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Chaotic Carnage

Chapter 1
Venomous Carnage

Carnage dropped onto the floor in a crouching position before sending two tendrils at Iron Fist, who dodged and moved to kick Carnage in the face. The kick sent Carnage reeling backwards and Carnage quickly moved to attack. Carnage tackled Iron Fist to the floor and was about to use his claws on him but was hit in the face with a glowing gold punch. Carnage was sent twirling backwards into the air before he stopped himself by sending almost a dozen tendrils to keep him in place.

"This Venom indeed seems… different" spoke Iron Fist.

Carnage screeched at the word Venom and sent a couple of tendrils at Iron Fist, who dodged out of the way.

"I don't think it likes that word, Iron Fist" spoke White Tiger.

None of the four remaining super heroes noticed a black mass engulf Harry's form. "Release the human, childe" came a growling bass voice.

"Never" the red and black symbiote hissed in its baritone voice. "The human belongs to Carnage."

Venom growled lowly and tackled Carnage sending them both to the ground. The two attacked each other like a pair of lions battling over a scrap of meat before falling out of the already broken window. Startled, the four remaining heroes ran over to the broken window and looked down at the destruction that was happening below.


A red and gold humanoid robot flew through the air when he was almost hit by a bus. "Woah!" he exclaimed moving out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. "What on earth…?"

"Sorry Iron Man!" shouted a voice nearby.

Iron Man turned to the building the voice came from and saw a worried White Tiger. He flew over to the building and asked what was happening. "In short, a villain created something called a symbiote a few months back and it managed to take over Spider-Man but we managed to kind of get rid of it and that one was called Venom which is now in control of Harry Osborn. The Villain who created the Symbiote, Goblin, managed to kidnap Spidey whilst in civilian form and recreated the formula creating Carnage. Now the two symbiotes are battling each other."

The man within the Iron Man armor, Tony Stark, blinked as he registered the sentence. "I will call some people to help contain the situation," he replied uncertainly. "It may take a while but we may need to minimize damages and get the civilians away from here."

White Tiger nodded and turned towards the three remaining members of her team. "Let's get down there."

The three boys nodded and the group hurried down stairs to assist in damage control.


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