carrying him wouldn't help.

"Fine but the second you fall to the floor I am carrying you to our house I don't care if I have to tie you up first," she said sharply.

"Mam, yes mam" he said saluting causing her to smile. He was nervous for she did do that once. He was so tired he could barely see his own hand in front of him but he insisted on walking till he fell twice and almost hurt himself. Tamora then told him to let her carry him and he refused because he didn't want to tire her out even more. But the second his protest left his lips he found himself bound by some metallic rope and was in his wife's protective arms. He knew then to let her have her way sometimes to keep her from worrying and going overboard with her protectiveness. They walked on back to the trolley and she cuddled next to him. They were back in their game and headed home.

"I'll cook dinner sweetie why don't you go in the room and relax," Felix said yawning again.

"I have a better idea," she said and scooped him in her arms. She carried him to the couch and laid on top of him so he couldn't get away. "I missed you Short stack," she purred as she removed his hat.

"I missed you too honey, how was your game?" he asked. Her fingers went through his hair causing him to go redder.

"It was fine only three people got the medal but I didn't die," she told him as she bent down to kiss his neck.

"I am glad to hear that," he said as he rubbed her back. Letting out a purr, his shirt was quickly removed thereby exposing his belly.

"Tammy, I uh shouldn't we uh wait!" he exclaimed his face now red as a tomato.

"Shh it will be okay," she said grinning mischievously. Like the cat that got the canary. "I haven't got to cuddle with you or do anything with you in a while and I am going to take my time. Any problems with that soldier," she cooed as she sent kisses down his stomach.

"N-no mam," he said nervously enjoying the moment. Unbeknown to them their tender moment was soon to be cut short. Racing towards the Fix-It Felix Game was a lone biker. Dressed all in black their face was covered by a helmet.

He said he would help me. He always helped me but I don't want to endanger him again. Just this one time then I will leave him alone he is my friend my only family I don't want to lose him, the biker thought. Racing down the street of Nice Land the biker stopped and got off and headed towards the pent house. Tamora was tracing Felix's skin with her finger as she kissed his neck while he kissed her cheek. Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Wonder who that could be at this hour?" Felix asked.

"Maybe if we ignore them they will go away," Tamora said not wanting the moment to be interrupted.

"Someone could need help what if it is Ralph or Venellope? Or someone else? Come on Tammy just let me check and if it is not important we can continue um you know," he said nervously.

"Fine you have five minutes then I am shutting the door on whoever it is and devouring you," she said her eyes full of lust.

"Got it," he said. Allowing him to get up he put his work shirt back on and headed to the door. He opened it and his face went chalk white with shock. A young woman about the same height as Tamora maybe a few inches shorter and a bit curvier was standing in the doorway.

She looked like a character from an old racing street game like Street Fighter and her outfit was all leather that showed off her very sexy body. Her helmet was off exposing deep olive green eyes with mocha colored skin and long raven black hair held in a pony tail. On the sides were streaks of dark purple but her bangs were died a hot pink. "Felicia," Felix said in utter shock.

"Hello Shorty, sorry to bother you but I need your help," she said gently.

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