Chapter 8: Winner Takes All

"Okay Vanellope what do you know about Skull other than the obvious?" Tamora asked.

"Let's see it says he loves beer, a real hot head, and hates to lose," she said.

"Anything else?" she asked the kid.

"Nothing we don't already know," Vanellope told her.

"Okay well we do have the advantage of surprise for he thinks Felix and Felicia are dead. So, will they still have the race?" Tamora asked Felicia.

"Oh yea Skull would never give up a chance to tell the world how much of a coward I am," Felicia said firmly folding her arms.

"Well you won't be able to practice in your game," Tamora said.

"What if I can't practice then how will I win the race!" Felicia exclaimed growing angry.

"Easy if we take you to Sugar Rush you will be able to practice there," she said.

"Well better than nothing I suppose," Felicia admitted.

"Okay here is the plan Felicia you and Felix stay in Sugar Rush and practice running through the course. Wreck-It you help Vanellope get as much information on Skull and this Stanley guy. Derrick you are with me, we have some errands to run. Felicia when is the race?" she asked.

"In two days," Felicia told her.

"Well get on that track and practice," Tamora said and turned her attention to Felix. Leading him away for a brief few moments she grabbed him by the collar and kissed his lips. "I'll be back soon. Stay in Sugar Rush till the day of the race," she told him firmly.

"Yes, ma'am," he told her sweetly and she couldn't help but smile. Derrick looked on at Felicia with such an odd feeling in his chest.

"Uh Miss Felicia," he said going up to her.

"Yeah," she said nervously. Feeling a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach like butterflies and her mouth went dry again.

"Um just wanted to say be careful on the track," he said rubbing the back of his head.

"Thanks Soldier Boy," she said smiling at him causing his face to turn red. Derrick left with Calhoun and Felix along with Ralph and Vanellope took Felicia to Sugar Rush. "Wow this place sure is sweet," Felicia said looking around all the lollipop trees and chocolate puddles.

"This is my home sweet home, now the track is this way," Vanellope said. Ralph carried her on his shoulders and they came to small race track. "Here is the entire course be careful of the cherry bombs if they are lit they will exploded. Also be careful of the ice cream tunnel it is icy," Vanellope told her.

"I think I got it," Felicia said.

"Okay Hammer Head you and the Speed Queen practice on the track. Come on Stink Brain we have research to do," said the little girl.

"As you command President Booger Face," Ralph said smiling. Felicia put her bike on the track and motioned for Felix to get on with her. She revved up and soon zoomed off. The first part was a simple track along a curvy road. Felicia was used to curves but not for what happened next. The cherry bombs went off and began to explode.

"Oh no!" Felix said in a worried tone.

"Hold on!" she said and pushed hard on the pedal and zoomed down the road as the cherry bombs went off. They came to an icy slide and went through it going through a small cannon and being blasted over the other side. "Man that kid wasn't kidding when she said this track would be difficult," Felicia said as she landed hard on the other side. "How you holding up Shorty?" Felicia asked.

"Just fine and your bike is doing fine too," he said smiling at her.

"Okay let's finish this," Felicia said grinning. They soon finished the course when Tamora came back with Derrick.

"Okay I recently learned that we can put Skull and Stanley in a game jail for they broke the rules by trying to kill Felicia and Felix outside their game. Since Vanellope has a dungeon of some kind we can probably put him and his friend in there for the rest of their code lives," Tamora said.

"Oh yeah thanks I almost forgot I had Hammer Head make it stronger in case baddies like Turbo appear again," Vanellope said. "I would be more than happy to lock up those losers here for awhile," the tiny president said.

"No," Felicia said firmly. Everyone looked at her in shock wondering why she would oppose this solution. "I appreciate everything but if I lock him and Stanley up before the race then everyone will see me as weak and scared. I can't have that in my game our reputation is the only thing that matters. I have to beat Skull in that race or I lose more than just the bar," Felicia said.

"We understand Felicia, and don't worry you can beat that big bully with your eyes closed," Felix said holding her hand.

"Yeah that Skull doesn't stand a chance," Derrick added making Felicia's heart beat faster.

"Well then let's get back to racing and I will gather my men to prepare them to take Skull and Stan to the Fungeon after the race," Tamora said. Felicia nodded and soon she and Felix along with Vanellope and her friends were on the track helping Felicia train. Soon the night had come and Felicia was sitting by the castle window looking out onto the candy cane stars and frowning.

"Mind if I sit with you Miss Felicia?" Derrick asked.

"Sure Soldier Boy it is a free country," she said scooting over so he could sit next to her.

"You worried about the race?" he asked.

"A bit mostly hoping that what happened to Felix all those years ago won't happen again. I could care two sense about what happens to me but he is my friend my big brother. I just don't want any to die for me," she said holding herself.

"What if you are worth dying for?" he asked looking directly at her.

"I am not," she said firmly. Taking a chance he placed his hand on her cheek bringing her face up to his.

"You are worth everything to me," he said and kissed her forehead. Her eyes went wide and she quickly got up and walked away. "Wait I am sorry I didn't mean to push anything," Derrick said angry at himself for scaring her away. Felicia stopped in her tracks for she never felt this way before and it scared her. Looking at this man she barely knew for what a day maybe two? She couldn't remember but whenever he looked at her with those eyes it made her feel weird. As long as he was with her, she felt like she could do anything. She once asked Felix about this feeling and he said it was called love. Now Felicia did love Felix like a brother but when she saw Derrick it was different and being her, she was going to find out what it was. Running up to Derrick she kissed his lips and his eyes went wide but eased in as his arms wrapped around her waist. They both knew this feeling was love and they found it together.

Soon the day of the race had come and Skull was sitting with Stanley in his car smiling like the devil. "Well where is Felicia, did she oversleep or something?" he asked in a faked concerned voice.

"She still has five minutes," the man starting the race told him.

"Hope nothing bad happened to her," Skull said giving Stanley a secretive look. Soon their smiles were wiped off their faces when they heard a familiar noise. Coming up the road was Felicia with Felix clinging to her waist.

"Hey Skull, what is wrong you look like you seen a ghost?" Felicia asked grinning at him. He glared at her but the race would be held. Tamora walked up to Felix and knelt by him.

"Is it too late to change my mind?" she asked.

"Don't worry honey I will be okay," he promised holding her hand. She kissed him on the lips and smiled at him.

"I know I am making sure of that," she said and joined Ralph along with Vanellope in the crowd.

"Good luck Felicia," Derrick called from the crowd. Felicia smiled at him and the race was starting.

"Ready sis?" Felix asked.

"Let's burn some rubber bro," Felicia said. The race began and they zoomed down the course. They passed Skull's car but he always had a plan.

"Blow her off the road!" Skull yelled. Stanley nodded and shot bullets at Felicia's bike and it hit one of the tires. Felicia yelled as Felix grabbing his hammer let go and tapped the wheel fixing it.

"Shorty you okay!" Felicia said as she regained control of her bike.

"Yeah let's finish this!" Felix said. Skull had passed them and Felicia was cornered where she couldn't go passed him. So, if she couldn't move passed him then she will jump passed him.

"Okay Shorty hold on real tight!" Felicia shouted as she revved up her bike and just as she saw Skull's car she pressed her turbos. A flash of black light came zooming after Skull's car and was flying over him.

"No I will not lose again!" Skull yelled but it was too late for Felicia and Felix was zooming down the other side and with a few minutes crossed the finish line.

"Alright we won!" Felicia exclaimed hugging Felix. Derrick ran up to Felicia wrapping her in his arms and kissing her lips. Tamora did the same to Felix as Ralph and Vanellope cheered loudly.

"No, I will be the Top Dog!" Skull yelled and began to shoot a gun but Vanellope blasted her own toy gun and it held a gum ball in it covering both Skull and Stanley in the sticky goo. Just then the gun was dropped and the bullet hit Skull's own car. The soldiers from Hero's Duty took both men away to the Fungeon. Soon it was the celebration and Derrick informed Calhoun he was staying in R.U.S.H along with Felicia. She understood and said he would be missed. The whole street became a dance party as beer was drunk except for Vanellope who had root beer but played pool with Ralph.

"Thanks for the help bro couldn't have done it without you and your friends," Felicia said.

"Anytime sis," he said and watched as she was dancing with Derrick. Then he was back in Tamora's arms.

"Have I ever told you how amazing you can be?" she asked.

"Not since yesterday but you are amazing too honey," he said kissing her cheek. She smiled and kissed him on his lips and they spent the rest of their time off dancing and celebrating in R.U.S.H. Both happy that they loved each other and that they helped save another game from another villain and for now life was good.

The End

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